Hail to Spode!

- Official Motto of the UROG

Information Edit

The Union of Mutypla, officially recognized as the United Republic of Grubmolians, is a Mutyplian-based confederation and is considered a global hyperpower by most countries. They are the only nation on Mutypla to successfully develop FTL technology and colonize neighboring starsystems, making them the largest Mutyplian country, both in stellar terms and geographical terms. Composed of 1,715 star systems as of now, the UROG, while surprisingly old for an empire, has not actually developed powerful technology compared to other stellar civilizations.

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

Enter Mutypla, the Atomic Age had just begun and these 3 countries already have nukes. Keep an eye on them, because they're global superpowers. One country wants to convert everybody to their religion of Spodism, the other wants everybody to convert to their system of government, and the other just wants this to end.

And they all have atom bombs.


"Wait!", said some country. (i don't know my grubmaw historian doesn't tell me which one) "If we all throw extinction bombs at each-other won't we all die?"

"Oh yeah.", said everybody.

And so to prevent people from blowing up the planet, the States of Gryxplie, along with some other countries, created the Union of Mutypla. Soon, more countries joined, and eventually the UOM was considered a superpower composed of superpowers.


Time as a Country Edit

Around 105,000 earth years ago, the UROG had the great idea to turn themselves into an entire country, with the countries before turning into states.... The size of countries. Here's the thing though, originally the UROG wasn't ruled by anyone, it was just an alliance of sorts, but now that it's a country, it needs somebody to rule it.


The Spodian nations believe that a philosopher king which has been spiritually enlightened by Spode. They rename the king to an emperor because it sounds cooler. Some of the state... countries... Aren't happy with this, and say, "Hey, that's not fair." so they did what every single country would do at least once in their history.

It's a civil war!

Civil War Edit

The UROG is broke into 2, one is composed of the Spodians who still believe that the monarchy should be kept in place, and the others who oppose them, but they honestly don't know what they're fighting for.

"Hey.", said one Anti-Spodian. "What if the king is crazy and there's nobody to stop him. Shouldn't we have multiple leaders to prevent him from like, ruining the country?"

That's how oligarchy works.

Now with the oligarchs finally realizing what they're fighting for, the nations do what they do best.

Shoot guns and throw bombs.

Except the extinction bombs, they all agreed to never use those. The shooting of guns and throwing of bombs lasts for around 857 years before the Oligarchs and Monarchs finally get tired and the Monarchs surrender. Same with the government. The UROG is still a country but still considered a confederation at the same time.

It's confusing.

FTL breakthrough Edit

The UROG still exists for like 94,000 years, it has some civil wars here and there and it breaks up but gets back together most of the time. Meanwhile, some dude (i don't know what his name is the historians won't tell me) decides to go and build a telescope. "Oh cool.", said the other Grubmolians, and soon after stealing other aliens hard work and inspecting the monolith that was placed on their planet a few thousand years ago or something finally managed to make FTL.

"But how?", said some random alien.

They have to make faster than light technology for a reason otherwise it's just a planetary and you're stuck without the ability to contact other empires.

"Oh, okay."

Government Edit

The government is, more or less so, likened to a bureaucratic system, with the system itself being similar to the american system in which the government is divided into different branches. The head of state is the emperor, and the head of government is the council, who holds more power than the Emperor themselves.

Military Edit

The Empire is weak in its regards of military and warfare due to the lack of proper funding from the Government. War weapons such as nuclear bombs and vehicles are produced in small amounts and rarely used in a given situation. There has not been a major interstellar war in the history of the empire, and its citizens have been lead to believe that an incoming conflict is impossible.

Defense of Migle Edit

Since their arrival as an interstellar empire starting roughly 33,250 earth years ago, the UROG have managed to build and create a rather... Interesting megastructure. The tesla sphere that surrounds Mutypla is nearly impenetrable by most explosives and weapons, and only Grubmolian fleets (their hull and general structure is made out of a man-made material which isn't found anywhere else outside of Mutypla) are able to phase through this tesla sphere. The sphere uses the nearest 4 stars from Migle as power sources, and is at least more than a lightyear in diameter.

