The United Republic of Cyrannus

Because every sentient being matters, it is incumbent on us to provide every sentient being with peace, security, opportunity, health, and education.

- Apollo

As a galactic wide organisation, the benevolent United Republic of Cyrannus comes to encompass thousands of races across the Cyrannus Galaxy. In its short history, the URC has many speices within it, ranging from good citizens to trouble makers. However, most of the races are found in the Core Worlds which are rich and prosperous.

As you move further from the Core, the Republic's grip is lessened, and bounty hunters and crime lords reign.

Major Member RacesEdit

Major Member Races are the most common species among the Republic's citizens.



Main article: Creature:Adelphi

The Adelphi are a race of Capricyránae native to the unknown regions of Quadrant 82, a galaxy quite close to Cyrannus. The Adelphi are a peaceful race with a strong code of ethnics, and are commonly driven by their desire to do the right time. While living in Quadrant 82, the Adelphi controlled a small, but powerful empire known as the Federal Republic of the Adelphi, this nation was a peaceful paradise, and though it was not very advanced, it had very powerful ships resembling sea vessels, with organic-esque hulls showing the Adelphi's love for art and culture.

First contact for the Adelphi came in the form of Rambo Nation, who were amazed by the similarities between the Adelphi and the Libertus. After which, an alliance was formed, and the Adelphi later became members of the Cyrandia Alliance and the new Seven Starr Alliance. However, soon after, disaster striked, under the leadership of the ruthless leader, Lamorta, the Confederacy occupied all Adelphi planets, forcing the race to migrate to Cyrannus, where they became members of the URC. They began to recover, and in 1 ATC, they formed an empire within the URC known as the Delfoí Republic with their great allies, the D'annaoí.



The Alavar are a peaceful race of humanoids that have endured much trauma during their lifetime, despite being such a wise and respected race within the Outer Rim of Cyrannus. Due to the natural beuty of the female Alavar, they were doomed to slavery by corrupt factions such as the vile Syndicate. After the Imperial Alliance invaded Cyrannus, they set up a large ring of colonies in the Outer Rim, and after finding the Alavar, they enslaved them.

This slavery was short, but horrid and at times all seemed lost, however hope was on the horizon, after the Fall of the Imperial Alliance, the Alavar were liberated by the URC who were conquering fallen Imperial space, and luckily the shackles of slavery were removed from this proud race, who later became members in the beneficent Republic. The Alavar found peace and liberty with the Republic and relations are high with the Tezelteän, the Libertus and the races of Rambo Nation.



The Algonquin are a race of saurians that have long been allies of the Libertus of the Corannus System. A noble people of diplomats, the Algonquin may look like a Capricyránae, but they are not infact related. Many scientists think that a race of aliens placed some ancient Libertus on the Algonquin homeworld of Oran and let them evolve, however this theory was later disproven when DNA tests proved that the two species where not related, despite certain simularities.

When the Algonquin became space-faring, they made first contact with the Capricorn Sector Alliance and were immediately asked to join the growing government. After much debate in the Algonquin parliament, they eventually accepted and became trusted and respected members in the CSA. When the CSA was reformed into the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Algonquin enjoyed even more prosperity, growing each day with more and more species joining and trading with the Cyrannus Republic.

Today, the Algonquin are major members of the URC and are often seen on important Cyrannian worlds across the galaxy, in various different positions and occupations. They enjoy strong relations with the Libertus, Draken and the Oiseau.



The Aontas are a race similar to the Libertus. Like the Libertus, they live in the Cyrannus Galaxy. They once controlled a large communism, however, it was destroyed when the Aontas decided to join the URC. They once controlled the second largest empire in Cyrannus, the Socialist Union of Cyrannus. After the Treaty of Corulus, the Aontas joined the URC, but tensions remain

The Aontas are centered on the ecumenopolis of Triolian, located in the Outer Rim. When they joined the URC, Triolian became a hub for tourism and trade, with thousands of tourists wanting to visit the historical sites on the planet. Generally, the Aontas are secretive and proud. They genuanilly believe that they are the greatest Capricyránae race, however they do enjoy good relations with the others.



The Apationagtus are a capricornian species, native to the Cyrannus Galaxy. As reptilian like creatures, they prefer tropical temperatures more than cold. As such their homeworld is located in the Mid Rim, known as Apheria. A planet with a hot, tropical climat and a lot of water and swamps. Though Apationagtus have a space ship class of their own, it isn't that advanced and as such they adapted and now use URC vessels, upon their joining some of the Apationagtus became URC Navy captains, commandeering the various classes of the URC Navy.

