The United Republic of Cyrannus is home to many notable individuals, many of which will be explained on this page.

Senators and Government OfficialsEdit

President Aedan Cretacea (Apollo)Edit


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Aedan Apollo Cretacea known officially as Apollo is the current president of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Apollo previously served as the Capricaerónn delegate to the Capricorn Sector Alliance Senate until his resignation after his election in the year 6 BTC. Apollo is currently in the last year of his 14 year long presidency.

Gianne InviáEdit

Senator Gianne Inviá

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Gianne Inviá has many roles for such a young woman, she is the senator for Coruindia and first lady of the Republic. Gianne is one of the most popular senators in the Republic and like Senator Naberrie, she is somewhat of an intergalactic celebrity, this is due to her intelligence, her family and her policies in the senate.

Gianne Inviá was always mature and wise beyond her years, and as a young child, she was both popular and vastly intelligent and always wished to enter politics, believing that was her purpose in life. She is quite a strong willed person, and is in no way a damsel in distress, as she is fully capable of defending herself against potential assassination.

Her overlying loyalty lies with her family, and the URC, and her faith in democracy and freedom means that she is well loved by her people, who are generally very proud of her exploits in the senate. She is also very compassionate, and she always puts the lifes of her people and her family before her own.

Senator Magalen Edit

Senator Magalen

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Senator/Viceroy Magalen is the current senator of Capricaerón and the Twelve Colonies as whole and the ruler of the Colonial Senate located in Libertopolos. The esteemed senator is loved by his people and so was elected as senator in the year 1 BTC, having being elected He is close friends with Senators Naberrie, Inviá and Mirmea.

Magalen was born on Capricaerón in the year 39 BTC and as a young boy he was very quiet and did not like public speaking, or for that matter, speaking at all. He was very polite and friendly but because he was so shy, he had few friends, most of the others in the class however enjoyed his company and helped him get over his shyness. Gradually, he changed for the better, and was elected to the Capricaerónn Youth Society, where his speaking and ability to listen was improved greatly. He gained much confidence and began to show interest in politics. He was appointed as a Junior Delegate to the Senate after he left collage, and quickly rose through the ranks.

After the Intergalactic War, he was one of the main figures behind Capricaerón's reconstruction, during this time Magalen also married his livelong friend, Jou Beaha, who became a popular figure on the Twelve Colonies. He now serves as both senator and leader of the Twelve Colonies.

Senator NaberrieEdit

Sola Naberrie V3

Sola Naberraé is one of the leaders of the Cyrandia Alliance and the senator of Apailiana. She is married to Cretacea and is a force of peace and good.

Sola Naberraé was born on the peaceful world of Apailiana located in the Core Worlds of Cyrannus. As a child and later a teenager, she was popular, beautiful, and considered by some to be a complete snob. However, Sola matured with age and became much kinder and more conscientious about others. After leaving school, Sola became the youngest senator ever accepted into the senate, as she felt that she could do a lot for her people.

Senator MireaEdit

Senator Mirea

Mer Mirea is the current senator of Cruandai. She is very posh but she is a force for good and democracy, she has a very good friendship with Senators Naberrie, Gira, Malgalen and Inviá.

Mer Mirea was born on Cruandia in the year, 31 BTC. As a child, she was very charismatic and popular and yet, she was also quite quiet and polite. Mirea is kind and caring, but she treats politics over everything else in her life, which prevents her from becoming too close with anyone else then her own senators and representatives. She is a member in the Nationalist Committee, the party that is currently in power, with Apollo at the head. She is a close family friend with Apollo's new family, Apollo himself, and her long time friend from Coruindia, Gianne Inviá.


Gauisa attacks Mirea's vessel.

Like the rest of the Nationalist Committee, she rejects the Confederacy, but wishes to make peace with them instead of continuing the Great Cyrannus War. However, the Confederacy decided that she has spoken against them and the war for far too long. Hiring the Bounty Hunter, Éaltar Gauisa, they decided that they would hold her hostage and make demands to the Republic. Quickly attacking Mirea's luxury vessel, he boarded the ship, and beamed out with his influential captive, awaiting the Republic's reply.

