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Supreme Admiral NagalaEdit

Supreme Admiral Nagala Mandator


Supreme Admiral Nagala is a high ranking captain in the Republic Navy, she commands the Mandator Class, Pride of the Core, the flagship of the Navy. She is a keen battle tacticion and warrior.

Early Life

Nagala was born on the planet of Cyroenia in the year 39 BTC, a time of peace and prosperity for the Capricorn Sector Alliance, she lived a happy life as her parents where rich, Cyreonian elites. However unlike her parents, Nagala possessed a strong sense of exploration and travel and never intended to stay among the rich folks of Cyreonia.

She eventually joined the local Naval recruiting station and quickly rose up the ranks of the Navy eventually becoming an Admiral in the year 15 BTC.

Supreme Admiral
Battle at Eire

The Pride of the Core, turns the tide of battle.

Nagala fought in many wars of the era, including the Trucinex War, the SEcond Galactic War and the Intergalactic War. However it was after these events that she finally reached command of the great flagship of the Republic. The grand Pride of the Core, a gigantic eight mile long Star Dreadnought that few could escape. It was now that she received word of the demise of the Imperial Alliance, which had collapsed due an internal conflict. She was overjoyed by this news and was glad when word from High Command informed her that the Imperial Remnant were attacking the Outer Rim colony of Eire, famous for its near destruction in the Intergalactic War. She left Cyroenia for Eire with a fleet of three Venator Class, five Chancellor Class and of course her flagship, the Pride of the Core. The battle was short and the arrively of the massive flagship wiped out the Imperial Fleet. In the aftermath of the battle, she was sent back to Orbispira to receive any further missions.

Clash of the Titans

Confederate forces engage Cyrandia forces, while the Grox join the fray.

She then became aware of the Great Cyrannus War, and quickly rushed to the front lines. She was involved in the Battle of Cybele, when her flagship quickly turned the tide of the battle. During the Second Year of the War, Nagala was sent by Republic Command to track down and destroy General Zillum and his destructive flagship, the Malevolent. A huge battle ensued, with heavy causalities on both sides. Even the Grox joined the fray, only to be destroyed by the Cyrandia’s fleet. At first the Pride of the Core was doing well against the Malevolent, but when Zillum unleashed its deadly weapon, Nagala ordered a retreat.

Pride of the Core

The Pride of the Core is a sight to behold. It is a 8 kilometer long Mandator Class originally constructed at the shipyards of Cyroenia. It is the personal flagship of Supreme Admiral Nagala, the most important command ship in the Republic Navy and the first of the Mandator-class Star Dreadnought to be produced. It is said that the Pride of the Core is worth well over five hundred Venator Class Star Destroyers in a battle and its turbolasers can turn a planet to slag in hours.

The Pride of the Core, measuring eight kilometers from bow to stern, with a ponderously sized ventral reactor bulge bloating its already impressive mass, it is a terrifying sight and an even more terrifying enemy, once it brings all its mighty guns to bear.

It also serves as a physiological weapon, as nobody in the right mind would come face to face with this grand ship.

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Fleet Admiral CretaceaEdit

Cretacea Phoenix

Admiral Cretacea (Also known as Cretaceous), a veteran of the Trucinex War and is the commanding officer of the Venator Class Star Destroyer Avenger, and the highest ranking officer in the The Fleet of Retribution, he is the most famous official in the Republic Navy and he is President Apollos father.

Fleet Admiral NeveuEdit

Admiral Neveu Mandator


Admiral Neveu is a high ranking admiral in the URC, he is the same rank as Cretacea. Neveu commands the Alliance, a Mandator-class. He commands the 10th Core Fleet, protecting Cyroenia.

Early Life

Admiral Neveu was born on Cyroenia in the year 56 BTC. When he was only eight years old, his parents and younger sister were killed when pirates attacked their transport, leaving the young Neveu to be brought up by his grandfather and grandmother, who were both members in the Capricorn Sector Alliance Navy. This caused Neveu to want to become a member in the Navy from an early age.

During his young adult years, Neveu was a very diligent cadet and student. He studied on Capricaerón'on's moon of Lunasa, and enjoyed every minute of his training. He eventually became a commander when the Trucinex War began...

Trucinex War
Spore 2011-02-18 16-26-24

The baseship attacks the Flashback.

During the short Trucinex War, Neveu served as a commander on the Flashback, an Alliance-class Star Destroyer. His only real engagement was a short skirmish against a Trucinex baseship in the Milky Way, which the Flashback quickly destroyed.

However, after the war he saw little action, however over time he reached the rank of Fleet Admiral, the second highest in the navy. He was sent to guard his homeworld, Cyroenia from attack.

Great Cyrannus War

A Mortalitas Dreadnought arrives at the battle.

The shipyards of Cyroenia over the years became the most important shipyards in the URC, a gigantic ring-world was built which surrounds it, every month hundreds of ships, both large and small are constructed at this vast construct. However, the Confederacy decided to that this opportunity to deal a crippling blow to the URC's shipbuilding capabilities, giving the war a swift and decisive end in the favor of the Confederacy. Still, the planet has a gigantic fleet under the command of Fleet Admiral Neveu of the Mandator-class Dreadnought, Alliance and many other captains, such as Captain Janeaó of the Victory-class, Kathleen. This would be a difficult battle to win, and yet Confederate Fleet Command decided that it was a risk worth taking.

Victory's end

The Kathleen is destroyed with all hands.