The Apationagtus are a proud and noble race, though at times can be very agressive to those whom mean harm. As such, in battle they show no mercy to those who they consider an enemy. Yet instead, if you are an ally they welcome you with open arms, and often invide you inside their homes to have drink and meal. They are very curious to other alien life, and as such they decided to join the URC, which was a milestone in their history.

Soon they were found all over the URC society, working in various sectors.



The Auilámi are an industrial-minded race with biology similar to that of both the Libertus and Mortalitas. They are from the extreme world of Atúm-Natl and are used to some of the most extreme conditions known to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Their past has been fairly passive in comparison to the other races in the empire. They were approached by the URC when the Auilámi were mining for raw materials past their external colonies. The Auilámi accepted their place in the URC society and their former empire was absorbed into the Republic.

The Auilámi are among the newest species to become part of the URC. They are notably stronger than some races; which comes useful in their heavy industrial tasks. In society, they are considered a major race because of the economic genius they possess.



The Brezare are species of short reptillian creatures native of Cyrannus. They are known for being excellent traders and economists, having evolved in a society obsessed with greed. As time passed, their greedy ultimately led to their original empire being destroyed by rivals, and the few survivors were welcomed into the United Republic of Cyrannus to start a new life.

The Brezare of the Republic are very friendly, and are known among the other species for being laid-off, gaining a "lazy" reputation. The Brezare are also known for being masters in finding precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver. Planets where a Brezare found large quantities of precious metal are said to have the "Brezare's Touch".



Main article: Creature:Carcubalan

The Carcubalan are small and friendly creatures, however, they can also be very hostile and use large battle ships to defend there territory. They even posses an ability to heal others when they want.

They are blue in appearance and are often found to be mysterious, refusing to tell there origin or history at all. The Carcubalan are blessed with some mystic powers and they are very good at singing and preformences. There personall strength and attack is not that high, however with there mystic powers they have the ability to summon winds to defend themselves, or even hide themselves from stranger.

Also there healing powers are quite unique and decent, however it costs a great deal of personall will and power to heal another, they can go so far that the Carcubalan can go into a lethal state. The Carcubalan are happy with their acceptance in the Cyrannus Republic and have high relations with most members. Because of their healing abilities, they are often employed in Health Care.

Cargura Edit


A humanoid species native to Cyrannus. The Cargura are known for their strong spirituality. Native to the Mid Rim world of Tiaahskk, the Cargura rarely travel beyond the atmosphere of their tropical home, instead opting to remain on the world that first gave them live.

However, many Cargura are exceptions to this rule, travelling across the galaxy to discover the ancient secrets of lost civilizations and cultures. Cargura are rarely seen without the company of their own species, believing it to be shameful to live without acquaintances. Few Cargura have this problem however, being naturally very social.

Naturally very peaceful, the Cargura have filled a number of roles in URC society, including teaching and politics, where they often meets beings that share their love for unity and fellowship.



Main article: Creature:Cavaneu

The Cavaneu are a wise, powerful and noble Capricyránae species native to a distant star cluster, though after they joined the URC, they are commonly found all across the Galaxy, especially the Core Worlds and the Inner Rim. They control a large knight imperium which strove to end all conflicts in the galaxy using force, because of this, they are feared by some of the more warmongering empires in the Unknown Regions. Naturally, the Cavaneu are quite friendly though can be distrustful to strangers and those who fall beneath them in the social classes.

Having joined the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Cavaneu prospered as very important members, who were found on nearly every major URC planet. As a strong Tier II empire the Cavaneu, harvest the energy of black holes and can educe supernovas to gather energy. They are willing to share this power with others as long as the price is right. They became a great member in the URC, at the Treaty of Corulus and their great technology has been used to advance the URC. In addition to this, they are often found as commanders within the military or Navy of the URC or the Cyrandia Alliance.

Conda Edit


The Conda are an ancient race in Cyrannus, having being common citizens in major galactic governments for hundreds of thousands of years. They an aggressive species native to the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Known for their cut-throat personality and their will to succeed, the Conda are feared, yet respected members of the URC.

Their culture is one of violence, and yet many have chosen to embrace the peaceful ways of the Republic and have become upstanding citizens. However, still many Conda are members in the Black Market and their skills as bounty hunters are renowned.