In the aftermath of Senator Mirea’s kidnapping, the senate on Coruannia was in chaos. The Confederacy on the other hand demanded that the Republic surrender out of the war and give up the Core Worlds to the supposed rightful government or Mirea would be thrown out an airlock.

The president however, urged the senate to remain just and brave in this dreadful situation, and so they agreed to send their most celebrated admiral, Cretacea to rescue the senator and bring those who kidnapped her to justice.

Quickly, Cretacea moved across the ship killing guards and disarming the captain, his old friend Admiral Cainoá, he took hold of the senator and the two beamed up before the troopers on the bridge could react. The two arrived on the Resolute’s bridge, only to watch in awe as a heavy turbolaser volley spelled the end for the Annihilator and her captain. Saddened, Cretacea returned Senator Mirea to the Coruannia Senate, his mission completed. Mirea was saddened by her experience but continued to search for a peaceful solution to the war.

Later in the war, she was among the senators held hostage by Zillum, but was later rescued, she returned to Cruandia where she continued her work.

Senator NavabEdit

Senator Navab

Senator Navab is the senator of the peaceful sector of Cybele and his own race, the Mon Nahdar, he likes to listen to the issues of the senate and then speak up when something interests him. HHe finds friendship with her friends Leuraí, Gianne, Gira and Magelen.

Navab was born on his people's home planet of Nahdar in the year 21 BTC, making him very young indeed, one of the youngest senators in the history of Cyrannus. In his teenage years, he was gathering an interest in politics and became working on his charismatic skills and was elected to the senate at the age of 20. Over time, he became much more spoken and driven in his beliefs, however she was horrified by the ruthlessness of the Confederacy during the Great Cyrannus War and fears for the Republic's future.

He is a member in the Nationalist Committee and is a great supporter of the president and the ideals of the senate..

Senator FilaEdit

Senator Fila

Senator Fila is an honorable member of the senate. He was born on the water planet Annaío, the homeworld of his people, the D'annaío in the year 49 BTC. In his young days in politics, he was elected on the Annaío Council and served on the council during good times and bad. After the devastating Adelphi War, Fila was one of the ones that decided that the Adelphi were more then welcome to inhabit the D'annaío's colonies and homeworlds. He grew to become great friends with Prime Minister Linna and Senator Toaia of the Adelphi.

He is a great supporter of the Republic and its democratic ways, and enjoys meeting with new species and civilizations. In fact, when not busy with the Senate, Fila often explores the galaxy looking for new friends, much to the dismay of those who care about his safety.

Fila dislikes violence above all else and often tries to convey his peaceful views to his more violent peers in the senate. He is a friend to President Apollo and nearly always supports him. Fila was one of the architects behind the Delfoí Republic, and now serves as the senator for the new nation. He was captured by Admiral Moravilon when the CAS attacked Delfoí, but was later freed.

Senator MizioEdit

Senator Mizio

Senator Mizio is a very famous individual in the URC, having designed most, if not all Republic Vessels used by the Navy, including the Venator and Victory-class Star Destroyers. Mizio is the current senator for Cyroenia, one of the most important worlds in the Republic, being the center of the Republic's Fleet Building capabilites. She is young, and yet she has political savvy and goes by her own motivations, not those of her people. For example, before the Great Cyrannus War, she voted for the Republic to wage war of the CAS due to the amount of money it would raise for her shipyards. Many senators dislike Mizio for this, but they feel that she holds a lot of influence.

During the Great Cyrannus War, Mizio played a large part of protecting Cyroenia from the Confederate Invasion, with her help and her constant communication with the senior fleet admirals such as Cretacea or Rambas II. She was largely commended for her role in the battle.

When she returned to the Senate, she had an argument with Senator Magalen about the future of the war.

