A dead man once said that hidden beneath our facade of civilisation and nicety is a Dominatus - that the angry rage of unrestrained ambition, the uncontrollable desire to dominate, the addiction to the feeling of being feared is solely what drives a species. Perhaps some of us thought this was true, though our fears subsided when we thought of the Persan. Beneath those calm, understanding eyes lay the all-consuming fire that had driven the Dominatus, and in their hands lay the capacity to visit unfathomable agony and terror upon those they judged worthy of their interest. But they had civilized such urges, binding this unfettered, destructive chaos into restorative order. This was not the order of megalomaniac hegemony, but of shepherding, nurturing, and growing - seeking to cooperate with the rest of the Gigaquadrant to advance all life itself to enlightenment. However, it is an unwise species that confuses this kindness for weakness, for as much as they deny it, the Persan merely seek an excuse to shed the veil of civility and order to make their opponents wish for a fate as sweet as death

- Unknown

History Edit

The Persacron Edit

The history of the Persan first began with the legendary Star Dragons known as the Persacron, massive dragons thousands of kilometers in height, absolute control over the elements of Liminal Energy, and possessing both Fruit of Life and Fruit of Knowledge making them gods in the eyes of many beings. The Persacron lived in harmony with the Multus Esse until the rebellion of the Alpha Grox. The Alpha Grox drove the Multus Esse into hiding and then turned their attention to the Persacron having learned that by destroying 30 stars they could create artificial lifeforms, called Dragon Machine Soldiers, of equal power to the Persacron that would grow stronger the more star dragons it killed. The Alpha Grox destroyed 100 suns creating three complete Dragon Machine Soldiers and one partially complete that started hunting the Persacron to near extinction. The Persacron to survive choose to sacrifice themselves by removing their Fruit of Life and dissolving into primordial ooze called Eitr from which new life would energe and eventually evolve into new sapient races.

The Melam Edit

These newly created races quickly took to the stars and spread out across a region of space known as the Persan Expanse. At some point a central authority called the Melam Empire emerged and put all of the Expanse under their dominion via a caste system. The Melam were notoriously abusive and conducted unrestricted sapient experimentation without regard for the suffering it would cause. These experiments resulted in many things such as an entire generation of children with uncontrollable elemental powers and a connection to the mysterious realm know as the Veil called the Persa, and psychotic uncontrollable biodrones known as the Avatars. Eventually the Melam Empire came under assault by a mysterious and utterly alien existential threat named the Sclus. Unable to combat the Scelus the Melam armed the Persa with the Avatars to fight them off. The Persa were successful in repelling the Scelus, however turned upon the Melam who had abused them and slaughtered them all. However, the republic that arose to the replace the Melam feared the Persa for the unstable elemental powers they wielded and psychotic warmachines being in the hands of mentally unstable teenagers. They forced the Persa to flee into deepspace. There the Persa went into hibernation waiting for a time when someone would awake them.

The Drakodominatus Tyranny Edit

Unfortunately for the Persa those who awoke them were the Drakodominatus Tyranny who found them floating in deepspace. They enslaved and experimented upon the Persa whose anomalous psychic abilities help contribute to the development of the Drakodomintus biodrones. When the Drakodominatus unleash the Ultima Serum upon their own kind. The Persa escaped in the resulting chaos and fled into deepspace. There they were discovered by the Waptoria who helped them flee to territory now occupied by the nations of nascent UAE. There to their shock the Persa found the Persan Expanse now in a state of complete anarchy. The Persa launched a military campaign both to reunite the Expanse and recover their lost Avatars. Thus the Persa united the UPD and established the Sefirot as its central authority.

The Persa then turned their attention to securing their future against the Dominatus and the taking revenge for their enslavement. They learned how to transfer their Avatars into larger mech frames called Juggernauts and how to teleport their Juggernauts through the Veil to bypass Dominatus long range weapons and strike at them with melee weapons. These tactics proved utterly devastating against the Dominatus who could never truly counter them. When the war came to an end the powers of the Anti-Dominatus Coaltion met to discuss what to do with the remaining Dominatus. The Persa wanted to exterminate the adult Dominatus but take the new and unborn to be raised as Persa, they were overruled though and the Dominatus were exterminated in full. This left the Persa with a cynical streak in regards to international politics and for awhile they would seek contact with no one else outside the UAE.

