The Civil Rebellions were defying acts by Sylit citizens against the government of the Sylit Empire. They took place from 242 S.A. to 245 S.A., when the Veatrex Document was signed by Grand Admiral Nexint.

The Civil Rebellions and the Veatrex Document changed the Sylit Empire from a stratocracy to a republic. The Rebellions were led by Babid (later Overseer Babid), and about 7 billion out of 14 billion citizens participated. The Rebellions included sabotaging military vehicles, vandalizing government buildings, and eventually leading riots and assaults against the government.

Year 242Edit

In 242, Grand Admiral Nexint raised all taxes to 19% of citizens' income, and had soldiers patrol every building in the empire that would kill if any signs of rebellion took place. This sparked the Civil Rebellions.

They started with civilians refusing to pay their taxes. They were arrested and put in jail. After a few months of this, citizens started to vandalize government buildings. When Nexint saw this, he had citizens who did this killed, to make an example to everyone else. At first, it looked like the Civil Rebellions were finished, and Nexint was pleased. But after 2 months of silence, a squad of ground vehicles were blown up by unknown citizens. Grand Admiral Nexint then increased security everywhere, to avoid these things. But these vehicle sabotages happened often, and citizens were rarely caught. It continued for months.

Year 243Edit

In 243 S.A., Nexint rose the taxes to 22% of citizens' income, to pay for the ground vehicles being destroyed (which were destroyed because of high taxes). But in 243, the rebellions became a little bit bigger. SESEP vehicles were blown up by unknown explosions from inside the vehicles, and Nexint suspected the rebellious citizens. Nexint then rose the taxes to 25% of the citizens' income, and promised to lower them back down to 8% (the original tax) when the destroyed vehicles were paid for by the taxes. The Rebellions stopped.

Year 244Edit

After a few months, it was clear that Nexint wasn't lowering the taxes, even though the vehicles had been paid for. The Rebellions restarted with a try to kill Grand Admiral Nexint. As Veatrex-I, the ship of the Grand Admiral, was departing from Rambanda, hundreds of missiles were launched from rebel spacecraft that appeared out of nowhere. Luckily for Nexint, most missiles were intercepted, and Veatrex-I survived with a few scratches. All known rebel spacecraft were destroyed.

After this incident, Nexint lowered the taxes: to 22%. He became very cautious of the rebels, as they seemed to be everywhere all the time. But the rebels weren't done. As Nexint was walking around Veatrex City, a bounty hunter took aim with a sniper rifle. But the bounty hunter mistook Mortril, Nexint's vice admiral, for Nexint, and Mortril was killed.

After this event took place, Grand Admiral Nexint lowered the taxes back to 8%, and promised to sign a document that would be written to change the government of the Sylit Empire.

Year 245Edit


A portrait of Nexint being handed the Veatrex Document by Babid. Done by Zhutris Graedon, a famous artist.

A month in to year 245, Nexint signed the document, called the Veatrex Document. The Civil Rebellions came to an end.

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