This a page based on the Sylit Republic's technology.


A Dashdrive is the most common way of transportation in the Sylit Republic. It is able to travel at about 225% speed of light normally, but when dashes are used, it can go 800% the speed of light for a short period of time, about 10 minutes. It helps make the Sylit Republic an important economic nation in the First Gigaquadrant.


Nanodroids are microscopic robots that are used for spying.


SCWM VTRONs are Sylit war robots. They are humanoids and are equipped with many things, including Mindmelding technology, plasma blasters, pinchers, armor, and rockets. There are three kinds of SCWM VTRONs- SCWM-1000s, SCWM-2000s, and SCWM-3000s.


PCCs are Sylit bases placed in the core of the planet. They are usually put inside important colonies. They are able to do many things, including shielding the planet with a Syplasma shield in milliseconds and exploding the planet in case of a uncontrollable infection or major alien invasion



Syplasma in the air

Syplasma is a green substance that is like mist at first. It is see-through but still blurry, and you can easily move through it. But at certain temperatures, the Syplasma becomes nearly unbreakable. The formula for Syplasma has not been revealed to anyone other than members of the Sylit Republic, even their most trusted allies. Syplasma is able to shield planets, ships, and the whole Ramvelkys Galaxy!

STL Superweapon

An STL Superweapon.


EMBS are large, thin walls that orbit a planet, but stay on the side that the sun shines on. The EMBSs block all sunshine and kill all inhabitants of the planet. EMBSs were tested on Gnosh during the Sylit-Gnosh War, and worked effectively, though only about 85% of the Gnosh inhabitants were killed, as the Gnosh destroyed the EMBSs. New EMBSs are stronger, thicker, and have autoturrets in them.

STL SuperweaponsEdit

STLs are large missiles. When fired at a star, a supernova explosion is triggered, destroying everything in it's path, often destroying 3 or more star systems.

Shatter BeamEdit

A beam made of energy that is shot from a spaceship. It is able to cut though most things, other than Syplasma, Shidium, and many other things. Few Sylit spaceships have it.

Energy Harvesters/HoldersEdit

Energy Harvesters and Energy Holders are vehicles that are able to enter nebulae and retrieve pure energy unharmed. They can hold the pure energy in special tubes called liavokas. They are part of the Sylit Republic's Nebula Projects.

SEO Battle DroidsEdit

Made to replace SCWM VTRONs, SEOs are faster, stronger, more accurate, and have better defenses. They are as good soldiers as normal SR infantry, maybe better.

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