Official Emblem of the Universal Alliance of Nations

The Universal Alliance of Nations, also known as the Galactic Nations, was an intergalactic organization dedicated to bettering diplomatic, economic and military cooperation, strengthening inter-empire equality and achieving universal peace in the First Universal Square. It was created during a period of widespread civil war as an attempt to bring conflict to a halt and get the region under control; open an unbiased floor to make increased dialogue and negotiations possible; and unite its members against external threats to the Gigaquadrant, namely the Xhodocto, the Loron and the Grox.

The organization had various branches; the main UAN, revolving around diplomatic discussion, the UTU, involving trade, and the UDN, which dealt with military and security topics.

The Alliance was ultimately ruined by the Annihilation, with most of its members dead or gone and morale at an all-time low. It was in some ways succeeded by a revitalized Seven Starr Alliance, and one of its committees, the Universal Trading Union, also survived.


Signatures[edit | edit source]

Committees and Divisions[edit | edit source]

The UAN has three main four main branches; the one dealing with overall issues and diplomacy (the "trunk" of the organization), and three somewhat smaller divisions that deal with economic issues, scientific and technological sharing, and military matters (the main branches). It also an additional committee besides the three main branches, the Board of the Great Eight.

  • The UTU, Universal Trading Union, which deals with economic matters and maps, as well as managing intergalactic trade.
  • The ISSA, Inter-Species Scientific Alliance, is based on technology and scientific, exhanges, sharing and cooperation.
  • The Board of the Great Eight is an additional committee that only the Great Eight Nations can join, though other Empires might adress the board or go to it for help.

The main branch has limited authority over smaller branches, though the G8 Committee is out of this command chain and almost autonomous. An Empire might apply to join one committee only , but its is generally encouraged to join all of them in order to have full diplomatic, social, economic and military involvement in the community. The main administrator of the UAN is MushrumKing. FalcoPunch and Jovar1 direct the UTU, Shadowalkers directs the ISSA and Um2k9 administrates the UDN.

Member Information (Optional)[edit | edit source]

Core Federation[edit | edit source]

Flag of the Core Federation.

A vast federation centered around its home galaxy, Xanthrus Spiral, the Federation of the Core Worlds is a federate moarchy, with a Queen ruling over her Ravenrii subjects with the authority of her High Viceroy. The Federation's 25 extragalactic states, commonly called Commonwealth Realms, are ruled by 25 Viceroys that obey the High Viceroy. The Federation is an active member of the intergalactic community and one of the universe's eigth greatest nations, as well as one of the first members of the UAN.

United Veatrex Federation[edit | edit source]

The United Veatrex Federation is a federation made up of over 250,000 star systems, most in Ramvelkys Galaxy, where the Republic

Flag and Emblem of the Sylit Republic

is based. It is still growing, but it holds a great military and lots of influence throughout the Universe, and is one of the Great Eight. Led by Grand Admiral Aturox, the UVF has been divided into 14 Zones, with each zone led by a Supervisor, to keep it in order. They have recently established the Supreme Fleet of the Sylits.

Jovar Empire[edit | edit source]

Flag of the Jovar Empire.

The Jovar Empire is a vast collection of 11,500 planets in Milky Way Galaxy Galaxy, and nearly 200,000 colonies in the Galaxon Galaxy The Empire is a constitutional monarchy, with a completely equally balanced executive, legislative, and judicial branch.Its current leader is Chancellor Vromm IV. Self proclaiming themselves "Defenders of Milky Way Galaxy", they focus primarily on maintaining a powerful military, however they will also use diplomatic strategies with empires as well. Those who live within our around the Jovar Empire often simply call it the Empire, or sometimes the Joran Empire for Jora's massive influence on Milky Way Galaxy.

Empire of the Girdo Galaxy[edit | edit source]

Flag of the Girdo Empire.

The Empire is the only civilisation in the Girdo Galaxy, where it controls a mere 500 systems across the entire galactic disc but is incredibly protective of the rest, which it defends for potential future use. The entire Empire has a weak group mind connecting it together, but for administrative purposes it is controlled by elected Councils (with elections held once every year) and an Emperor (who is elected to rule for life, which can last for centuries).

