The United Lanat Empire, led by Emperor Aoblix, is a ruthless and dangerous foe that has been set loose upon the Gigaquadrant. Our efforts to end their cruel campaigns have ended in failures and our efforts to come to a diplomatic solution were rejected. However, they are not primitive barbarians. They are cunning masters of the art of war and like it or not, a key intergalactic power.

- Apollo

The United Lanat Empire is a powerful intergalactic empire hailing from the Regnum Arm of the Mirus Galaxy from which they have played major roles in Gigaquadrantic events including spearheading the Asgord Genocide and their exploits in the Great Cyrannus War. The United Lanat Empire is occasionally viewed as barbaric, primitive, and generally unpleasant, partially due to their past war efforts against the Rambo Nation and now defunct United Republic of Cyrannus, and because of the Tralor's 'brutal' combat style and seemingly immoral war tactics. In more recent times, however, the United Lanat Empire seems to be more and more supportive of the cause of the 'greater good'. That said, those who would count the Lanat Empire as a shining beacon would be disappointed considering that the Lanat Empire is still an imperialist superpower quite willing to conquer innocent civilisations should they desire more space.

Considered to be the economic leader of the Mirus Galaxy, the Lanat Empire is currently led by Emperor Aoblix, who has successfully led his empire from a Mirus superpower, to a key intergalactic superpower with influence that extends into both the Xonexi and Cyrannia Clusters. The capital of the empire is Lanat Prime, a diverse planet of sprawling cities, lush rainforests and vast deserts on which the Tralor evolved. These insectoids are the undisputed warlords of the Lanat Empire and are a feared, but respected, race across the Gigaquadrant.


The history of the Empire is full of bloodshed, death, sorrow, and misery but also victory, perseverance, prosperity, and glory. Learn it well and better yourself.

- Tralor Historian


The foundation era of the United Lanat Empire was the time after the fall of the old Tralor Empire and the rise of the United Lanat Empire. During this time the government, military, technology, and economy was radically reformed and improved. The ULE also started to become less openly hostile during the foundation era. Under the guidance of Emperor Aoblix and the high and low councils the Empire underwent many social and political changes.

The Lanat Imperial Fleet comes face to face with the Rambo Starfleet during the Tralor Civil War.

Many of the formal royal houses that weren't destroyed during The Trials were restored to their proper place in Traish society. Also the laws restricting technological advancement put forth by Lino were removed allowing the Empire the ability to reach farther than it was previously allowed. Aoblix also abolished many of the old xenophobic views that was carried on from past experiences.

Tralor Civil War[]

The Tralor Civil War is a war of revolution that started late during the seventh year of the United Lanat Empire. The Tralor Freedom Force was a rebel faction that opposed the corrupt dictatorship of the Tralor Empire and then the United Lanat Empire and favored a republic. The civil war started when the Tralor Freedom Force undertook a daring raided a ULE shipyard on Anio. The Freedom Force thought that they would get the upper hand on the ULE because they had the aid of two powerful extragalactic allies, Rambo Nation and the United Republic of Cyrannus.

The many crucial battles in the waterways of Acrocanthaí.

The war quickly exploded and the Freedom Force along with its allies were able to gain early victories during the battles of Zellus and Unibonia but before long the ULE was able to get the upper hand of the situation. The civil war finally ended when the Lanat Empire found the secret headquarters of the Freedom Force and launched a full scale invasion completely and utterly crushing all the stood before them.

Expansion and Invasion[]

What?! Me?! Allying with you?! You are worthless! You are scum! You deserve to die!
Aww, but you are so cute!

- Emperor Aoblix and Diplomat Avexia.

The Tralor run down their prey.

As an act of revenge against Republic involvement in their Civil War, the Lanat Empire allied with the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War and participated in many violent attacks against the Cyrandia Alliance. The most notable of these invasions was against the planet Acrocanthaí, which was brutally conquered and subjugated by the Lanat Empire. Despite repeated attempts to liberate the world, the Republic was only able to free the planet by throwing an entire flotilla at the powerful Lanat fleet in the hopes of liberating the colony, ultimately succeeding in doing so as the war drew to a close. Meanwhile, in the Kraw Galaxy, the Lanat Empire spearheaded a highly popular campaign as the Asgord, leading to the Asgord Genocide, the systematic elimination of the irritatingly friendly pests.

Joined in their crusade against the Asgord with nations such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets, the Mortalitas and even the Cult of the Deathmarch. By the time the invasion ended, the Asgord Empire was smashed and their time terrorising the universe had ended. This event earned the Lanat Empire much respect across the Gigaquadrant, much to the chagrin of the Republic and the Rambo.

