Here is a list of every type of soldier that the United Veatrex Federation has.

UVF Ground TroopersEdit

New SRSoldier

The main type of UVF infantry

Ground Troopers, often called V's in Trilx military slang, are the most common Sylit soldiers, 50% of the entire military infantry. They are armed with a Lightning Striker, a Bladed Knuckle, a Plasma Pulser, and a Missile Flinger. Their armor covers most of their body, except for a few places. Being Sylits, they are agile, strong troops, especially in large numbers. This often gives them advantage when fighting enemy infantry.

Sky PaladinsEdit

New Sylit Sky Paladin2

A Sylit Sky Paladin

Sky Paladins, called SP's in Trilx military slang, are uncommon soldiers that fight in the sky and are trained to fight in space, without aid from ships. They use artificial wings to say in flight, and are great at boarding or disabling ships. They have 2 Lightning Strikers, often with one carried normally and one back-handed, and a missile flinger on their right wrist. They are part of what is known as the Sky Battalion.

SEO Battle DroidsEdit

SEO-1 Battle Droid 2

An SEO-1 Battle Droid

SEO Battle Droids are the newest addition to UVF's military. They are made to replace SCWM VTRONs, and are the best type of soldier UVF has. Equipped with BDS-3 Disruptor rifles, these droids are ready to kill. They follow any command given and can access UVF strategies during combat with no leader, and are even programmed to calculate the strategies of opponents to predict their next move. They are the prime of the Sylit Republic's technology.

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