The Conda are also seen by many as being power hungry, with many signing their lifes over to the Nagith Empire, during it's attacks against the Pyrinian Republic.



The Coraian’s are a fiercely independent, loyal and intelligent race with neutral relations with almost all other empires within Cyrannus, including stangely other members in the URC, the Coraian value their independence, but they decided to join the URC as a matter of survival, not choice. The Coraian Planetary Alliance is famous for its shipbuilding which produces many URC ships, along with some Confederate ships, however the URC has been trying to stop this, to no effect so far.

The Coraian are very secretive and hardly ever venture out of their home sector, this being said, they often serve as captains, bounty hunters and even smugglers for almost any empire that one can think of. The CPA is Tier 4, having great technology at the expense of size.

Cyrannian Asgord Edit


The Asgord were among the most hated species in the universe in the years before the Annihilation, which prompted the URC to rescue them from the murderous Lanat Empire and others that were killing innocent Asgord on sight. Descending from the skies in massive evacuation ships, the URC evacuated the Asgord from the Kraw Galaxy and relocated them in Cyrannus, where they were educated not to pet those who didn't want it.

Slowly but surely, the Asgord led a good life within the Cyrannian Republic, becoming much more intelligent and tolerant of the wishes of others. Today, the Asgord are found on numerous levels of the society of the URC, and yet unfortunately, they still face some discrimination due to their past. Nevertheless, Asgord from across the universe flock to the URC for a happier life.

Cyrannian RadeonEdit


Radeon are medium-sized religious rodents that are known to be the first worshippers of the Spode. They faced almost complete extinction several times, but always returned back, like a phoenix from the ashes. However, they have recently suffered a massive genocide at the hands of empires such as the Vartekians and the Zazane, and they currently do not have any unified goverment.

After the fall of the Dei'Ar Theocracy, many migrated to the Cyrannus Galaxy in order to be safe from the evil empires of the Gigaquadrant and to practice their religion in peace and without ridicule from other species. Despite their reputation as being cold and emotionless, many have been influened by the democratic culture of the URC and have become much more open to the cultures of other species, some even visit the temples of other religions to pay respects in the name of Spode.

The Cyrannian Radeon, as they became known became very healthy and strong while under the care of the URC, and their fur has changed colour into a healthy red. They have a very good relationship with most of the members of the URC, and are even seen amoung Quadrantia Radeon in the nearby Rambo Nation.

Cyrannian Zazane Edit


The Cyrannian Zazane are a subspecies of the Zazane native to the Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy, that have evolved naturally within the Cyrannus Galaxy. Like their more common and well known cousins in the Milky Way, the Cyrannian Zazane are honourable warriors, but are altogether less bloodthirsty and violent.

They are native to the warm, but temperate world of Zanioa in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus, and controlled a medium sized empire that conquered those who stood against them, while allying those who they felt were honourable. In the year 0 BTC, the Zazane officially joined the URC, which due to the reputation of the more common Zazane, caused a great deal of controversy, and yet they eventually became accepted by the citizens of Cyrannus as friends and equals.

Nowadays, the Zazane can be seen in many postions across Cyrannian society, from the military to politics and religion. A growing number of them have become fixed on locating Thirteenth Tribe artefacts, in order to learn more about the past.



The D'annaío are an aquatic, cetacean race native to the world of Annaío in the Inner Rim, however recent studies have shown that that are in fact closely related to the Mortalitas. They are very peaceful and they life live to the full, always on the look out for fun. They are famous across the galaxy for their shipbuilding, which takes place in the huge shipyards of Annaío.

After the Adelphi War, the D'annaío were so kind, as to offer the Adelphi citizenship on their worlds. This was the start of a great alliance that became famous. Currently, the D'annaío are helping the Adelphi construct their space fleet yet again, after its destruction, while also serving aboard them alongside their allies. The alliance between the D'Annaío and the Adelphi is so strong that the Delfoí Republic, a unified nation within the URC, with its own senator and space fleet.

The D'annaío are diverse and so they hold many positions in the URC's society, they however are common teachers for young children, as they are good hearted and kind.



The Draken are an intelligent race of knights native to the Core World of Surdana. They are common citizens in the URC and often command star ships.

The Draken were the first race to ever contact the Libertus, in the year 1727 BTC, both where small and they agreed to form an alliance. Soon the Draken were members in the CSA and have stood by the Libertus ever since. There have been many famous Draken across history, such as Admiral Caoili, the famed admiral who lead the final march against the Trucinex Imperium and Vice President Coti, who was vice president during President Inviere's reign.

