The Zones of the United Veatrex Federation keep their nation in order. They were established by Overseer Normindar in 599 S.A. There are currently 15 Zones, each led by a supervisor.

Zones in Ramvelkys GalaxyEdit

Rambanda ZoneEdit

Rambanda Zone is the most populated zone of the UVF and the capital zone. It is named after the capital of the UVF, Rambanda. It contains Rambanda Arm of Ramvelkys Galaxy and is led by Overseer Reezrevo.

Rambanda Zone- red, Nikris Zone- blue, Strewus Zone- brown, Klius Zone- yellow, Veshius Zone- orange.

Nikris ZoneEdit

Nikris Zone, containing Nikris Arm, is the base zone of SESEP. The capital of Nikris Zone is Klyptarr. It is led by Supervisor Augustrik.

Strewus ZoneEdit

Strewus Zone, containing Strewus Arm and the Galactic Center, is the second most densely populated zone of the UVF. Strewus Zone is named after the Sylit ruler Strewan the Swift, who was a ruler of Vetrexananton during the Age of Faith. Its capital is Luniarus. Led by Supervisor Fineew.

Veshius ZoneEdit

Veshius Zone, containing Veshius Arm is the second most populated zone in the UVF. Its capital is Senoz. Led by Supervisor Rosivre.

Klius ZoneEdit

Klius Zone, containing Klius Arm, is the base of scientific research in the UVF. Its capital is Zhiklus. Led by Supervisor Strami.

Zones out of Ramvelkys GalaxyEdit

Isachaar ZoneEdit

Isachaar Zone is the UVF zone of colonies in the Milky Way. It is the least populated zone of the 9 Zones. It was named after Isachaar, a ruler in the Age of Faith. Its capital is Rowus. Led by Supervisor Blinik.

Hydrand ZoneEdit

Hydrand Zone is the zone of UVF colonies in Quadrant 82. It is the smallest zone. Its capital is Warair. Led by Supervisor Radyrk.

Sunerc ZoneEdit

Sunerc Zone is one of the 2 zones in Cyrannus Galaxy. It is the biggest zone out of Ramvelkys Galaxy. Its capital is Morrus. Led by Supervisor Tiksent.

Nestren ZoneEdit

Nestren Zone is the second zone in Cyrannus Galaxy. Its capital is Bytra. Led by Supervisor Xalaje.

Ranius ZoneEdit

Ranius Zone is the largest zone of the UVF, located in Velranyk Galaxy. Its capital is Epsikila. Led by Supervisor Sudinar.

Fhojaf ZoneEdit

Fhojaf Zone is the second zone in Velranyk Galaxy and the second largest UVF zone. Its capital is Alikispe. Led by Supervisor Faranar.

Claw ZoneEdit

Claw Zone is the first zone established by the UVF not in a galaxy. Claw Zone is named after Claw Nebula, (find it here) the nebula it is based around. The UVF is using the nebula as a power source. They have established thousands of orbital platforms around Claw Nebula, which is why it is considered a Zone.

Galaxon ZoneEdit

Galaxon Zone is another zone not in a galaxy. It is named after Galaxon Nebula, which it is based around. They are doing the same thing that they are doing on Claw Nebula on Galaxon Nebula.

Styx ZoneEdit

Styx Zone is the third zone not in a galaxy. It is named after Styx Nebula, which it it based around. They are doing the same thing here that they are doing on the two other nebulic zones- harvest them for energy.

Asyon ZoneEdit

Asyon Zone, located in Galaxon Galaxy, is the most southern zone of the UVF. It is named after Asyon, an ancient hero and Chieftain of Kladorint Tribe. Its capital is Revanerx. Led by Supervisor Blorck.

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