A large fleet of Confederate ships entered the system, under the command of the famed Mortalitas General, Zillum of the Benevolent. The fleet attacked the two sides of the planet with a decoy fleet keeping the Alliance busy, while the Benevolent and the main attack force battled the Republic Fleet under command of Captain Janeaó, however, the situation was not looking good for the Kathleen. General Zillum decided to cut off the fleets commander to the battle, Janeaó and so he unleashed the Benevolent's mighty cannons and riped a hole in the Kathleen's hull, destroying it will all hands. Neveu was saddened by this loss, but continued to engage the Confederacy.

The Battle was eventually won, and he remained at his post, overseeing the construction yards.

The Alliance

The Alliance was the second Mandator-class constructed at the Shipyards of Cyroenia.At 8 kilometers in length, it is a sight to behold. The ship is made in the shipyards of Cyroenia and is a common flagship for high ranking admirals, such as Neveu himself.

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Vice Admiral ShawEdit

Admiral Shaw Venator URC


Leland Shaw is a Vice Admiral in the Republic Navy, he commands the Valorous, a Venator Class. He is a famous figure in the URC and beyond for his roles in the Battle of Canceron and the Intergalactic War.

Early life

Leland Shaw was born on the colony of Canceron during the last year of the Mortalitas War. During his youth he was very crafty and somewhat troublesome, however he eventually became more adult like when he matured.

He always wanted to become the captain of a starship and explore the universe, like his father who was killed during a terrorist bomb on Capricaerón.

Shaw went on to become a cadet in the Colonial Navy, after 7 years of arduous studying on Lunasa, the moon of Capricaerón. He met many friends at the academy including Cretacea, who would eventually become a good friend.

He eventually was promoted to lieutenant on the CSS Hunter under Captain Hord, he was a strict captain who was ruthless and unforgiven, however after spending over 10 years rising up the ranks on the Hunter, he befriended Hord and became is executive officer (XO). Unlike most XOs, Shaw became a popular figure among the crew of the Hunter, and Hord recommend to Fleet Command that he be given his own ship.

Trucinex War
CSS Hunter vs Trucinex

The CSS Hunter attacking a Basestar

Just as Shaw was about to receive his own command, the Trucinex launched their devastation attack. The Hunter regrouped at Canceron with a fleet of Rambo and DCP ships against a huge armada in orbit over Scorpia, the battle was going well, until the Hunter was hit with numerous nukes, Hord called on all the crew to get to the escape pods, while he stayed behind on a kamikaze style attack on the lead Basestar.

Shaw was sad to leave a good friend to die, but orders were orders and he did what Hord told him to do. As the Trucinex War drove on, Shaw was awarded the CSS Diplomat, which despite its name was a fully armed Endurance Class Frigate, it was now that he was promoted to captain.

Endurance Class

The CSS Diplomat

As a captain, Shaw had command of the CSS Diplomat, an Endurance Class Frigate and a small fleet of fighters and bombers. While a relatively small ship, the Diplomat had unrivaled speed and was often used as a blockade runner bypassing enemy fleets in orbit over the planet.

As the Trucinex War, dragged on the Diplomat was nicknamed Old Lucky due to its luck and the amount of times it escaped impossible odds, Shaws skills as a captain got him noticed by High Command and he was promoted to Rear Admiral. Although he could have given up the Diplomat for a larger Star Destroyer, he refused because he loved his ship so much, he participated in the Second Battle of Nex, helping the DCP destroy the Church of the One to demoralize the Trucinex.

Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War

It was during the Second Galactic War that Shaw became famous, it was he that enacted the Shaw Protocol. The Shaw Protocol was a command enacted by Shaw to prevent the Imperial Alliance/Vartekians from finding the location of the Twelve Colonies. It was enacted after the defeat at Caldari and stated that any vessel that wants to retreat must do so without leading the enemy to any major population centres. Any ship in danger of capture must self-destruct or try to lead the enemy into a trap.

It turned out so successful, that is is even used against the Cognatus in the Intergalactic War.

He fought in many battles of the war, and became a beloved figure in the Cyrannus Galaxy and beyond.

Boom (1)

A CCS Cognatus ship destroying the Diplomat

Shaw was promoted to Vice Admiral during the Intergalactic War, and became even more famous. However during the battle of Scorpia, his life would change...

As the Space battle above was raging on the Rambo and Ancientia fighters were chasing and engaging the various Cognatus Ghost fighters. This attack meant that a single Constitution Class V2 was able to fight her way to Celeste and she was escorted by various Ancientia Troop Transport/Assault Carriers and they deployed there troops to engage the enemy Cognatus forces in the city. Led by two Ancientia soldiers, they managed to re-take a part of the city. However, they were unable to get to URC Admiral Shaw, as he was trapped by a Cognatus Elite. However, various star ships were damaged during the battle, and various URC ships also aided in the evacuation upon arriving.

Various URC citizens prepare to be evacuated by an Ancientia Assault Carrier. But Rambam II and Captain Anuatolian arrived too and aided in the evacuation and the various Rambo and Ancientia fighters kept off any Ghost fighters of the Cognatus. During the evacuation Admiral Cretaceous arrived and talked to Rambam and Anuatolian. He arrived with a daring warning, the evacuation had to finished quickly. Understanding, both Ramboidae Captains nodded and wrapped up the evacuation and left the city. Admiral Cretaceous headed into the city and aided in defeating the Cognatus and fought his way up to the Capitol Building of Celeste, were Admiral Shaw was cornered.

As Cognatus, Ancientia and URC troopers were batteling, Cretaceous fought the Cognatus Elite and managed to defeat him in single combat. He then took Admiral Shaw into a gunship and looked in awe as a Cognatus Battle Cruiser had arrived above the city and fired a massive beam upon the city.