Tereyn Aeresius and Guolivian visit Lanat Prime.

To the surprise of the Lanat Empire, the Great Cyrannus War suddenly ended with the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Unsure about the intentions of this new superpower, the Lanat Empire withdrew back to Mirus but watched the situation closely from afar. A year later, the Cyrannian Empire approached Emperor Aoblix with a proposal for a military alliance in the so-called Cyrannus-Tralo'aear Concordat. As per the agreement in this Concordat, the Cyrannians would aid Aoblix in any conflict he'd find himself in, in return for space in the Mirus Galaxy. Accepting this offer, Aoblix presided over a strong increase in relations between the two powers.

Several years later, the United Lanat Empire would become involved in the Attero Dominatus Campaign, in a period characterised by increased Cyrannian influence in the Lanat Empire.

Current History[]

Government and Politics[]

We are the backbone of the empire and without us chaos and disorder would engulf Tralor kind and the whole Mirus galaxy! You need us.

- A Government Official

Empress Toi and Emperor Aoblix.

The United Lanat Empire is a totalitarian monarchy. Within the government the Emperor/Empress acts as the head of state, and has absolute power over the empire. The High Council acts as the Emperor/Empress' personal advisers and help oversee the most important areas of the military, diplomatic relations, colonization, and so on. Below the High Council is the Low Council, which are left to deal with more minor domestic issues. The Emperor, must approve laws that have been brought forth by the upper and lower councils, make alliances and declare war, bring punishment to rebellious colonies, appoint council members, and other stately things. The Emperor is also what binds the Empire together with their strict guidance and authority. Emperors and Empresses rule until death. The only way to become an Emperor is to be born into it or be chosen by the previous emperor.

The high council serves as the closest advisers to the emperor and if the emperor is compromised then leaders until a new one is crowned. The high council never exceeds twenty and its members are often leaders of the navy or some other military or civilian organization. The high council approves laws submitted by the lower council and also, sometimes writes their own laws for approval by the emperor. The lower council is a community of 100 to 200 the debates and come up with new laws to be submitted to the emperor. The lower council is also used for when the Emperor wants a wider opinion about a subject.


Emperor Aoblix Master Admiral Tul
Aoblix is the first and current emperor of the United Lanat Empire. Aoblix has a reputation for being a perfectionist and 'removing' unproductive items. Aoblix came to power after he was able to overthrow the former emperor of the old Tralor empire by turning the military on him. After Aoblix removed the former emperor he took the throne for himself and began total reforms of the empire by firstly dissolving the old Tralor Empire and replacing it with a new empire, a stronger empire named the United Lanat Empire.

Aoblix believes that the government should rule with a firm guiding hand but allow enough freedom where the populace doesn't feel too oppressed. He also thinks its important to weed out social dissidents. Aoblix does, however, care about his empire and does his best to make it the most powerful in the galaxy and perhaps one day in the universe.

Tul is the supreme leader of the United Lanat fleet and a member on the High Council. Tul is noted to be a figure that commands respect in all those under him.Tul is one of the greatest military minds in Tralor history and had lead whole military campaigns before. He has shown himself to be no stranger to impossible odds and often comes out on top. Tul, despite his rank shows respect to those under him and treats them like his own children.

However he will not take cowardice or betrayal and has made examples of traitors and cowards many times in the past without hesitation. During battle he is constantly surveying the surrounds and keeping tabs of the location of enemies so he may alter his plans as need be. He has no problems using 'drastic measures' in a pinch such as ramming into or commandeering enemy vessels.

Society and Culture[]

Religion in the United Lanat Empire is generally deemed a threat to stability and peace and thus outlawed. This is mainly due to the Tralor's experience with a widespread bloodcult that plagued them for much of their pre-space history and sometime after. The ULE often turns a blind eye to more passive religions as long as they are not apostatizing or spreading dissidence among the populace. Sports are a popular pastime in the ULE. One of the most popular sports in the ULE is grid racing. Grid racing takes place in a prebuild track called a grid that was assimilable in space. The first racer to complete the track wins. Exiting the grid means disqualification and it is common for competing racers to try and knock each other out of the grid. Another popular sport is gladiator fights.

The United Lanat Empire is well known for its harsh law enforcement tactics that it uses to keep law in order within the empire. The Electric Eye Program acts both as the United Lanat Empire's secret police and espionage agency. Founded since before the formation of the ULE, the Electric Eye Program is the longest existing governmental force besides the military. The exact number of agents is unknown, however there is enough to allow the ULE to keep a good on things of 'State interest'.

