Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
Bold indicates major members, Italics indicates UNO's version of other races
Note that aside from 'Main military lineup', most pages are on things which are unused

The United Nations of Ottzello, better known as UNO, are a force of allied species from the dystopian Ottzello Galaxy. While they are known as United Nations, they are in fact on whole nation. United Nations of Ottzello is the precursor to a much greater empire, the Unified Nation of Ottzello.



UNO was formed by the Galot during the Second Ottzello Galactic War, as a result of the Kralgon Invasion Force. Originally, Ottzello's inhabitants lived in a galaxy with little peace towards each other. When the Kralgons invaded, everything changed, and the Galot united everyone together.

In fact, the truth is that UNO's origins began in the form of a secret organization, known as the Philosophers of Ottzello. This was a secretive alliance between the leaders of each of Ottzello's super powers. It was eventually decided they would have to officially unite the nations toether, bringing together an unbreakable bond betwee former enemies.


At the end of the Second Ottzello Galactic War, UNO was defeated. They were left shattered and poor, with no chance of survival in the Universe. With no where else to go, UNO evacuated Ottzello and left for the Ottzella Dimensions. Here they met some other old Ottzelloans, including the Inalton.

Third Ottzello Galactic War[]

Wanting revenge, UNO returned to the Ottzello Galaxy, to fight the New Kralgon Empire. They also wished to avenge their innocent dead. They were now much stronger than before, with their new member, the Inalton, and others. They joined the Third Ottzello Galactic War, unaware they would also be at war with the HXTs.



Being from Ottzello, the physiology of UNO members is fairly consistent; the majority are poor, have little food and very muscular after their trial to survive. Ottzello is a dysotpian galaxy, so UNO's population are starved, poor, and often seen with scars from battles with Loron and other pirates.


Being Chronoscopic organisms (as Ottzello was created by the Taldar), UNO's creatures have some Chronoscopic capabilities. However, they do have difficulties learning these powers.


UNO's society is packed, and filled with simple people who are forced to live together and be friendly. UNO's society rarely has conflicts, despite being hugely multi species. The society o UNO has been described as dystopian, as very few can afford much more than a shanty town.


United Nations of Ottzello does contain impressive cities, but the majority of it's habitats are shanty towns and slums. This is because many of UNO's population cannot afford much more, and UNO cannot afford to build many more cities.


The majority of the military of UNO is disorganized, multi-species, lacks many sophisticated weapons, but is still powerful. This is because UNO is so war torn that it's citizens are used to great struggle. It's forces cnsist mostly of militia and untrained soldiers, but there are several veterans of war in UNO's army, and training is very efficiet for those who can afford it.

However,the Inalton have a huge effect on the military; they are strong and extremely efficient soldiers, capable of surviving many great battles. Their troops are elite, make up most of the military, and are excellent at combat.

UNO also utilize Loron military.



UNO uses Chronoscopic to power it's technology. As UNO only inhabits Ottzello (and Ottella), which has planets made from Chronoscopic spawn, they can harness energy from planets. In this way, they have a very powerful energy force that is unlimited and free. UNO also utilizes Kralgon technology.


UNO's vehicles are very efficient; they are the design and work of many different members. The Ottzel, Galot, Technobian and Gykar in particular have researched and designed very efficient vehicles, and UNO's vehicles are a combination of them all.


UNO's devices are nomrally survival oriented. They create technology which helps them survive better in even the harshest conditions, as it is very difficult to find a real home in Ottzello.


The work of Ottzel, Technobians and partially Gykar, UNO has very powerful weapons. After millennia of fighting Loron, and centuries of wars with the Kralgons (prior to their return), UNO has developed techniques of defeating them.

The Galot, however, have developed several super weapons that they use as 'deterrents', while the Ottzel have developed super weapons to strike fear into the hearts of others. These super weapons are currntly unknown, but word says they are incredibly destructive.




Quotes from others[]

Not so good on the other end of the stick, is it?

- Kralgon emperor

They're weak... but large. They're poor, yet strong. I see a lot of money to make out of this...

- Falrik Zaarkhun

Awww they are good friends! They don't hurt us, unlike most others...

- Diplomat Lezia from the FRA

They seem nice, but they're affiliated with the warmongering DCP. I'd say Neutral.

- Commander Kies from the Kraw Empire

Could they help us become a mighty empire? Perhaps not, they're too weak right now. Maybe later?

- Emperor Ko'han from the FKA

Bah. If we conquer them, We'll have even greater control over this awesome Galaxy!

- Commander Zavrhos from the Iteok Khereg

I wonder what secrets they may hold... They are linked with the Vyro'Narza somehow...

- Commander Eko from the Tahar Empire

In one half, we want them to be part of our team, in the other, we want to kill them, as we are part of Team Iteok. What to do...

- Emperor Valxarx of the Terridor Federation

We don't know anything about them, but they can be allies...

- Clericarch Tadjamad of Dei'Ar Theocracy

It doesn't even look like the Cult need to destroy them. They'll destroy themselves soon enough.

- Unknown Xhodocto

Quotes from themselves[]

If only we weren't so poor... if only we culd help our people... if only we hadn't failed.

- Valzo

United we are strong. Together we are powerful. But only together. If we stick together, we can win. But not alone.

- Dakster



  • This empire was created when Technobliterator felt it'd be easier to have just one empire rather than the original 4



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Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
Bold indicates major members, Italics indicates UNO's version of other races
Note that aside from 'Main military lineup', most pages are on things which are unused