To quote yourself; 'Acting like revenge is a good enough excuse for genocide'.

- Tyrolox to Ipliq on The Purge

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The Union of Mutypla, or, as it is officially recognized outside of Mutypla as the United Republic of Grubmolians is an intergalactic republic with territories in the Carina Arm of the:Milky Way Galaxy and the Umbra Region of the Andromeda Galaxy.

The Union of Mutypla were forced to seceed their colonies to the newly founded Spodian Unity to appease colossus threats from Ipliq Ytroalo

History Edit

Early History Edit

The Union of Mutypla, while its history has been buried by the depths of time, began as a single church. A teaching far different than any other religion on the planet.

Spodism was a rather rare religion to come across in the early days of Mutyplian civilization. While opposing countries of the Grubmaw dismiss sightings of Spode as simply advanced civilizations tinkering and toying with "dumb" animals.

Through these "sightings", Spode told Grubmolian travelers that they were, as a matter of fact, the saviors of the universe. That they created the Grubmaw so that they could rise up in the cosmos and "reunify" every single species so that overtime a new "super-species" could birthed through breeding and natural-selection, and that the Grubmaw would rule over this super-species, near unstoppable.

Those people who had visions of the god unified together to get their teachings out to the world, though it would not be several hundreds of years before they would take influence enough to take over an entire country.

Beginning as a country Edit

The Union of Mutypla- it called itself. Luckily for them, it had gained independence from its much powerful and larger cousin, the Union of Archixian States. Of course, nobody thought it was actually a country until they started to build they military and beat the crap out of the Archixians and conquering it as fast as an anti-vaxx kid dies when you sneeze on it. The Union, infact, began to expand and conquer so rapidly thanks to technological help from spooky outside help! Oooh~

and now i am too lazy to write more, so this is all you're getting.

Culture Edit

"we like to party - vengaboys"

"vegan pizza recipe"

"nearest mcdonalds"

"how to unify the universe"

"how to achieve immortality 2019 no hacks"

that's all you need to know


Relationships Edit

  • Note: Relationships other than "Allied" or "At War" are considered opinions towards other empires and are not official.

Friendly/Allied Edit

Green face"Let us rejoice! Spode has given us glorious new friends!"

Trusted Edit

Blue face"I like you, but you still haven't fixed the coffee machine at the office."

  • JCompany - Thanks for the trades in knowledge and the help.
(relatively friendly relations, trade route, help with Mutypla) Edit
  • Sinistonsos - We are in the process of trading. Possible allies, perhaps. Time will tell.

Interested Edit

CuriousRelation"How interesting! I

  • Sagantan Collective - We are in the process of trading.
  • United Empire of Solariea - Trading time!
  • The Purity - Now, if I had a dime for everytime I saw another one of these dang hiveminds by now I would have enough money to buy myself a new car.
  • The Infernal Republic - You're like Astrath, except you're less bratty and come up with better one liners.
  • The Krassio - Hey, isn't this the empire where if you piss them off all hell breaks loose? And people actually think they have a chance against them? Ha...hah.... Oh dear.

Neutral Edit

Yellow face"Neutrality is usually neutral. Hopefully, you feel neutral about that like we do."

  • Elysian Empire - I think they're dead. Pretty sure of it now, unless they just. Erm. I don't know, anymore. I don't get paid enough to write these relationship quotes or whatever.

Wary of Edit

Scared"Please don't hurt us."

  • Void Eye Empire - I don't understand exactly why people believe they somehow stand a chance against the Krassio, along with the Void Eye's allies, but okay.


Orange face"Hey, did you know that 'dis-d' is only a "like" away from disliked?"

Disliked Edit

Orange face"Why did Spode make you?"

Despised Edit

Red face"Go back to hell, where you came from."

