The Nebula Project is a new operation by the Sylit Republic to use Claw Nebula (find it here) as a source for energy. Recently, the Sylit Republic sent thousands of orbital platforms to Claw Nebula and did experiments. Then they made 2 types of spaceships (Energy Harvesters and Energy Holders) that can make contact with the extremely strong energy and gases and be unharmed. Energy harvesters are vehicles that enter the nebula and absorb energy into a type of suction tube, and keep them there. They then go to an orbital platform and transport it to an Energy holder, which stores the energy in tubes called liavokas. They then carry the energy back to Ramvelkys Galaxy. The operation was proved successful, and Sylit scientists have learned that a very small proportion of the nebulic energy can provide an entire planet enough energy for nearly 180 years!

SR is now harvesting energy from Galaxon Nebula and Styx Nebula, in the same way.

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