Society Edit

Organization Edit

The UPD is the ruling authority of the region of space in Mirus known as the Persa Expanse composed of a numerous system states known as the Satraps. These Satraps are largely independent only owning loyalty to the UPD's central authority in the form of taxes, adherence to code of sapient rights, and maintaining internal order. The central authority of the UPD is the Daas, the ruling authority of the homesystem (the Sefirot) of the three founding races of the UPD. The Daas prefers to exercise soft power to control the region employing soft power in the form of military dominance via its Immortal Legions and powerful navy, and control of three pillars of Persa society: control of the gateway network connecting all habitable worlds, control of the universal Persan currency, and control the Dream: Persan netspace that connects all individuals in the UPD.

Society within the authority of Daas specifically is divided up into castes with the castes being grouped up into three Orders. The first order is the civilian order as is divided into Neophytes (those yet to reach maturity), Zelators (soldiers), Theoricus (shamans and scientists), Practicus (service), and Philosophus (merchant and artisan). These castes are not determined by birth but rather chosen by a neophyte in the course of their education. There is also an Intermediate or Portal Caste of those who are changing from one caste to another or perform the functions of two castes. The second order is more of a ranking of the members within the caste itself com posed of Adeptus Minors (most members of cast), Adeptus Majors (mid leadership of a caste), and Adeptus Exemptus (high ranked leadership of a caste). The Third Order is composed of the grades of political leadership within the UPD first being the Magister Templi (elected representatives of a satrap), Magus (elected representatives of a caste), and the Ipssisimus (elected representative of the Daas as a whole).

When establishing colonies in other galaxies or regions of Mirus the UPD establishes what are known as Commissions. These Commissions are expeditionary forces sent out by the Daas to help establish new independent Satraps in these territories. Once new satraps have been established the Commission will act as the local arm of the Daas in the new territory providing and maintaining security, prosperity, and stability in the region via Immortals, naval power, and the three pillars.

Culture Edit

The United Persan Descendants is well known for being highly multicultural and hosting a great number of different ethnicities that can be found across the Persan expanse. In general the peoples of the UPD can be very broadly categorized into four categories. First are the Exodians who make up the vast majority of the UPD and are those who spread out and settled the various worlds away from their ancient homeworlds. Second are the Pastoralists who are nomads that wander from planet to planet never truly settling down. Third are Genisians who still inhabit the homesystem of the founding Persan species and make up the second smallest demographic of the UPD.

The fourth demographic is the smallest and the most esoteric and mythologized among the Persan. These are the Persa themselves, the descendants of the generation children who manifested out of control over powers the strange Phantasm Element after the disastrous Melam experiments with piercing the veil of reality into the essence plane known as Terra Incognita. Powers all modern Persa still posses. It is the ancestors of the Persa who pilot the ancient and mysterious eldritch mecha known as the Immortals and used them to drive back the first Scelus Invasion, and it is now their descendants who stand as the great sword and shield of the UPD against all existential threats.

Despite most of the UPD being not of any degree of Persa descent, the Persa as a people are highly mythologized as the descendants of the ancient heroes that were the first Persa. To the the peoples of the Persan expanse the first Persa were saviors from the assimilation of the Scelus and liberators from the oppression of the Melem. Every colony and peoples in the UPD and even some beyond have stories of a great Persa hero saving their people from some existential threat. Even now they are regarded as protects against exploitation by the Claxe, extermination by the Pirata, or consumption by Stitches. Because of this most Persa keep their lineage hidden unless they have directly manifest the powers associated with it. Both to avoid too high of expectations from the believers and/or ridicule from the disbelieving.