Arriving at the USS Merced, Rambam told Creteceous that over 15 million citizens had been saved, but he did not know how many lived on Scorpia. And the space battle was also not yet finished, but the Ancientia Assault Carriers with the evacuees onboard, had escaped the battle and arrived safely at a nearby URC colony. He was saved but only just as Scorpia had been glassed.

During the battle, the Diplomat tried to escape the Cognatus' firepower, but failed and was destroyed, Shaw was heartbroken to hear about the loss of his ship.

Life aboard the Valorous

Recentlty, Shaw recieved command of the large Venator Class Assault Cruiser, the Valorous. He cannot wait to test out the weapon in combat, and the time soon came for him to get his chance.

And he soon got the chance, as the Great Cyrannus War began and Shaw was secretly glad of this, and ordered the Valorous to be on alert for battle. Soon after the war began, a neutral nation, the Terridor Federation contacted the nations of Cyrannus. Seizing the chance, the Republic Command asked Shaw to reply and propose an alliance, the Terridors gladly agreed.

Space battle over Nosiso

The Battle rages over Nosio

Later in the war, he aided Admiral Cretacea in destroying a Confederate Invasion Fleet over Capricaerón. A month later, he travelled to Apailiana with Admiral Adraci to report the Great Library that was discovered to the Republic Command. Soon after the Great Library of Apailiana was discovered, Republic spies reported that the Confederacy was building the majority of its new ground forces on the distant planet of Nosiso, deep in the Outer Rim. From what the different races of the URC know about Nosiso, is that the natives resisdents do not like outsiders, and that they are extremely proficient at creating machines and vehicles. Knowing that the battle could be a major URC victory in the war, Republic command dispatched Fleet Admiral Cretacea of the Resolute and Vice Admiral Shaw to lay siege to the important Confederate planet.

The Resolute and the Valorous dropped out of hyperspace and immediately engaged the Confederate Fleet. At first caught by suprise, the Confederacy began to adapt and heavy damage was caused to the small Republic corvettes and frigates, however the two flagships were faring much better, destroying several Munificus-class Star Frigates and disabling one Providence-class Dreadnought captained by a Mortalitas Commander. With Republic reinforcements arriving every minute, the two flagships sent down a huge ground invasion force, with the Resolute even landing on the surface of the planet, while other Star Destroyers deployed forces on other sites across Nosiso. Shaw himself staying in orbit to continue the battle against the Confederacy.

Third Battle of Acrocanthaí

Two Venator-class Destroyers destroy the ULE flagship

However, the arrival of a huge, unknown dreadnought defeated the allies and forced them to retreat, much to Shaw's anger. During the third year of the war, Shaw led the attack on the ULE-held world of Acrocanthaí, ultimately liberating it against the ULE.

Admirals Edit

Admiral AdraciEdit

Admiral Adraci Victory


Admiral Adraci was born to a prominent family on the planet Corulus. An intelligent, by the book admiral. He commands the Tyrannic, a Victory Class Star Destroyer. He is loyal, dedicated and disciplined.

Early Life

Born on Corulus, he had a good childhood and found an interest in law and politics, after years of hard study, he became the youngest pupil ever accepted into the Republic's Academy. He became a special agent in the Cyrannus Bureau of Investagation and worked hard to seek out corruption in the senate of the Republic, however he grow bored of this job and decided to leave to become a captain.

Second Galactic War
Under Attack!

Lizardian ships ambush the CSS Radient

Adraci was awarded the CSS Radient, an Ambassador Class during the Second Galactic War, where he survived against countless attacks from the Imperial Alliance.

When the war ended, Adraci was promoted to admiral, and was the youngest officer to ever be granted with that position. He did not partake in the Intergalactic War, as he helped to make save his homeworld of Corulus against the Cognatus.

War of the Ages

A Lance bomber strikes the engine of the Cult's craft, as the Resolute fires a fatal beam.

As the Intergalactic War came to an sudden end, the United Republic of Cyrannus began to grow yet again, and began to extend its influence into nearby galaxies. Knowing the Republic as a major threat, the Cult of the Deathmarch began to exploit the weaknesses that the Cognatus created.

On the gas giant of Jutio in the Milky Way, the CSS Resolute, the new Star Destroyer under the command of Adraci was patrolling, keeping safe the space that they won during the war. Suddenly, a large unknown cruiser appeared not two miles away and began to open fire on the Resolute, Adraci ordered that the squadrons of the new Lance bombers be launched against the enemy, however the damage being taken abroad the Resolute was strong and the shields could not last forever, those fighters better hit their target!

However, only one fighter got near enough to the vessel to fire a torpedo at the ships engine, severally crippling it, just as the Resolute fires a fatal laser into the bridge of the enemy craft, however before the ship exploded, it jumped into hyperspace! Adraci immediately informed the president...

Spore 2011-02-22 17-59-14

Admiral Adraci of the Tyrannic laying siege to Cyranduas.

He told the president, and was given command of the forces used to stop the Cult. After the battle, the damaged Resolute was sent back to the shipyards at Cyreonia and Adraci received the Victory Class Star Destroyer, Tyrannic and continued to battle the Xhodocto in the war ahead.

Great Cyrannus War

However, the Reclamataion Conflict strangely began to die down, and Admiral Adraci and the Tyrannic were assigned back to the Cyrannus Galaxy, where they would aid in battles against the forces of the Confederacy. His first assignment was the liberate the important colony of Cyranduas, where he was told that General Zillum was present, his orders where to destroy the enemy fleet and capture the dangerous Mortalitas General.

