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The United Republic has been the center of peace and progress, a bright beacon in the darkness of outer space.

- Empress Ramashe

The United Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy, otherwise known as the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Second Republic or simply as the Republic, was a huge union of star systems within the Cyrannus Galaxy.

At nine million inhabited systems, it was the largest nation in the galaxy. Its influence, however, stretched beyond its borders, encompassing most of the known galaxy and indeed, the First Gigaquadrant as a whole. As a nation, it had a great reputation and was a liberal melting pot of millions of different species.

The Cyrannian Republic was a leading economic, military and cultural force in the First Gigaquadrant and its multimillion systems served as a beacon of light in an otherwise dark universe. The URC was ruled by an elected president, who presided over the Cyrannian Senate. The capital of the URC, was the planet Orbispira, whose gleaming towers served as a reminder of the Cyrannian Republic's resolve and prosperity. However, eventually it was reorganised into an impressive imperial regime, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, bringing the galaxy into the Dark Times of Imperial Order and Rule.

Three years later, the Republic was re-established as the New Cyrannian Republic.


For a nation that only existed for under two decades, the Republic’s history was vast and detailed. It was often said that the entire history of the Republic could fill a thousand libraries of sheer information. For a peaceful nation, the majority of its history were mired with wars.

Formation and Early History (50 BTC – 6 BTC)[]

The ancient structure found by URC/Rambo scientists.

The United Republic of Cyrannus was formed from the previous government of Cyrannus, the Federation of United Worlds and like its predecessor, it remained quite small, well at least compared to its later self. When it was formed the early URC had the technology and population of a Tier III nation, however it grew at an alarming rate, within a week of its formation its member systems jumped from 256,000 to 891,000, most of these colonies were located in the Core Worlds, the large region of space surrounding the Galactic Core.

The early growth of the Republic was hampered by the famously devastating Intergalactic War, which left the galaxy on the brink of annihilation. During the early stages of this conflict, allied victories were rare, and yet it was also the catalyst of the great alliance between the Rambo Nation and the Republic, and during the first months of the war, an ancient connection was formed, still information on the subject is often kept secret from the general public.

Despite the ongoing defeat at the hands of the genocidal Cognatus, the damaged URC helped its allies in any way it could, a notable example was the battle between the Sylits and the Trix in a galaxy spanning civil war known as the Remvelkys War, however the destruction of Scorpia and the destruction of the Outer colonies prevented the Republic from becoming a major player in the war.

Continuing Destruction (6 BTC – 4 BTC)[]

Three URC Starfighters fly over Hell during the March of the Apocalypse.

This era was the darkest era of the young URC, the Cognatus’ genocidal crusade was leaving little survivors and the hopes of the once hopeful URC were placed in the brave Republic Navy. However an event was about to occur that would make the situation much, much worse…

The betrayal of the Xhodocto and the Deathmarch sent shivers of fear down the spines of the already fearful inhabitants, the brave officers of the Republic Navy were quick to defend their nation against the demonic threats. While losses were great, the sheer determination of the Republic won many battles along with the other allies. In the more peaceful, but no less chaotic world of politics, the URC joined with the Great Eight nations, the most powerful civilizations in the cosmos along with their great allies, Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets. Many alliances were formed also during this period such as that between the Federal Republic of Adelphi and the Acientia Kingdom, both of which became great allies. However during this time, the Cognatus continued to push their attacks with frightening levels of precision. They continued to push toward their final target.

However, things were beginning to improve on the fronts of other wars, such as the monumental victory over the Xhodocto in the March of the Apocalypse. The people of the Onuris Alliance celebrated, including the URC. It was a bright day of a dark time.

End of the Modern Age (4 BTC – 1 BTC)[]

The meeting on Ramaprica.

The year 3 BTC began with the initiation of the Tralor Civil War, the evil United Lanat Empire, long time enemies of Rambo Nation began a full scale war with the Tralor Freedom Force, a small rebellion striving for order in their galaxy. Rambo Nation and the URC pledged their support for the Freedom Force. In response the ULE attacked the three allied factions all across the Quadrant Galaxies. The destruction of the passenger ship, the ‘’Olympic Carrier’’ brought a large Republic Fleet to bear on the Lanat forces. The war began to even out. The war continues to this day.