The Draken are knights, and therefore have a strong voice of justice, because of this, they make great officers in the Republic Navy. The Draken themselves monotheistic mostly, believing in the existence of a One true God, the Draken stay true to their traditions, while they embrace the modern world at the same time.

Dromeourus Edit

Dromeourus main

Main article: Creature:Dromeourus

The Eight Tribe of Capricyránae, the Dromeourus are native to the Inner Rim and as such have a great deal of influence in Cyrannus. The Dromeourus have representation in the Republic Senate, but they also enjoy their own independence.

The Dromeourus themselves are very raptor-like in appearence and have many subspecies located within a close distance to their homeworld, Lurasura's star. These species are less common or prolific then the Dromeourus and yet still play a large part in their culture. The Dromeourus joined the URC in 1 BTC, and since that day, they have lived in peace.

The Dromeourus Republic still maintains a stronger degree of independence from the Republic, however they do enjoy their membership in it and have become allies with the various nations of Libertus within the URC.

Dublician Edit


The Dublician are a race of calculating, intelligent and warlike beings native to the Outer Rim of Cyrannus.

Despite their alleged warmongering in recent years, the Dublician joined the Republic in order to further better their nation under the power of the most powerful parliament in the galaxy, the Cyrannus Senate. The Dublician are a fierce, proud people who love their culture in every way possible.

Despite some of their activities in within their borders that some other members of the URC frown upon, the Dublician are well liked and respected in society.

Hipaca Edit


The Hipaca are an aggressive race that live alongside the Mon Nahdar on their homeworld. Thousands of years ago, wars erupted across the planet of Nahdar, instigated by the Hipaca's jealousy of the Mon Nahdar's great technology and magnificent cities.

However, luckily these wars faded and joint councils were formed between the two sentients, which survives to this day. Despite the tensions that never faded between the Hipaca and the Mon Nahdar, the two have always remained respectful of each other which never lead to another war. Unfortunately however, there is news that Confederate officials may seek to unravel this, provoking civil war amongst the populace of Nahdar.

The Hipaca are often found in the military of the URC, which prompts some to suspect that they are behind conspiracies for the CAS. However, this is denied by the Hipaca themselves, who are often the subject of discrimination due to these rumours.

Iereís Edit


The Iereís are a friendly race of shamans native to the Cyrannus Galaxy, they are incredably ancient and have made few enemies over their long years due to their policy of peaceful coexistance with its neighbours. The Iereís were one of the first races to join the United Republic of Cyrannus, seeing it as an important development of the galaxy and a giant leap toward galactic freedom for all. However it did not continue along their plans so far, as the universe is a dangerous and unpredictable place.

They are highly respected amoung the other races of the URC because of their kindness and love for all things, including those whom many would not expect. A core principle of the Iereís is faith, where they can be found preaching both the religion of the Thirteen Tribes or the religion of the One God, they are still of course very friendly toward other religions and openly express interest in learning about them.

The Iereís are known for their wisdom and are often consulted by high ranking Republic officials before making important desicions. In fact, a tradition has grown involving an Iereís blessing a government official, such as a senator, or even the president before they enter office.



Main article: Creature:Libertus

The Libertus are the galaxies most numerous and politically dominant sentient species with millions of colonies across the galaxy. The Libertus were once thought to have originated solely on Capricaerón, but recent discoveries appear to say that they also evolved (or placed) on many other planets across the Cyrannus Galaxy. Although considered across the gigaquadrant as peaceful and just, the Libertus can be manipulative, cunning and some individuals can even be evil and sadistic.

As the Cyrannus Galaxy's most numerous and politically dominant species, the Libertus have been the keystone in the foundation of many galactic governments such as the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Overall, the Libertus possess millions of colonies and planets stretched across Cyrannus. Libertus and all Capricyránae as a whole are warm-blooded, as in ancient times it required a significant amount of energy to hunt.

Libertus AlphaEdit

Libertus AlphaURC

The Alpha Libertus are a subspecies of Libertus that have evolved on many worlds across Cyrannus. Larger and more powerful then the Libertus, the Alpha are intelligent and cultured.

They are peaceful, yet are generally more noble and proud then the other Libertus, this has led them to gain a reputation of being posh and all together snobby, this however is a generalized opinion. Most of the Alpha enjoy the fine arts such as music and dancing and have a positive outlook on life.