Second Battle of Nosiso 07

The Tyrannic and an army of artillery lay siege to the massive lab.

However, to his great surprise, Zillum left the system leaving only a small fleet of frigates behind, disappointed that he would not be capturing the general today, Adraci nonetheless destroyed the fleet and liberated the planet.

He later travelled to Apailiana with Admiral Shaw to investigate the Great Library that was recently found. In the last weeks of the fourth month of the last year of the War, Adraci was involved in the Battle of Nosiso, where he proved valuable in eliminating the Purity Virus.

Admiral Janeaó†Edit

Admiral Janeao Victory

Admiral Janeaó was a highly trained Auilámi officer of the Kathleen, a Victory-class Star Destroyer. He served Cyroenia spaceport until his death at the Battle of Cyroenia.

Early Life

Admiral Janeaó was born on the colony of Picona in the year 41 BTC, as a child he often wanted to become a great space captain commanding a star ship and helping the nation in the wars it found itself in. He never lost sight of this as he was growing up, and when he became older, he was accepted in the Fleet Academy where he improved and improved, learning about teamwork and tactics used in battle.

When he left the academy, he quickly made his way up the ladder of the Republic Fleet, until reaching the rank of admiral. At his promotion ceremony, he was given command of the new Victory-class Star Destroyer, Kathleen and assigned under Fleet Admiral Neveu at Cyreonia.

Great Cyrannus War
Victory's end

The Kathleen is destroyed with all hands.

During the Third Month of the Great Cyrannus War, Cyreonia came under attack by the Confederacy Fleet under the command of General Zillum. The Confederate Fleet broke into two attack forces, one keeping Fleet Admiral Neveu at bay, and the other, the largest, attacking Janeaó's position on the far side of the planet. Janeaó fought like a hero, allowing many civilian ships to escape, but eventually the superior fire power from the Benevolent riped a hole in the hull of the Kathleen, destroying it and all hands, including Janeaó.

Shocked by his death, the allied fleet prepared for the arrival of Admiral Cretacea, who came and helped drive the CAS away from Cyroenia.

Janeaó is regarded as a hero for his sacrifice.

Admiral Cao'ili Edit

Caoili Legacy

Admiral Cao'ilí is one of the most senior admirals in the United Republic of Cyrannus, having served in the Trucinex War many years ago. A genius in battle, he commands the Maximus, a Legacy-class Star Destroyer.

Trucinex War
Spore 2010-03-27 22-32-27

Cao'ili leading the assault on the Trucinex

Admiral Cao'lí was born on the Draken homeworld of Surdana, a peaceful planet within the early CSA. When he was a young adult, he graduated from the Sector Alliance accademy and worked his way up the ranks until he became a top admiral within the CSA Navy. Because of this, he was picked by Sector Command to lead the final attack on the Trucinex Imperium, during the Trucinex War.

Admiral Cao'ili lead this assault with the CSS Freedom and hundreds of destroyers and frigates on the Trucinex Holy City. While, his friend Admiral Cretacea had to destroy a shield generator protecting the city from an assualt from the frigates in low orbit. After Cretacea completed this task, Cao'ili commanded the Frigates tho bombarde the city, forcing the Nex Prophet, the leader of the Imperium to escape.

However, Cretacea tacked down the Nex Prophet and killed him, ending the war. After the conflict, Cao'ili retired and settled on Surdana, his homeworld. However, during the Intergalactic War, he was approached by Admiral Cretacea, who convinced him to help think of tactics to use against the Cognatus. After the Intergalactic War, he returned to retirement.

Great Cyrannus War

However, during the early stages of the Great Cyrannus War, he was asked to return to the Republic Navy and command a starship. Though he couldn't decide weither or not to accept, he was convinced by his friend Cretacea, and Republic Command awarded him the Maximus, a new Legacy-class Star Destroyer. He now awaits to fight in battle.

Captains Edit

Captain UianaEdit

Uiama Redemption


Captain Uiana is a captain of the Teazltean people and the Republic Navy. He is very diplomatic and never runs into a fight. He commands the Dawn, a Redemption Class.

Early Life

Uiana was born on the Teazltean homeworld in the year 39 BTC, he was born in a turbulent time for his people, slavers from the Syndicate often made runs of the planet kidnapping the citizens for use as hard labour. Uiana's entire family was killed by the Syndicate's bounty hunters leaving him to grow up in a cruel, unforgiving world.

Luckily, hope was on the horizon, a URC vessel happened upon the Teazeltean homeworld in the year 14 BTC and rescued its inhabitants from their masters, and engulfing the Teazeltean into the Republic. Uiana quickly joined the military, wanting revenge on the Syndicate.

Second Galactic War

During the battles with the Imperial Alliance, Uiana often looked for a fight and destroyed many Imperial and Syndicate Ships over the course of the conflict, however during one battle, his ship was caught off guard and most of his crew was killed.

From that grim day, Uiana never ran into a fight and always put his faith in diplomacy.

Recent Events

Today, Uiana is a high ranking captain, in command of the diplomatic vessel, the Dawn. He is a lead diplomat of the Republic and is often sent on diplomatic missions to other empires.

The Dawn

A larger then normal Redemption-class Refit Cruiser, the Dawn is Uiana's personal flagship on the rare occasions when he does battle on the front lines as well as his personal transport when on diplomatic missions. It is more heavily armed and shielded than the standard Redemption-class ship, and is more agile as well.