Delpha Coalition of Planets[edit | edit source]

DCP flag 2.png

The Delpha Coalition of Planets is a massive alliance of many members founded by the Grimbolsaurians, who are honorable warriors. The DCP controls over a million star systems spread throughout the Local Group of galaxies, however, it was founded in the Milky Way. The DCP has also colonized other dimensions, gravity mass shadows, stars and megastructures. With a population of over 50 trillion, very advanced technology and obscene power sources it is one of the most powerful empires in local group of galaxies.

The purpose of the DCP is to destroy evil - but not through diplomacy, but mainly through force. The DCP is not evil but is capable of terrible atrocities, and will destroy anyone who gets in their way, but generally, will be peaceful. Recently, the DCP has dissolved money almost completely. The DCP is controled by a demi-god by the name of Emperor Wormulus II.

Hutter Kingdom[edit | edit source]

The Hutter Kingdom are part of the Quadrantia Federation and are allies of the Rambo and the other members, however as the Quadrantia Federation is a Quadrant Galaxies only organisation, the Hutter Kingdom were allowed to join the Universal Alliance, since that did not need the approval of the Federation Council, with it they also became the representatives of the Quadrantia Federation. The Hutter self are insect and music loving creatures, who have a code of honor and are pretty warrior like with striking from cloacking.

Urhawk Union[edit | edit source]

Flag of the Urhawk Union

The Urhawk Union is an empire in Ramvelkys Galaxy and are part of the Ramvelkys Alliance. They own 110 systems and are undergoing great growth, and are very new to the Universal community. They recently participated in the Ramvelkys War, and have allied with the Sylit Republic and Core Federation under the guidance of the leader, Rykel. The Urhawk Union is a monarchy.

The Bearian Nations Space Command[edit | edit source]

Flag of the Bearian Nations Space Command

An empire of wanderers, the BNSC will always be happy with an alliance but if you are at war with them, then you're hopes are to high.The BNSC are strong even through they only have a little bit of space.The BNSC will always try to help their allies. Their leader is Lieutenant Admiral Benjamin XII.

Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire[edit | edit source]

The Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire rules a modest amount of systems fairly and justly. Their governemnt is headed by the Emperor Karadril, but the people also look to Chief Ambassador Carillion as a leader. Carillion's position technically grants him little power over the citizens of the Empire, but he is widely respected as the Empire's most valued citizen. The Gjigantrox are currently expanding their empire, and have joined the Universal Alliance of Nations to make new alliances and to gain protection in the event of a war.

The Imperium of the Shka'Tun[edit | edit source]


The Imperium of The Shka'Tun has existed for over 50,000 years within Universe 66501 and lead their allies within that universe with a just hand. However, they have no tolerance for thier enemies and will do their best do destroy them. After recovering from the Ascension War, the Shka'Tun have greatly improved within technology and military amplitude. They still remain as technological masterminds. Now that all universes are within Hell, the Shka'Tun are willingly aiding anyone against the Xhodocto.

Defensive System's Bloc[edit | edit source]


The DSB is an alliance founded by the Lequians, Quinals, and Kirgle empires. It's goal is to bring peace to it's Galaxy, even if it must violently do so. It's technology is primitive compared to other empires, but it is growing, thanks to the adaption of ancient artefacts. It is ruled by a council of all the rulers of the majpr empires. The current chairperson of the council is Emperor Kirdroon, leader of the Lequians.

Seven Starr Alliance[edit | edit source]

This is a related and similar alliance to the UAN, but is more like an empire than an organisation and controls space, such as embassy rings, which are systems owned by all the members. It has its own fleet as well.

Light Sector Alliance[edit | edit source]

The LSA's flag

An alliance of species founded by the Generia and the Elliontics. Many thousand races are members and the combined power of them is near unrivalled. It is governed by 10 representatives of the most powerful Empires in the sector, and a Representative of Lesser Races. The overall leader is Empress Kallavahus of the Elliontic Empire.

Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation[edit | edit source]

The TIAF is a federation that rules a rather large space. They are normally diplomatic, but do resort to force with those who oppose them. They are currently recovering from their loss in a civil war at the hands of the VFP, a TIAF separatist group. They joined the UAN to assist in their goal of universal unity, though there is very high tension between them and the Core Federation.

