The Sylit Republic time system is split into 3 parts: BSA (Before Space Age) SA (Space Age), and ARW (After Ramvelkys War). BSA is set up like the humans' B.C. system, while the others are both set up like A.D. The Space Age ended in the year 750 SA, when the Ramvelkys War happened and stopped. The current Sylit year is 0 ARW.

  • Length of Year- 385 days
  • Number of Months- 7
  • Length of Months- 55 days
  • Names of Months- Unirarant, Birarant, Trirarant, Quadrarant, Pentararant, Hexrarant, Septrarant

  • Number of Weeks in a Month- 5
  • Number of Days in a Week- 11
  • Names of Days- Unosalon, Birek, Tripe, Qualent, Pitrum, Hezeron, Sefaro, Octilicon, Nonus, Deseram, and Underak
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