The Urbinators are iron fused-like creatures mutated by the exposed radiation of the Selten galaxy making them a-bit stronger and more humanoid, it is unknown what was their first appearance before being mutated with stones capable of lava and such bullets of a modern gun, capable of heat.

urbinator biology is decribed as, 2 layers of bio-skin that is one layer; is a fused rocky protection layer reinforced with weak natural rocks, the secondary layer is; the true body of the urbinator weak protection which is reinforced with 14 thin' layers of blue/cyan skin. they are quite eye hidden but not visible, the mouth that is operating with only 1 purpose that is to speak under the worned helmet unfortunately does not recommended to respond in eating or drinking to any unidentified procedures occupation of different substences or different type of air.

The technology they had acquired was too dangerous to be held in public so they took it to their slave processing facility which where they get a primitive race named as the "mermoid". The mermoids were back then pre-sapient and were uplifted after their discovery by the Urbinator which allowed them to use them as slaves and workers. They have used their technology to influence their supreme lord and power, zern the wise, zern is a strange entity which follows between the lead of the urbinators, it is unknown why zern was mutated like this but it is know that he had such knowledge of nature, the urbinators gave him a mobile chair suit which keeps him stabllized from what heavy mass he concludes, zern's physical body is defencely weak against bullets, such as he is a good fighter in melee.. known as a terrible barbaric creature.

The Urbinator empire was faring from any specific area of their region, away from all of the other interstellar visitors, except the Mekkani. , The discovery of a tomb world was recently researched but was a use of abuse on the tombs trying to get rid of them as they can to put other places of their, like spice facilities and such. Barely touching the subject of tomb worlds thinking they can do better than looking forward Mekkani activity, most likely sending a route of a fleet everyday and then to observe the tomb's regions and other such places hidden within' the structures.

Urbinators are a specimen of interested technology and science, they've bio engineered a enough powerful sub specie named the "guard" the guard are purely strong urbinators used for battle and other things that involve combat, the guards have a pretty low stabilization but they often don't care about it, they usually just stand without moving, but when movement is required, they would try to move in slow, their average speed is over 20 minutes to a meter that means a pretty heavy bio body.

The Urbinators are young but looked to be forward into a mass of a conflicts seen by their leaders and slowly but surely listening to other interstellar activity within' their home-galaxy and within' the other places in the known universe, mostly exploring for a prey pathetic enough to be purged and watched by their purely strong body.


neuteral - "you have shown signs of unknown activity, tell us what you desire or else it will get bloody here"

positive - "interesting... interesting... tell us more, we seek to learn from you"

happy - "great friends, filthes aren't worthy to be you, always here for us, what do you want?"

negative - "you better not be here, except you want to get yourself braindead, now perish before our ground forces crushes you're unclean empire."



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young and probably simple. analysing 1000 systems proably at least 100 tomb worlds empire in danger if Great reactivation happeneds
-Disconected Mekkani

creations of value, identified as the concept of their betrayal.
-HardwareGar 001

inquistionary serviceEdit

the inquisitionary is a place for tortured enslaved species to be both tested and both to be killed a researched, the inquisitionary concludes a BIG amount of tortures, some may considered to be none physical abusement. is it uncontrolled by the U.E government and the military service. it is controlled by the urbinators themselves who wish whatever they want. the urbinators who populate the inquisition's demands, have very big height than the average height of their species, the urbinator inquisition also consists of multiple crimes against the government since the organization have never been useful for the causes of the empire, but was rather meaningful for their dictatorial kind of Rules.

year pronouncationsEdit

BIT = before interstellar travel

MIT = mid interstellar travel

AIT = after interstellar travel

The Productive coreEdit

one of the first megastructures built on planetary surfaces

The productive core is settled around Urbinator prime, the core is made for economical uses and valuable production of custom energy surrounding the surface of urbinator prime. by the core was established 12 years MIT, during the great purge zern's league occupied the lands of wildlife which were rich of healthy biological treatment which gave any living organism a specialized boost in talents, which came out to the fact the land was settled to be a productive area of the urbinators, analyzing the energy and other value productions. from this use, the empire puts most of the influenced citizens and leadership to work at the core in order to produce more technological assistants and skilled technician following their speciality. (only if it is a talented one).



The UECB is a current flagship of the urbinators, the weapon was designed by primitive space age of exploration, no such urbinator had any idea what they're building, but they kind of like the idea of constructing a straight up weapon that will assist them in the future, the starship known as the U.E.C.B is a large craft carrying multiple cargos full of particle energy and 2 nuclear cores to ensure the weapon is working just fine, the weapon was tested in 18.AIT and was hidded in 20.AIT due to using the weapon as the grand throne of emperor Zern.

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