They generally live in harmony with nature, and from a young age, are educated on how to peacefully coexist with their environment. They have little experience in open wars, but recently, some individuals have joined the Republic Navy.

Megalí Union Edit


The Megalí Union is a large organization of three species native to the Mid Rim of Cyrannus, the three races, the Vivilians, the Apaians and the Triadorian joined eachother in alliance in the year 647 BTC, and the alliance remains strong to this day.

The Vivilians, the most prolific race in the union may look frightning, but they are in fact, very intelligent and cultured, loving the fine arts and good wine. This being said, they are still unfortunately distrusted by many in the Cyrannus Galaxy, due to their sinister appearance. The Apaians, are also quite friendly but they are very proud and somewhat arrogant to the cultures of other empires and civilizations and believe that they and to a lesser extent, those of the Megalí Union are more powerful then the other species of the universe. Last but not least, are the Triadorian, a race of ceratopsians that are native to a fertile planet quite close to the Vivilian homeworld, the Triadorian are the strongest race in the union, but they are also the most diplomatic, and it is because of them that they joined the URC in the year 1 ATC.

The Megalí Union is very well respected across the galaxy.

Mon Nahdar Edit

Mon Nahdar

Main article: Creature:Mon Nahdar

The Mon Nahdar are one of the main species in the Cyrannian Republic having joined the Capricorn Sector Alliance in its later days. They are known across the galaxy as a peace loving people with a great love for art, culture and literature. Their culture has a longing to explore the reaches of space and to contact and ally with other lifeforms.

Despite having a primarily aquatic culture, preferring to spend their time in water, where they swim gracefully amongst the waves, the Mon Nahdar are also quite comfortable walking on land. As a culture, they believe in unity and working together to achieve their goals as opposed to working alone. They are very calm and collected and carry themselves with a dignity that many races envy.

Overall, the Mon Nahdar are the perfect citizens of the Republic, believing strongly in the ways of diplomacy, democracy and freedom. Their people have produced many dreamers, thinkers and scientists, making them a valuable addition to the URC.



Main article: Creature:Navajaó

The Navajaó are a friendly race of bards who once controlled a small empire in the Core Worlds of Cyrannus. They are known for their unworried and laid back nature, which gave them a stereotype of "lazy as a Navajaó". They are, however, very brave to get what they want.

The Navajaó were left in a dystopian state due to attacks from the Great Corthrinusi Empire. However, they were then found by the United Republic of Cyrannus, who accepted them with open arms. The Navajaó now happily live new lifes around the Republic.



Along with the Draken and the Algonquin, the Oiseau were amoung the first alien species to contact the Libertus. A benevolent, kind and wise race, the Oiseau are deeply respected across Cyrannus for their great intelligence and beauty. They are often seen as being very logical and yet loving and warm at the same time, and their culture has greatly influenced the culture of the United Republic of Cyrannus, and the Cyrandia Alliance.

The Oiseau themselves live in complete harmony with nature and are often seen near parks and peaceful places like the sea side, where they can be seen relaxing and enjoying all that the universe has to offer. Their homeworld of Driba is known for its peaceful scenery and meditative hills.

The Oiseau enjoy a strong relationship with all members of the URC, particularly the Libertus, Draken and the Algonquin, whom they have known the longest. They are often found as priests of a monotheistic One God religion which has many followers across the galaxy, and they will teach their ways of harmony to anyone that will listen.

Ortella Edit


The Ortella are a race of beautiful humanoids native to the Ramaprica Sector in the Cyrannus Galaxy. For some reason, all of the Ortella have stunning blonde hair and are considered by humanoids to be very attractive indeed. The Ortella are native to a temperate world quite close to the center of Rambo rule in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Concordia. When the Rambo first colonized the Cyrannus Sector, they allied with the Ortella, and the two remained allies until the Treaty of Fornaeria, when they came into talks for the species to join.

However it was only in the year 4 AQF (Or 1 ATC, in Cyrannus Galactic Calader), that they finally officially joined the Nation. However, many also joined the URC, and see themselves more as Cyrandia citizens rather than URC or Rambo citizens.

The Ortella themselves are generally very friendly to strangers and they often find it very easy to make friends, due to their kindness and their famous sense of humour.

The Ortella are commonly found as teachers to young children, who find that they can be quite informatative, while humorous at the same time. They are found on all levels of Rambo and URC society.



