conquest is the key for survival and order.
- Empperor Zern

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The Urbinator Empire started in a small cluster around life rich systems neigbhooring the Urbinator autocrats, in the few first years the urbinators developed a faster way to travel through space, and their plans were seemingly impossible to pose at the time, but they attempted to make their best to fit in the galactic stage, Zern, Their first leader to ever unite the urbinator race by force, ought to form his empire outsides the borders of their homeworld, because of Zern's awareness to the lack of value the urbinators can produce at the current, primitive rate of unending wars of ideologies, he forced the unification of the urbinators, he decided to think that only his species wont have the power to produce whatever advance assets his race would bother to make, so he assigned his rule as an hegemony, to lock down other races over urbinator rule and imprison them for his needs, so he ordered his new regime to begin searching for an lesser or equivalent species, with their many produced ships from natural resources to Scraps of their old war-machines, they produced enough ships to travel the stars in search for the primitives they were looking for. though they were already owners of 2 solar systems that were naturally travelled to, they implanted special nuclear boosters that were a surprising success in space travel, the first prototypes of sublight travel at that current of time. after searching space at large, the urbinators caught up intellegent life while observing from orbit, recovering some database on these primitive worlds, it began with a concern of a critical situation of primitive awareness, the urbinators would strike and abduct indivisuals personnaly to lower the chance of primitive awareness, their attacks concluded in selection of a species worthy of being used as lesser servitors but as urbinator tech was below from it's current present, the urbinators picked the most pitiful, and little out of all of these races, the menoids were little insects with a beating voice, only can be provoked by touch, the urbinators gave them decent jobs as workers, scouts., but most menoids were engineers and scientists, the urbinators uplifted them, then abandoning all other races in solitary contaiment on one of each one's homeworld moon(s), leaving them isolated to fade while the urbinators took over of their worlds.those races who were not chosen, were threatening and rebelious, simply not letting order lay down the Empire. however, the Menoids were seemed bit on the right level of the urbinator's Hegemony, they were peaceful and cooperative, though had a complex soicel system built on their tribal beliefs, Zern located them in facilities orbserved by the Empire, and from time to time, some Menoids all around the facilities were and are being abducted for governmental use.

