We fight battles because they must be fought. Not out of greed, or superficial bigotry. We fight the great evils of the universe, and make them regret ever leaving their homeworld. We fight for the alliance we've forged with our very own sweat and blood! We fight for the glory of Tyris Major!

- Emperor Pulporious V

History Edit

Formation Edit

In 1373 AD, King Glynn of the Volver Empire proposed that the allied forces that fought in the War of Tyris Major should form a proper alliance.

Emperor Pulporious V of the Soldarian Empire and Great-Khan Vaas of the Hyperon Grand Khanate met with King Glynn on the Volver homeworld of Ascon to discuss the idea further. Great-Khan Vaas suggested that the Antroth Empire should be forced into the new alliance to prevent them from conspiring with former enemies. The other leaders agreed, however Emperor Pulporious V managed to convince Queen Si'daal to join the alliance without coming to blows by showing up to the post-war negotiations on Farmia with a fleet of over 4,000 ships. He told her that the Antroth Empire should join the alliance for protection from the Biskin Empire and Infectant Horde, then gestured to his orbiting fleet above and said "That's not even a fraction of the Soldarian Empire's might". Needless to say, Queen Si'daal agreed to join her former enemies.

The four leaders signed a treaty and created the United Knights Alliance, or the UKA for short.

Era of Peace Edit

For the next one thousand years, the UKA experienced an era of peace and prosperity. Technological advancements, while not necessarily remarkable at the time, were steadily being made. The UKA also had time to become a more culturally and militarily unified faction. The Grand Republic of Tyris Major, another galactic superpower, did not take kindly to the UKA's sudden boom in wealth, trade, and technology, viewing the alliance as a potential threat.

The UKA however, assured the Grand Republic that they had no intention of fighting them, and even went as far as to sign a non-aggression pact. The Grand Republic's fears diminished as the two galactic superpowers spent this era trading.

Early Alliances Edit

In 1375 AD, the UKA formed a military alliance with the Mendel Pact of Mirus. This alliance was formed as a result of the Volver Empire's participation in a Mirusian Conflict known as the War of Pirates. With this alliance, the UKA was introduced to Mirusian politics and trade networks. Other empires that the UKA fought alongside during the war were the Arkit Council Empire, the Borlord Republic, and the Ciniade Coalition of Sentients. The war ended with a United Knights Alliance victory layer that year, and proved to be the first of many victories that the alliance would experience.

After the war, the Arkits became trading partners of the UKA, while the Borlords signed a non-agression pact. The Galactic Protection Agency, whose intervention had ended the War of Pirates, came to grealy respect the UKA as well. Unfortunately for the UKA, the Ciniade Coalition harbored plans to become as mighty as both the UKA and the Grand Republic, and with the direct Zarbanian threat dealt with, took steps to antagonise both. Furthermore, the Borlord Republic would learn of and grow closer to the Grand Republic of Tyris Major in he years following the War of Pirates, all but joining them over the following years and growing ever more distant to the UKA.

Nebulorian-Alpha War Edit

In 2754 AD, The Nebulorian Ascendancy a civilization long thought shattered by history and infighting, emerged from a long hibernation. Having discovered that their ancient foe had been severely weakened, their leader Lord Ne'yon decided to reestablish his people's reign over the galaxy.

Months after their awakening, the Nebulorians attacked Minera, home to the Helmore Galactic Conglomerate, a member of the Volver Empire. This began the the Second Battle of Minera and marked the beginning of the Nebulorian-Alpha War. The Helmore were no match for the newly awakened Nebulorians alone, but they were soon backed up by the rest of the Volver Empire. The newly awoken Nebulorians were forced to retreat, having underestimated the Volver Empire's fleet.

Lord Ne'yon decided to retaliate against the Volver with an extreme show of force, seeing them as not only heretics to their ancestry, but also defiant to Nebulorian rule. He declared war on the Volver Empire, which led to the United Knights Alliance to take action. Understanding that his forces alone would not be enough to defeat the United Knights Alliance and their allies within the Mendel Pact, decided to allign himself with the likes of the Dead Watch. The Dead Watch were the Mendel Pact's old enemies, and proved to be just what the Nebulorians needed to get the upper hand over the UKA.

