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The United Persan Descendants is a democratic republic that is divided into largely independent states known as Circles with four capitals (Malkuth, Jibril, Mikail, and Israfil) for each of the four galaxies the UPD has expanded into. Society within the UPD is divided up into castes with the castes being grouped up into three Orders. The first order is the civilian order as is divided into Neophytes (those yet to reach maturity), Zelators (military), Theoricus (religious), Practicus (economic), and Philosophus (scientific). These castes are not determined by birth but rather chosen by a neophyte in the course of their education.

The second order is composed of those who lead the UPD's military forces into battle. They are all referred to as Adeptus with the different grades of Adeptus being Minor (commands tens of ships or soldiers), Major (leads hundreds of ships or soldiers), Exemptus (leads thousands of ships or soldiers), and Primus who leads the entire UPD military. Military promotion in the UPD is entirely meritocratic with even the Adeptus Primus having once been a simple Zelator.

The Third Order is composed of the grades of political leadership within the UPD. The first grade is Magisters who compose the senates of each Circle. Magisters are promoted based on merit from the first and second order grades, but in order to advance further must be elected to office. Grades they can be elected to are first Magister Templi (leaders of a Circle and members of a capital's senate), Magus (leaders of a capital and members of the UPD's universal senate), and Ipsissimus who leads the whole of the UPD

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The United Persan Descendants is well known for being highly multicultural and will happily promote the culture of all members in equal measure. However, thanks to a shared religion and all majority member races being descended from the great Persacron Star Dragons they do all share several things in common. One is a strong martial tradition with all Persan children being taught to fight in equal measure from the movement they are able. Persan armies however do not play along with the idea of noble and honorable warrior. Instead they operate on the ideals a well trained and disciplined soldier putting their martial tradition in a decidedly different light then many of their allies. Traditionally speaking most Persan civilizations have focused on ranged and mounted combat. Though in the modern era mounted combat has fallen out of favor with the advent of mechanized warfare, Persan children are still taught to ride and most Persan have at least one mount. A persan without a mount is considered half a man while one with a mount is considered twice a man.

The greatest ideals of the Persan are truth and freedom. Most Persan will not lie even to the point of confessing to crimes they have committed when questioned directly. Persan will not even lye to their enemies but will use precise wording, half truths, or just flat out refuse to say anything. This also means they are very open and blunt about their opinions. Dept is usually avoid at all coasts as the Persan believe that it is the responsibility for all involved parties to share risk and reward equally so that all will strive to give every endeavor their all. Sacred hospitality is always observed for it is considered a great crime to let harm befall a guest or to bring a guest to harm oneself. To the Persan their is nothing greater then being free, to them freedom is the ability to chase their creativty and passion, to rush headlong following their desires wherever it takes them. This desire for freedom is strong to the point many Persan still retain a nomadic lifestyle.

The UPD is known for being a place of great beauty thanks to it's society's promotion of the arts. Persan architecture is known for being very eloquent with a great variety a bright and rich colors, every building is made with a dignity and grace, for Persan architects there is no such thing as a trivial structures. At the same time Persan architecture is very simple in its design and often times rather modest, as well as often times asymmetrical to represent imperfection and impermanence, reflecting their people's existential ideals. Persan cities are colorful and lively places full of people going about their business, selling wares, showing of their arts, etc. The Persan people love to celebrate and to feast often filling their bellies with great quantities of wine and desserts. The UPD is also a center of the sciences and philosophy thanks to an emphasis on education and its importance, all citizens are at least guaranteed a mandatory education of at least the equivalent of an associates degree in human terms.

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Religious tolerance is a guaranteed freedom in the United Persan Descendants, with only a few exceptions such as Darkling cults and the like. However, the majority religion in the UPD is the one known as Drakenism, a shamanistic and animistic religion with elements of both polytheism and monotheism. Drakenism focuses on the worship of the Persacron Star Dragons which many of the Persan species are either direct descendants of or had their development altered by. While all Persacron are considered to be part of a single pantheon each species worships its own Persacron solely as their progenitor.

