Cell StageEdit

Sylit scientists have found that the Sylits started as a single-celled bacteria on a meteor, heading towards a planet the Sylits now call their homeworld, Rambanda. The meteor crashed into the water, freeing the cell into the water. The cell grew and grew and reproduced after a few million years, eventually becoming about 1.5 feet in length. They eventually grew little stumps of legs and walked onto the shore.

Creature StageEdit

The Sylits were carnivorous and beat other species like the Trawmas by using numbers, their strong teeth, claws, 2 horns, and poison antennas. They evolved their legs and grew. They became the dominant race in the area. Then, they grew in numbers and became tribal.

Tribal EraEdit

There were 8 major tribes- Vetrexananton, Cytrantakranton, Trilklantrantaraw, Narshawshablarkin, Kradorint, Blantrdarin, Inifiventhian, and Radanktrin.

They were all Sylits, except for Cytrantakranton (Cybuntas) and Trilklantrantaraw (Trilx). After a few thousand years of war and peace, there were only 3(or 4) tribes left. They were Veatrex (from Vetrexananton), Narcytrantalarkin, (Cytrantakranton and Narshawshablarkin), and Trilklantran (Trilklantrantaraw). Veatrex tribe and Narcytrantalarkin tribe went to war. During the war, the Narcytrantalarkin tribe split as the old Cytrantakranton clan left the tribe and the area, moving away from the war. The Narcytrantalarkin tribe became the Narshawshablarkin tribe again. They were defeated by Veatrex tribe. After the Cytrantakranton tribe left, but during the war, the Trilklantrantaraw tribe also left. The Veatrex tribe now ruled the area.

Veatrex Warrior- A Veatrex Warrior

Civilization EraEdit

The Veatrex tribe grew into a civilization. They grew rapidly and soon owned the whole continent. After exploring the other continent (there are 2 on Rambanda), the Veatrex found that the Trilklantrantaraw, now the Trilx, and the Cytrantakranton tribe, now the Cybuntas, had moved to the other continent and were then just as advanced as the Veatrex civilization. The Trilx and Cybuntas were in a state of peace, and the Cybuntas wanted to stay that way. The Trilx, however, wanted war with the Veatrex. The Cybuntas, now more advanced then both Trilx and Veatrex, evacuated the planet in their newly-designed spaceships, taking all citizens with them.

The Veatrex and the Trilx went to war. It was a gruesome war, the new machines and weapons taking their toll on the population, and thousands were killed. Cities were destroyed. The Veatrex took the Trilx' cities, and pushed them until they only had a few left. The Trilx, in an act of desperation, overran the Cybuntas' old cities and scavenged for technology. They found prototype spaceships, made more of them, and fled from the planet, leaving the Veatrex as the rulers of the world. This war is called the 2-Blood War. The Veatrex stopped calling themselves "Veatrex", and named themselves Sylits.

The Sylits, now alone and with more time to work on their technology with no war, became more and more advanced. They eventually, after finding some Cybunta/Trilx spaceships, made changes, and entered space. This marked the Space Age. Their time is marked ___ S.A. (Space Age), and ___ B.S.A. (Before Space Age). They developed SESEP (Sylit Empire Space Exploration Program).

Space AgeEdit

The Sylit Empire grew to two star systems after they colonized the planet Ocula. They met the Wubbles shortly after. They became close allies and the Wubbles helped the Sylits develop and advance. They have grown and met many species like the Shael, Wortgons, Gooplets, and the Gnosh. In 346 S.A., Brabadaw, a Sylit Captain, found Branta, a Cybunta world. The Sylits and Cybuntas contacted each other, and they were reunited. The Sylits apologized for their war against the Trilx, and that they were defending themselves. The two species allied with each other.

The Cybuntas revealed the location of the Trilx' homeworld. The Cybuntas talked the Sylits out of a war with the Trilx. The Sylits sent a message to the Trilx, telling them that they wanted peace. The Trilx guessed that it was the Cybuntas who told the Sylits where their new homeworld was. They, in an act of rage, led a great assault against the Cybuntas. The Sylits then attacked the Trilx to protect the Cybuntas. This forced the Trilx to flee from the Sylits again. They have not been found again to this day.

Aquarius ZoneEdit

In 641 S.A., the Sylits started building many colonies in the middle of their empire, where other empires like the Wortgons, Sunspeeders, Frugs, Ferinus, and Shael are located. These colonies included Omicron, Neptunium, Klyphon, Mazyon, Penshum, Platon, Sakre, and more. This area, marked on the map farther down the page, is called Aquarius Zone. In this sector of the Sylit's empire, more trade goes on then in any other part of the empire, and only Rambanda Zone out-populates it.