Religion Edit

Religious tolerance is a guaranteed freedom in the United Persan Descendants, with only a few exceptions such as Darkling cults and the like. However, the majority religion in the UPD is the one known as Drakenism, a monotheistic religion dedicated to the worship of three dragon goddess; Asa Miki of the Sun, Ama Maka or the White Moon, and Ara Maya of the Black Moon. The Persan hold to the worship of asa Miki called Asism and ban the worship of the other goddesses

According to the doctrine of Asism Asa Miki created the universe but was opposed by her sisters with Ara Maya seeking to destroy creation and Ama Maka seeking to restructure creation to obey her own designs. Thus the three goddess are in constant battle with one another for the fate of the universe. To help her in maintaining creation Asa Miki created the Persacron Star Dragons, embodiments of the elements of nature who the Persan accredit with being their progenitors. Asism teaches the pursuits of moral values, economic values, psychological values, and spiritual values as the path achieving a good afterlife and reincarnation into the universe after Asa Miki's sisters influences have been purged and creation rebuilt.

In the UPD there is also a strong presence of allied religions of Zaraturaism, Raptoranean Pantheon, Mellynrism, Baspirism, Spodism, and the Zarbanian Pantheon is being to make headway. The Persan tolerance of other religions is built on a very simple principle. To them there is one god, but just as a hand has multiple fingers god has multiple ways of making itself known. To the persan all simply have their own way they must walk and no one way will fit for all, one mountain but many paths upon that mountain.

Technology Edit

Technology throughout the UPD is highly diverse and with no two Satraps ever being at the same level of technology. Depending on what planet one is on they can find themselves living a tribal near stone age life style to a planet spanning metropolis. This is because all UPD is based off whatever could be scavenged from the remains of the Melam Empire after its fall. The amount of abandoned tech left upon ta world, the quality of that tech, and the inhabitants ability to understand and reverse engineer was always rather unequal leading to these rather schizophrenic disparities between levels of advancements between nations. With travel and trade between Satraps being opened these disparities are beginning to level off though this often leads to even more schizophrenic tech disparities and such strange sights as pastoral nomadic horsemen hunting rouge machine across steppe with powerful railguns.

All this being said because Persan technology is based off scavenge from the fallen Melam Empire's so there are many commonalities. One is that all Persan technology is biomechanical in nature fuse machine and organic parts to the point that the barrier between the two can no longer be recognized. Second is that it never has any external control system instead being control via a neurosync system. Third is that all Persan devices are powered by microfusion reactors. Finally is that all Persan regardless of their technological standing are provided interstellar travel and communications tech by the UPD. All Persan have access to the Dream, a Persan netspace created via all the interconnect neurocommincations systems of every Persan citizen. Many Persan live lives that exist just as much in the Dream as they do in the material world.

In terms of weapon technology the Persan may seem primitive but are rather effective all the same operating on the principle that anything will break if hit hard enough. Most Persan weaponry, even that used by the Avatar corps, is kinetic in nature firing solid projectiles via electromagnetic means such as coils or rails. Melee weapons used progressive augments that cause the blade to vibrate at extremely high frequencies. Energy weapons in the form of plasma do exist but are in the rarity. Every soldier in the UPD has access to a diverse catalog to equip themselves with though so most can find an energy weapon if the wish, kinetic just tends to be less expensivev and easier to maintain. Only spaceships wield dedicated energy weapons in the form of the positron arc. Realspace and hyperspace missiles are also commonly employed.

Economy Edit

The UPD is a place a bustling and free trade both from within and from without the Persan expanse. Both native a foreign merchants are allowed to travel with relative freedom to exchange their wares wherever they may. One can find most anything in the bustling spaceports, tradeyards, and bazaars of the UPD with the only real restrictions being placed on offworld live flora and fauna, propaganda and other fetishes from enemy forces, and certain extremely harmful drugs.

The economic model followed by the Persan is one that follows the ideals of distributism with economic assets widely owned among the members of the people rather then concentrated in the hands of corporations or the central government. Indeed the Sefirot merchant caste acts more as overseers enforcing regulations, defending property right, and settling legal disputes rather then owning businesses. Indeed production and distribution of resources, products, and services are handled by cooperatives of individuals rather then corporations run by central figures.