During the war, the Rambo and the URC formed the Cyrandia Alliance together on the planet of Ramaprica, the alliance was formed as a strong pillar of unification between the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrants. Many other empires from the region also joined.

Back home in Cyrannus, attacks from the Cognatus finally reached the Core Worlds and launched an attack on the Twelve Colonies, a massive battle began between the allied forces of the URC, Rambo Nation, the DCP, Core Federation and the Vartekian Empires and the enemy forces of the Cognatus Alliance, the Imperial Alliance and the Trucinex. The battle was apocalyptic, with several of the colonies completely destroyed. Capricaerón itself was on the verge of destruction, however as suddenly as it began the Intergalactic War ended and the Cognatus disappeared into a portal that formed over the planet.

The Republic began a long process of heal.

Beginning of the Classic Era (2 BTC - 1 BTC)[]

A beautiful sunset on Orbispira, the new capital.

The Republic began to grow at a once again surprising rate, for the first time in its history, its member systems reached One Million. Many races began to join the Republic and its technology and population increased as a result. The Navy began to expand to surpass pre-war levels, and the government agreed for huge ship building founderys to be built, the largest and most famous example being the Shipyards of Cyroenia, which produced the Republic’s great fleet of Star Destroyers.

During this era of the revival, the former capital of Capricaerón came under attack by an adversary far greater than the Cognatus... Angazhar of the Deathmarch! He was after President Apollo and the ruler of Rambo Nation, Empress Ramashe who was on a state visit. The damage to the already devastated planet was severe, but the Krassio where able to drive him off.

Times however improved with contact with the Cavaneu Interstellar Union and the Osteolan Kingdom being made and of course, the destruction of the Imperial Alliance from one of their own. Rambo Nation was now the greatest power in the Quadrants, while the URC were the most powerful in Cyrannus. However, violence can always be seen in the universe, and the formation of the Confederacy of Allied Systems sparked tension in Cyrannus.

Great Expansion (1 BTC – 1 ATC)[]

The formation of the modern Republic of Cyrannus.

The greatest day in the history of the Republic was arguably the Treaty of Corulus, an event that brought thousands of worlds and species into the fold of the Republic, Orbispira was soon completed, as was the Shipyards of Cyroenia . The URC was at its height.

During this time, the URC also began to explore the Outer Rim of Cyrannus, President Apollo sent his father, Admiral Cretacea to map this unknown region. He departed from Cyreonia and plotted a course for the Outer Rim.

War is always on the horizon and the newly initated Vartekian War sent shivers of fear down the spines of the citizens of the URC. The Vartekians have long existed in the First Gigaquadrant as a neutral force, and yet the URC always held suspicions about them. These suspicions proved true when the Vartekians launched a huge attack on the allied forces of the First Gigaquadrant. The planet of Jovar in Rambo Nation was attacked as was the URC held world of Miridiá home of Vauai race. Both worlds were conquered in the original attack. However, the allies began gearing for a huge war.

First Year of the Great Cyrannus War (1 ATC - 2 ATC)[]

A Republic Taskforce destroys a Confederate base.

However, the URC was about to face a crisis, much closer to home, according to Republic Intelligence a Confederate Terrorist bombed the capital of the galaxy, Orbispira. The senate was in chaos, however most senators came to the conclusion that the only punishment was war! The Confederacy claimed that the Republic attacked the Confederacy Capital. The URC geared up for a huge war with their new mortal enemies. And so the, the Great Cyrannus War began. In the first month of the war, the URC gained and declined in ground, a great stalemate rushed across the galaxy, with the Confederacy and the Republic reaching for constant upper ground. The URC also set its eyes on the abandoned commonwealths of its former rival, the Core Federation.

In the third month of the war, it was decided by the President and the senators that the House of Representatives was unnecessary and it drew money from the tax payers of the Republic. So, in accordance to the Articles of Colonization, President Apollo dissolved the House and gave its power to the senate, so that they could easily make decisions with the President's approval. The senate itself also moved to the small temperate planet of Corunnia, a more peaceful location away from the hustle and bustle of the busy galactic capital.

The Siege of Libertopolos, one of the most desperate battles in the war.