The Sylit-Gnosh WarEdit

In 691 S.A., the Sylits went to war with the Gnosh. The Gnosh owned around 18 planets, and the Sylits owned around 37. The war went on for 57 years before it was finished this year. The Sylits lost their colonies of Omicron, Klyphon, Yekaren, Braje, Grink, Agemo, Platon, and Sakre.

Fall of OmicronEdit

Omicron was the most important spice-generating colony of the Sylits. The Gnosh led a great assault on Omicron, with the help of the Gooplets. The Wubbles were busy stopping an ecodisaster on their colony of Stliana. The defense squads on Omicron were torn apart, Foxtrot fleet was exterminated, and Dondrik, leader of SESEP, was horribly wounded. The loss of the colony was an immense hit against the Sylits' economy. Luckily, Omicron was only one of two major colonies of the Sylits to be destroyed in this war.

The KrylinksEdit

In 721 S.A., Sylit captains found a sentient species, closely related to the Sylits, and they share 87% of their DNA. The species, who called themselves Krylinks, agreed with the Sylit scientists who thought they were closely related. The Sylits and Krylinks decided to join under one nation, and they live in peace. This was the start of the Sylit Republic.

Evolved Sylit (1)

A Krylink


The SE-Endure in flight

Here is a timeline of the Sylits, from the beginning of sapience, to the Age of Faith, to the Space Age, to the Modern Era.


ca. 3,458,774,451 B.S.A.- The Flame creates Rambanda

ca. 3,821 B.S.A.- The Flame sends a meteor--with cells on it--at Rambanda. These cells become the Sylits, Trilx, and Cybuntas.