Captain PiereaEdit

Captain Pierea Venator URC

Captain Pierea is a loyal and ambitious captain completely loyal to the Republic and its leaders. He is a captain in the 1st Core Fleet, under Supreme Admiral Nagala. He commands the Angelic, a Venator-class.

Early Life

Pierea was born on the peaceful colony of Cybele in the year 29 BTC, and lived a happy life with his loving parents, as a child, he wanted to become a captain in the Capricorn Sector Alliance Fleet, and trained very hard to reach this goal. He graduated from Lunasa Fleet Academy at the age of 20 and was assigned to the CSS Ares, an early predecessor to the Venator-class. The ship participated in many battles in the Trucinex War, Second Galactic War and DCP Civil War and all the while, Pierea rose up the ranks of the ship, eventually becoming the XO (Executive Officer) the second in command.

However, the ship was soon scraped and at the end of the Intergalactic War, he was given the Venator-class Angelic as his flagship.

Life on the Angelic

Pierea commands the Angelic under the overall command of Supreme Admiral Nagala. His ship is apart of the large 1st Core Fleet, which now finds itself at the front lines of the Great Cyrannus War against the forces of the Confederacy.

Orbital Bombardment

The URC fleet turns Trycaron into lifeless ball.

President Apollo was furious about the ULE's attack on Eirinnia and gave the order to exact revenge on the ULE on the scale of which unlike any in URC history. A large fleet of over fifty star destroyers were dispatched to the ULE military world of Trycaron with the orders, Base Delta Zero. Captain Pierea ordered the fleet into hyperspace, where it appeared in orbit over Trycaron. ULE orbital defences put up a strong fight, but ultimately the Star Destroyers were able to destroy them by using sheer numbers and at the cost of five Star Destroyers.

Captain Pierea and his flagship, the Angelic, gave the order and the Venator's turbolasers began aiming at the planet's military complexes. Pierea, without hesitation ordered the fleet to open fire on the planet's surface. On Trycaron's surface, the turbolaser fire began to hit the ground, smashing huge holes in the planet's crust and turning the planet's atmosphere into a firely hell-like furnace, from which in a matter of minutes all life was obliterated and the entire crust of the planet became atomized. Pierea smiled, That was for the legacy of the DCP. Just as he ordered the fleet to return to Orbispira.

Captain Helo RosliaEdit

Helo Roslia Venator URC

Born on Caprico’an in 27 BTC, Helo Roslia is a very capable and experienced officer; he is wise beyond his years and has experienced a lot since the beginning of his military career. Probably the strangest thing about him is an apparition of a young woman that has been appearing to him since the end of the Intergalactic War. This apparition refers to herself only as Shelly Liada and appears as an attractive Libertus. She is often very forceful in her beliefs of a One God and claims to be a messenger of it.

March of the Apocaylpse

As the alliance made its way threw the Sub-Necropolis during the great March of the Apocaylpse, a lone URC Raptor made its way carefully through Hell's airspace, however because of its location, the pilot lost control of his aircraft and slammed into a large ancient wall.

Luckily he was not injured, but he was alone and in the worst place imaginable. He ventured behind the wall only to be attacked by demons! He destroyed them with ease as they were not Xhodocto, as he made his way up the long valley, he met a welcome sight, Kilnok, Votarah, Ramcard and Morobus were still alive, the pilot introduced himself as Helo Roslia, a cadet under Admiral Cretacea with a lot of combat experience. Kilnok was worried, this Helo was still only a young adult and will just get in the way. While they were of guard two Deathmarch warriors and several corrupted demons attacked! The lesser demons were easy to kill by these mighty captains, however the Xhodocto were a different matter. It took a long time to take both of them down. Suddenly Ramcard, Morobus and Roslia began to get an overwhelming sense of deja vu. Kilnok and Votarah began to grow suspicious, maybe these were more demons that they met earlier, but than they found a large structure with an ancient computer located near it.

Roslia was overcome with curiosity and went over to the computer. It suddenly activated, and an energy force emerged from it and began to aid the allies.

Helo fought valiantly against the Xhodocto and was one of the few that survived their wraith. However, it was the Intergalactic War when he finally gained recognition.

Intergalactic War
Spore 2011-03-05 15-40-12

Shelly appears to Helo for the first time on Virgon.

Helo's next major assignment was the protection of the colony of Virgon in the latter stages of the Intergalactic War, he fought his way through hundreds of Cognati warriors, however just as the battle appeared won, a woman appeared in front of Helo. She introduced herself as Shelly Liaida, and claimed that God had a plan for him. Confused, Helo told her to get to safety but soon found out that she wasn't really there, no one else could see her.

Shelly began to appear much more often to Helo and on his mission to Sector 67803, she appeared to tell him that the planet they have discovered was in fact Cealestes, the ancient homeworld of all Capricyránae. She guided him to the lush pastures of the forgotten world until they reached ruins, which Shelly said was built thousands of years ago by the Thirteen Tribes to honor the Lords of the Thirteen, the Capricyránae Gods. Helo was confused, Capricyránae evolved on Capricaerón. Shelly told him that Capricyránae evolved on Kobol and millions of years later they discovered Capricaerón, where Capricyránae too evolved naturally, the two races of Capricyránae then crossbred. She also revealed that the Libertus was not the only Capricyránae race, but she would not elaborate on it.

Bisistar First Contact

The Avenger makes contact with unknown ships, just before they open fire.

By stepping foot on Cealestes, he started shockwaves that would start the Clash of the Gods.