The Nebulorians and the Dead Watch struck hard, laying siege to Ascon, the Volver Empire's capital. The UKA had very little time to retaliate, and the battle was almost lost. King Glynn held off the combined forces of the Nebulorians and Dead Watch while leading only the UKA forces on Ascon, but his forces were wavering. Luckily, the Soldarian and Mendel fleets arrived on the scene, breaking the siege and saving Ascon from capture.

Barda Clett, a legendary Ugandalorian warrior and future Ugandalore of the Mendel Pact, met with Emperor Pulporious V and King Glynn to discuss a plan of action. Understanding that the Nebulorians had far superior technology than them and almost captured Ascon with what seemed like minimal effort, the Volver agred to call upon more allies. Luckily for the Nebulorian Ascendancy, the Borlord Republic did not answer the UKA's summons, tacitly ending the alliance between both, while the Arkit Council Empire was actually destroyed by the Nebulorians. The Mendel Pact did however call in their Mirusian allies known as the Waptoria Alliance of Species. Their commandant, W'tze was a veteran of the War of Tyris Major and was thus welcomed as a valued ally to their forces. Following this, the Citadel of Sapients joined the war on the side of the Ascendancy, hoping to harm the Waptorian expedition and reverse-engineer Nebulorian technology, or failing that, steal it outright.

After many negotiations between the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the Violaven Union, and a visit of the Mendel Pact to the homeworld of the Lavatuft Republic, the Grand Republic of Tyris Major was convinced to join the war on the behalf of the Unite Knights Alliance. With both their rivals fighting on one side in the war, the Ciniade Coalition of Sapients unexpectedly send troops to aid the Nebulorian Ascendancy, openly declaring their intent to replace both the UKA and the GRTM as the dominant power in Tyris Major. The Nebulorian Ascendancy was also able to get their estranged relatives in the Nebulorian Pirates to join their campaign. Both forces proved to be powerful allies, tipping the scales in favor of the Nebulorian Ascendancy. In reply, the Separatist Republic of Ciniade joined forces with the anti-Nebulorian resistence, though their meagre military could do little alone and their xenophobic reputation only hampered the resistance's ability to secure support abroad.

Later in the war, the Battle of Militora was to be a devastating blow to the United Knights Alliance. Bengo Flett, a well decorated soldier of the Soldarian Empire and a Soldarian Super Elite, was killed at the hands of Lord Ne'yon himself. Not only did the Soldarians lose one of their greatest warriors and icons, but Militora, the Soldarian Empire's capital world, also fell into the hands of the Nebulorians. The Soldarians were forced to focus their efforts on reclaiming their homeworld and surrounding sectors, which prevented a lot of their forces from aiding in an assault on Nebulorian territory led by the Volver.

Despite the setbacks faced by the UKA and their allies, the Nebulorian Ascendancy would fail to conquer Tyris Major. In 2758 AD, their super weapon known as the Spear of Apocalypse was destroyed, and their leader Ne'yon perished in its defence, ending the war. Unfortunately, King Glynn of the Volver Empire did not survive this final battle of the war. With Ne'yon gone, all cordiality bteween the rebels and the Nebulorian pirates soon vanished. They would each go their seperate ways.

Rising Power Edit

Thanks to their victory over the Nebulorian Ascendancy, the United Knights Alliance was able to salvage their enemies' advanced technology. This technology included advanced energy shielding, metallurgy, power generation, and plasma based weaponry. This technology would aid improving the quality of the equipment used by the alliance's soldiers and ships.

However, this was not seen as a good thing for everyone. Despite having aided in the war and signing a non-aggression pact centuries prior, the Grand Republic of Tyris Major began to worry about the UKA once more. The UKA not only shamelessly salvaged the technology of their enemies, but also actively horded any tech that would lead to breakthroughs in military technology. This would be the beginnings of renewed political tension between the two states.