Documents Associated with the UAN[edit | edit source]

Main Message Board[edit | edit source]

Closed-Sol Acquisition Topic[edit | edit source]

Act for the Institution of Basic Rights for Semi-Sentient Beings[edit | edit source]

This act includes seven rights deigned to provide for the well-being of semi-sentient creatures. All members of the UAN are asked to vote for or aginst these rights, and for or against Addendum 1 of the Act.

War with the Xhodocto[edit | edit source]

What is the current status of the war against the Xhodocto? We've kept our fleets as far away as we can from Hell for now, and since our Droners have just been doing their own thing without our command (or had; we believe that the last one has recently been destroyed), we don't know what's happening on the front lines. The good news, which is why we now need new information, is that we've built 1296 new Droners and fitted all of our Imperiums and Frigates with the new reverse-engineered "superlaser" designs. They're still far from perfect, but it's the best we could do without help from Girdo. So, before we fly into Hell, what's the news? ~ Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo Empire, 18:55, June 11, 2010 (UTC)


We have finally amassed completely at Corisa, admiral. We have mobilized the entire Army, 35 trillion ships, to the northern tip of the galaxy, and 21 million capital ships from the URC, 500,000 from the DCP and many others from the Rambo, yourselves, and Sylit Republic have joined us as well. Our tacticians have devised the best possibl battle plan, based on your own idea; our forces, as they are the most numerous, shall lead a main wave upon the invasion. The URC and DCP's fleets, traveling shortly behind our first ships, shakll then dispose of the remianing Xhodocto, spreading out unto the sides. However, it is imperative that we reach the center of teh galaxy, for their center of thei rpower is there. Meanwhile, the sylit's and your own troops shall lead a second offensive, passing through tegh path we left open. We shall begin the invasion shortly-prepare, Allies, for this war will shake our very foundations.-High Viceroy Vy'rii of the Federation of the Core Worlds.

Okay. We're just arriving in Corisa now. ~ Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo Empire, 07:12, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

New Possible Wars[edit | edit source]

Incoming Transmission from the Sylit Republic[edit | edit source]

To the Jovar Empire and the Core Federation about the Jarquvix Conflict: Greetings friends. The Jarquvix have threatened us, insulted our religion, and have mocked our allies. They use the Jovar Empire to their own use, and have recklessly attacked them because of a Spode embassy unknown to the Jovar. They had allied with the Vartekian Empire and Trucinex Imperium a long time ago, and we think that we need to do something about it. We are trying to decide this diplomatically. Please, state your opinions.

Incoming Transmisssion from the Core Federation[edit | edit source]

Sigh...we are caught in a crossfire, friend Sylits. Between the Xhodocto War for which we have completely mobilized, tensions bewith the TIAF, and having to sustain the relations between you and the Jvar and our also-allies, the Jarquvix... we are in a stranglehold. The Queen believes that the Jarquvix should remain dominant, and the High Court does not support me. For the moment, we propose that this conflict be suspended until the end of the War. We cannot side with your, for teh Jarquvix's relations with us are flourishing, but we would not like to fight you and the Jovar either. Hmm.. for the moment, I propose that we suspend this conflict until a time when the shackles of the war are broken, so we can draft a treaty. Meanwhile...we do have certain...influence... with the Jarquvix, but we are not sure that we should tell them to treat the Jovar better. What do you think?

Incoming Transmission from the Sylit Republic[edit | edit source]

We do think it is wise to wait until the end of the war with the Xhodocto, however, we do not trust the Jarquvix with a treaty. We will sign a treaty, but will keep our fleets on high standby. We should wait for the Jovars' opinion. -Grand Admiral Dondrik

Incoming Transmission from the Jovar Empire[edit | edit source]

We are in a very difficult situation, as you have already stated. And, as asked, we will not act hostile in any way until the war with the Xhodocto is over. However, we would like to add another complaint against the Jarquvix to the list devised previously, one that does not go well by our people well at all. As you may or may not know, our people look up the the human race as our creators and bringers of life and technology to our galaxy. However, the Jarquvix "claim" that we are not related in any way to humans, when we have in fact proven that we are. They are attacking our people from its origins, which angers our people severely. Our citizens demand that a course of action be taken immediately, or a civil war will erupt. With a population of over 5 trillion Jovar, the amount of lives lost within our empire would be devastating. We understand that we must wait before taking a course of action, but our citizens are growing weary of the Jarquvix. I feel that there is absolutely no way of dealing with this conflict without there being sacrifice. If we stay in the Federation or wait any longer, our people will erupt in civil war. If we do not, we fear attack from the outside against our species, and losing many powerful allies. We would be glad to write up a peace treaty, but our options are very limited at this point. We need assistance.