  • Hegemony of Astrath - End your civilization and maybe Spode will forgive your kind.
  • UTON - How dare you insult the father?
  • Grox Empire - They have cool action figures but I guess they suck.
(NERDS.) Edit

Tyrolox, don't compliment the most idiotic empire in the universe

- Sincerely, Ipliq

At War Edit

Red face"At this point, I honestly don't think the extinction of your entire species is good enough to savor punishment."

  • United Legion of Exterrammian States - I wish your species was immortal so I could feel the sweet release of suffering and pain that we force upon you- just for eternity. Even hell itself isn't good enough for you. You deserve this more than anything, so please, take your grimy, stinky, 3 clawed feet, shove it up your asses, and shove it so far that those claws replace your teeth.

Quotes Edit

Buy our merchandise at any of our major gift shops!

- Tyrolox, attempting to sell merchandise to potential customers.

To meet fellow Bards is quite the rare -and joyous- occurence! And one which respects nature at that! Let's sing songs about this and throw a party!

- Mikiang'y of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

I would but the pizza I ordered like a few days ago hasn't come from my home-made limited edition Galactic Conflict™ season 2 wormhole! We must find another alternative before the party is ruined.

- Tyrolox, whining about the pizza he ordered from the void eye not being delivered to him sooner than expected.

Tyrolox, no. You've already spent too much money on throwing 4 parties this year and ordering pineapple pizzas from wormholes so you can eat the first wormhole-ordered pizza.

- Ipliq, complaining about Tyrolox.

We are sorry but we can't deliver your pizza request, because we do not eat pizzas... and it seems like you haven't even decided yet. And about the money, we already send a refund to you.

- Overlord, explaining to Tyrolox why the pizza can't be delivered.

Can't we order a limited edition Grox action figure with eye laser-action and interchangeable cybernetic parts? Remember that? I wanted one for the anniversary celebration but my dad said no last year.

- Tyrolox, asking if he can order a Grox action figure.

I swear to Spode if you buy 200 of them along with the spaceships and throw them at balloons to simulate empires destroyed I'm gonna have the Hegemony go ahead and take over our empire.

- Ipliq, complaining about Tyrolox.

No. I was gonna buy 1,000 of them and throw them at my Xhodocto and other empire action figures to simulate an alternate reality where the Grox won! It's educational...!

- Tyrolox, defending his case


- Ipliq

Odd creatures, but a fascinating show of what other galaxies have to offer as well as a potential trade partner."

- Celeste Reges, commenting on the Grubmaw Empire.


- Tyrolox, angered about Celeste's comment.

Tyrolox, shut up. Anyways, I apologize for the case of stupidity of our emperor. Thank you for dropping by.

- Ipliq, apologizing for Tyrolox ramblings.

Greetings, Grubmaw Empire. You seem nice, so we decided that we want to trade with you! We can further discuss the Details after you decide. So? To Trade or not To Trade, that is the Question...

- Krz'at Kor, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Empire

Sorry for such the late response, but we decline.

- Ipliq, Declining the trade offer at 3 AM in the morning.

Oh well, could be worse.

- Krz'at Kor, Trading Manager of the Chonostonian Republic

What Curious Creatures. They seem nice. Though their Legislative seems ever so slightly... volatile.

- Sinistontian Broadcasting Channel

Curious? Fascinating? Odd? We're... Frog... Fish... Fur... people...

- Tyrolox, attempting to figure out what his species is.

That must feel horrible. You have no idea what you even are. We have discovered. We must not worry about such Problems anymore.

- Sinistontian Broadcasting Channel

We're... Uuuuhhhhm... Nice people. That's a fact. That's a taxon. Right? We're... semi-aquatic. Uuuuhh. Fur.... Fish Frogs...

- Tyrolox, becoming a taxonomist and classifying his own species.

I see. Well, at least you tried. Maybe try a little harder next time.

- Sinistontian Broadcasting Channel

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

- Unknown Broadcaster


- Tyrolox

The Time of our unveiling is yet to come. Be Patient.

- Unknown Broadcaster

[B]heme songs Edit


Peaceful Universe

Anthem (in game)

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