This Empire thrives Whenever I presume to! it shall prosper as long as my Reign still lives.
- Empperor Zern

interstellar historyEdit

when the urbinators reached Interstellar travel as an purpose for achievement which was granted not long ago when emperor zern by force united all of the possible nations in abselb, this however was a difficult task that was achieved only a couple days before and after the invention and expansion of their new empire, the urbinators built dozens of ships using the much available material for their rapid growth over their location, the urbinators were hurried and rushed to oolonize and claim many systems as they can, far away worlds, farer in a mean of many many days of travel, these worlds were suitable for their long-range living standards and were near possible dangers that could lurk around and within' their space, they cared to not mess with them alone as they decided to not expose themselves for alien civilizations too early despite they did met aliens but not quite sentient

races that they found were primitive and un-suitable for their diplomacy and offering, they decided to put them under THEIR control and use them as tools, it's either they joined them, or resist against them, the urbinators were smart enough to imprison populations of most races and decide their fate for which one is the harmless and loyal, and which one is the rebellious and Traitor for them, at the end of the primitive's first year, one was chosen and the others met themselves locked in their home world, starving and imprisoned by a observation probe, these races did not survived for they died alone while the one that survived and was deemed loyal, were the merm-moids, the merm-moids were insects which work on urbinator living services, fully given the right to live in a specific sector in their home planet, but used for slave workers in military colonies of the empire.

the urbinator empire expanded greatly, meeting un-friendly places there in the cosmos, they discovered horrifying things they couldn't be prepared to even try and attempt to mess with, they ignored the speakable life-forms which inhabited nearby their space, one known currently as the Nanomorph and the other the mekkani, during their expansion, reports of strange looking worlds were rising oftenly from construction ships, the observation of the infested worlds was feared of, zern decided to not move forward these at the final construction/establishment of the final colony at their 94th year.

after the end of expansion and their lower development, urbinators firstly moderated their bodies to ensure a protection for themselves, mostly for military use only as an soldier represented Armor to express their militaristic government and the lead of zern, the armor represents Emperor Zern's design for his protection, mostly without the inserted mouth hole which is only a special feature for zern because of his Unnatural urbinator face/facial features.

urbinators thought then to begin studying their own biology and learn what makes them special, with the available technology, their knowledge and rushed behavior might bring them into a conclusion of genetic engineering, their scientists have thought into working with the merm-moids in order to create supportive warriors in their own hands, the merm-moids agreed with the following of their demand in the deal, the urbinators must giving them access to most quality urbinator living standards in order to improve their relationship with the urbs, but they still accepted to tend as slaves, but loyal ones, the merm-moids assisted the urbinators to begin this process out of taken samples, the conclusion was attended successful after 3 years, the new generation of urbinator ground-military has introduced order following soldiers weaponized with a newer design of armor to fit the urbinator guardians, they were honored and were given to take a slice of merm-moid society within' urbinator space.

the urbinator empire once begun to create a big starship out of their primitive resources in the following to attempt an ship So devastating and big that their reign will be known, this ship, the Urbinator battleclass, has been In construction over the industrial years of what was before, the ship was finished and announced at end of the industrial age over the cities of abselb, zern was pleased with this form of starship, but he soon realized the ship is not powerful enough to survive space combat with it's primitive materials, the ship was scrapped and relocated at the nearest urbinator colony, which presumed improvements over the months and days of days of work.

the ship was still in testing which means it had not yet gone into any real battle, other than that they harnessed many minerals and metals from outer colonies unharming their capital, the UECB was firstly intended to be a over-forged vessel, but in the fact that it took MANY many days and resources, the UECB was not deemed as a starship design, but was decreed as the main flagship of the urbinators in order to keep their security up and running.

Emperor ZernEdit

Their leader, 'zern' is rightfully the important urbinator in their perspective, they followed and obeyed his rules when the rise of civilization begun to influence their race, so that he is the reason they've gone to space and constructed and improved their primitive weapons. the improvements of zern's rule begun to flow after many years of ancient living in the form of sticks and blades, zern was the specialist of all and was deemed to be 'extended' due to their worry to lose him and get reduced in prosperity of conquest.

zern is known to be immune to the negativity of radation aside from all urbinators, strangely positively influenced by radiation, the influences over the course of history changed his perspective of his mind forcing him to feel negative and think something must be done if his negativity extends by anger, zern is equipped with an overly updated living device making his body more stable in the expositor of radiation.

the urbinators claim zern as their leader in the fact that he forced utopia with no questions whatsoever, zern always was too afraid of the splitting of the urbinators, he rushed to conquer all of those who had committed their crime against zern's idea of utopia.


Negative[Neutral]: “ Attention Alien! you are the empire's pest to not identify yourself, you will not have free will here, so stay away from us

Positive: “ friend? or foe? if you do not decide your fate in this offering, we will so

Happy[Neutral]: “ ally of the empire! welcome!

Mad: “ Oh, it's you, you came right to your death, is that so you think you can sneak around us?! battle stations on!


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young and probably simple. analysing 1000 systems proably at least 100 tomb worlds empire in danger if Great reactivation happeneds
-Disconected Mekkani

-HardwareGar 001

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