Second Infectant War Edit

In 2760 AD, after seeing the Nebulorian Ascendancy struck down and the rather weakened state of the galaxy after the war, the Infectant Horde, ancient enemies of the Grand Republic of Tyris Major and more recently the United Knights Alliance, decided to strike back and conquer their foes.

The United Knights Alliance, who took the brunt of the previous war, was attacked without warning. Both the Antroths and the Soldarians took heavy casualties and even had their territory occupied by the Infectants. Emperor Pulporious V was captured by Omega, an Infectant general who was later revealed to be some type of Nebulorian-Infectant hybrid, and held hostage by the mother of all Infectants, the Infectant Hive Mind. The Infectants would later launch a surprise attack on the Grand Republic with the goal of killing Lord Lavern, the Lavatuft Republic's previous ruler. While the battle itself ended in an Infectant victory, they sustained heavy losses, which would lead to a defeat weeks later at the hands of combined Grand Republic and Bordlord forces. The Grand Republic chased the retreating Infectants back into Infectant Horde territory.

Meanwhile, the UKA under the leadership of the new Volver King Brygon managed to reclaim their own lost territories with aid from the and Waptoria Alliance of Species. After regrouping their forces, they struck hard into Infectant territory, meeting the fleeing Infectants head on with their massive fleet. The combined forces of the UKA, Grand Republic, Borlord and Waptoria devastated the Infectant fleet in a vicious pincer attack. The Mendel Pact, now a part of the powerful Mirusian Unified Federation of Glory, arrived on the scene to help ensure that the Infectants would never recover from such a battle.

Having lost the majority of their fleet, Infectant worlds began to fall left and right. During a battle known as the Battle of Floo, the Infectant Horde was met with their official defeat. The rest of the war saw the scattering of the Infectant Horde's allies, who were unable to fight against the might of the Grand Republic, UKA, and their Mirusian allies.

The war officially ended in 2764 AD with a victory for the United Knights Alliance and Grand Republic of Tyris Major.

Alliance with the Unified Federation of Glory Edit

In order to ensure their political and trade influence in Mirus, the UKA officially allied with the Unified Federation of Glory in 2766 AD. This strengthened the existing ties between the UKA and the Mendel tremendously, to the point that outside observers mostly concidered the UKA as just another Federation member state. The alliance brought wealth and security to both factions, which was needed after facing the Nebulorian Ascendancy and the Infectant Horde. The UKA also wanted insurance in case the Grand Republic actually decided to strike them down. It was no secret that despite helping each other in wars, the Grand Republic saw the UKA as political and military upstarts.

Second Ascon Civil War Edit

In 2770 AD, an ex-Volver Knight named Reathee Desaa (calling himself "Crimson") managed to rally soldiers under his banner and declare a civil war on Valishar Brygon of the Volver Empire. He called his new organization the Knights of Ascon and launched an attack on the Volver homeworld of Ascon. While the Volver Empire was fighting itself, Crimson carefully coordinated assassination attempts on the lives of not only the UKA's leadership, but also the leadership of the UKA's allies. This attempt was mostly thwarted however. Despite this, the leaderships of the UKA and their allies assumed that Brygon was behind the attacks, and attempted to eject the Volver Empire from the alliance.

However, the Volver king proved that he was loyal to the UKA by not only revealing who was behind the attacks and the fact that he lost Ascon to the rebels, but also aiding in defending his allies against yet another attack from the Volver rebels.

Having reassured his allies of his loyalty, Brygon led the allied forces back to Ascon and defeated Crimson's forces, ending the war within the same year.

Enlightenment War Edit

In 2771 AD, one year after the events of the Second Ascon Civil War, conflict began to break out in Mirus. The UKA, while initially unaware of the threat looming over Mirus, took full notice when the Biskin Empire launched an attack on their territories. After pushing back the woefully outnumbered Biskin, the UKA finally turned their attention to Mirus and sent aid to their allies within the Federation.