Incoming Transmission from the Core Federation[edit | edit source]

I am terribly sorry, Jovar, but with my current situation I am afraid that I cannot be of much help. We cannot offer you asylum, for the Jarquvix are still our allies and your supposed you think we should use our influence to convince them to let you leave the Federation? If you were free, we would gladly offer you to ba a member of the Core Federation, as the High Court has passed a new act that allows it. In our current predicament, however, I am afraid that our own laws work against us.

Incoming Transmission from the Jovar Empire[edit | edit source]

We would be somewhat grateful if you could attempt to influence the Jarquvix to convince them to allow us to leave peacefully. Any solution that did not require violence or warfare is greatly appreciated. However, if this fails, we do not see any way to solve the situation except by dealing with a horrible civil war. If civil war were to happen, would the Core Federation and Sylit Republic's be able to aid us?

Incoming Transmission from teh Core Federation[edit | edit source]

Nothing is sure now, Jovar Imperium. We wil not accept an upraising from you if a diplomatic solution is not tried at first, Very well, we shall use our influence to try to...get the Jarquvix to let you go peacefully, if that is what you want. Before that, though, we need to be sure of something-are you sure of your decision, however, to split governmnent into even smaller pieces? Is this what you really want?-High Viceroy Vy'rii

Incoming Transmission from the Jovar Empire[edit | edit source]

Honestly, we do not wish to split the government even more than it already has. As we have made clear, we are stuck. We will attempt a diplomatic solution to the problem, as you request. It would be much healthier to go the route of peaceful negotiations than to simply attack them. In the meantime, we will attempt to control the populace to the best of our ability until this matter is resolved (for the best or worst).

Incoming Transmission from the Sylit Republic[edit | edit source]

If solving this dilemma in a peaceful way is unsuccessful, and civil war breaks out, the Sylit Republic will aid the Jovar Empire in war against the Jarquvix Federation. But first, dealing with the Xhodocto is our priority. We must focus on stopping Universal destruction, and concentrate on this issue later. -Grand Admiral Dondrik

Incoming Transmission from the United Republic of Cyrannus[edit | edit source]

The Jarquvix have allied with the Trucinex?! The Trucinex killed billions of my citizens with nuclear bombs, killed thousands of troopers for the CSA, DCP and DCP and the Jarquvix have allied with them? I can honestly say they are not the best choice in allies. -President Apollo Out

We await a response.

Incoming Transmission from the Core Federation[edit | edit source]

We have contacted the leaders of the Jarquvix and are attempting to accept to a peaceful secession, though we are not sure that it will be successful. It appears that the Federation's leaders are currently cusy with local affairs, but as soon as they respond we shall know their thoughts. Meanwhile, we would advise creating a document or treaty that makes clear he Jovar's points and motives for seceding.-High Viceroy Vy'rii

Incoming Transmission from the Light Sector Alliance[edit | edit source]

The hugely powerful Fatty Empire, the race that pushed the peaceful Zylan to the brink of extinction and forced them off their homeworld, have grouped their forces and headed toward our territory. The Zylan have thankfully been rescued by us but the Fatty pose a significant threat to us. If possible, some ships should be sent in assistance.-Empress Kallavahus

Incoming Transmission from the Light Sector Alliance[edit | edit source]

We should be able to handle the Fatty by ourselves but help is appreciated, but we would like to draw attention to a far greater threat: Taberon Scabro. His forces have already destroyed two of our worlds and is moving swiftly into our space. We need help.-Empress Kallavahus

An endangered species[edit | edit source]