The United Lanat Empire has a strong economy and is considered to be the economic leader of the Mirus Galaxy. The ULE has complete control of several major galactic economic centers and trade routes. The United Lanat Empire main currency is the Mirus Bitunit. Since the ULE left it's short seclusion it has became common for various semi-independent 'Trading Guilds' form. These trading guilds trade far and wide with empires that normally wouldn't do business with the Empire but are more than happy to do business with independent Tralor. These guilds are heavily subsidized by the United Lanat government and are required to give fifteen percent of every trade made.


The United Lanat Empire is native to the planet Lanat Prime in the Regnum Arm of the Mirus Galaxy and has expansive swaths of territory surrounding their beloved throne world. However, they also have a great deal of territory in the Galactic Core region of the galaxy with a reach that extends far into the outer arms of the galaxy. They are often considered to be the political and economic superpower of the galaxy and often influence its events both directly and indirectly.

Military and Defense[]

A large Lanat Imperial Fleet.

The United Lanat Empire prides itself in its large and seemingly ever-expanding military force. The Lanat Empire's military has became renowned across the Gigaquadrant for its brutal effectiveness and their soldier's bravery in the heat of battle. The United Lanat Empire also has an impressive battle fleet; and while not the largest or technologically advanced in the Gigaquadrant, it has proven well enough to stand against even seemingly greater foes. Working alongside the Battlefleet is the Lanat Empire's Army is a well respected and proven force throughout the Gigaquadrant. Few have been fortunate enough to survive a full United Lanat onslaught on the ground.

Intergalactic Relations[]

The United Lanat Empire does its best to maintain good relations with most influential empires; However, this doesn't mean that the ULE is afraid to hold back on any empires that happen to draw their ire. Historical grievances make the two most hated enemies of the Lanat Empire, the New Cyrannian Republic and particularly Rambo Nation, while relations with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Delpha Coalition of Planets are relatively close.


Green face.pngWelcome... friend.


Blue face.pngNot bad.


Yellow face.pngGrr...


Red face.pngWe will send you back to the stone age.


The United Lanat Empire, led by Emperor Aoblix, is a ruthless and dangerous foe that has been set loose upon the Gigaquadrant. Our efforts to end their cruel campaigns have ended in failures and our efforts to come to a diplomatic solution were rejected. However, they are not primitive barbarians. They are cunning masters of the art of war and like it or not, a key intergalactic power.

- Apollo

I respect the Lanat Empire for many reasons. Their attitudes to war are second-to-none, and their philosophies are superior to most empires that they have been associated with. Definitely a good ally to have.

- Kralgon Emperor

I respect the Lanat Empire on the basis of it's military and system. Their war making abilities are respectable and their bloodlust is adequate. However, we are suspicious that once they rule over the UMC they will turn their attention towards the Tyranny, a non aggression pact for now will do much good.

- Emperor Abaddaon Heimdall

i dunt got much to say bout dese doods. deyz sik fightas an we liek dere attitudes but we dunno wher dey stand wiv uno. still sik geezas

- Zr'Ahgloth

Exchanging slaves with them is highly profitable. Also we share quite some interests, which includes a great dislike for that hillbilly Kraw Galaxy.

- Emperor Gnorvi

Tralor...The Zua-Zaoi will take your place as the leaders of Mirus one day.

- Vouinas

I will consume you all...

- Enigma

We may have need for them in the future.

- Imperator Tyranus

The tralor are warriors of honour and worthy of the Imperium's respect. They were right to lash out after Kies turned his back on a mutually-agreed treaty!

- Viceroy Dracia Ultanos

I'm in too much pain to think, but I'll say this. I hate Slavers. Otherwise, I'd like em.

- Ugandalore the Great

We are unsure of the United Lanat Empire and the Tralor. They might bring order to our chaotic home galaxy, yes, but at what cost? We must watch them, and if needed we will rise and take their place as the leading fraction of Mirus. But if they open up, then we are more than willing to work alongside them, and we'll even allow Tralor to live within our territories, for they can be great partners.

- The Unified Alliance of Enlightenment's policy regarding the ULE

Our first impressions of the Tralor and their empire was that of a primitive minded barbarians. As allies of the Rambo and Libertus, it is a surprise we did not fight them. However, the ULE has adjusted to the new political universe, the Tralor have proved they are not barbarians. As allies, the DCP hopes to retain the ULE's dominance over the Mirus galaxy and kick out the Dominatus ascendency to a hyperpower!

- Delpha Coalition of Planets