To the Persan the Persacron are not mere beings of flesh and blood, rather they are living embodiments of the very forces of nature in dragon form. It is for this reason the Persan do not depict their gods and have no temples or alters. The Persacron do not have the same nature as men to them and thus it would folly to depict them as such. Among the Persacron their exists a state of balance and harmony that is the highest form of good, while imbalance and discord is the highest form of evil. Enforcing this idea is that the Persacron are not simply separate beings but rather manifest aspects of a single living force that permeates all aspects of reality. To the Persan while they all worship a different god they paradoxically worship the same god as well.

In the UPD there is also a strong presence of allied religions of Zaraturaism, Raptoranean Pantheon, Mellynrism, Baspirism, Spodism, and the Zarbanian Pantheon is being to make headway. The Persan tolerance of other religions is built on a very simople principle. To them there is one god, but just as a hand has multiple fingers god has multiple ways of making itself known. To the persan all simply have their own way they must walk and no one way will fit for all, one mountain but many paths upon that mountain.

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UPD is not technology in the traditional sense of the word, rather instead they use a form of significantly analyzed magic that for all intents and purposes resembles and functions as technology. The source of the distinction comes from the fact that persan magic operates off synchronic principles then causal ones, being driven by symbolic relationships rather then cause and effect. This means that while persan tech often resembles the technology of most species externally and functions the same, internally it is very strange and bizarre to those unfamiliar with its function.

Nanotech, such as nanomachines, is also highly prevalent in Persan society found almost everywhere. Nanofactories allow for individuals to produce many products themselves as long as they have the raw materials on hand. This has caused the UPD economy to become rather distributionist with the means of production (outside of the tightly regulated military industrial complex) widely owned instead of concentrated with much of Persan economy being composed of cottage industries. All citizens have some degree of nano augmentation with immune system boosters being the most common. Nanomachines have also been weaponized use to interfere with and sabotage enemy systems

Many of the strengths of the Persan technology come from their ability to access a plane of autogenetic energy known as Accel Space. The most common form of accel tech is the extraction of accel particles to agument sensor and communications systems. The most common for of Accel tech involves shifting mass into the realm to act as a form of stealth tech, emergency life support, and quick travel between star systemsa and even other galaxies.

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The United Persan Descendant's armed forces are known as the Stellar Operations Service, SOS for short, and encompass their army, navy, and special forces. Persan combat doctrine revolves around the concepts of maneuver warfare and a combined arms doctrine. Translating to a use of infantry, armored fighting vehicles, and air power in tandem; and focused on the use of shock and disruption to destroy the enemy's decision making capabilities. The SOS is also highly mechanized with all infantry being divided up between mechanized (carried aboard troop carriers to the battlefield) and light (lighter and more mobile foot soldiers) infantry.

In terms of numbers the Persan tend to field less infantry, vehicles, and ships in the Mirus Galaxy, however they also have some of the highest quality infantry, vehicles, and ships in the galaxy. Persan infantry are both highly trained and agumented to get the best of both worlds, while Persan vehicles and ships tend to have a good balance of armor, speed, and firepower. Motive types for their ground vehicles are all walker based coming the quadrupedal, tripodal, and bipedal variants, with aircraft using fixed wing designs.

Persan weapons are known for having high fire power and long range. In general the Persan primarily employ kinetic weapons. Machine guns, autocannons, and railguns are the most common along side missiles of both short and long range variants, but a few experimental laser and plasma weapons are present. Persan armor is composed of two layers of carbon nano-fiber with a liquid suspension sandwiched in between, as well as shield projectors studded about the outer layer.

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  • Classification - Crocodilian
  • Homeworld - Malkuth

  • Classification - Simian
  • Homeworld - Babel

  • Classification - Pterodactyloid
  • Homeworld - Gehenna

  • Classification - Lepidopterian
  • Homeworld - Eden

  • Classification - Serpantoid
  • Homeworld - Seoul

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The United Persan Descendants have proven their mettle by fighting our enemies alongside us. We have won many wars with their aid and they have long since earned our trust. Let it be known that any enemy of the UPD is an enemy that we will gladly face alongside them.

- King Brygon of the United Knights Alliance

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