This is regarding the terrible genocide of the Pepis Empire. The Pepis are a new species in the galactic neighborhood, only just beginning to explore interstellar space. They requested an alliance which we accepted. They are a peaceful species who don't like war, yet they face a terrible enemy - the Taraur. After an already crippling civil war, the Taraur are wping them from existence. While not a great threat to the G8, they have wiped out all but 500 Pepians, despite our help. Unfortunately though, our fleet is busy engaging the Xhodocto, and the Crusades of Milky Way Galaxy by the Cognatus, and has become spread out, that is why we couldn't save them. We have requested that they become members, but await a reply, they would rather revert and sink inward, hiding from the galaxies many dangers, however, the Taraurr are likely to return. I request that we all help them, before this kind species, a light of peace, is snuffed from existence. --Admiral of the DCP 00:06, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming Transmission from Pepis *Remnants*[edit | edit source]

sniffles; DCP, your kind words of our species is very endearing, and we view you now as not only kind warriors, but diplomats as well. For these inspiring words, our 499 other Pepians bless your empire with all we can spare. Puffy meat? We would give plants but your carniverous. - Creatureboy11 Talk to Me 00:15, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

Make that only one hundred. Another Taraur Invasion. - Creatureboy11 Talk to Me 12:19, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[edit | edit source]

We of the Girdo Empire have looked at this situation, and there are only two things we can suggest. First of all, the Pepis joining the DCP is the best option, but since they wish to remain independant, this should only be a temporary measure. Their population is low enough that they can all live in a single town on a DCP world for the next few months, until the dangers of the current wars have gone away. This town can be a completely autonomous entity, but by being on a DCP world it will be able to benefit from the DCP's protection without spreading the DCP's fleet out even further.

For solving the Pepians' population crisis, we have technology that can be used to rapidly increase their numbers (with a gestation, incubation and growth period possibly as low as one hour). The technology is comparable to cloning, but uses various different and unrelated techniques so that it has all of the benefits of cloning with none of the disadvantages (such as shorter lifetimes, lack of genetic variability, etc). However, we will respect the Pepians' decision if they have ethical issues with using this technology. ~ Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo Empire

Incoming Transmission from the Gjigantrox Interstellar Empire[edit | edit source]

An endangered species? I am very sorry to hear this. DCP, you are to be commended for your actions. It is for this type of kindness that we are allies with you. I agree with Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo, these methods that can quickly repopulate a species ahould be used to restore the Pepis Empire. If there is anything we can do to help, let us know.

-Chief Scientist Xaeon

Incoming Transmission from DCP Pepis Division[edit | edit source]

Our empire is temporarily DCP, but I agree with you. - Creatureboy11 Talk to Me 12:48, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[edit | edit source]

We're now transmitting the schematics for the technology to the DCP, since we do not know where the Pepis settlements are located. The DCP's scientists should be able to construct the devices and then give them to the Pepians, should they wish to use it. This technology is to also be made available to any species that wishes to use it, as disasters may befall other civilisations and make them endangered species who require fast repopulation. They may also want to use it for other reasons, but obviously they may be denied access to it if they want it for artificially breeding armies of supersoldiers or for other peace-disrupting purposes.

There's just one important thing you should know before using this technology (this also goes for other species who may end up using the technology at a later date): you must first add the basic genome for your species as a new file on the main computer (there are no other genomes on the software, so it should not be difficult, and it can generate the genome itself based on analysing cell samples of a few individuals). This is because the system was designed for creating and growing members of several different species simultaneously, so it has to be able to know what species each individual belongs to, so that factors such as caring for the offspring will be ideal. ~ Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo Empire

DCP Channel[edit | edit source]

Thank you very much for your aid Commodore Hlraka, we will initiate this very soon. I also propose putting the entire current population under suspended animation, spread throughout the DCP until either the Intergalactic or War of Ages is over (unless, Kamik'Shi does win, then its end game for all of us). Meanwhile, while frozen, we will artificially repopulate their species very quickly using your technique. This is of course, only if the Pepians want to comply, which they declined the idea of stasis, I think perhaps they should reconsider, they haven't got a great deal of options. Their population is also dropping more rapidly than I thought. --Captain of the DCP 14:54, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

DCP Channel - Grave news[edit | edit source]

We have failed, the Pepians have been declared extinct. This is a sorry day for the DCP, we didn't act fast enough. The Pepians were in the process of moving to our space but were ambushed. Our fleet tried its best, but the ships were sabotaged from the inside, possibly by the Taraur who boarded the ships, or even Pepians who have had enough. We have scanned Kindworlda, but it was stripped of its ecosystem by the Taruar, nothing more than an inch tall survives on its surface. However, we have their genome, and hopefully, we will be able recreate the species. Luckily we asked them to record data on their knowledge and culture. There is still hope for them. We should have done much better, the captain in charge shall be executed for his laziness, we do not stand for such inefficiency. --Admiral of the DCP 21:09, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