Meanwhile, the Republic gathered word that the Tralor Freedom Force had fallen. Also during this period, the URC's colonies in the Milky Way were attacked by an entity known as AC and the Shu'olerthae Spawn, which destroyed many URC colonies, angered by this threat, the president ordered heightened security on all Republic planets, which included psionic Libertus. The URC also began to gain interest in the mythical, Scrolls of What Came Before. During the Great Cyrannus War's Third Month, the URC recieved word that both the Rambulan Star Empire and the Insector Eldarians were both destroyed. Shocked, they promised to help the Cyrandia Alliance solve the mysterious destructions of two great nations in the Quadrants.

During the fourth month of the Great Cyrannus War, the Confederacy launched a daring attack on Capricaerón. The battle was long and arduous, and many casualites occured on both sides. However the ingenuity of Fleet Admiral Cretacea won the day. During the battle, he protected the president, Senator Inviá and Magalen and Senator Lord Ram'Lendilia of Rambo Nation from the assualts of the famed General Zillum. Luckily, he protected the important individuals and destroyed Zillum's ship in the process. The scourge of the Cyrandia Alliance was finally slain.

A DCP/URC/Girdo Attack force engages the enemy during the incursions of the Coalition of Delpha.

Meanwhile, the Republic was contacted by an unknown empire somewhere within the Cyrannus Galaxy, the two nations exchanged stranded first contact greetings, the Republic discovered that the unknown empire is known as the Paingler Imperium and awaits a diplomat envoy from them to visit the planet, Coruinida.

Battle of New Capricaerón

In the Tigris Galaxy, the capital of the Tigris Colonies, New Capricaerón came under attack by an unknown enemy, heavy damage was inflicted at the colony, but the enemy mysteriously disappeared afterwards.

On Coruindia, the meeting with the Paingler Imperium became a resounding success. Both nations were now official allies. Soon after this joyous event, the Republic responded to a DCP call for a joint military operation against the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets and the newly revealed Coalition of Delpha by sending a fleet of Star Destroyers, which proved most useful against the enemy. In the end, the object that the allies were searching for, the Sporehenge was captured by the Xynaxes, a very powerful Tier 0, with few rivals.

Second Year of the Great Cyrannus War (2 ATC - 3 ATC)[]

General Sesoka and the UNO taskforce engage the Confederacy in the Dyslok Nebula.

In the early weeks of the new year, 2 ATC the Cyrannus Republic extended the arm of friendship and salvation to the FRA, native to the Kraw Galaxy that were in the midst of a devastating genocide initated by the United Lanat Empire. Sending a small humanitarian fleet to one of the few remaining FRA planets, Are'enes currently under siege from the Mortalitas Empire, he hoped that his plan to rescue and educate as many Asgord as possible could succeed. Upon landing on Are'enes, the Republic troopers gathered up as many Asgord families as possible and loaded them on their waiting transports. Upon arriving on Orbispira, the Asgord were shown an educational video showing the consequences of petting and the trouble it can land them in. Luckily, it was successful in changing the Asgord's petting habits. They now live happiliy in the URC.

The Battle of Delfoí's wages on it's swampy surface.

During the early stages of 2 ATC, the URC came under assault by a demonic army, who attacked both Capricaerón and Orbispira. Luckily, with the help of Kithworto the demons were defeated and the damage caused by them was repaired. Meanwhile, on the warfront, the URC teamed up with the Unified Nation of Ottzello in a daring attack on Trucinex Colonial Sector, which has been met with mixed results so far.

However, Apollo himself had a near brush with death when the curious little being, Gorf teleported him to Rambo Nation, where he caught sight of a Xhodocto wandering Ramashe's palace. He was left shaken by the this event. Luckily, he was visited by Empress Ramashe who explained everything about Dhazhrak and his two year reign over Rambo Nation. As the war raged on, the planet Delfoí, an important center of the URC came under attack and was conquered by the CAS. Soon afterward, the URC was contacted by the Bearian Nations Space Command, who requested that the URC give them a few new Eagle Attack Ships to use to counter terrorism, Apollo agreed, hoping to protect its citizens. He soon also contacted the Zazane Empire and proposed an alliance, which was accepted gladly by its ruler, Tyraz Breek.

The Malevolent destroys Ramaprica.

During the later stages of the 2 ATC, the Republic and Rambo Nation came into contact with a Remnant of the Cognatus Alliance. Despite a short battle occurring, the Cognatus eventually saw that the Intergalactic War was a mistake. After telling Ramashe and Apollo this, they called a meeting. The meeting turned out to be a great success and the people of the Cyrandia and the Cognatus Remnant began a process of peace and reconciliation. However, soon after, General Zillum of the Confederacy of Allied Systems destroyed the planet of Ramaprica. Saddened, the Cyrandia called for a replacement to be built.