Great Cyrannus War
Second Battle of Corulus 02

Roslia destroys the Affluent

Later on his voyages across the galaxy and beyond, he often came into contact with the Bisistar, dreaded creatures that wanted nothing else but death and destruction for those who lived in Cyrannus, however he eventually escaped their grasp, returning to Cyrannus. Unfortunately however, the Bisistar followed, beginning an invasion of the galaxy once more. Roslia was later called to Corulus, where he was given a mission to liberate the planet from the icy rule of Moravilon, the fiendish Confederate Admiral. Breaking through the blockade, Roslia managed to accomplish his mission by killing Moravilon once and for all.

Unidentified Apationagtus CaptainEdit

ApationagtusURC Venator URC

The Apationagtus Captain is one of the newer captains, promoted during the early days of the Great Cyrannus War. His early promotion was due to the need of captains as the Confederate and URC clashed at the frontlines, and the URC was in need of captains.
Quadrantia Disorder 31

Third Battle of Yadumarth

Upon his promotion he was given command of the URC Venator Star Destroyer Behemoth.

One of his first missions was in the fourth month, he was to escort the USS Contact and the Krakana Class Impavid away from the Rambo planet Rametru Nui. Admiral Lizaconda attacked with the Liberty II and defeated all three ships using his new ship, which still used URC channels as a decoy. After the loss he held a resentment against Lizaconda.

Months after, in the ninth month he joined Captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic to attack Yadumarth. During the battle he engaged various Confederate Frigates and drove them away. The third battle of Yadumarth was a victory for the URC and Rambo forces. However, in the tenth month after a month long blockade the Confederacy under command of a Basileus Captain, who commanded the Terror of Stars attacked and drove the URC/Rambo fleet away. During that (the fourth battle of Yadumarth]] the Loyalist was destroyed. After the battle he retreated back to Cyrannus space and remained at guard duty for many months.

However in the year 05 AQF, during the 4th month of the third year of the Great Cyrannus War the captain followed Vice-Admiral Rambas II to secure Nosiso, a Confederate planet. However during the Second Battle of Nosiso the Behemoth took heavy damage and was left driftless in space.

Unidentified D'annaoí Captain Edit

D'annaoí Venator URC

The D'annaoí Captain became an officer in the Republic Navy a year before the Great Cyrannus War broke out across the galaxy. Unlike most of his people, he wanted revenge on the CAS, and quickly ascended through the ranks until he reached the rank of captain and was given command of the Venator-class, Liberty and Freedom.

Counterattack on Corulus

The Battle wages above Corulus.

Apollo and the Senate of the Republic were furious and saddened that Ramaprica was destroyed, and wished to exact their revenge by invading Corulus to liberate it from Confederate Control. He sent a D'annaoí captain with the Star Destroyer, Liberty and Freedom along with a small fleet of frigates to aust the CAS from Corulus. However, they were instructed that the likelyhood of an invasion succeding with such a small fleet available was doubtful, so Republic Command instructed them that the mission was a hit and run, to damage the CAS forces before a large scale invasion could take place.

Surprisingly, the planet was defended by a smaller fleet then the one that conquered the planet in the first place, but it was still large enough to repel the small URC fleet. Acting quickly, the D'annaoí captain engaged a Munificus-class Frigate, while launching fighters to take care of attacking CAS gunboats. After a long dogfight, the Liberty and Freedom managed to destroy the Munificus frigate and began to prepare an invasion force to the planet, however, just as he was about to launch the ground forces, the captain noticed that a huge CAS fleet was hiding behind Corulus' moon, ready to attack. Quickly, he ordered a retreat, as he didn't want to waste resourses on a doomed battle. He soon returned to Republic Command to tell his tale.

Unidentified Draken CaptainEdit

DrakenURC Venator URC

The Draken captain became a captain of the URC before the Great Cyrannus War, given command of the URC Venator Star Destroyer Implacable he was patrolling various borders and sectors before he was assigned in the ninth month of the Great Cyrannus War to the URC/Rambo fleet, under command of captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic.

Quadrantia Disorder 34

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

Arriving at Yadumarth the joint fleet began targeting the Confederate fleet. During the battle his ship was spared from damage, as he mostly gave covering fire and later backed up the Senator which became badly damaged during the battle. The third battle of Yadumarth was a victory for the Cyrandia Alliance. Afterwards, he joined the month long blockade of Yadumarth, and upon the Basileus Captain arrival with the Terror of Stars and a massive Confederate fleet he was forced on the defensive. During the battle he managed to open fire at the Terror of Stars and lightly damaged her. However the Implacable took also light damage and after the Loyalist was destroyed he retreated together with the other ships. The fourth battle of Yadumarth was lost, and the Draken Captain returned back to Cyrannus space.

Arriving there, his ship recieved repairs. After the repairs the Draken captain was send to Arnoario, a temperate but cold planet near Ramaprica, the mixed URC/Rambo colony. After the fall of Ramaprica, the Draken captain grew worried that the Core Worlds were in danger, though most others believed it to be nonsense, as they believed the Confederate was not that strong nor dared to attack them after their defeat at Capricaerón.
Battle of Arnoario

Battle of Arnoario

A few days after the battle of Ramaprica the Serindia captain of the Serindia Utopia arrived with a fleet of frigates and a Mortalitas Dreadnought escort. Immediately he engaged the Serindia Utopia but his ship, the Implacable also took heavy damage, together with another Venator class star destroyer. Shortly after the Mortalitas Dreadnought had crumbled and was destroyed the Serindia captain of the Confederacy decided to retreat, which came to a surprise to the Draken captain as the Confederacy had a good chance of winning the battle. None the less the Draken captain was happy with the retreat and filled in a report to the URC senate, that the Core Worlds were in danger and Ramaprica should be retaken.

