"Greetings. We wait for any arrival." Edit

Information Edit

The United Republic of Grubmolians, also shortened as "URG" or "ROG" is a minor imperial territory located in the Carina Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy. Composed of 113 star systems in total, the republic is known for its diplomatic and strange philosophy and choice of budgeting.

They're currently keeping their eyes on relationships and trade deals.

That includes you, Void Eye Empire.

Government Edit

The Government is headed by the Emperor, who's job is to protect, communicate, and do the empire good in any way. The Emperor cannot make up laws without the consent of the citizens and the Council. He is protected by several body guards, and is expected to spend most money collected on education and housing than military, which may explain the lack of proper defense.

Executive Edit

Ipliq Edit

Ipliq, now the executive leader and emperor of the Republic has taken over from his brother's position.

Legislative Edit

Tyrolox Edit

While no longer emperor, After therapy, Tyrolox has chosen to pursue a position in technology and design.

Military Edit

The Empire is weak in its regards of military due to the lack of proper funding from the Government. War weapons such as nuclear bombs and vehicles are produced in small amounts and rarely used in a given situation. There has not been a major interstellar war in the history of the empire, and its citizens have been lead to believe that an incoming conflict is impossible.

Heavy Carrier Edit

The "Heavy Carrier", or TTMV by most personnel is a large, cargo and defense hover-ship used to transport ammo, vehicles, and medical care to war-sites. Produced in low numbers (100-200/yr) It's one of the most well defended vehicle in the armada and is also the most expensive to make (6,000,000 SB)

Grubamolaw Edit

Being a rather small and weak spaceship, this class is used by scouts and lend to explorers for spice trade and colonization. Produced in high numbers and one of their cheapest ships to make (250,000-565,000 SB), the Grubamolaw is also used by scouts in the military and are encountered in large groups due to their weakness being single against an opponent.

Philosophy Edit

Grybolixism is a mix of several philosophies making up their religions and cultural differences. They are known for their high respect of nature and understanding of life as a whole, but most closely match a mix of a bard and shaman.

They strongly despise Groxism/Groxology.

And yes, they will automatically hate you if you follow that philosophy.

Architecture Edit

The style of Grubmolian architecture is often viewed steampunk-esque. Most buildings often follow a bluish, green, and brown color pallete, although some are highly more diverse in pattern.

Relationships Edit

If you are inactive to the plot of the storyline, or you have done something to either damage or disrupt the "balance of prosperity", your relationship will slowly decrease over time.

Friendly/Allied Edit

Green face"Alliance is key to achieving universal harmony throughout the cosmos."

  • UTON - You are of great help to the empire.

Trusted Edit

Blue face"I like you, but you still haven't fixed the coffee machine at the office."

  • JCompany - Thanks for the trades in knowledge and the help.

Interested Edit

Yellow face "You have gained our attention from your actions."

Neutral Edit

Yellow face"Neutrality is usually neutral. That's good. Hopefully, that's good for you too."


Orange face"There is a strong difference between distrust and dislike- but that necessarily doesn't mean that we're immune to causing problems with you."

Disliked Edit

Orange face"You insult harmony with your ways."

  • Mirusian Congregation - You are an insult to Spode's wisdom.
  • Tulloac Pentocracy - We dare not waste time with the imperialistic and xenophobe that you are.
  • Void Eye Empire - Yellow face While we disagree with your usage of the void energy and pity you for that- we will protect and defend you if an opposing empire attacks first.

Despised Edit

Red face"You are beyond the point of peace. Sooner or later, you will be annihilated."

  • Hegemony of Astrath - Your xenophobic and barbaric ways are more than enough to disgust anyone who comes across you.
  • Grox Empire - They have cool action figures but I guess they suck.

Tyrolox, don't compliment the most idiotic empire in the galaxy.

- Sincerely, Ipliq

At War Edit

Red face"Peace offerings at this point are worthless to us. You will be eradicated or assimilated sooner or later."

Quotes Edit

Buy our merchandise at any of our major gift shops!

- Tyrolox, attempting to sell merchandise to potential customers.

To meet fellow Bards is quite the rare -and joyous- occurence! And one which respects nature at that! Let's sing songs about this and throw a party!

- Mikiang'y of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

I would but the pizza I ordered like a few days ago hasn't come from my home-made limited edition Galactic Conflict™ season 2 wormhole! We must find another alternative before the party is ruined.

- Tyrolox, whining about the pizza he ordered from the void eye not being delivered to him sooner than expected.

Tyrolox, no. You've already spent too much money on throwing 4 parties this year and ordering pineapple pizzas from wormholes so you can eat the first wormhole-ordered pizza.

- Ipliq, complaining about Tyrolox.

We are sorry but we can't deliver your pizza request, because we do not eat pizzas... and it seems like you haven't even decided yet. And about the money, we already send a refund to you.

- Overlord, explaining to Tyrolox why the pizza can't be delivered.

Can't we order a limited edition Grox action figure with eye laser-action and interchangeable cybernetic parts? Remember that? I wanted one for the anniversary celebration but my dad said no last year.

- Tyrolox, asking if he can order a Grox action figure.

I swear to Spode if you buy 200 of them along with the spaceships and throw them at balloons to simulate empires destroyed I'm gonna have the Hegemony go ahead and take over our empire.

- Ipliq, complaining about Tyrolox.

No. I was gonna buy 1,000 of them and throw them at my Xhodocto and other empire action figures to simulate an alternate reality where the Grox won! It's educational...!

- Tyrolox, defending his case


- Ipliq

Odd creatures, but a fascinating show of what other galaxies have to offer as well as a potential trade partner."

- Celeste Reges, commenting on the Grubmaw Empire.


- Tyrolox, angered about Celeste's comment. Tyrolox, shut up. Anyways, I apologize for the case of stupidity of our emperor. Thank you for dropping by.
- Ipliq, apologizing for Tyrolox ramblings. Greetings, Grubmaw Empire. You seem nice, so we decided that we want to trade with you! We can further discuss the Details after you decide. So? To Trade or not To Trade, that is the Question...
- Krz'at Kor, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Empire

Sorry for such the late response, but we decline.

- Ipliq, Declining the trade offer at 3 AM in the morning.

Oh well, could be worse.

- Krz'at Kor, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Republic

And now, Ipliq tells you some trivia about the empire. Edit

  • Unsurprisingly, the empire is named after the mouth "Grubblemaw"
  • Redesigns are coming on the way.
  • Most Grubmolian Civilians are pro-anti-military. Riots have been thrown each time it grows and expands.
  • There has been 501 total emperors since the reign of Juvoira, counting Ipliq.