Third Year of the Great Cyrannus War (3 ATC - 4 ATC)[]

Celebrations mark the new year on Orbispira.

The beginning of the third year in the Great Cyrannus War was not a bright one for the United Republic. Citizens began to distrust their neighbours, accusing them of being Confederate sympathisers. During the new year celebrations, even the president was in danger, when a dark entity known as Mar-Júun attempted to kill the president, only to fail when Miluiel defenders stepped forward. The URC also faced attack from a new enemy known as the Realm of the Bisistaran, while also fighting invasions from the United Lanat Empire and the Cyrannian Neraida on a regular basis.

During the second month of 3 ATC, a massive Ryderallo Beast attacked the planet, Orbispira, killing thousands before being stopped by the military and returned to a peaceful planet for study. The URC also contact the Zoles Imperium at this time.

The Republic came under increasing political pressure as the war dragged on, with an Osteolan Plot involving Duchess Whitestone and several assassination attempts made against her, even on the capital planet itself. A few days later, the Basileus layed siege to the Cavaneu homeworld, blockading it and forcing it's citizens to preform manual labour. However, luckily through the efforts of General Sesoka and Admiral Cretacea, the blockade was lifted and the Cavaneu were once again free. Before the end of the third month, the URC also launched a failed attack on Acrocanthaí which was once again in the hands of the ULE, however, they had more luck in regard to Corulus, liberating it from the Confederacy.

Basileus Battlecruisers ruthlessly destroy the civilian vessels.

Later in the year, the URC was key in ensuring the admission of the Cognatus Remnant into the Cyrandia Alliance, however the rest of the month would prove dark indeed. Upon hearing about possible treason within the Senate itself, Apollo tasked the bounty hunter, Linn-Taan with finding the truth. This led him to the infamous Confederate planet of Nosiso, where a massive battle was raged. Meanwhile, the URC came under the ruthless attack of a new enemy, the New Basileus Empire, which cut off the Perliama Run, the most important trade route in the URC, leaving many in the Core Worlds tiresome of war and fearing for their very lifes. It was a dark time indeed.

Rise of the Empire[]

The Rise of the Empire.

When the Confederacy besieged the Republic Capital in the Battle of Orbispira, a massive fleet arrived at the planet and aided the Republic in driving off the Confederate invaders. When the battle ended, the majority of the Republic's senate congregated in the Senate Chamber, joined by a great deal of reporters and other foreign dignitaries to hear the mysterious figure speak. Suddenly, Tyrómairon entered the chamber and was granted access to the Presidential Podium, which was usually filled by Apollo, who was absent.

In a rousing speech Tyrómairon enacted his grand plan, announcing the reorganisation of the Republic into a new hyperpower, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. His pleas to the Senate for change were supported by Guolivian who used information given to him by Morgandaûr to completely de-credit Apollo and the Cyrandia Alliance who were branded as traitors. By the end of Tyrómairon's speech the Republic was no more, replaced by the Great Galactic Imperatore.


The conference which reinstated the Republic.

Three years after the fall of the Republic, the former President Apollo began to seek allies in the hopes of reinstating the democratic superpower. After tireless work across the Cyrandia Cluster, he was eventually able to convince the Empire to allow a conference that would hopefully result in the formation of a New Republic. By the end of the Conference, the races and civilisations of the Cluster all aided in the re-establishment of democracy, in the form of the New Cyrannian Republic.

Alternate Timelines[]

  • Victory: In a timeline in which the Mornûnendur are absent, the Republic won the war against the Confederacy of Allied Systems, forcing them to surrender. While the Confederacy still existed, it was now a mere rump state. President Apollo led the Republic into the new era of galactic reconstruction, though the end of his term led to the election of Guolivian as President. Apollo and his family retired to his homeworld of Capricaerón to live out the rest of their days in peace. Apollo's son Laoi Cretacea would follow in his father's footsteps, becoming Senator of Capricaerón in 34 ATC and President ten years later. His daughter Kara Inviá would become a high ranking officer in the peace-keeping forces of the Republic Navy, following in the footsteps of her grandfather. Despite the lingering threat of the Neraida Gigamatrix and the Dominion of the Xhodocto, the galaxy was on the precipice of a thousand years of peace and prosperity.