Societal Information Edit

Living Conditions Edit

Because of their existential philosophy and large respect for biological life, a high percentage of the budget is paid to make sure that living conditions for civilians of participating countries are sanitary and vegetated. Homes are usually always well furnished and cleaned. Often than not, decorations and china line the walls as forms of gifts for "The Father."

Influence by other alien species. Edit

The UROG's culture, cuisine, and entertainment have all been inspired by other alien cultures, the most predominant being human culture, which they show through their distinctive liking to the Italian dish of pizza, be it at least vegan pizza. It is exactly unknown why the Grubmolians have such a fascination with human culture, but regardless, humans have influenced.

Philosophy/Religion Edit

Grybolixism (Named after the Grubmolian philosopher, Grybolixis) is the religion and official philosophy of the UROG. The philosophy in question follows a rather diplomatic and hospitable approach to alien or foreign strangers, believing that a large-scale alliance would impress, or grab the attention of Spode, or "The father". They hold a strong belief that every living being comes from the same ancestor; Once again, Spode. And as such, achieving alliances, trade routes, entertainment, and education is a top priority for the people, who will often play instruments and put on festivals to honor their father. Denying the religion, even if it be in acceptance of another Spode related one is often viewed as harsh and impure, often resulting in social exclusion or even a death penalty if it's deemed "Unholy." Emperors have been executed because of this.

If they deem that you are an obstacle or threat to the balance of the "universe's ecosystem", they will deal with it. Harshly.

Relationships Edit

If you are inactive to the plot of the storyline, or you have done something to either damage or disrupt the "balance of prosperity", your relationship will slowly decrease over time.

  • Note: Relationships other than "Allied" or "At War" are considered opinions towards other empires.

Friendly/Allied Edit

Green face"Congratulations, you're on the right track... Probably."

Trusted Edit

Blue face"Hey, bud. When are you gonna fix that coffee machine at the office? I'm just kidding. You're good people."

  • JCompany - Thanks for the trades in knowledge and the help.
(relatively friendly relations, trade route, help with Mutypla) Edit
  • Sinistonsos - We are in the process of trading. Possible allies, perhaps. Time will tell.

Interested Edit

CuriousRelation"Oooh! Aliens!"

  • Sagantan Collective - We are in the process of trading.
  • United Empire of Solariea - Trading time!
  • The Purity - Now, if I had a dime for everytime I saw another one of these dang hiveminds by now I would have enough money to buy myself a new car.
  • The Infernal Republic - You're like Astrath, except you're less bratty and come up with better one liners.
  • The Krassio - Hey, isn't this the empire where if you piss them off all hell breaks loose? And people actually think they have a chance against them? Ha...hah.... Oh dear.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face"Neutrality is usually neutral. Hopefully, you feel neutral about that like we do."

(Similar Philosophy, Compliments) Edit
  • Elysian Empire - I think they're dead. Pretty sure of it now, unless they just. Erm. I don't know, anymore. I don't get paid enough to write these relationship quotes or whatever.

Wary of Edit

Scared"We are extremely skeptical of your existence as a whole, but you frighten us. Please. Don't hurt us."

  • Void Eye Empire - I don't understand exactly why people believe they somehow stand a chance against the Krassio, along with the Void Eye's allies, but okay.


Orange face"Hey, did you know that 'dis-ed' is only a "like" away from disliked?"

Disliked Edit

Orange face"Why did Spode make you?"

Despised Edit

Red face"Go back to hell, where you came from."

  • Hegemony of Astrath - Xenophobic pieces of garbage. Honestly, how can such a most powerful nation and civilization be reduced to laziness and slavery. Please, do the gigaquadrant a favor and do a second annihilation on your people.
  • UTON - How dare you insult the father?
  • Grox Empire - They have cool action figures but I guess they suck.
(NERDS.) Edit

Tyrolox, don't compliment the most idiotic empire in the galaxy.

- Sincerely, Ipliq

At War Edit

Red face"Peace offerings at this point are worthless to us. You will be eradicated or assimilated sooner or later."

