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Republic Government 3 ATC

The Senate of the URC meets on Orbispira's moon, Corunnia.

Because every sentient being matters, we provide every citizen with a voice. Each is allowed to express opinions and participate in government as they see fit.

- Scroll of Order IV

The federal government of the United Republic of Cyrannus was formed in the year 10 BTC, and it became the first known galactic federation in the Cyrannus Galaxy, later it was joined by its rival, the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

The seat of the government was the galactic capital, Orbispira, however after the terrorist bombing on the planet that started the Great Cyrannus War the senators of the Republic decided that a new location was needed, the small temperate planet of Corunnia. The Corunnia Senate is locked deep within a mountain, similar to the Rambo Senate at Väeressëa. Republic designers decided that this was the most efficient way to protect the senate from attack. The Congress of the URC is was once bicameral, and consisted of the Cyrannus Senate and the House of Representatives, however in the third month of the year, 1 ATC, the president decided to dissolve the House of Representatives in order to give more power to the senate.

The power of the Executive branch of the United Republic is vested in the President, which is elected for seven years, however one can get elected for for two terms numbering in fourteen years.

The Executive BranchEdit


The current President, Apollo.

The Executive power of the URC lies in the President, elected every four years. The President is both the head of state and government, as well as the military commander-in-chief and chief diplomat. The first and current president is Apollo, and already he is extremely popular. The President has the power to dissolve the Legislative Branch in times of extreme emergency and can overrule the legislation created by the Senate or the House of Representatives if they are unpopular with the citizens. The President presides over the senate.

If the president dies or resigns while in office, the senate would vote for a temporary replacement, before the public eventually votes for a new leader within a period of twelve months. However, the president is placed under extreme protection which would make such a scenario unlikely.

The Legislative Branch - The SenateEdit

Republic Senate

The Senate on Corunnia

The Senate is the Legislative Branch of the URC. It was once bicameral and consisted of the Senate and the Houses of Representatives, however in the year 1 ATC, the president dissolved the Houses of Representatives and gave more power to the Senate, leaving the URC as a Unicameral Federal Republic. Representatives from each member state, (usually a sector of many worlds) join the senate in order to discuss problems or issues in the galaxy.

Senators are elected by those of which they serve, the citizens. It is a hard life as a senator, but it is also rewarding, as they are granted a private star ship and residence by the leader of the system that the senator serves. Senators while in session often sit near other senators that agree with their views. By taking office as a senator, they must promise to be loyal and support the Articles of Colonization against any attack or enemies.


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