Apollo with various senators of the Republic.

The federal government of the United Republic of Cyrannus was formed in the year 53 BNE, after President Caelia Varo reformed the Federation of United Worlds into a strong central government. However, it would be President Aedanius Cretacea who led the Republic to new heights by becoming a Gigaquadrantic superpower respected across the universe.

The seat of the government was the galactic capital, Orbispira, however after the terrorist bombing on the planet that started the Great Cyrannus War the senators of the Republic decided that a new location was needed, the small temperate planet of Corunnia. The Corunnia Senate is locked deep within a mountain, similar to the Rambo Senate at Väeressëa. Republic designers decided that this was the most efficient way to protect the senate from attack. The Congress of the URC is was once bicameral, and consisted of the Cyrannus Senate and the House of Representatives, however in the third month of the year, 1 ATC, the president decided to dissolve the House of Representatives in order to give more power to the senate.

The power of the Executive branch of the United Republic was vested in the President, which is elected for seven years, however one can get elected for for two terms numbering in fourteen years.

List of Presidents


The primary and most common religion in the United Republic of Cyrannus was the believe in the Lords of the Thirteen, a polytheistic faith with a strong emphasis on the philosophy of eternal return, with the phrase, All this has happened before and all this will happen again, being well known across the nation.

However, the society of the URC was almost entirely secular with other faiths being very common, such as the believe in the One God, or the worship of the Rambo Gods. However, the greater majority of the citizens of Cyrannus were either agnostics or atheists.


The United Republic Economy was vast, and the central hub of the Republic, the Core Worlds were fed an entire universe of trade. The United Republic of Cyrannus had one of the largest economies in the universe due to all its member planets producing materials which could be sold for billions.

The primary monetary system used in the Cyrannus Galaxy was the Capricaerónn Cubit, which had been used for over 2000 years, a note was called a Cubit and a coin was called a Kara. The principle planet for monetary production was the ecumenopolis, Orbispira. However, many member systems such as Capricaerón and Corulus had there own stockmarkets, however these fell below the stockmarket on Orbispira.

Individual Characters[]


Republic and Confederate space during the first year of the Great Cyrannus War.

The Cyrannus Republics astrology had fluctuated since its formation, due to mainly the Cognatus invasion in the Intergalactic War. During the war the URCs numbers went from 1.4 million colonies to 560,000, however after the Intergalactic War it rose again to over 5 million. While this was more then most empires, the loss of planets had been a serious blow to Cyrannian Moral. Luckily, after the war, the Republic's size nearly tripled. Orbispira was the new capital of the Cyrannus Republic, and because of its importance to the URC, it had been named the capital of the Core Worlds, Cyrannus and the Republic itself.


The Core Worlds


The days of the United Republic of Cyrannus were not peaceful. The organisation itself has found itself at the center of numerous wars and conflicts, always returning successful. After the Intergalactic War, the Republic Navy had dramatically increased in size and firepower.

The gigantic shipyards of Cyroenia were built resulting in a massive increase of the URC's military based reputation in other nations.


Cretacea is a famous URC Admiral.

The URC was a huge benevolent democracy, of freedom and liberty, however sometimes it needs to use force to protect itself and its ideals from harm, using the Republic Navy, the brave captains of the navy came in all shapes and sizes, especially since the monumental Treaty of Corulus, when countless races joined the URC and by extension the captains of the Republic also diversified.

Famous captains include, Fleet Admiral Cretacea, Supreme Admiral Nagala, Admiral Shaw and Admiral Adraci.

Republic Navy[]

The Republic Navy was the primary space force of the United Republic of Cyrannus. It controlled many large and powerful ships and its might was rivaled by few. It generally works closely with the navies of the DCP and Rambo Nation in various conflicts across the cosmos. The captains that served in the navy are some of the most elite in the universe, and as listed above, they included many famous and brave figures that command the Star Dreadnoughts, Star Destroyers and frigates of the Navy.

The Navy was headquartered on Cyroenia, but central power was in the government of Orbispira. The Republic utilized many famous classes of ships, from the venerable Venator-class, the massive Mandator-class and the ferocious Victory-class.


