This is the list of ranks in SESEP. (From bottom to top)


A future soldier still in the SESEP Academy.


A Soldier is the lowest rank (that actually fights in battles). There are 4 soldiers in a squad, led by a Sergeant.


A Sergeant is the second lowest rank. They lead squads, groups of 4 Soldiers. 2 squads make up a troop, led by a High Sergeant.

High SergeantEdit

A High Sergeant is the third lowest rank. They lead troops, which are made up of 2 squads. 5 troops, called platoons, are led by Lieutenants.


A Lieutenant is the fourth lowest rank. They lead platoons, which are made up of 5 troops. 3 platoons, called legions, are led by High Lieutenants.

High LieutenantEdit

A High Lieutenant is the fifth lowest rank. They lead legions, which are made up of 3 platoons. 3 legions, called companies, are led by Commanders.


A Commander is the sixth highest rank. They lead companies, which are made up of 3 legions. 5 companies, called regiments, are led by High Commanders.

High CommanderEdit

A High Commander is the fifth highest rank. They lead regiments, which are made up of 5 companies. 3 regiments, called battalions, are led by Captains.


A Captain is the fourth highest rank. They lead battalions, which are made up of 5 regiments. All battalions are led by the High Captain.

High CaptainEdit

The High Captain is the leader of all troops below him, and usually fights in battles. He only takes orders from the Vice Admiral or the Grand Admiral.

Vice AdmiralEdit

The Vice Admiral usually doesn't fight in battles, but does if they are very important. He can command the whole army, and only takes orders from the Grand Admiral.

Grand AdmiralEdit

The Grand Admiral, like the Vice Admiral, only fights in important battles. He commands the whole army, and takes orders from no one.

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