MouCyranAccords Peace through Order
The United Mirus Council is a member of the Mou'Cyran Accords
"United in the hopes of a better future..."

Peace must be preserved but that will only be achievable with the collapse of the United Lanat Empire.

- Chancellor Sotij

The United Mirus Council is an interstellar confederation native to the Mirus Galaxy, sprung in recent decades in opposition to the tyrannical forces of the United Lanat Empire and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though it is an organisation which strives for peace in the same vein as the Tralor Freedom Force of old, the United Mirus Council is quite willing to turn every Lanat Empire world to ash in pursuit of a peaceful and orderly galaxy. Led by Grand Chancellor Kimolt as well as a council of lesser chancellors from the myriad of worlds within the confederation's reach, the UMC is a recent addition to Gigaquadrantic stage and has joined organisations such as the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Universal Trading Union, seeking to ensure that even if the Tralor conquer their worlds in Mirus, the ideals of their civilisation will endure.


Early HistoryEdit

The United Mirus Council was created shortly after the collapse of the Ruin Sector Alliance after the Second Galactic War. The leaders of many of the former members of the RSA received a summons from a powerful entity claiming to desire the best for the future of the Mirus Galaxy. The alien informed the Riu and Naurt that the Tralor, now under the banner of the United Lanat Empire was planning a full scale galactic conquest. In an effort to prevent this from occurring, the Riu and Naurt leaders began to lay the foundation for what would become the United Mirus Council.

The Riu and Naurt knew that they would not stand a chance against the ULE as it was and so they secretly began to entice other races in the Mirus Galaxy to join the council. Unknown to the ULE, the United Mirus Council was quickly gaining members and with these new additions to the fold, they began to close the technology gap between the two civilisations. The United Mirus Council was preparing to face the ULE in combat as equal foes. During the Ranbing Dispute the United Mirus Council came close to entering a war with the United Lanat Empire. After an intense stand-off, the United Mirus Council was ordered to stand down by the same mysterious figure that was instrumental in its formation, who claimed that 'the fruit wasn't ripe'.

Modern TimesEdit

Tralor Confinement War

The Empire, led by Captain Tector Decimius attacks the United Mirus Council.

Eventually however, the time had come for the war. Though the United Lanat Empire remained powerful, over the past several years it had begun to grow weakened by decadence and corruption, lulling the citizens of the empire into a false sense of security. The first battle of the conflict occurred over the military stronghold of Ormddra in the border regions of the Lanat Empire with resulted in a strategic victory for the Mirus Council. Council forces and their allies proceeded to push through the United Lanat Empire's borders and making quick work of the lightly guarded worlds near the frontier.

These victories however were largely symbolic and ultimately served their purpose to galvanise the people loyal to the Council. A counterstrike led by the infamous Master Admiral Tul and the United Lanat flagship Iron Maiden pushed back against the Council forces as they advanced toward Lanat Prime, sparking a stalemate in the conflict. However, the war would begin to turn in the ULE's favour upon the entry of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus into the conflict. Led by Captain Tector Decimius, Imperial forces managed to conquer many of the worlds seized by the Council earlier in the war. Despite the war turning against the Mirus Council, it would eventually die down with the Fall of Lanat Prime, during which the Cyrannian Empire ruthlessly betrayed their allies, conquering much of Mirus' interior in the process. However, though the Council feared a renewed war with the Tralor and their Cyrannian allies such an attack has not yet come.

Expanding Influence

With the cessation of hostilities for the time-being, the Mirus Council took its chance to expand its influence into other areas of the First Gigaquadrant. Entering into an alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic and the Allied Terran Republic, the Mirus Council later joined the Mou'Cyran Accords and the Universal Trading Union and currently seeks the establishment of diplomatic relations with previously unknown Mirusian powers beyond the reach of the Lanat Empire in the north of the galaxy.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The United Mirus Council is officially governed by the Grand Council of the same name which consists of several members of each species which has joined the confederation. These councillors are granted the title of Chancellor and are considered to be the primary leaders of the organisation. Above the lesser chancellors is the Grand Chancellor, a position currently held by the Naurt known as Kimolt. Despite this, it is sometimes suspected by the Grand Chancellor and the others on the Council that someone else behind the scenes pulls the strings of the confederation.

Important FiguresEdit

I only have the best interest for the Mirus galaxy in mind.

  • Name - Kimolt
  • Species - Naurt
  • Position - Grand Chancellor

Grand Chancellor Kimolt is a Naurt politician and official leader of the United Mirus Council. Kimolt was elected during the first United Mirus elections and won by a landslide.

Kimolt started his political career at a young age at the bottom. He clawed his way slowly from the ground up without any connection or help from anyone. Kimolt at first tried to be a 'good guy' but quickly learned that in the world of Naurt politics nice guy truly do finish last and to get ahead you must cheat and scheme to get anywhere. As Kimolt's political power grew so did his willingness to twist arms and line the pockets of those who had what he wanted. Within fifteen years he found himself in the Naurt Senate as one of the most powerful and charismatic members. However his time on the senate would not last long as within two years the Naurt became a member of the United Mirus Council. When the first real elections came about he quickly jumped at the opportunity. He beat his political opponents with relative ease and became Grand Chancellor of the United Mirus Council. However, soon after his ingratiation Kimolt was visited by a strange individual.

Kimolt is a slimy individual willing to twist arms and line others pockets with money to get his way. But despite this he does generally care about the future of the Mirus galaxy and the growing 'ULE threat'.

I have witnessed first hand the result of United Lanat aggression! We must go to war! To war against the fiendish ULE!

  • Name - Lorrod
  • Species -
  • Position - Chancellor

Lorrod is a chancellor who is noted for his stubborn nature.