Upon arriving in Mirus, the UKA fleet discovered that the Knights of Ascon, now calling themselves the Crimson Sons were aiding the Federation's enemies, the Death Watch. Meanwhile, the Ciniade Coalition reconquered the Seperatist Republic, allowing them to funnel resources trough to the Citadel of Sapients unhindered, who grew at an alarming rate. The rebels and their backers once more united, and began to plot upon the Federation. Not only that, but the UKA met opposition from the Imperium of War and the Zarbania Powers as their presence was made known to the rest of Mirus.

During the Battle of Kranua, the allied forces were attacked by the Brotherhood of Darklings and were overwhelmed by their power. However, with some help from the mysterious Dark Knight, the allied forces were able to escape.

By 2773 AD, the war eventually found its way to Ugandalore, the heart of the Federation, and where one of the longest battles of the UKA's history took place. The Alpha Grox were now on the offensive against the Federation. Enemies and allies alike fought above and on the Medel homeworld for days as casualties piled up on both sides. Eventually, the Citadel of Sapienst and Death Watch united with the Crimson Sons under the Proditkar Movement, and after a failed attempt to seize control of the allied fleet, left the war above Ugandalore to lick their wounds.

Having seen enough bloodshed, the ancient Enlightened Ones of Mirus arose from the oceans of Ugandcalore and aided the Federation and its allies. This led to a decisive victory, and in 2773 AD, the war was over.

Formation and joining the Enlightenment Collaborative Edit

With the arrival of the Enlightened Ones, the galactic powers within Mirus and Tyris Major were unsure what this would mean for the gigaquadrant. In an attempt to prevent a comflict as messy as the Enlightenment War, the UKA, Grand Republic, Waptoria Alliance of Species, and the Federation decided to unite under one banner as the Enlightenment Collaborative, later known as the Unifed Enlightenment Alliance.

This new alliance sought to protect both Mirus and Tyris Major from internal and external threats. With the Enlightenment Collaborative officially founded by the end of 2773 AD, tensions between the UKA and Grand Republic were finally beginning to cool down. Matrukoris would serve as the capital of the alliance, and would house many member species of the alliance for generations to come.

First Void War Edit

In 2779 AD, a bloody conflict known as the First Void War (also referred to as the Return of THEM) started when a being known as Ada the Empty God (Known formerly as Xizothano Ada) descended upon Tyris Major with the intent of conquering it once more. He was apparently a member of the ancient god-race known as the Nyarqaeshu, a race of beings that once ruled the entire Tyris Cluster as the Nyarqaeshian Empire. The remnants of the Nebulorian Ascendancy rallied to Ada's banner, as would the Khilai Empire. Ada's main forces, however, would come in the form of the Infused, individuals Ada had ressurected to serve him. Their fleets were ethereal, almost otherworldly, and hard to deal with. Ada's forces attacked both the UKA and Grand Republic. Their Mirusian allies within the Enlightenment Collabrative flocked to Tyris Major to help, sparking a galactic wide conflict unlike anything the galaxy had seen before.

Most of the battles of the First Void War took place in space in the form of naval battles, where billions of soldiers would lose their lives fighting against the overwhelming forces of Ada. Unlikely allies in the form of the Proditkar Movement, Ciniade Coalition of Sapients, Biskin Empire, and even the Crimson Sons came to the aid of the Enlightenment Collaborative. The combined forces of the Collaborative and their former enemies were able to defeat Ada's forces, but the self-styled godform would prove to be much more powerful than any fleet on his own. Matrukoris was shattered by the might of Ada, killing trillions of civilians and soldiers alike. This act rallied the forces of Tyris Major and Mirus like never before.

