We fight battles because they must be fought. Not out of greed, or superficial bigotry. We fight the great evils of the universe, and make them regret ever leaving their homeworld. We fight for the alliance we've forged with our very own sweat and blood! We fight for the glory of Tyris Major!

- Emperor Pulporious V

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In 1373 AD, King Glynn of the Volver Empire proposed that the allied forces that fought in the War of Tyris Major should form a proper alliance.

Emperor Pulporious V of the Soldarian Empire and Great-Khan Vaas of the Hyperon Grand Khanate met with King Glynn on the Volver homeworld of Ascon to discuss the idea further. Great-Khan Vaas suggested that the Antroth Empire should be forced into the new alliance to prevent them from conspiring with former enemies. The other leaders agreed, however Emperor Pulporious V managed to convince Queen Si'daal to join the alliance without coming to blows by showing up to the post-war negotiations on Farmia with a fleet of over 4,000 ships. He told her that the Antroth Empire should join the alliance for protection from the Biskin Empire and Infectant Horde, then gestured to his orbiting fleet above and said "That's not even a fraction of the Soldarian Empire's might". Needless to say, Queen Si'daal agreed to join her former enemies.

The four leaders signed a treaty and created the United Knights Alliance, or the UKA for short.

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The UKA is run by a small council of the leaders of the primary factions within the alliance. The King of the Volver Empire, also known as the "Valishar" leads this council though every head of an empire has equal footing. The Valishar merely speaks for the UKA in affairs concerning other galaxies. The Council usually only convenes when it is time to declare war or vote on policies that would affect every member empire. The individual empires typically govern themselves with their own laws, but all must follow laws that are sanctioned by the council to remain within the alliance.

Member states of major empire are represented by their empire's leader. For example, the Doopy High Chiefdom is a vassal of the Volver Empire, which means the Valishar represents them instead of the Doopy High Chieftain.

Military Edit

The UKA military is comprised of all the military forces of all alliance members. Most military personnel are joint-enlisted in both their home empire's military force as well as the UKA's. However some soldiers and pilots can receive special training and enlist in the UKA's Grand Legion and Grand Armada to serve specifically for the UKA instead of being a joint member of both the UKA's military and their home-empire's military.

Personnel enlisted in UKA's military are also able to enlist as soldiers within the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. In some cases the best of the UKA's soldiers are promoted to fight in the ranks of the UAE's elite forces such as the Olympians.

Technology Edit

The Technology of the UKA is usually developed by joint-research teams between all members of the alliance. The UKA has developed advanced military, medical, and recreational technologies for soldiers and citizens. The technological advancements are typically shared with the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. The UKA begrudgingly shares these with the Grand Republic of Tyris Major, due to both of them sharing member status within the UAE.

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The various warrior cultures of the members of the UKA melt almost perfectly together. The Volver, Soldarians, Antroths, Hyperon, and the various other races all love a good and honest fight. For the most part, the UKA upholds duty, justice, and honor above all else. Being a mostly military alliance, the UKA is extremely prideful of their Grand Legion and at least 30% of all joint-empire technological advancements are made to improve the efficiency of their soldiers, ships, armor, and weapons.

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There are two major religions within the UKA known as Mellynrism and Baspirism. The Volver, being the most religious of the members of the UKA, often accept other religions such as Baspirism and the extra-galactic religions of the UAE, into their worldview. The Volver mainly practice the polytheistic Mellynrism, while Soldarians and Hyperon practice the monotheistic Baspirism. The Antroths are atheists, believing that divinity is a falsehood.

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The UKA mostly uses the common galactic basic to communicate, though a few individual members of the UKA know the languages of their allies. Asconian, Neo-Miltoran, Nataakese, and Farmanese are the native languages of the primary UKA species.

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