The United Republic, a nation which has managed to expand to three galaxies over a period of 73,000 years, has still remained almost completely isolated in the First Gigaquadrant. It is laughable, but a reminder of how truly efficient our Republic is.

- Galactic Premier Yuorgi

The United Republic of Grubmolians, abbreviated as the UROG, is an ancient intergalactic oligarchic republic originating from the Milky Way Galaxy. Founded in the 712th century BCE, the United Republic has continued to exist as a political entity for 74,000 years, rarely breaking into civil war or conflict due to Grubmolian culture and pacifism.

The United Republic has remained a stagnant and isolated power in the First Gigaquadrant due to its policy of isolationism and autarky. The United Republic often remains dormant for hundreds of years at a time, rarely interacting with other Empires unless proven necessary.

Most recently, the United Republic has fallen into a state of emergency due to the recent planet-busting of their capital's moon as well as the declaration of Spodia. They are now currently in a war against The Purity

History Edit

Before you understand the history of the United Republic, you have to understand the Republic's ancestor which haunts its history to this very day; the Divine Kingdom of Spodia. Spodia was founded by a particular set of individuals following the religion of Juviorist-Spodism, an extremist sect of Spodism which swept the continent of Grubmolia in the 711th century BC. Over a period of 1,000 years, Spodia would expand across Mutypla, wreaking its holy wraith against those which it deemed as 'heretics'. Of course, such a country as Spodia wouldn't survive for long ruling over such a large landmass, and soon the backward society of Spodia was introduced to the equivalent of the Age of Enlightenment which resulted in its eventual downfall due to revolution.

Out of this revolution would crawl what we know as the United Republic of Grubmolia, a heavily de-centralized union of several countries loyal to a democratic cause. With the establishment of the URoG, this is where our story begins.

United Republic (Early History) Edit

Having arrived directly out of a civil war and revolution, the United Republic of Grubmolia was already in a weak state comparable to the Weimar Republic back in the interwar period. Not only that, but the United Republic had lost an exponential amount of territory during the civil war due to breakaway states... Some of which were rather valuable to the Spodian economy. That's right! More economic downturn.

The situation for Premier Jyo'Ma looked quite grim. Actually, more like a grim situation for the entirety of the URoG. Most of its neighbors completely loathed the republic and thought of it as nothing more than a weak, rebellious group of people calling for "democracy", which up until a few years ago they didn't even know existed. So, what do you do in a situation like this?

Do you:

A Send diplomats to work out your relationship with your neighbors?
B Ignore your neighbors to work on stabilizing your country?
C Cry in your office for days at a time?

If you picked any other option other than A, congratulations! You're wrong. Anyways, so Jyo'Ma decided to send some of his best diplomats to make his relations with the neighboring kingdoms and empires not suck. This worked to some degree, as the kingdoms and empires went from wanting to destroy the Republic to just hating its presence. That's some progress, and progress is better than no progress.

United Republic (Mid History & Unification of Grubmolia) Edit

United Republic (Unification of Mutpla) Edit

Galactic Republic (Early Space Colonial Empire) Edit

Galactic Expansion (Colonization of Andromeda) Edit

Intergalactic Republic (Colonization of Mirus) Edit

Modern Era (Reign of the Ytroalos, Spodia) Edit

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Government Edit

The government of the United Republic acts similarly to a confederation's republic, with a central and local government. The Central Government, however, is usually the one in supreme power, with the Central Government controlling the entire United Republic while each of the Galactic Governments (the governments which rule over each of the United Republic's Galactic Republics) govern over their respective colonial possessions in their galaxy.

The Legislative & Judicial branches have been fused together to create the Grand Council and the Galactic Senates, which act as judge, jury, and executioner as well as lawmakers & much more. The Grand Council has a significant amount of power compared to the Galactic Senates, who often pass simple, small-scale laws limited only to a single planet.

The Central Government respectively is co-ruled by the Premier and Vice-Premier. More often than not, the Vice-Premier of the Republic will take the place of Premier if the Premier resigns or simply dies while in office. Alternatively, the Galactic Premier of the Plazith Grubmolian Republic will take the position of Premier if the Vice-Premier is unable to take the position of Premier

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Relationships Edit

Please note that relations other than 'at war' or 'allies' are purely opinions towards other Empires. They are non-official and simply represent the views of the United Republic towards that country.

Allies Edit

Let our people inch ever closer to cooperation and harmony!

Trusted Edit

Blue faceAs you have proven, you are a worthy Empire in the Gigaquadrant.

JCompany (Trade and support, help on Mutypla)

Curious Edit

CuriousRelationYou are quite the fascinating type of people...

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceNeutrality isn't exactly the type of relationship our country aims for, but it is preferred over hostile relations.


Orange faceDo. Not. Talk. To. Us. It's as simple as that.

Disliked Edit

Orange faceFool! It is only a matter of time before the day of reckoning comes for you!

Despised Edit

Red faceUp until recently, we thought that Spode didn't make mistakes!

At War Edit

You should have begged for mercy long ago, traveler!
Divinity of Spodia - Heed my words, Ipliq. Your people will suffer! Our ships will visit your worlds and ravage them until you start thinking clearly!
The Purity - Fools! No matter how many times we tell you, you always side with evil! No more! We will see an end to this way of thinking!

Quotes Edit

Greetings, just wanted to note that we're not just "one of those hiveminds", our people can still think for themselves.

- Sincerely, the Pure One

Hivemind, schmivemind... Most are the same. I can't even tell the difference between a crowd and a hivemind at a stadium anymore!

- Sincerely, Premier Yuorgi.

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