Leading UKA scientist Dr. Talihar Que, with the help of the rest of Enlightenment Collaborative, developed the Deiry Pulse, a super weapon that was capable of critically wounding Ada, making him vulnerable to mortal weapons. Ada was struck with the weapon, and was bombarded by the full might of the allied fleets. Ada was banished into the Void, unable to return due to his weakened state.

With Ada gone, the Nebulorians and other forces of Ada faltered and either surrendered, scattered or were destroyed by the Collaborative. The war ended within the same year that it started, but never again would Tyris Major suffer such a causality heavy war.

Great Deciever Conflict Edit

Like the Federation of Glory and Mendel Pact, the United Knight Alliance was only peripherally involved in the Great Deciever conflict, though overall saw more action than the former two. After the defeat of Ada, the Void Energy the Khilai Empire had used as a power source started to detoriate. This ended in the Void Energy Cataclysm which decimated their population. When the Waptoria Alliance of Species picked up on this in 2789 AD, they forwarded the data to the UKA in the hope that they would aid the Khilai. Instead, the Khilai attacked the Volver, knowing that they would not tolerate their Void Energy usage. All this went according to Plan MW2-XV66 of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, who had forewarned the Khilai of the UKA's arrival. The UKA would get their change at revenge when they send a crusade fleet to aid the Waptorians in the Katar Sector tasked with defending the Scientific Combine of Nakeimato. The Tyranny, seeking to keep the allies seperated, once more send the Khilai to intercept the UKA. Diverted on a punitive campaign against their illusive foes, the crusade never reached their original destination until much later and instead preoccupied itself against the Khilai as the Tyranny had planned.

Acting as various non-profits and non-governmental organisations, the Terpeschoire Spy Network of the Tyranny simultaneously send misinformation from various terminals in Tyris Major to the Galactic Protection Agency, falsely convicing the GPA that the Tyrisians were about to re-assemble the Spear of the Apocalypse and transport it to Katar to end the conflict there. When the GPA blockaded the Tyris-Katar and Mirusian-Milky Way wormholes in response, the Terpeschoires made certain that the UKA kept busying itself with the Khilai and did not join their allies despite Waptorian pleas. This prevented the Grand Republic of Tyris Major from reinforcing the Waptoria and Nakeimato. When negotiations broke down, the abscence of the UKA led these three states to descisively lose the Battle of the Blockade against the GPA. The result was a diplomatic incident between the UKA and the Grand Republic, which Terpeschoires imbedded into both factions nearly managed to fan into open war. A collapse of the Enlightenment Collaborative was of course exactly what the Tyranny sought, seeing that they were the single largest hindrance to their further expansion in Mirus and Tyris Major. Hoping to weaken the UKA further, several prominent Antroth worlds would be ravaged by the Skittering Annihilators as a test run when the Tyranny launched it's Overseer program in 2970 AD. However, Farmia was deemed to well-defended to be attacked.

Eventually, the GPA blockade would be lifted on orders of the United Hegemony of Exterioris, an ally of the Galactic Protection Agency, after other allies of theirs, the Aeoneonatrix Empire, had discovered that the entire conflict had been directed from the start by the Tyranny. It was only then that the UKA finally decided to join forces with their allies, as it was now clear that the Khilai served as nothing but a distraction. An internal purge against the imbedded Terpeschoires followed. Yet as the allies prepared to move their fleets into the Katar Sector where the Waptoria were waiting for them, the Khilai attacked once more. This time it was they who were defeated however, despite open support from the Drakodominatus Tyranny. The Enlightenment Collaborative Katar taskforce, now including the Waptoria, managed to secure the covert aid of the Troodontid Empire after the latter had threatened to ally with the Tyranny out of spite. They were then formed up into a battlegroup with the Troodontids and the Gacatic Protection Agency by Drodo-Hegemony joint command, and made an incursion deep into Katar Tyranny space before withdrawing. After overseeing the official peace talks between the various states tricked into warring against one another by the Tyranny, thus ending the conflict, the Enlightenment Collaborative retreated back to Tyris Major. After all, the Tyranny wasn't dealt with, and neither were the Khilai.

