And the results are in! By a close 20 million votes, President of Education, Ieroxia Ytroalo has won the Premiership!

- A news channel reporting on the election of Ieroxia.

After a momentary succession crisis, Tyrolox Ytroalo, a vice-premier under his father's Premiership, acquired the position of Premier due to the laws of Premiership succession.

- A news channel reporting on the ascension of Tyrolox Ytroalo to Premier

In a shocking turn of events, Tyrolox Ytroalo, having only served 2 years in office as Premier, officially broadcasted a message stating his planned retirement from the Premiership and to establish his brother, Ipliq, as Premier. Many citizens remain skeptical of the move, wondering if Ipliq may be pressuring his brother into retiring.

- A news channel reporting on Tyrolox's retirement.

The Premier and Vice Premier, called the "Kyesa" and "Ie-Kyesa" respectively in Grubmolian, are the highest-ranking two officials in the Executive branch of Grubmolian government.

Premiership in the UROG often implies wealth, influence, and political experience- as many Premiers in history have tended to be wealthy and experienced individuals.

Normally, the Premier and Vice-Premier is chosen through democratic election, though occassionally the position of Premier and Vice-Premier is chosen through the line of succession.

In recent years (if you can call it that), 3 out of the 5 recent premiers have all been Ytroalos, a family of wealthy individuals. The Ytroalo family is one of the only families in Grubmolian history to have their relatives be Premier or Vice-Premier three times in a row.

Premiers are not limited by term limits and fundementally continue ruling or governing the nation until they are either voted out of office or are removed by some other force. Due to this, along with the long lifespan of Grubmolians, many Premiers have Premierships spanning centuries at a time- with the longest being held for 400 years, or 57 Mutyplian years.

In recent years, the powers and capability of the Premier have been significantly upsized due to the efforts of Ipliq Ytroalo, and the Premier is now significantly more powerful than it once was under the leadership of both his father and his brother, simply due to the fact that back then, the grand council held almost all supreme-authority.

The word for Premier in Grubmolian, 'Kyesa', is derived from the Spodian (an extinct branch of Grubmolian spoken in Spodia) word for God-Emperor, Eze-Kyeaso.

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