Unidentified Dromeourus Captain Edit

Dromeourus main Venator URC

The Dromeourus Captain joined the Republic Navy after his species joined the URC in 0 ATC. He was given the rank of captain because he was already quite well known in his nation as a brilliant captain who inspires bravery and loyalty in his officers and troopers. He was given the Star Destroyer, the Solaria as his flagship and was stationed over the Core World of Corulus. He enjoyed his role, patrolling the Corulus System, searching for pirates and Confederate invaders.

However, later Captain Mornauó of the Mortalitas Dreadnought, Mortiol's Honour and a small, but effective fleet of Star Frigates attack the planet. The defense forces over Corulus fought back with fury, with the Venator-class,Solaria disabling two frigates, while causing small damage to the huge Mortiol's Honour, to which it was no match. Reluctantly, he ordered a retreat, but wanted to buy as much time as possible for evacuating citizens, the CAS had control of Corulus, one of the most important Core Worlds.

He returned to Republic space angered, but was determined to return to liberate the planet.

Unidentified Libertus Captain †Edit

150px Venator URC

The Libertus Captain was a Lieutenant onboard the Amicitia and later on a Lietenant Commander onbaord the Pegasus, fighting alongside Admiral Cretecea in many battles and conflicts. When the Great Cyrannus War started he was promoted to captain due to his experience and well familair tactics he copied from his hero and mentor, the Admiral and the URC President his father. He recieved command of the URC Venator Star Destroyer Loyalist and fougth during quiete some battles, though were unseen for the public and were mostly one to one ship battles. He is eager to fight in larger battles.

Quadrantia Disorder 34

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

When the ninth month of the war started, he was assigned to Captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic, a Rambo captain his fleet. He joined them and five other URC captains to attack and conquer Yadumarth. As the third battle of Yadumarth started he engaged various Confederate frigates and managed to destroy them. With the overmight of the Cyrandia fleet Admiral Lizaconda was forced to retreat and the Cyrandia fleet had a victory! When the Cyrandia fleet started to blockade Yadumarth, he was ordered by Ramniels to start an orbital borbardment of Yadumarth, and followed the order and devastated various cities of Yadumarth.

A month later, the fourth battle of Yadumarth started and during the battle the Terror of Stars attacked the Loyalist as a way of revenge for the orbital bombardment. As the cannons overpowered the Loyalist her shields and the Star Destroyer took heavy damage. Unable to escape the cannons of the Terror of Stars the Loyalist was destroyed with all hands and the ensuing explosion of the bridge and mid sections of the ship killed the captain and his crew.

The destruction of the Loyalist meant that the other Rambo and URC captains were forced to withdraw and the fourth battle turned into a victory for the Confederacy.

Unidentified Tezelteän captainEdit

TezelteänURC Venator URC

A young captain, recieved command of the URC Star Destroyer Senator during the eight month of the Great Cyrannus War. She is credited for being cure, though inexperienced and careful to give her opinion. During the ninth month of the war she was assigned to the fleet of Captain Ramniels, to invade and conquer Yadumarth, a Confederate stronghold.

Second Battle of Nosiso 03

Second Battle of Nosiso

Yet during the third battle of Yadumarth the Senator became heavily damaged by the Confederate ships, however with covering fire of other ships she was prevented from certain destruction and the battle turned into a victory for the Rambo and URC. She then joined the blockade and her crew began repairing the damage if possible with the supplies found at the ship. Yet a month late,r the fourth battle of Yadumarth started and with the overwhelming Confederate numbers and the destruction of the Loyalist by the Terror of Stars the still damaged Senator was forced to retreat back to Rambo and Cyrannus space. The fourth battle was lost for the Cyrandia Alliance.

After he ship was repaired the captain returned to her duties until the 4th month of 05 AQF. During 4th month of the third year of the Great Cyrannus War the captain followed Vice-Admiral Rambas II to secure Nosiso, a Confederate planet. During the Second Battle of Nosiso the Senator managed to destroy various Confederate Frigates.

Quadrantia Disorder 53

Arrested by Rambo Nation after the formation of the Empire

When in 05 AQF in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the captain found herself still in Quadrant 82, in territory of Rambo Nation. Unsure how to react to his sudden kind of event and change to an Empire, she planned a course back to Orbispira, to recieve further commands. However when she approached the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole she saw a massive unidentified space station blocking the wormhole, and it wasn't there before. Suddenly her ship was boarded by Rambo marine troopers in name of an inspection, and realised too late that they were going to arrest her. When the marines arrived at the bridge of the Senator, she saw two Rambo ships dropping out of warp and destroying a nearby Venator Star Destroyer which refused an inspection. When the marine command known as Shooter approached, the captain surrended. After all realising her former comrades of war were now the enemy, thanks to her own goverment, she didn't want to fight them and she simply surrended and was arrested by Rambo Nation at the ground of being a tresspasser.

Unidentified Trucinex CaptainEdit

TrucinexURC Venator URC

The Trucinex Captain joined the Navy shorlty before the start of the Great Cyrannus War. He his credited as a cunning and capable captain. Given command of the URC Venator Star Destroyer Allecto he patrolled the borders and various sectors of the United Republic of Cyrannus during the early months of the war. When he was assigned to the fleet protecting Ramaprica he was soon recalled back to the Rambo colony of Javan. There he joined the Rambo Captain Ramniels of the USS Majestic his fleet.

