Main ColoniesEdit

Fiction:Sylit Republic/Colonies The Sylits' 10 biggest colonies, biggest to smallest.

Neptunium, Lucidia, Ocula, Ezrem, Mazyon, Penshum, Lynick, Oklandia, Schift, Raazua


A part of the great colony, Neptunium. It is a perfect example of most Sylish colonies- filled with tall, industrial buildings, flying cars, and hundreds of entertainment buildings!

The Sylit biggest colonies out of their galaxy are:

Milky Way Galaxy: New Omicron, Fiammiat, Nalbrin, Vlantind

Quadrant 82: Hydrand, Frijik

Cyrannus Galaxy: Brabadaw, Rotuia, Syklianta, Freshka, New Lucidia, New Klyphon, Nitnalv

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