The URC was a friendly republic and had many allies throughout the galaxy and beyond. The Libertus had been gaining many alliances which was good for trade and for increasing knowledge about other cultures. The United Republic of Cyrannus's strongest ally was the brave and noble Rambo Nation, but relations were very good with both the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Krassio Host. They were also leading members in the Seven Star Alliance.

Notable Treaties[]

The United Republic of Cyrannus and its predecessor the Capricorn Sector Alliance had been the protagonists of tremendous projects and the holders of them, here are the most important and notable, along with some summary of that treaty's story:

Peace and Cold War Treaty The Capricorn Sector Alliance was given the opportunity of preceding negotiations with the Xhodocto, in behalf of the Krassio Host specially, they are the ones that proposed to the Xhodocto to heal the galaxy together.

Tigris Treaty The Capricorn Sector Alliance also convinced the Nigtrions, former guardians of the Tigris galaxy, to let other empires enter the sector in order to help rebuild its ecosystem, this allowed the CSA and to establish some colonies in Tigris, as well as other empires, the treaty did a lot of benefit to both empires, Nigtrions and Cyrannians.

Republic Treaty The Capricorn Sector Alliance wanted to bring an end to unnecessary wars and so formed the great United Republic of Cyrannus}}.

Treaty of Ramaprica The URCs relations with Rambo Nation meant that a new alliance was formed between the beings of Cyrannus and the other Quadrant Galaxies, the Cyrandia Alliance was formed and is possibly the greatest alliance the Quadrant Galaxies have ever seen.

Treaty of Corulus The United Republic of Cyrannus gained many new members from all across Cyrannus in this monumental treaty, which unified many empires from across the galaxy in the first known galactic government.


Green face.pngWe shall forever honour our alliance, and we hope it prospers for eternity.

  • Rambo Nation - A brave and noble nation; The URC strongest allies.
  • Miluiel - While they aren't a true nation, we are in awe of their powers
  • Seven Star Alliance- An alliance of powerful empires working to stop evil and vandals. The URC is a member
  • Krassio Host- The wise and noble House of Krassio are evil vanquishers and one of the URCs strongest allies.
  • Shka'Tun Imperium - A new gigaquadrantic superpower, we hope our alliance lasts.
  • Kraw Empire - Allies of the Tahar that have recently allied with the URC.
  • Xylon Empire - A military empire that wishes to end all evil in the Universe.
  • Paingler Imperium - A large and expansionist empire native to an unknown star cluster of Cyrannus. Our two nations are now officially allies.
  • Zazane Empire - A famous warrior empire that has recently allied with us.


Yellow face.pngWe hope we can come to an understanding.

  • Jarquvix Federation - The URC considers the Jarquvix a neutral force after they apologized for their threats.
  • Corthrinus - A very powerful empire native to Cyrannus, an alliance could be beneficial.
  • Cyrannian Neraida - We did not expect them to put forward a treaty, though we shall honour it.

Current Enemies[]

Red face.pngWe will hunt you down using any weapon we can get our hands on!

  • Vartekian Empire- An old empire of evil beings that have attacked many empires across the universe.
  • Xhodocto- The universes worst nightmare.
  • Cult of the Deathmarch - An alliance of empires that worship the Xhodocto.
  • New Basileus Empire - Dreadful tyrants, many citizens live in fear of their bloodthirsty attacks.

Former Enemies[]


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Allied and Neutral Empires[]

A great nation, we are glad to be members in this omnipotent force!

- Linna, Prime Minister of the Adelphi

Powerful, Amazing, Incredible.

- Emperor Horkarew of the Tahar Empire

I am amazed at the high technological development of the URC. Could they help us with the Xhodocto?

- Emperor Varkeos of the Kraw Empire

Awwww Cute Capricyránae! We want to pet them and hug them, They are just so cute!

- Diplomat Lezia of the Friendly Republic of the Asgord (FRA)

Could we buy Technology from them? I wonder how much would it cost...

- Emperor Ko'han of the Federal Khereg of the Asgord

They may have allied with our foes, but they're amazing...

- Prince Rhes 23 of the Iteok Khereg

The United Republic of Cyrannus, a legend so great her name and status is well known throughout the First Gigaquadrant. A peaceful and democratic Republic, they are legendary. There is no need to note where they are, only the name URC is a note that other species respect and honor, whether they are enemies or allies. Our long time allies, brothers in arms and neighbours, we honor and respect the URC a lot. With a bond stronger and beyond our imagination, our destinies lies together. Long live and hail the United Republic of Cyrannus.

