The Veatrex Document was an article written by Overseer Babid in 245 S.A. after the Civil Rebellions. It changed the government of the Sylit Republic from a stratocracy to a republic. Grand Admiral Nexint, the leader of the time, decided to sign the Document and became just the leader of SESEP when Overseer Badib took charge through the vote of the people. Grand Admiral Nexint came to seriously regret this decision, and wished he had never signed the Document, as he thought the Sylits Empire should have kept the idea of a stratocracy.

Veatrex DocumentEdit


"When the people of an empire grow tired of being the strongest, what can they do to stop it? The people could express their opinion, but for what? To be executed by their own people, their own leader? When wanting something better is a crime punishable by death, we must realize what we have turned in to. Monsters, brutes. We must go by the people, as the people rule the empire, not the ruler. Not the tyrant. Here are the guidelines of the Sylit's new Republic!"

Part 1Edit

"The ruler will be elected by the people, from one of three parties. The first party is the managerial party. This party is led by an Overseer, and keeps the empire under control. The second party is the religious party. It is led by an Immaculate. They set the rules for the religion. The third party is the SESEP party. It will be ruled by a Grand Admiral. They lead SESEP. There will be a Senate to assist the Emperor of the Sylit Empire. The Senate will be made up of the heads of various government departments." MORE SOON!

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