Born the only son of a powerful trading tycoon Lorrod has a privileged life but whenever Lorrod was old enough his father made him work on the trade routes he knew what it was to make an honest living and to not take his wealth for granted. Lorrod became interested in politics at an early age and when even he first began his career his father helped fund his campaign. After many years Lorrod was one of the most influence individuals in his people's politics. One day Lorrod was at a political rally when the United Lanat fleet entered there space and demanded that the world be ceded to them. At first his people would not accept that but after the ULE fired a warning shot in the heart of one of the colonies inner cities they ceded over.

Lorrod watched in horror as ULE ships forces there people into transports and off world. Within a few days the whole empire was suffering economic collapse and anarchy and chaos engulfed the streets. To save themselves his people where forced to join the United Mirus Council. Lorrod grew bitter and angry with the ULE and whenever the elections for Chancellor of his people came up he quickly jumped in the race. Fueled with zeal Lorrod used his people anger and desire for vengeance to ride to victory. After Lorrod won the election he was visited bt a strange figure.

Lorrod is one of the most radical members on the council and believes the sooner that the universe is 'cleansed from ULE filth' the better. He is also expressed that he feels that the Tralor are the reason why the Mirus galaxy, in his words, is a 'backwater galaxy'. He is also a strong supporter of the banning of extragalactic alcohols.

Peace must be preserved but that will only be achievable with the collapse of the United Lanat Empire.

  • Name - Sotij
  • Species - Ny'ale
  • Position - Chancellor

Sotij is a Ny'ale chancellor who is noted to be one of the most 'mild' of the chancellor. She is more careful about things than the other chancellors and believes that that a war with the ULE now would be suicide.

Sotij was born in the ruling caste (Munes) of her people. Sotij from a young age was taught to be a proper Munes lady and was given the finest education. However she grew jaded with upper caste lifestyle and went down to the cities where the lower caste lived and worked. Of course many in the lower caste did not take kindly to her or feared her as many seen the ruling caste to be oppressive and unjust. Sotij, however, didn't get much of a chance to spend in the lower cities as her family forced her to come back to the castle villages where the ruling caste lived. Several year passed before the ULE came and forced the Ny'ale out one of there colonies and fearing full invasion the Ny'ale joined the United Mirus Council. Whenever the first elections where held Sotij ran for chancellor and after a close election she one. After Sotij's hard fought victory she was payed a visit by a strange being.

Sotij is mostly a pacifist and fairly good natured but she does believe that war is the only option to protect themselves from the ULE.

We must act soon or we will all parish! Parish I say! Parish! PARISH!

  • Name - Yaleu
  • Species - Riu
  • Position - Board member

Yaleu is a Riu chancellor who is, along with Lorrod, is one of the most radical members on the council.

Yaleu was born seventh son of the seventh son of the Riu emperor at the time. Yaleu was always a slightly disturbed character ever since he was a child as he was often found wandering the halls of his house at night or eating the heads off his sisters dolls. Yaleu, is, however, very intelligent even though he does not act like it and knows how to get what he wants and when he wants it. Yaleu is also a snitch and will sale out his allies if the price is right. Whenever the Riu joined the Council he became the chancellor by default after all the other Riu candidates went missing. Riu after being elected was stopped in the hallway by a figure and after a long talk became 1,000,000 richer and quite about some things.

Yaleu is a very untrustworthy character and many think him to be annoying and corrupt. Even his biggest political ally, Lorrod doesn't trust or care much for him. He is believed to have his political rival 'removed' from the race as before the election he went missing.

Aggression will not be tolerated by the from likes of the ULE or anyone else. We will draw there blood and it will be glorious!

  • Name - Smaburash
  • Species - Zitiatic
  • Position - Chancellor

Smaburash is a Zitiatic chancellor and is by any standards quite odd. He is thought to be sightly metal and has almost been kicked off the council after telling Sotij that he was going to "Slit her throat and use her feathers as pens" after a heated debate.

Smaburash was born into the ruling family of the Zitiatic. Samburash has always been noted to be particularly violent and even at a young age he would skin his pets alive and even one time he beat his playmate half to death over a small piece of meat. His parents where pleased with this as such aggression did not only mean that he would grow up to be a good warrior and a fine ruler. Samburash joined the military when he was a 12 and was sent right away into active combat. Samburash fight bravely and mercilessly even at a young age and nearly ever foe fell before his blaster and spear. After many years the Zitiatic began to grow weary of the growing United Lanat Empire and after being contacted by United Mirus diplomats and shown supposed invasion plans the Zitiatic joined the council for protection. There was no election for the Zitiatic as Samburash was chosen by his father to rule. After being put on the council Samburash had a meeting with a strange creature.

I pull the strings that make you work.

  • Name - Unknown
  • Species - Unknown
  • Position - Unknown

Who is he and what does he do?

Society and CultureEdit

Member SpeciesEdit


Military and DefenceEdit

The armies of the Council will forever protect the galaxy from the hands of oppressors!

- Grand Chancellor Kimolt

The United Mirus Council possesses a large and fell trained military consisting of several different species. Due to the Council being a union of several empires the UMC Military uses technology from several species.

Intergalactic RelationsEdit


The Mirus Council values our friendship.



  • Blue face N/A


We have our eyes on you.

  • Yellow faceN/A


You are a treat to us and our galaxy. Prepare to die.


Believe me when I say I'll be watching your every move. One suspicious act and I'll bombard your worlds so hard they'll feel it the Cyrannus Galaxy

- Emperor Aoblix

I don't know who these are, but if they are enemies of the ULE, then they are our enemies as well.

- Emperor Gnorvi

Their cause is noble and admirable... but we have more respect for the United Lanat Empire, than for them.

- Valzo



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