Automated Message from Pepis Ship[edit | edit source]

Whatever you do, me, the last Pepian, Ms.Pepis, have seen your attempt to save us. No execution for a lazy captain, who tried his best. BTW, it was Taraurs. - Creatureboy11 Talk to Me 21:25, July 12, 2010 (UTC)

Incomming Transmission from the U.E.S.C. Military Department[edit | edit source]

Alert A large Ocari war fleet was detected heading to your universe. The Ocari have obtained biological weapons and are hostile to democratic nations and thier allies. Unless the War fleet moves on all nations should be on high alert for the possibility of an Ocari attack.

End Transmission --President Electraza U.e.s.c. flag.jpg

Return of the Girdo Galaxy[edit | edit source]

Incoming transission from the Girdo Empire[edit | edit source]

Greetings, everybody! I'm just informing you all that the Girdo Galaxy has returned to its rightful position in the universe, which I can only presume means that the Xhodocto threat is over now. Those of our Empire that have been stranded from our galaxy for the past 48 days seem to confirm this, although they're not entirely certain.

Anyway, now for some updates on what has happened during the time we were seperated from all of you. For the first twenty-one days, we continued the work that we were doing at the time, in case our trapping was caused by a temporary spatial disturbance or the Xhodocto managed to break through whatever barrier divided us from the rest of reality, both of which would mean that we would then have to continue fighting. But then, after our two-hundred-millionth Droner was built (well, technically, our 200,620,800th, completing 4300 Wartime Droner Swarms), we decided that, just maybe, we wouldn't need to build any more just yet. So, we continued developing our technology in peace, hoping that (as theorised) the rest of the universe would return after the Xhodocto threat had passed. And since we didn't know what the outcome of the "March of the Apocalypse" would be, we figured that the more technology we improved the better our chances of being ready for the new universe would be.

So, we continued work on the developing the superlaser technology from the Xhodocto satellite cannon that the DCP gave us, and after two weeks of non-stop research we finally made it as efficient (and relatively powerful) as we currently can. At this time, another group of scientists also managed to miniaturise our intergalactic drive technology so that it could fit inside our smaller ships. The remaning 13 of those days were dedicated to fitting all of our ships with these new improvements, a process that is still ongoing due to the number of ships involved.

In addition, we have made several new archeological discoveries while exploring our home galaxy (which we had mostly abandoned, research-wise, when we began work on intergalactic travel), but we should have no need to tell you anything about these just yet.

So, now here's what we will be doing for the next week:

  • All of our ships currently outside of Girdo will be recalled and modified up to our new technological standards. We have heard that some of our ships were given to the United Republic of Cyrannus for some reason, so they will recieve one Wartime Swarm (46,656 Droners) of our new and improved Droners to continue whatever our previous taskforce may have been doing.
  • All of our citzens outside of Girdo will be brought back to the home galaxy for reintegration into the group mind. Their isolation, since it has lasted for more than a week, has meant that they have formed a new group mind seperate to our own. This causes all sorts of issues, so we'll be fixing that ASAP.
  • Finally, we will be holding a memorial service for those of the Empire who died during the war against the Xhodocto. That's only about 5000 people, fortunately, since we don't need to hold funerals for drone ships.

This will take quite a while, so we will most likely not be participating in any intergalactic events for the next eight days, if not longer. ~ The Emperor of the Girdo Empire

Yes, this is basically an in-universe explanation of my inactivity for the next week. Out-of-universe, I'm going on a seven-day holiday to Cornwall, starting from tomorrow. GirdoPic.png Ghelae - (talk) 07:36, July 22, 2010 (UTC)

Resignation from the UAN[edit | edit source]

Incoming Transmission from the URC[edit | edit source]

Greetings, nations of the UAN. After hours of debate the senate has decided that the UAN is ineffectual and idle to the problems of the universe, while billions were dying in the War of Ages, you people were discussing the Sol Acquisition Act and while billions of my own people are dying, only few empires came to our aid and mostly due to our relations with them the only thing this shows us is how much certain empires care for their allies., not the ideals this organisation is supposed to be promoting. And so the citizens of Cyrannus have declared that the URC is no longer a member of your organisation, but we will be continuing to promote peace threw the far more effective Seven Starr Alliance and the Intergalactic Republic. We would however like to thank the Girdo Empire, the DCP and the Sylits for their help in the Intergalactic War.