Main article: Creature:Osteola

The Osteola (Caprisaurus logue) are the most diplomatic Capricyránae race (Even more so then the Libertus). They are extreme pacifists and diplomats, believing that war and violence are intolerable and that peace should be kept using diplomacy, because of this belief, they are highly respected by the other races of the URC. The Osteola are native to the Inner Rim Worlds of Cyrannus, and while the species themselves are often very peaceful, thousands of years ago, this was less evident, as a great civil war broke out between the Osteolan Kingdom and the Osteolan Alliance, which was defeated, as it dissappeared into the shadows...

Based in the city of Hypeora, the Osteolan society is similar to the Libertus society in many ways, however key differences exist. In the place of a president, the Kingdom is led by a Duke or Duchess, that is passed down from generation to generation. Culturally, the Osteolan Kingdom places great value on the virtues of nonviolence and tolerance, unlike the Osteolan empire, which promotes expansion and power, ideals that the Kingdom strongly dislike. However non-violent self defence is also promoted by the Kingdom.

The Osteola gladly joined the URC and are found in diplomatic occupations.

Plumakraz Edit


The Plumakraz are a strange species of avians. With heightened senses and emotions, they enjoy art and pleasure like few others in Cyrannus. While they are somewhat decadent, their imagination contributed greatly to the Republic's culture.

The Plumbakraz are native to the world of Unima, this world can be compared to renaissance Earth, with beautiful cities, undisturbed by technology where galaxy wide it is known to be peaceful and luxurious much like the inhabitants themselves. However sometimes, all this indulgence is too much and high ranking officials can be corrupt.

The Plumakraz are very rich and are found near the top of the social hierarchy.



The Tenerensis are a subspecies of the Cavaneu and are members in the URC, despite their fearsome appearence. Great warriors and battle commanders, they are heavily involved in Republic Command. They are common citizens in the URC, and they often have an air of intelligence about them.

The Tenerensis walk on two legs most of the time, but occasionally they crouch on four legs, similar to a crocodile. Their primary diet is fish, and the planet of Carolinii is literally covered with swamps, perfect territory for them. Like Terran crocodilians, Tenerensis is as happy on land as they are in water.

The people of the Tenerensis are strong believers in monarchy, but thankfully, the Republic allowed them to keep these ways, and the Tenerensis now live in a monarchy, while still using monarchy in their government.



The Tezelteän's are a purple colored humanoid race and the species is native from the Cyrannus Galaxy. They had a small kingdom near the outer borders of the URC and already heard of them before. The Tezelteän are passionate and hot temperated, and are well known members of the URC whom firmly believe in the URC system.

The Tezelteän's can be found all over the URC society, from low ranking classes to high ranking classes.

The Female Tezelteän's are known for there beauty and are often targets for slave traders.



Main article: Creature:Theleam

The Theleam are a bird-mammalian race native to the Cyrannus Galaxy. They are one of the most alien races of the Cyrannian Republic, in that they do not talk with their mouths, but talk by transmitting thoughts by sending pheromones containing coded information, both inside and outside their group mind. They can also spit fire, by mixing methane they produce (and otherwise excrete) with oxygen they breathe. They produce methane by eating grass and plant materials; the rest is a similar way to how cows produce methane.

The Theleam have a prehistoric-like religion, in that they believe in spirits. They will often perform rituals; they fly around in the sky singing in fear if there is a threat coming, which can be used as a warning siren. Similarly, they can do similar things in celebration.

The Theleam are a group mind, and are very intelligent creatures, who are diplomatic, but can be a good defence force. Another Theleam group mind is in the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and the two Theleam group minds are friendly with each other.



Main article: Creature:Trucinex

The Trucinex Republic was formed after the Trucinex War and the Occupation of Nex. With the help of allied schools and values, such as freedom of religion and free speech, the Trucinex did well, however the Trucinex split into two highly opposed factions, the Trucinex Imperium and the Trucinex Republic. The Imperium joined the Confederacy, while the Republic joined the URC.

Lead by Senator Saul Cavil an allied conspiritor during the war, the Trucinex Republic beliefs, unlike the Imperium, that the allied forces were correct in the occupation of Nex and have grown to like the Republic and the Cyrandia Alliance, having positions of power across the galaxy.

The Trucinex Republic, like the Imperium still worship the One God, and have also denounced their zealousness. The Trucinex Republic is doing quite well under the guidence of the other races of the URC, who have embraced them as equals and friends.