Quadrantia Disorder 34

fourth battle of Yadumarth

When the URC/Rambo fleet arrived at Yadumarth they started to engage the Confederacy. The Third battle of Yadumarth was intense and turned into a victory for the URC and Rambo. A month later, when the Fourth Battle of Yadumarth started a large Confederate fleet under command of the Basileus captain, commanding the Terror of Stars attacked the Cyrandia blockade. With overwhelming numbers the battle was short, but very fierce. During the battle the Allecto was hammered at by Confederate frigates, though managing to destroy one of them the Allecto was heavily damaged and was engulfed in flames. With weapons and shield systems down, the Trucinex captain managed to escape with covering fire of the USS Majestic to safety and returned back to Rambo space to regroup and to recieve repairs. Sadly the fourth battle of Yadumarth was lost, with the Loyalty even destroyed during the battle.
Quadrantia Disorder 52

Battle of Muunivelle

He later on appeared in the year 05 AQF at the Battle of Muunivelle, acting as one of the commanders of Vice-Admiral Ramcard of Rambo Nation, together with the Cognatus Thel'Vicliquam. Together with a large Cyrandia fleet (even Xiaans and Hutters were present with ships) they managed to hammer the Confederate fleet under command of a Confederate Serindia onboard the Serindia Utopia. During the battle the Allecto substained moderate damage due to suffering a volley of blaster by a Confederate light destroyer. However the battle was eventually won by the Cyrandia fleet and the Trucinex captain remained at Muunivelle for a while where he celebrated in the victory.

Commanders Edit

Commander Elligh Edit

Elligh Interdictor

Elligh is a commander in the Republic Navy. Unlike many commanders who are mearly XOs on a ship, he commands the Constrictor-class, Aggregator.

Early Life;

Commander Elligh was born on the colony of Academos, known for its university in the Cyrannus Galaxy, near to the core. His parents always wanted him to be a lecturer in the Academos Planetary University, but Elligh had other plans. He dreamed of commanding his own warship some day. His parents were slightly disappointed, but eventually supported his decision as he was a natural born leader, while on the nearby military training facility over the planet Aiolus, he discovered that he was an ace Viper pilot, and his skills in the cockpit earned him a transfer to Admiral Cretacea's flagship at the time the CSS Pathway to Peace.

Trucinex War

Elligh fighting two Trucinex Fighters.

When Admiral Cretacea was given the CSS Amiticia, Elligh was transfered to it. And became the best Viper pilot on the ship. He was successful in destroying over 5 Trucinex Fighters on his first combat mission.

During a battle with the Nex, Cretacea was called to command another ship for the time being, and left Elligh in command of the destroyer. He fought against the Trucinex bravely but eventually fell into a coma when a Trucinex nuke hit.

He did not wake up for three months...

Second Galactic War

Elligh was unconscious for the majority of the Second Galactic War, but he did take part in many battles near the end of the war, such as the battle of Capricaerón and the Imperial Capital. He served under Cretacea in both of these monumental battles and he showed extreme bravery in the face of near impossible odds.

During the Battle of Capricaerón, Elligh was yet again left in command of the CSS Amiticia and was determined to repel the Imperial invaders and so he enacted the famous Marg Sabl maneuverer where he tilted the Amiticia drawing in Imperial Frigates and then unleashing the fighters devastating the Imperial Fleet.

Tralor Civil War
Skirmish over Fidelmo

Skirmish over Fidelmo.

Cretacea gave Elligh the CSS Valkyrie as a reward for his bravery during the Trucinex and Second Galactic War. He was ordered to patrol the Quadrant Galaxies in the aftermath of the Second Galactic War.

In Quadrant 89, the CSS Valkyrie and the USS Ford were patrolling threw deep space looking out for the Cognatus or the Imperial Alliance. Commander Elligh (As he was now known) did not like these assignments as there was no action involved, this was all about to change...

A huge vessel matching the over all design of a Star Destroyer jumped right in front of the allied ships and fired a beam of enery that directly hit the Valkyre, luckily due to the Liberator Classes strong armour, it survived the impact and was left with no choice but to flee to get reinforcements. This battle marked the first engagement with the URC and the ULE.

The Valkrye and the Ford fled to a Rambo Colony were more battles awaited, but after the battle the Liberator Class was retired and Elligh received the New Hope, a Valiant Class Star Destroyer.

Other Edit

Lieutenant Morobus Edit


Morobus is a young Adelphi from his homeworld's moon. He joined the Republic Navy when he was eighteen years old, and was a faithful diplomat ever since.

But during the March of the Apoclypse, many Cyrannians were given the temporary title Captain. He was assigned to work with Captain Votarah, Spiritmater Tadjeleon, Admiral Kilnok and Captain Ramcard on Kilnok's quest. He was young and inexperienced, so did become a nuisance to the high ranking captains, however, this was due to inexperience.

A Lieutenant again, Lt.Morubus however, showed his true skills when he killed the Cognati Martyr at the Battle of Canceron. This gave him respect from his commanders once more.

Station Halcyon
Main article: Station Halcyon

Lieutenant Morobus was recently transferred to the Halcyon stations, the Seven Starr Alliances's most recent project, to begin a new and exciting life on the edge of the known Gigaquadrant.

  • He plays a slighly comical role, but is not foolish.
  • He grew up on Capricaerón's moon, gazing on Capricaerón from above, so, it became his favourite world, which appeared to him in an illusion at the Eigth circle of hell.


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