Senator Gira Edit

Senator Gira

Senator Gira is an experianced member of the Cyrannus Senate. She represents the Corulus Sector and is a close friend to Senators Mirea, Naberrie, Inviá and Leuraí. The Corulus Sector is a small but important sector located within the larger Coru Sector in the Core Worlds, an area of peace and prosperity, she is ambitious and kind, yet somewhat hotheaded. To those who know her, Gira is kind and caring, yet sometimes forgets herself when dealing in politics, which often seems to claim importance over everything else in her life.

When she was a child, she was great at public speaking, but disliked politics, and despite being apploaded for her feats in the subject, she didn't give in. This was the case until she was in college, when she was approached by delegates from the Prime Minister of Corulus, they wanted her to become the senator for the planet. Overwhelmed, she gladly accepted. She has this role to this very day.

She is very loyal to the URC and wishes the Great Cyrannus War to have a peaceful ending. However, during a Confederate Invasion, Corulus was conquered by the CAS, much to Gira's horror. However, she was not present on the planet at the time of the invasion.

Senator Chaciá Edit

Senator Chacia

Senator Chaciá is the peaceful, quiet and democracy loving young senator of the Alavar and represents the Fiana Sector in Cruan in the Core Worlds, quite near to the planet Coruindia, homeworld of Senator Inviá. Senator Chaciá is very young, at only twenty one years old but she has a strong opinion and a strong voice, which grants her respect in the eyes of many other senators and government officials. Chaciá is very friendly and loves the Cyrannus Republic which she serves.

She grew up on the Alavar Homeworld, a planet constantly under attack by pirates and even worse, the Imperial Alliance, though her and her family survived long enough for the Cyrannus Republic to liberate them, she saw many horrors and became fixated on making change in the galaxy. When she was elected to the senate in 0 BTC, she got her wish and constantly strives to better herself and protect her people.

Senator Ramthrace Edit

Senator Ramthrace

Senator Ramthrace is the current senator representing the Concordia Sector in the Cyrannus Senate. A kind and friendly Serindia, he was recently elected to the senate and wishes to make his mark upon it. Because of his position as senator of the Ramaprica Sector, Ramthrace works very closely with Senator Lord Ram'ildila of Rambo Nation, who represents the Rambo Colonies in Cyrannus to the Rambo Senate. Most of the Rambo colonies in Cyrannus are shared by the URC which means that URC citizens can live there with ease.

Ramthrace was born on the Rambo Capital in the year 48 BTC, and during his early life he was facinated by politics, especially that of the CSA, the predesscor of the Cyrannus Republic. This facination grew into a profession when he was chosen as the mayor, representing the URC of the shared colony of Ramaprica, a planet of great importance to the Cyrandia Alliance.

During the Great Cyrannus War, he decided to run for election, choicing the senator of the planet and the sector, to Ramthrace's delight, he was chosen and gave a large speech to the citizens of the planet. However, during the Second Year of the War, Ramaprica was tragically destroyed by General Zillum. Ramthrace was greatly saddened, and even lost his parents when Zillum attacked. Nevertheless, he remained strong and began to look for planets that could replace his beloved Ramaprica. Eventually, the planet Concordia was created, where Ramthrace now lives.

Senator Donaró Edit

Senator Donaró

Senator Donaró is an Osteolan Senator representing the colony and sector of Acrocanthaí in the Cyrannus Senate. Donaró is a kind man who wishes to work hard for the prosperity of his people and his secto, while still having a wish for his own gain. Nevertheless, he is not corrupt and would never deal with the black market.

Donaró was born on the Osteolan Homeworld in the year 39 BTC and grew up hearing about stories involving the ancient Osteolan Kingdom's struggle against the rebellions of the Osteolan Empire over two thousand years ago, Donaró grew to have an interest in war, however the pacifist ways of the Osteola prevented him from getting too involved in violence. Instead, his parents implored him to become one of Duchess Whitestone's aides, helping her with her busy tasks. Donaró accepted and began to work his way up the Osteolan hieroarchy.

When the Treaty of Corulus was signed in 0 ATC, Donaró said his goodbyes to Duchess Whitestone and moved to Acrocanthaí, where he became very popular with its citizens. In 1 ATC, he was elected as Acrocanthaí's representative, a position he accepted with honor and dignity.

