"Greetings, citizen of the First Gigaquadrant! The UVF is happy to let you read the database on our nation."

The United Veatrex Federation, also known as the UVF, was a federation of species to insure peace in the now destroyed galaxy. The UVF owned 526,882 star systems, most of which were in the Ramvelkys Galaxy. It had approximately 1.9 trillion citizens.


In 721 SA, Sylit explorers in the SE-Fiamma Strider found a small, 2-planet empire. The inhabitants were called Krylinks. The 2 species became close friends and allies. That same year, Krylink and Sylit scientists found an astonishing discovery- Krylinks and Sylits shared 87% of their DNA. They came to the conclusion that they were close relatives. They decided to join together. This marked the beginning of the Sylit Republic.

A Krylink

In 734 SA the Sylits, when looking for planets to colonize, found a planet with a species in tribal era. They helped the species, called Kyran, with a war against another tribe, and then helped them evolve and advance. They showed them how to use technology and then left, to continue their search for good planets. In 747 SA, the Kyran entered space, and immediately became allies with the Sylits in space. They signed the SR Settlement (below) in 748 SA.

The species of SR agreed that Veatrex City, the capital city of the Sylit Empire, should be the capital of the SR. Veatrex City helds about 52 billion of SR's 895 billion citizens. It is and was the biggest and most populated city of the and the whole Ramvelkys Galaxy.

A section of Veatrex City

During the Ramvelkys Seclusion, Naroden changed the Sylit Republic into the United Veatrex Federation, to show their newer status. It showed that they now had many more species then just Sylits.

However, during the Annihilation of the Universe, the United Veatrex Federation was destroyed along with Ramvelkys Galaxy. Nearly all Sylits were killed with it.

SR Settlement[]

A painting of another section of Veatrex City

The SR Settlement was the treaty of all governments of the Sylit Republic to follow certain rules:

  • SR is a republic and a democracy. It will be treated as such by all governments.
  • Respect other nations of the Republic, and treat them as equals.
  • Respect the religions, customs, and ideas of other nations of the Republic.

The capitol of the United Veatrex Federation

The SR Settlement was signed by Emporer Radiar (Sylit leader) and King Linkus (Krylink leader) on Rambanda, the capital of SR in 724 SA. It was signed by Emperor Zeron II (Kyran leader) in 748 SA on their home planet of Sayan.

UVF Settlement[]

The UVF Settlement was the treaty of all government officials of the United Veatrex Federation to follow certain rules:

  • Do not base your decisions in the Veatrex Senate off of biased influences.
  • Respect the religions, customs, and ideas of other citizens of the Federation.
  • Make your decision because you think they will help the Federation.

The UVF Settlement was signed by:

  • Emporer Naroden (Sylit leader)
  • King Linkus (Krylink leader)
  • High Monarch Rykel (Urhawk leader)
  • Emperor Zeron III (Kyran leader)

on Rambanda, the capital of the UVF in 2 ARW.

It was signed by:

in 3 ARW on their home planet of Rayus.

It was signed by:

  • President Hellinay (Skyren leader)
  • Overlord Sinius (Cybunta leader)
  • Queen Vistria (Wrink leader)
  • Councilor Kanus (A Gykar leader)

on Rambanda in 3 ARW.

Relationships With Other Empires[]



Trading With[]

At War With[]

  • Rajex

Quotes from other races[]

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The Sylits are a noble race... we will be honored to fight them on the battlefield

- Vartekian empire

Dem stoopid losas shud go ta hell.

- Zr'Ahgloth

A noble and fair race, they proved great allies when the Second Galactic War reigned and even after, our Galactic Relations improved. We are honored to fight beside them in any battle!

- Captain Ramaxar, Fleet Captain of Rambo Nation.

We might be bound to remain neutral where our power is involved-yet we are not bound to keep opinions locked shut, and the Sylits have earned good ones.

- Ravenrii

Although small and annoying, they are not to underestimate with as there power is impressive. A fact they have shown us during the Second Galactic War.

- Galactic Emperor of the Imperial Alliance

Insignificant pests, we will crush them under our boots!

- The Warrior of the Hieroarchs of the Cognatus

This race, both foes of the Loron and allies of the Vartekians... I hope that one day I am called to fight by their side.

- Ja'Dan Fleetfather of the Fordan Empire

The Sylits, such a noble race. They have been great help to the Universe. And many should think before passing the line with them.

- Admiral Arian of the Gablinus-Avis empire, and the Allied Species of Orion

Hmm, they should learn to utilize that Syplasma thing of theirs now that they are more powerful. I'm surprised they haven't tried to conquer empires yet, even though they are a strong force to be reckoned with.

- Tyraz Breek of the Zazane Empire

I'd like to see them. Burn under my feet. Idiotic mortal scum.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

Additional Stats[]

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Full Military Forces: About 882,000 spaceships, 1,490,000 gunships, 7.2 billion soldiers
Active Military: About 882,000 spaceships, 1,490,000 gunships, 7.2 billion soldiers
Galactic Trade State: Strong intergalactic trade
Ruling Body: Veatrex Senate and Grand Admiral Aturox, 14 Supervisors
Official Currency: UVF Penzari (in the empire)-(ᵽ), Sporebucks (extragalactic trade)- (§)
Trade Exchange Rate: (ᵽ) 1 equals .9 Sporebucks.
Colonial Extent: 378,000- Ramvelkys Galaxy, 576- Cyrannus Galaxy, 28- Milky Way Galaxy, 416- Quadrant 82, 222,600,- Velranyk Galaxy, 1600 (Space stations)- Claw Nebula, 2000 (space stations)- Galaxon Nebula, 1,662 (Space stations)- Styx Nebula
Total Number of Colonized Systems: 626,882 systems
United Veatrex Federation