ca. 3,821 B.S.A.- Period of Evolution startsEdit

ca.3,821 BSA- Sylits evolve on to land

ca. 2,756 BSA- Sylits become sapient

2,433 BSA- Vetrexananton and Trilklantrantaraw Tribes are founded

2,395 BSA- Kladorint Tribe founded

2,156 BSA- Narshawshablarkin and Cytrantakranton Tribes are founded

1,964 BSA- Blantrdarin and Radanktrin Tribes are founded

1,965 B.S.A.- Period of Evolution endsEdit

1,965 B.S.A.- Period of Peace startsEdit

634 B.S.A.- Inifiventhian religion founded (religion to the Wind)

631 B.S.A.- Period of Peace endsEdit

631 B.S.A.- Age of Faith beginsEdit

631 B.S.A.- Divine War starts (Most tribes against Inifiventhian religion)

631 B.S.A.- First Savaja (holy war) starts (Vetrexananton Tribe and Trilklantrantaraw Tribe against Inifiventhian Clan)

629 B.S.A.- First Savaja ends (Inifiventhian Capital destroyed by Vetrexananton Tribe and Trilklantrantaraw Tribe)

620 B.S.A.- Second Savaja starts (Vetrexananton Tribe and Trilklantrantaraw Tribe against Inifiventhians)

619 B.S.A.- First Regional War starts (Inifiventhian Clan against Blantrdarin Tribe)

614 B.S.A.- Second Savaja ends (25% of Inifiventhians killed by Vetrexananton Tribe and Trilklantrantaraw Tribe)

612 B.S.A.- First Regional War ends (Inifiventhian Clan defeats Blantrdarin Tribe)

606 B.S.A.- Third Savaja starts (Vetrexananton Tribe and Trilklantrantaraw Tribe against Inifiventhian Clan)

600 B.S.A.- Third Savaja ends (Vetrexananton Tribe and Trilklantrantaraw Tribe defeat Inifiventhian Clan)

600 B.S.A.- Divine War ends (Inifiventhia (Religion to the Wind) is eradicated)

589 B.S.A.- Second Regional War starts (Vetrexananton Tribe against Kladorint Tribe)

574 B.S.A.- Vetrexananton Tribe and Kladorint Tribe sign Territorial Accord

574 B.S.A.- Second Regional War ends (Vetrexananton Tribe and Kladorint Tribe make truce)

540 B.S.A.- Great Famine starts

534 B.S.A.- Third Regional War starts (Kladorint Tribe vs Narshawshablarkin Tribe)

527 B.S.A.- Third Regional War ends (Kladorint Tribe defeats Narshawshablarkin Tribe)

526 B.S.A.- Great Famine ends

517 B.S.A.- Fourth Regional War starts (Trilklantrantaraw Tribe vs Vetrexananton Tribe)

515 B.S.A.- Veatrexananton Tribe takes island of Ghyjank from Trilklantrantaraw Tribe

511 B.S.A.- Fourth Regional War ends (Trilklantrantaraw Tribe defeats Vetrexananton Tribe)

501 B.S.A.- Great War starts (Every tribe against each other)

486 B.S.A.- Narshawn Disease starts in Narshawshablarkin Tribe and spreads

480 B.S.A.- Narshawn Disease is eradicated after deaths of thousands

465 B.S.A.- Wall of Grambia built (to protect Grambia, capital of Blantrdarin Tribe)

461 B.S.A.- Grambia is destroyed

458 B.S.A.- Narshawshablarkin and Cytrantakranton Tribe merge (Narcytrantalarkin Tribe)

440 B.S.A.- Great War ends (Blantrdarin Tribe and Radanktrin Tribe utterly destroyed)

437 B.S.A.- Fifth Regional War starts (Trilklantrantaraw vs Kladorint)

457 B.S.A.- Foreteller Rambryk dies

457 B.S.A.- Age of Faith endsEdit

457 B.S.A.- Pre-Space Age beginsEdit

428 B.S.A.- Fifth Regional War ends, Trilklantrantaraw defeats Kladorint Tribe

430 B.S.A.- Kladorint Tribe leaves continent and is never seen again

404 B.S.A.- Sixth Regional War starts (Vetrexananton vs Narcytrantalarkin)

404 B.S.A.- Cytrantakranton Tribe leaves Narcytrantalarkin Tribe

404 B.S.A.- Cytrantakranton Tribe leaves continent

401 B.S.A.- Trilklantrantaraw Tribe leaves continent

398 B.S.A.- Sixth Regional War ends, Vetrexananton tribe defeats Narshawshablarkin Tribe

193 B.S.A.- Foreteller Buducnost is born

164 B.S.A.- Sylits enter Civilization Era

89 B.S.A.- Sylits meet Cybuntas and Trilx

54 B.S.A.- 2-Blood War starts

54 B.S.A.- Cybuntas leave Rambanda

42 B.S.A.- 2-Blood War ends

42 B.S.A.- Trilx leave Rambanda

40 B.S.A.- Sylits create SESEP (Sylit Empire Space Exploration Program)

35 B.S.A.- SESEP sends satellites into orbit

33 B.S.A.- SESEP sends space exploration vehicles onto Woomus, Rambanda's moon

25 B.S.A.- SESEP sends space exploration vehicles to all planets of Ramstra system

14 B.S.A.- Oracle Myazog dies

0 S.A.- Pre-Space Age endsEdit

0 S.A.- Sylits enter space

0 S.A.- Space Age beginsEdit

1 S.A.- Sylits establish colony of Ocula

3 S.A.- Sylits meet Wubble Empire

4 S.A.- Sylits ally with Wubble Empire

7 S.A.- Sylits establish colony out of their system

15 S.A.- Sylits have 10 colonies

34 S.A.- Sylits have 18 colonies

44 S.A.- Gooplet War starts

55 S.A.- Gooplet War ends

56 S.A.- Treaty of Gupletia signed

79 S.A.- Sylits meet Wrink Empire

81 S.A.- Sylits ally with Wrink Empire

84 S.A.- Sylits send Eterfiammatheistic missionaries into Wrink Empire

99 S.A.- Eterfiammatheism becomes dominant religion in Wrink Empire

100 S.A.- Sylits celebrate 100 years in space

109 S.A.- First "Colony Day" (See Fiction:Sylit Republic/Culture)

116 S.A.- Sylits discover abandoned civilization on world. Possible Trilx colony?

133 S.A.- Grand Admiral Nhajid assassinated

148 S.A.- Sylits meet Wizon Empire

151 S.A.- Sylits ally with Wizon Empire

152 S.A.- Sylits send Eterfiammatheistic missionaries into Wizon Empire

155 S.A.- Eterfiammatheism becomes dominant religion in Wizon Empire

164 S.A.- SESEP becomes inactive

175 S.A.- Sylits meet Frug Empire

179 S.A.- Sylits ally with Frug Empire

182 S.A.- Woomus Conflict (moon Woomus is raided by pirates; Frugs think Sylits trick them into buying nothing)

197 S.A.- Small rebellions start

201 S.A.- Rebellions end

212 S.A.- SESEP reboots after inactivity for 48 years

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