This rather chaotic and yet strangely well organized system, despite all its independently moving parts, thanks to a number of technical advancements. For one is the Persan's extensive networking and instant data sharing abilities thanks to use of computerized nano implants. Third is the high use of automation via AI controlled and self maintaining drones which allows an individual person to own their own small workforce. Finally the use of nanoforges allowing people to harvest resources and assemble them with minimal effort on their part other then instructing the nanomachines.

Military Edit

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Army Edit

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Satraps Edit

  • Importance - Capital
  • Demographic - Genesians
  • Location - Mirus

  • Importance - Trade Hub
  • Demographic - Exodians
  • Location - Mirus

  • Importance - Manufacturing Hub
  • Demographic - Exodians
  • Location - Mirus

  • Importance - Meat and Fur Supplies
  • Demographic - Exodians
  • Location - Mirus

  • Importance -
  • Environ -
  • Dominant Species -

Commissions Edit

  • Mission - Exploration and Settlement in Mors
  • Operations Base - Basilisk
  • Status - Stable

  • Mission - Exploration and Settlement in Cyrannus
  • Operations Base - Coatl
  • Status - In Jeopardy

  • Mission - Exploration and Settlement in Tyrus Major
  • Operations Base - Odyssey
  • Status - Stable

  • Mission - Exploration and Settlement in Selten
  • Operations Base - Gorgon
  • Status - At War

Relationships Edit

Allied Edit

"Allies in Truth!"

  • Sword&ShieldUnified Alliance of Enlightenment - The UPD are rather staunch members of the UAE.
    • Green faceMendel Pact - The UPD consider the Mendel some of their closest allies.
    • Green faceWaptoria Alliance of Species - The UPD are grateful to the Waptoria for helping to rescue them from the Dominatus. Yet they find the Waptoria's forgiveness of Eldarisia over their shared love for nature to be grating.
    • Green faceMirusian Theocratic Congregation - The Persan respect the MTC greatly.
    • Green faceUnited Knights Alliance - The Persan as well respect the UKA but are irritated by their unwillingness to get along with the Grand Republic of Tyris Major.
    • Green faceGrand Republic of Tyris Major - Again the Persan respect the GRTM but find their unwillingness to cooperate with the UKA to be irritating.
  • Sword&ShieldCovenant of Mirus - The Persan are rather skeptical when it comes to function of the Covenant of Mirus. They are also prone to doing their own thing counter to the Covenant's wishes.
    • Orange faceFrench Empire - The Persan believe the French have the best intentions but find their insistence on remaining allies with the Eldarisian and the Hegemony despite their genocidal actions to be grating.
    • Red faceEldarisian Empire - The Persan see the Eldarisian as a collection of dangerous and evil zealots and wish to associate with them little as possible.
  • Sword&ShieldMirusian Triumvirate - The Persan see the Triumverate as a necessary evil to keep Mirusians competitive with the Xonexi.
    • Blue faceZarbania Powers - Though former enemies the Persan have always held respect for the Zarbania in someway.

Trade Edit

Neutral Edit

  • Red faceAeoneonatrix Empire - "The Persan have little contact with the Aeoneonatrix but know them by reputation and want nothing to do with them."
  • Red faceUnited Hegemony of Exterioris - "The Persan hate the Hegemony for their racism against the Vanara and attempted genocide against them."
  • Red faceTroodontid Empire - "The Persan see the Troodontid as something akin to a nation composed of sociopaths."

At War Edit

"Servants of Lies!"

  • Red faceScelus Purification - The Persan hate and fear the Scelus on a level matched by no other foe.
  • Red faceVoid Eye Empire - The Persan see the Void Eyes as ignorant and dangerous fools.
  • Red faceNajiim Krassio - The Persan see the Najiim Krassio as something akin to demons wielding the Void and their gods as false deities.

Quotes Edit

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The United Persan Descendants have proven their mettle by fighting our enemies alongside us. We have won many wars with their aid and they have long since earned our trust. Let it be known that any enemy of the UPD is an enemy that we will gladly face alongside them.

- King Brygon of the United Knights Alliance

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Out-Universe Edit

  • Their theme - Pride
  • The UPD has a basis off several real world cultures, notably Mongol, Persian, and Khmer. There is also some Arabic and Hebrew elements.
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