Senator Dua'tess Edit

Senator Dua'tess

Senator Dua'tess is the representative in the Cyrannian Senate for the Tenerensian Sector of the Inner Rim. He holds a great deal of power and often treats himself to the various luxuries that modern society offers. Despite this, he remains relatively popular with some of his people, while others see him as being greedy. As a person, Dua'tess is very traditional to the ancient teachings of the Tenerensian Kingdom, and doesn't really tolerate extragalactic citizens living on his planet of Carolinii. Despite this, the colony has grown to be quite cosmopolitan and is now the political heart of the Inner Rim.

Dua'tess has a close partnership with Senator Mizio, and the two both dislike Apollo and his policies. Dua'tess believes the URC should have a more forceful rule over Cyrannus and that they should annihilate the Confederacy completely as opposed to making peace with them.

Senator Agna Edit


Sector Senator Agnassana, better known as just the senator Agna, is the leader of the Cyrannian Radeon Sector and of the entire Radeon population in the United Republic of Cyrannus. She was born in the Masaari Crusade and prior to the fall of the Dei'Ar Theocracy was Radeon ambassador to the URC. Since the Radeon extinction, she preferred to stay there. She soon became a figure of authority among the Cyrannus Radeons and gained a place in the URC Senate.

Much like most of Radeon leaders, she is ruthless and authoritarian, ruling sector she governs with the iron hand. She lowered the crime rate in her sector nearly to the zero by increasing the funding of the police and the military. However, she is known as somewhat power-hungry. She is fairly religious but generally tolerant.

Minister Ela-Mu-NíEdit

Minister Ela-Mu-Ní

The Minister of Intelligence of the URC, Ela-Mu-Ní has a large force of agents and spies used to gather information on other nations or major criminals. He is the head of the Cyrannus Investigation Bureau.Ela-Mu-Ní is a Velociampto, a common subspecies of Dromeourus, that although prominant, are not considered to be a member of the Thirteen Species of Capricyránae. Like his people he has been known to crave intrigue and subterfuge which inspired him to become the minister in the first place.

Ela was born on the Velociampto homeworld in the year 43 BTC to a wealthy family of merchants that traveled the Core Worlds, selling products to make a living. However, he was never interested in taking up this family business and instead joined the government of the Velociampto at an early age. When the Velociampto made first contact with the URC, but decided not to join, Ela disagreed and became a citizen of the Cyrannus Republic. He was picked by Apollo during his second re election campaign to serve as his minister of intelligence, a role that Ela was only too happy to accept.

He now works to protect the URC from outside harm, by studying the occurances of events in many different empires across the First Gigaquadrant.

Other FiguresEdit

Captain NareaEdit

Captain Narea

Captain Narea is a young Tezelteän Cyrandia captain that commands the Colonial One, the flagship of the President. Narea was born on the Tezeltean Homeworld in the Cyrannus Galaxy in the year 23 BTC, which makes her quite young an inexperianced compared to most Cyrandia Captains. As a child, her home was often the site of brutal Imperial attacks, which took many men and woman slaves, luckily none of Narea's relatives were taken, but Narea was forever shocked to discover that most of her friends were taken away, to be forever slaves of the Imperial Alliance, for use in work camps and even cannon fodder and human shields in battles.

When the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation created the Cyrandia Alliance and the Cyrandia Joint Space Force, Narea immediately joined, as she wished to get revenge on the Imperial Alliance, and yet after three years in training, her tests showed that she was much more suited to working with civilian transports then military warships. Although disappointed at first, Narea eventually embraced this, and after working her way up the ranks, she was employed as the captain of Colonial One, the President of the URC's starship, delighted, she became good friends with Apollo's family and is seen as an aunty to his young children.

During the Great Cyrannus War, Narea became trapped with the President and his wife on Capricaerón without any means of escape...