The Tvaioa are a cosmopolitan, yet somewhat arrogant of other race's cultures. They are native to the arid moon of Monai Tvá and have a long history of violence and wars, this resulted in the near extinction of their race. However, this all stopped when the URC found the warring Tvaioa and ended their primitive wars. The Tvaioa remain fairly unpopular by the citizens of Cyrannus, who still see them as waring buffoons.

The Tvaioa, however are oblivious to this. The speices themselves are rarely seen off world, however they are found on Orbispira in political positions, serving as diplomats and representatives.

Zelana Edit


A scientific avian race native to Cyrannus. After the joined the URC ten years ago they are major members in scientific research. They are often seen in the military examining and engineering the mighty weapons of Republic starships and vehicles.

As citizens, they are often found on many social levels, from high ranking officers to low ranking cadets, while the same can be said for their roles in colonial management.

The Zelana are generally peaceful, and yet can get highly aggressive if insulted.

Minor RacesEdit

Minor Races are not as common as major species, but none the less, play important roles in society.

Star ShipsEdit

Tezelteän Star CruiserEdit

Tezelteän Star Cruiser

Tezelteän Star Cruiser

The Tezelteän Star Cruiser are 22 meter long vessels used by the Tezelteän's. They are fast and agile, though lack good weapons systems but have good shields and a long range transmission and scanner onboard. Often used for civilian and carge transports. Though they are also often used by criminals for smuggling, and URC ships control these kinds of vessels quite often. Much at the dismay of innocent Tezelteän captains.

At 22 meters long, the star cruiser is often used by smugglers, who utilize its small size in smuggling missions and others that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the law. The star cruiser's primary manufacturer is Coraian Shipyards, who make big money from demand of this small craft.

Coraian DestroyerEdit

Coraian Destroyer

A Coraian Destroyer

At 900 meters long, the Noble-class Destroyer is a very large ship. Built by the independent Coraian Shipyards, this behemoth is used by countless organisations such as the URC, Rambo Nation and even pirates and smugglers.

The Noble-class Destroyer is a durable ship design, which shares a common origin with the Redemption-class Corvettes used by the URC. A truly multipurpose ship, the Noble-class is easily modified to its owners specifications, for example, the Noble-class produced by the Republic will be much more heavily armed then those used by the Coraian Planetary Defense Force or the numerous pirate factions of Cyrannus and the Quadrants.

The Noble-class is the backbone of the Coraian Fleet.

Carcubalan Battle CruiserEdit

Carcubalan Battle Cruiser

A Carcubalan Battle Cruiser

The Carcubalan Battle Cruiser are large and powerfull ships, they are pretty large and have powerfull shields, capable of holding a lot of personall and damage, the Battle Cruisers are the top of the line in the Carcubalan small Navy. However they are a quite slow and absolutly have no agility what so ever. Which makes them good target points, as every missle launched upon the Battle Cruiser is a direct hit.

The Battle Cruisers also carry various squadrons of fighters, which aid the Battle Cruisers in destroying the missles launched upon her.

The weapon systems are quite interessting, they can fire powerfull lasers from the tubes in front the ship and also have a lot of missles and cannons onboard.

AR-10 (B) Star CruiserEdit

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AR-10 (B) Star Cruiser

The AR-10 (B) Star Cruiser is one of the main cruiser types in the Delfoí Republic. Each one of these beautiful works of art are a stunningly unique, showing the great love of art and beauty, by both the Adelphi and the D’annaoí. The AR-10 (B) Cruiser is literally full of turrets and shield generators, which make it a perfect capital ship, which is nearly impossible to defeat with a less able ship.

The ship is slower than the AR-10 (C), but because of its extra wings, it holds more weapons, shields and tractor beams.

AR-10 (C) Star CruiserEdit

Delfoi Cruiser 01

AR-10 (C) Star Cruiser

The AR-10 (C) Cruiser (Also known as the Delfoí Cruiser), it is a large Adelphi ship that has its origins in the old cruisers once used by the Federal Republic of the Adelphi, until the fleet of the Adelphi was swiftly destroyed by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, using designs that the Adelphi didn’t have the chance to create, the D’annaoi helped them build up their space fleet.

Unlike the more advanced AR-10 (B) Cruiser, the AR-10 (C) is far more maneuverable, while cutting down on weapons and tractor beams. Still, they are often used as flagships by Delfoí Captains.

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