-URC Flag.pngOffice of the President of the United Republic of Cyrannus 17:24 27 July 2010 UTC

Incoming Transmission - Pepis Republic Channel[edit | edit source]

The URC does have a point. My own species is dying out and you worry about ONE act! Even billions of people are dying for Spode's sake! Goodbye, your alliance proved nothing.

- Suna - PEF.PNG From The Pepis Republic's President Suna Send Transmission

After the War[edit | edit source]

Incoming Transmission from the Core Federation[edit | edit source]

We are sorry to hear of these resignations, particularly as they are issues that could have been simply resolved had they been proposed by any member of this organization. In the meantime, we shall continue to press for intergalactic unity, using all of the resources available to us. Amidst recent rumors surrounding our nation, we have managed to devise a new agenda following the weeks after the war that has torn appart the universe for the last years. The Core Federation, for one, still believes in the prospect of achieveing universal peace through unity. We have prepared an act as a response to the worries that have happened after the war, including widespread devastation and economic recession. The construction of the UAN and all of its committee's bases shall be finished within a week (once I get back my Spore by that time), leaving us free to treat the aftereffects of this conflict. In the meanwhile, we encourage all members to add any preoccupations they might have to the list of priorities. To the defecting nations, we as always offer them back membership should they want to rejoin. In the meanwhile, we shall discuss universal problems, feel free to add those you know of.

We have drafted a new act to begin immediate reparations to the universe at large. We encourage all members to vote as fast as possible in order to begin to adress the current universal problems.

Act for Universal Reparation

Reformation of the UDN[edit | edit source]

-Check main blog here

Greetings fellow members of the UDN, today has been a great day of chances for my people, we have formed the Cyrandia Alliance and resigned from the UAN. Because of our connection to the Universal Defense Network, we have decided that it would function better under a more cemented organisation, this organisation will be the Intergalactic Republic, which will be reformed into the Intergalactic Federation. The new name for the UDN will be the Universal Navy in which all member empires will devote ships into a vast fleet of warships from which their will be little chance of survival. Any questions about these changes will be answered by me on the above channel! -President of the URC

Incoming transmission from the Girdo Empire[edit | edit source]

We have had our seven days of recovery, and we are now ready to return to the universe. So, I will now take the time to explain what we have done and what we are going to do:

  • We have 4700 Wartime Droner Swarms spare. They will be made available for use by other empires, if they are needed.
  • We have discovered several more ships from the "Grand Galactic Fleet", a civilisation that existed in the Girdo Galaxy before being destroyed by the Grox Empire 6600 years ago.
    • Several Duellator-class ships were discovered, containing several soldiers of the "Cyberion Army". All of these ships and soldiers have been upgraded to present-day technological standards, and have been incorporated into the Imperial group mind.
      • The Duellators have been given high-powered ion cannons and plasma missiles, which will allow them to bombard and destroy most defensive shields.
      • The Cyberions are cybernetic soldiers, armed with concussion missile launchers and plasma pistols, all of which have been adapted to be highly energy efficient.
      • Like the Droners all of these will be available for other civilisations' use.
    • An Explorer-class ship has all been unearthed. It contained some strange alien creatures, presumably the cause of its crash, and has been quarantined. We will provide updates on the matter if it proves to be necessary.
  • We can provide emergency replicators with zero-point energy extractors to help struggling empires who have been hard-hit by the March of the Apocalypse and other wars. These can provide essential nutrients, and can even produce them from rocks (albeit with some difficulty). These will be made available to anybody in the UAN and any other civilisations that we trust.

That is all for now. ~ Admiral of the Girdo Empire

Incoming Transmission from the Light Sector Alliance[edit | edit source]

We will allocate a single species in the Alliance to the Universal Navy, the ISSA and the UTU. The Elliontics will be in the Universal Navy, the Scienceide in the ISSA, and the Softalicans to the UTU. That is all.-Empress Kallavahus

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