Diplomat IoandaEdit

Diplomat Ioanda

Feíona Ioanda is a very young D'annaío diplomat of the Delfoí Republic. He is young and inexperianced, but is determined to succeed. Feíona was born on the D'annaíon Homeworld, Annaío in the year 19 BTC, which makes him only twenty years old by the time of the Great Cyrannus War, which he plays a great role in. As a child, he grew up hearing stories of the Trucinex War, the Capricorn Sector Alliance and the Imperial Alliance amoung others. He saw the universe as a bad place, and he promised himself that when he grew older, that he would change it for the better, even if only a small amount.

He joined a youth council and began to learn about diplomatic skills and ways of doing things. His superiors and teachers thought that he would become a great diplomat, one of the greatest in the history of Annaío. This gave the young Feíona the inspiration he needed to pursue his life wish, after a while, he became great friends with the older D'annaío, Senator Fila, and together the two with the aid of the Adelphi, organized plans for the Delfoí Republic. Elated with his participation in this project, he was sent by Fila to meet with Senator Magalen of Capricaerón in order to talk about the great friendship between the two planets.

However, he was captured by the famed General Zillum of the CAS when the Confederacy invaded Capricaerón. He was freed when Republic troops liberated Capricaerón. He then travelled to Apailiana to greet Athan Apostila, the protégée of President Apollo in order to tell him about the discovery of the Great Library.

Athan ApostilaEdit

Athan Apostila

Athan Apostila is a 19 year old Capricaerónn that serves as one of Apollo's aides. He is very smart and very polite and will make a great diplomat someday. Apostila is attractive by Libertus standerds and yet when he was growing up, his studies took precidence over his social life. Apostila was born in the city of Valeria on Capricaerón in the year 18 BTC, and as a child, he loved reading about other cultures and civilizations, and he became quite charismatic as the years went on, gaining quite a few good friends. He was only four when the Trucinex War broke out, and yet even at this very early age, he loved being told stories about the Capricorn Sector Alliance's involvement in intergalactic politics.

As he grew into a teenager, he was chosen by President Apollo to become one of his aides, someone to help him organise his files and organise meetings between other heads of state. Apollo is known to have a great friendship with Apostila, and believes that he will become president some day, making Brisea an apprentice of the President. During his travels, he visited the Rambo Capital on a state visit with Apollo and met with Princess Ramtilsae, who was returning to the Capital from Orbispira. The two became close friends.

During the Great Cyrannus War, Apostila was trapped with Apollo, Senator Inviá and Senator Magalen on Libertopolos. When the battle ended in a Republic victory, he returned to Orbispira with President Apollo. Later that month, he was sent to Apailiana to investigate the ancient archives of the Great Library, a building constructed tens of thousands of years ago. Astonished by the discovery, he researched with great interest the records, before returning to Orbispira to report to his friend and president, Apollo.

General SesokaEdit

General Sesoka

Sesoka General Sesoka is a battle hardened warrior native to an unknown world ravaged by war. With a strong sense of honour and being an excellent swordsman, he is not afraid to march into battle, even if the odds are against him. Sesoka swore loyality to the Cyrannus Republic and quickly became one of the most respected officers in the URC.

Laoi and Kara Edit

Laoi and Kara

Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá are the two children of President Aedan Cretacea and Gianne Inviá, who were born in the year 0 BTC. The two twins have different surnames because in Capricaerónn culture, the male child takes the surname of the father, while the female child takes the name of the mother. Laoi himself is known to greatly resemble his father and is very intelligent and loves when his parents read him stories of Cyrannus' past. Kara is known to resemble both her mother and her father, and is greatly interested in the goings on of alien empires from Cyrannus and beyond. Empress Ramashe was made their godmother before they were born.

When they were born, their parents were absolutely delighted, but their father, Apollo saw less and less of them as the Great Cyrannus War began, which made him quite angry. Still, as the war went on the family moved in together on Orbispira, while also staying on Capricaerón when they wish, which means that Apollo now sees them everyday, which makes everyone happy. The youngsters are now celebrities across the Gigaquadrant, but their parents try to protect them from this and allow them to live a somewhat normal life. When Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation visited Apollo in the year 2 ATC, the two grew to love their godmother.


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