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

The United Republic of Cyrannus is perhaps the greatest nation we have ever encountered, though we are new to the Gigaquadrant.

- Emperor Tribenus III of the S.P.Q.R.N

The URC are one of our best allies!!! If you want to know our first, it's the DCP.

- The BNSC

We can help 'em out in grinding the Confederacy of Allied Systems to dust, for now.

- High Fleet Commandant Zerkruztozrokr of House Xarikuz

An honorable nation, worthy of respect. We look forward to a prosperous alliance.

- Emperor Kahtojhen of the Paingler Imperium

You claim your territory is vast, but compared to us, you are unlike an ant. Stay neutral for your own good.

- The Junction Mind

Their cities are magnificent, their people are very hospitable and friendly, and yet will fight for what the believe is right. They are a powerful race, willing to do ANYTHING to survive. We share many things in common. That's is why we have a deep liking for the URC. We hope our alliance with them NEVER dies!

- Captain Jovar III, Former Jovar Empire

They have a reputation for being fair and just aswell as democractic, and they've shown us no reason to disregard that reputation. We will help them in any way we can.

- President Electraza of the United Estates

The URC is a great ally, and they make great warriors on the battlefield. We hope that our alliance with them never ends.


Grand Admiral Dondrik of the Sylit Republic

One of the closest allies of Rambo Nation, with large and powerfull ships and many troopers, they prevented us from taking over many a Colonie. Yet, we managed to attack them back and even one of there enemies joined our ranks as equall. Ah yes, the Second Galactic War learned me an important lesson about the URC. It was them whom prevented us from taking over Rambo Nation entirly, and yet......... still they are also plagued by various enemies. Let them think they are safe, let think they can live happily in there homes and enjoying there Twelve Colonies, let them hope there alliance with the Rambo will be forever. Yes, let them know they defeated us!! Before they notice it, it will all be in vain and far, ow yes, far too late!

- Galactic Emperor of the Former Imperial Alliance

Great guys, their diplomatic ways have set peace in many places of the Universe, hope they keep on doing that, nice ships BTW looks like something we saw in a old tape we found on the third rock from Sol

- The Gablinus-Avis

We disrespect their choice of government, and know that they could be stronger. Until they change their government, they are not on friendly terms.

- Supreme General Uravaun of the Nexint Empire

Can there be anything Friendlier?

- A Gablinus-Avis on the URC

What a proud, large democracy. We hope to be like them in many years.

- A Pepis on the URC

Hur hur hur. Da Oo Aar See dats a stoopid name dey really quite dum but dere is worse dumbos dan dese doods Ill giv dem dat.

- Zr'Ahgloth

The United Republic of Cyrannus is a peaceful nation, we are honored to call them allies!

- King Cavvia'Ko of the Doriaca Kingdom

Ah, the Cyrannus Republic. They share a few things in common with us, it's true. We are happy to have helped them and to call them allies, as they are a powerful nation always seeking to do the right thing.

- Valzo

Worth noting.

- Archpriestess Iovera of the Divinarium

Vast interstellar empire. Massive armada. Huge economy. I like these guys already!

- Crown Prince Carmonion Kyanos of the Keiternyan Star Empire upon encountering them.

Enemy Empires[]

The United Republic of Cyrannus, their military is magnificent yet they misuse it! The believe that order is obtained by democracy which, we agree has its place but the only way to obtain permanent order is by military force and strict laws! Also, their government system has a major flaw as it allows civilians to choose their leader, this surly leads to corruption and disorder!

- United Lanat Empire

Well...we don't care. They might attack us but we'll just scourge their Galaxy clean in seconds. Best for them to keep their distance from us.

- Khazurhal Angazhar

Great shall be the day when you burn to ashes, and the powers of the black fog finish off your existence.

- Mar-Júun



  • With over 9 million worlds, the URC was one of the largest empires in the known universe.
  • Their three greatest allies in order were the Rambo, DCP and the Krassio Host. However, the latter two of these empires had fallen.
  • The URC controlled one of the largest fleets in the universe.
  • The URC was based of many different things, such as the Colonials from Battlestar Galactica and the Republic from Star Wars.

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