Quotes Edit

Buy our merchandise at any of our major gift shops!

- Tyrolox, attempting to sell merchandise to potential customers.

To meet fellow Bards is quite the rare -and joyous- occurence! And one which respects nature at that! Let's sing songs about this and throw a party!

- Mikiang'y of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

I would but the pizza I ordered like a few days ago hasn't come from my home-made limited edition Galactic Conflict™ season 2 wormhole! We must find another alternative before the party is ruined.

- Tyrolox, whining about the pizza he ordered from the void eye not being delivered to him sooner than expected.

Tyrolox, no. You've already spent too much money on throwing 4 parties this year and ordering pineapple pizzas from wormholes so you can eat the first wormhole-ordered pizza.

- Ipliq, complaining about Tyrolox.

We are sorry but we can't deliver your pizza request, because we do not eat pizzas... and it seems like you haven't even decided yet. And about the money, we already send a refund to you.

- Overlord, explaining to Tyrolox why the pizza can't be delivered.

Can't we order a limited edition Grox action figure with eye laser-action and interchangeable cybernetic parts? Remember that? I wanted one for the anniversary celebration but my dad said no last year.

- Tyrolox, asking if he can order a Grox action figure.

I swear to Spode if you buy 200 of them along with the spaceships and throw them at balloons to simulate empires destroyed I'm gonna have the Hegemony go ahead and take over our empire.

- Ipliq, complaining about Tyrolox.

No. I was gonna buy 1,000 of them and throw them at my Xhodocto and other empire action figures to simulate an alternate reality where the Grox won! It's educational...!

- Tyrolox, defending his case


- Ipliq

Odd creatures, but a fascinating show of what other galaxies have to offer as well as a potential trade partner."

- Celeste Reges, commenting on the Grubmaw Empire.


- Tyrolox, angered about Celeste's comment.

Tyrolox, shut up. Anyways, I apologize for the case of stupidity of our emperor. Thank you for dropping by.

- Ipliq, apologizing for Tyrolox ramblings.

Greetings, Grubmaw Empire. You seem nice, so we decided that we want to trade with you! We can further discuss the Details after you decide. So? To Trade or not To Trade, that is the Question...

- Krz'at Kor, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Empire

Sorry for such the late response, but we decline.

- Ipliq, Declining the trade offer at 3 AM in the morning.

Oh well, could be worse.

- Krz'at Kor, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Republic

What Curious Creatures. They seem nice. Though their Legislative seems ever so slightly... volatile.

- Sinistontian Broadcasting Channel

Curious? Fascinating? Odd? We're... Frog... Fish... Fur... people...

- Tyrolox, attempting to figure out what his species is.

That must feel horrible. You have no idea what you even are. We have discovered. We must not worry about such Problems anymore.

- Sinistontian Broadcasting Channel

We're... Uuuuhhhhm... Nice people. That's a fact. That's a taxon. Right? We're... semi-aquatic. Uuuuhh. Fur.... Fish Frogs...

- Tyrolox, becoming a taxonomist and classifying his own species.

I see. Well, at least you tried. Maybe try a little harder next time.

- Sinistontian Broadcasting Channel

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

- Unknown Broadcaster


- Tyrolox

The Time of our unveiling is yet to come. Be Patient.

- Unknown Broadcaster

And now, Ipliq tells you some trivia about the empire. Edit

Uuuhhh. I believe a surprisingly unknown fact in the galactic community is that we're not a singular entity. It's like uuhhh. Super mega... ultra alliance of sorts forming together to create one super.... empire. It's confusing.

- Ipliq, explaining how the empire was formed.

We chose bright, vibrant colors for our flag to display a form of positive vibe when the viewer views it. And because they also happen to represent certain aspects of life. Green represents nature and harmony. Blue represents wisdom and loyalty. And brown represents elegance and stability. The star above the "planet" at the bottom of the flag simply represents the support of UROG, similar to the way a star supports life on a planet. Interesting, is it not?

- Ipliq, explaining the meaning of their flag.
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