the rule of the urbinators continued to grow each world/solar outpost was established by the urbinators, overtime, Zern, their ruler, was conflicting with his own mutation from negative energies coming from sensitive sources of Abselb's pollution of radiation, a process an usual urbinator would never survive, But, Emperor Zern was caught in his place by his advisors that conducted medical attention to Zern at all time, trying to keep Zern alive, during this over-mutation, Zern gained a different form, with random natural selections for his skin and his own head, the following selecetions were, facial changes, Zern's head lowered it's position, harming the high curve of the urbinator head and adding a newer set of mouth for Zern, in addition, making his skin burnt-looking black color to the rest of his body.Zern was expected to not make it, but the engineers of the empire, created a cybernetic pure support system, implanting a exoskeleton inside Zern's body, given in attempt to resist mutation from causing changing and devestating results, for the power for this device, was the natural produced sensitive radiation, not requiring any usual power from urbinator made generators, Zern was from that day, was viewed highly Admired by the urbinators for his unusual look, the urbinators stayed loyal to Zern for this miracle of his continued survival, the rest of the Empire celebrated the event of success, they were more eager and energized to continue their work on expanding their influence. until the last colony was established, Zern did not suggested any form of expansion or survey on the other reaches of the galaxy, he would not consider a possiblity of holding power against at other alien civilizations, because he would know the consequences of the unknown, considering his recent philosphical theories on other aliens, though he knows they'll might handle one race or another, he prefered solitude following recent discovering on strange worlds most scouts reported to his disposal, Zern considered removing them, but he would likely suffer the results. after some time that has passed over the recent 101 years of Zern's expansion, He would have liked to get a hold of a mighty warship, one that will aid the cause of the urbinator military, it was the begining of a great construction, organized on many worlds of the urbinators, they plunged many resources on the hull of the ship and soon the construction of the main weapon, defenses and rooms, large parts of the hull, all were made in 6 years, althrough such vessel was constructed in a year or a half, still many tests have been made in the asteroid belt in order to test the ship's evasive action and the deadly weapon viewed on the belly of the ship. after 4 years, the technology required to enforce the weapons was straight up avaliable for action, all through the easy measures of urbinator engineers, the sweeper turrets were still in testing and from time to time they were changed in different forms to fill the empty space left on the corners of these weapons, after a design was chosen, the final part came to slow production due to the dangerous power it holds on. on the 107th year, the B.S.V was finished and was embraced by Zern, though all the cheers, Zern had to put in mind this B.S.V will be the only one of it's kind for the lack of resources to produce another B.S.V at the current of time of the urbinator Regime, after using the menoids to their dirty work at the Warship's construction, the urbinators forced the menoids into creating a power armor, seemingly by them, it was being an upgrade to the usual AD.S (ADaption Suit), this aspect confused the menoids, but without hesitating to their masters, they quickly got to work with some co-op with urbinator scientists, the armor was created and named as a 'guardian' after scavanging prototypes of the armor, they came into thought to create a more bigger and stronger suit to defy the AD.S's limited capablities, and so they worked hard and made their efforts into creating the required technology to form this sort of suit, by using urbinator crystalline and other peices of metals, the suit was ready to launch it'self into stock in the 110th year providing the military more ground support as their masters asked, the urbinators were very proud of the menoid's work, and so, they gifted them free will throughout the empire for several months to enjoy the Empire's finest services. the solitaritude of the urbinators was deicded to be Cutted, and Emperor Zern, after a long while forging his war-fleets, intercepted alien messages rapidly passing all over their space, One Lone unidentified signal was replicated and translated into urbinator arrays catching off conflicts from the other side of the galaxy, seemingly enough, Zern was impressed by the following message coming from alien origin, Zern decided to show themselves up on the galaxy and perhaps use this oppurtunity to expand his glorious regime, first of all, looking on what he is getting himself into. but so then, even with the countless dangers surrounding the empire it'self, Zern tends to move on his galactic schemes, even if the cause is far for long, he would push his empire's borders further to the cosmos, seeking a bigger state to control.

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The Government of the U.E operates on a way of Heriachical Autocracy, it is internally managed only by trusted leaders, individuals known to be loyal to Zern and his officials, this continues to happen manually or automatically by urbinator personnel, wether they support the cause of the empire or not, it depends on Zern's or his official's opinion towards chosen individuals to operate, an emperor is only chosen when he follows the doctrine invented by Zern.

the Government puts it's efforts into processes that maintain some automatic demands from it's populace to keep it'self into it's same form of it's current state, or it's currently supported state, otherwise the government would conflict with it'self, or it's believed to be so, it is fearsome for the urbinators when urbinators submit to different ideologies, the government would certainly have to intervene and terminate these so no greater potential for a rebelious method to be born maniplated into the populace.

The heriachy of the urbinator works as a species which is deemed comprehensive acorrding to present urbinator tech, should be allowed in ranks of workers, or whatever they find useful for the empire's safety, their heriachy also offers a respective place in the U.E if the species they have in control, is useful for their labour and cause, that species will be granted decent treatments to express support, encourging that exact species to work harder or if told otherwise. the autocracy types work as an species or an urbinator populace maintains sutiable works by their own pace, thus ordered to either boost their pace, or be automatically continuing whatever beneficial process is given without any specialistic requirements if the local group is within' a conflict or a critical event, the automatic control dissolves and the empire has to be encourged investment into managing manually the group.

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young and probably simple. analysing 1000 systems proably at least 100 tomb worlds empire in danger if Great reactivation happeneds
-Disconected Mekkani

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