History and DevelopmentEdit

The United Knights Alliance Knight Helm is a cutting edge protective headgear developed by the United Knights Alliance (UKA). The Knight Helm was initially inspired by the helmets worn by Volver Knights, but over time the Knight Helm became much more advanced than its predecessor. Very early models of what resembled UKA Knight Helms were basically altered variations of the Volver Knight Helms, and were not considered anything different from the Volver Knight Helms.

The first official UKA Knight Helm first saw use during the Second Infectant War of 2763 AD. What set it apart from the classic Volver Knight Helms was its remarkable durability, advanced technology, and the potential applications for future military hardware.

By 2772 AD, the UKA Knight Helms were standard issue for UKA soldiers. By this point in time, the UKA Knight Helm featured an integrated CPU and neural-link, allowing for the wearer to mentally and automatically control the functions of their armor and weapons UKA Standard Battle Armor and eventually the UKA Elite Battle Suit were designed to be fully compatible with the integrated software and hardware of the helm. Weapons such as UKA Battle Rifles and UKA Battle Pistols.

Technology Edit

The UKA Knight Helm provides phenomenal protection and tactical advantages to the wearer. As a piece of armor, the UKA Knight Helm has been shown to be very effective at defending against plasma, laser, and ballistic projectiles. There are also built in air filters to prevent hazardous gases and toxins.It utilizes the same layered armor system that most UKA armors do, which maximizes the amount of damage it can deflect or absorb.

Armor Edit

Outer Layer Edit

  • Ceramic Coating - The outer layer off all of the helm has a plasma resistant ceramic coating. Designed to prevent the metal underneath from being damaged by plasma-based projectiles.
  • Ukanium Plating - The Helmet is mostly composed of Ukanium, an extremely durable alloy of Asconium, Titanium, and Steel. Designed to disperse impacts from any source.
  • Air Filtration System - A system of air filters designed to prevent the wearer from taking in hazardous gases or toxins.
  • Othro-Fabric - An abrasion-resistant, impact-resistant material that also provides protection against radiation.

Inner Layer Edit

  • Tactical Neural Interface - Contains the necessary circuitry and neural-links required for the helm to interact with and control various pieces of equipment, such as weapons and armor. This allows the wearer to manually control various functions o their equipment by simply thinking, or the helm can automatically run certain processes on its own.
  • Synthetic Thermal Fabric - Designed to absorb or release moisture and heat to help regulate the wearer's body temperature. The fabric is also very comfortable.

Tactical Applications Edit

As a piece of military hardware, the UKA Knight Helm acts as the operating center of a UKA Soldier. Transmissions, energy shielding, temperature regulators, and even the features of some weapons can be controlled by the interface of the helm. The helm contains a neural-link system that allows the user to control all of these functions manually simply by thinking. However, the wearer can also make the helm handle the functions automatically.

Due to its overall tactical and protective capabilities, most armor and weapons are created to be compatible with or even dependent on UKA Knight Helm.

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