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The Persan are rather unconventional in terms of warfare. Their army is a legion of mech pilots known as Immortals numbers a grand total of a hundred thousand in (no more no less in peace time). These mecha are attended to by their own legion of offensive and defensive support drones that follow the Immortal's and the mech AI's command as well as acting on their own far simpler AIs. Command structure among the Immortals is pretty simple with Adeptus Major Zelator overseeing and commanding a number of their fellow Immortals. An Adeptus Zelator Major Grade A commands ten Immortals, an Adeptus Zelator Major Grade B commanding hundreds of Immortals, an Adeptus Zelator Major Grade Y commanding hundreds of Immortals, the Adeptus Zelator Major Grade G overseeing tens of thousands of immortals, and the Adeprus Zealtor Major Grade D the entirety of the Immortal Legion.

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The UPd uses a multitude of drones to support their mechs. The first of these are the Sparabara, or line drones that operate around the mechs operational zone, helping to maintain it and combat enemies within the operational zone. They are decently armed and of average speed, and can be equipped with both auxiliary, main, and heavy weapons. Takabara are next and are a form of light drone that go out past the mech's operational zone to scout and harass enemies. They are fast, but lightly armed and can only be equipped with auxiliary and main weapons. Both forms of drone tend to use kinetic weapons but can be give explosive and plasma.

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The Cataphract is the standard transport for UPD mecha and drones. These are large transports that carry an onboard nuclear reactor and power-cord to power the mech. They can also deploy battery packs to give the mech power when the cord is unavailable or impractical. Each cataphract carries one mech and a legion of drones to assist the mech, both takabara and sparabara. Cataphracts have two forms: a wheeled ground for and an winged aerospace form with the mech being deployed from the top or the bottom of the transport respectively. In the aerospace form the cataphract can even submerge itself underwater and deploy the mech into the ocean.

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Persan mecha are known simply as Jetframes and come in no specific configurations, rather they come in one general configuration which the pilot can order customized to their liking. All jetframes can carry two side arms, a main armament, and a heavy armament of the pilot's choosing from a catalog of varable kinetic, plasma, explosive, drone, and melee weapons. They also come with two ability slots that can be filled with ability programs that can be ordered custom to the pilot's liking. All this customization ensuring that no two jetframes are ever alike. All jetframes though do have the ability to transform into a aerospace fighter, eliminating the need to produce more aerospace fighters. Both forms can travel effectively underwater.

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Persan ships are diverse and adaptable things able to fulfill a multitude of roles. First there are the Bireme-type Frigates which measure in the upper tens of meters and are employed as escorts and patrol ships. Next there are the Trireme-type Cruisers which measure in the hundreds of meters and are used for cruising missions but the smaller ones can also be equipped with an alternate Void Hunter gear to transform them into Void Hunters. Then there are Quadreme-type Dreadnoughts which measure in the thousands of meters and come in three major gear configurations. Battleship for engaging enemies head on and leading fleets into battle, Battlecruiser for heavy cruising missions to destroy enemy capitalships, and Battlecarrier for carrying mechs, supplies, and acting as a mobile command base. Finally there is the Quinquereme-class Juggernaut (also known as a supercarrier-dreadnought or titan), a massive 50,000 meter long ship that can keep a fleet supplied for months and are heavily armed enough to serve directly in combat. There are four Quinqueremes in the Persan navy named Ashakhan, Ashikha, Ashokhan, and Ashukhan.

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The vast majority of weapons employed by the UPD are kinetic in nature. These guns rely on an electrical triggering system and electric motor to propel caseless ammunition. They come in a variety of infantry guns (such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles) and artillery guns (such mortars and howitzers). These guns can be armed on small hover drones which can be deployed as part of a Nexus Defense or Nexus Offense System. More powerful but more heavy and bulky are railguns and mass drivers that employ electromagetic forces to deploy large flechettes against targets, with mass drivers making up the main ship weapons of the UPD.

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The UPD employs a number of explosive weapons in the forms of rockets and missiles, non-guided and guided respectively. Ground based versions of these weapons employ conventional explosives while those used in space combat employ nuclear and anti-matter explosives depending on whether they are use for real space or hyperspace combat respectively. Mecha in aerospace fighter mode can carry nuclear and anti-material missiles on external hard-points (only being able to carry conventional explosives internally) but must deploy all of them before transforming into ground mode (if using anti-matter).

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Energy weapons are primarily employed in the form of melee weapons called progressive knives which are technically a cross between kinetic and energy weapon. They are classified as energy weapons because the use high frequency vibrations to greatly increase their cutting power. Plasma weapons also exist employing gauss to propel bolts or beams of plasma to incinerate targets. plasma weapons come with a nearly inexhaustible supply of ammunition (hydrogen gas) but can overheat if fired for too long.

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