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The Persan are rather unconventional in terms of warfare. Their army is a legion of mech pilots known as Immortals numbers a grand total of a hundred thousand in (no more no less in peace time). These mecha are attended to by their own legion of offensive and defensive support drones that follow the Immortal's and the mech AI's command as well as acting on their own far simpler AIs. Command structure among the Immortals is pretty simple with Adeptus Major Zelator overseeing and commanding a number of their fellow Immortals. An Adeptus Zelator Major Grade A commands ten Immortals, an Adeptus Zelator Major Grade B commanding hundreds of Immortals, an Adeptus Zelator Major Grade Y commanding hundreds of Immortals, the Adeptus Zelator Major Grade G overseeing tens of thousands of immortals, and the Adeprus Zealtor Major Grade D the entirety of the Immortal Legion.

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Persan mecha are divided into three classifications of mecha Sparabara, Takabara, Cardaces, and Immortals. Sparabara are heavy mechs heavily armed with powerful long ranged energy weapons. Takabara are much light, faster, and more maneuverable mechs but considerably more fragile with lighter armor and hulls. Cardaces are sturdy and durable mechs traditionally armed with kinetic and melee weapons. Finally there are Immortals, larger, biomechanical mecha that wield strange eldritch weapons and abilities. Immortals have a life of their own and are known for acting with a savage and animalistic fury that their pilot mirrors while controlling the beast. While Sparabara and Takabara can be piloted by anyone trained to do so Immortals will only except Persa. Cardaces are mechs give traditionally given to Mendel, Zarbanian, Dragowar, etc. mercenaries who have come to live in the UPD and wish to join military service.

Pilots of the mechs all where a biomechanical suit called an Encounter Suit. Encounter Suits come in several standard configurations of Combat (no armor but heavy shielding and no mobility restriction), Battle (light armor and moderate shielding with minimal mobility restrictions), and Assault (heavy armor and moderate shielding with moderate mobility restriction). Other more special types are Mobile (same general configuration as Combat but with flight capabilities) and Stealth (no armor with moderate shielding and minimal mobility restrictions, and the power to turn invisible). All Encounter Suits are equipped with a large number of other equipment for a variety of situations and potential problems.

To support their mechs the UPD employs a number of different forms of drones that all resemble various forms of biomechanical beast. The first of these drones are Transport-class Drones used to transport mechs and other drones. They are divided into Roboceros used to transport other transports, Datasaurs used to transport mechs, and Compuceans used to transport drones. Second are Recon-class Drones that seek out and spy upon enemy forces. They are divided into Computrice used for areal recon and Robotors used for ground recon. Third are Combat-class Drones who engage enemy infantry and vehicles in direct combat. They are divided into Ferrolines that act as line infantry, Programthers that act as snipers, Ferrocons that acts as airborne infantry, Turbosaurs that act as heavy infantry, and Wirelves that act as light infantry,

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Persan naval doctrine is based around the use of the Juggernaut. Juggernauts (also known as supercarriers-dreadnaughts) are massive ships measuring tens of thousands of meters in length. They act as mobile cities in space, as well as mobile command centers and air fields able to keep a fleet supplied by themselves for several months. However, Juggernauts can also be armed with powerful ordinances and guns allowing them to act as mobile hyperspacial batteries and engage enemies directly. There are four Juggernauts in the Persan navy each measuring about 50,000 meters in length, they are named Ashakhan, Ashikha, Ashokhan, and Ashukhan.

Of course the Persan deploy other ships as well, namely carriers, cruisers and frigates. Carriers and Cruiser generally measure in the thousands of meters in length but are deployed on different missions. Carriers act as mobile command bases and airfields while cruisers act as something of a highly fast and mobile "pocket battleship", armed with weapons both for realspace and hyperspace engagements. Frigates are the smallest ships employed by the UPD measuring only in the hundreds of meters in length. Frigates are light and fast warships used to provide fire support and/or act as escorts for Juggernauts and Cruisers. Void Hunters, hyperspacial stealth ships, are classified as a form of frigate by the Persan despite having a different role as both have the same size.

Finally there are Aersospace Fighters. These are multirole, AI controlled aerospace fighters capable of traveling through both hyperspace and real space. Persan fighters are used for a variety of roles from hyperspace bombing run against enemy carriers to dog fighting against enemy fighters. They are traditionally armed with a single, turret mounted railgun and external hard-points upon which can be mount various different real space and hyperspace missiles, bombs, and rockets.

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The vast majority of weapons employed by the UPD are kinetic in nature. These guns rely on electromagnetic rails to propel caseless ammunition. They come in a variety of infantry guns (such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles) and artillery guns (such mortars and howitzers), as well as more unconventional forms such a bows using electromagnetic strings to propel heavy arrows. These guns can be armed on small hover drones which can be deployed as part of a Nexus Defense or Nexus Offense System.

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The UPD employs a number of explosive weapons in the forms of rockets and missiles, non-guided and guided respectively. Ground based versions of these weapons employ conventional explosives while those used in space combat employ nuclear and anti-matter explosives depending on whether they are use for real space or hyperspace combat respectively. Mecha with special gears can carry nuclear and anti-material missiles on external hard-points (only being able to carry conventional explosives internally) but must deploy all of them before transforming into ground mode (if using anti-matter).

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Energy weapons are primarily employed in the form of melee weapons called progressive knives which are technically a cross between kinetic and energy weapon. They are classified as energy weapons because the use high frequency vibrations to greatly increase their cutting power. Plasma weapons also exist employing gauss to propel bolts or beams of plasma to incinerate targets. plasma weapons come with a nearly inexhaustible supply of ammunition (hydrogen gas) but can overheat if fired for too long.

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  • AI Assistant - The mech comes with an AI that can control the mech while the pilot is outside the cockpit.
  • Chameleon Armor - The mech's outer shell changes color , pattern, and texture to better blend in to the surrounding environ.
  • Duel Piloting - The mech can be piloted by two individuals.
  • Extra Shielding - The mech comes armed with a weak secondary energy shield.
  • Quadmech - The mech has four legs instead of two making it more stable.
  • Turrets - The mech can mounts its auxiliary weapons upon automatic turrets controlled by a simple AI.
  • Extra Arm - The mech comes with a third arm allowing it to wield three auxiliary weapons at once
  • Chaff - The mech can autodeploy chaffs in response to incoming missiles
  • Canopy Shield - The mech's energy shield extends out from its body allowing multiple mechs can take cover in.
  • AP Pods - The mech has shape charges on its legs that automatically explode outward to deal with infantry that get to close.

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  • Jump Jets - The mech has jets to improve its jumping power.
  • VTOL - The mech has a VTOL system that allows it to hover in atmosphere.
  • Aerospace - The mech can act as an aerospace fighter as well as a mech.

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