Attero Dominatus Edit

The UKA was not involved in aiding the slave revolt against the Tyranny which took place in 2791 AD, instead building up their fleets for the retaliation they knew must come. They also paid the Tyrisian Mercenary Guild to hack into the databases of the Tyranny to recover information which clearly showed the Khilai as disposable pawns in the Tyranny's grand strategy. With this information, they hoped to turn the Khilai to their side and persuade them from using the Void peacefully, as they had come to respect their tenacity and warrior prowess.

While most of the First Gigaquadrant was taken by surprise by the MKII fleets the Tyranny send in to crush the revolt, the UKA was ready. Their navy, surprisingly, managed to halt the initial Tyranny invasion forces, which were redirected to the Grand Republic, who had taken part in the slave revolt and were weakened as a result. To keep the UKA busy, the Khilai were once more called in. Though initially suffering losses, the Khilai proved no match for the upgraded UKA fleet and were pushed back to their own territories. Forcing the Battle of Kavous due the arrival of a the Hegemony task force under Admiral Jamduar, the UKA revealed to the Khilai they they were pawns of the Tyranny as much as everyone else, rather than genuine allies. Before the Khilai could properly respond, the Tyranny turned on them there and then, knowing all to well that that the proud race would turn on them too with this revelation. It had simply become a matter of who did so first. Nevertheless, in a surprisingly quick reaction, the Khilai agreed to a ceasefire with the UKA to take down the Tyranny in a pincer movement, using Khilai ground-to-space batteries on Methous and the UKA navy to destroy the Tyranny's automated battle stations in orbit of the planet. Afterwards, both sides agreed to make the ceasefire formal for time being, focussing instead on the enemy both now shared.

This was rather needed as the Tyranny was making inroads into the Grand Republic at an alarming rate. Knowing too well that if the Republic fell, the UKA would be next, Volver scientist Talihar Que developed and deployed the first Enlightenment Olympians by creating a much more humane version of the Soldarian Enhancement Program pioneered by Zard Beetz and improving upon it to enable enhancement of various species within the Enlightenment Collaborative. Unsurprisingly though, the Soldiarian still delivered the first candidates to become Olympians. These Olympians, and the UKA fleet, relieved the Grand Republic from the Tyranny threat, causing Drachon Kricht Dzvrak, the Dominatus in charge of the Tyrisian Campaign, to redirect his efforts against the Olympian production facilities instead. After boasting not even the best and most experienced Volver Knight could be a match for him, the Drachon would be dueled and killed by the the legendary Volver knight Aelik Norrehal. The unexpected loss of the Tyranny's local leadership allowed the UKA, Khilai and Grand Republic to jointly force the Tyranny out of Tyris Major in the Battle of Hyperion. Now the war could be taken to Mirus, where the Waptoria and Mendel Pact were only barely holding out against a continuous assault of the Tyranny and a willing pawn of theirs, the Imperium of War.

The UKA would join the rest on the non-Mirusian Anti-Dominatus forces, fighting with much of the Gigaquadrant in the First Battle of Manticore, which marked the first incursion into Dominatus Mirus. The UKA, together with the Grand Republic, Khilai, Hegemony of Andromeda and other forces such as the Katar Sector Alliance and the New Cyrannian Republic formed the northern anti-Dominatus battegroup which was tasked with the relief of the Mendel and Waptoria. While suffering substantial losses, this battle-group successfully drove off the Imperium of War which was besieging the Mirusians on orders of the Tyranny, allowing the Mirusians to commit to the fight against the Tyranny as well. The UKA would fight in numerous other battles during the war, including the Battle of Chimera, the Second Battle of Manticore, and the Battle of Terminus. As Tyrisians, the UKA and their Mirusian allies were especially involved in the meat grinder that was the Battle of Krieg Prime, a Dominatus stronghold which guarded their northernmost sector capital of Perdition. The anti-Dominatus Coalition famously suffered horrific losses upon this world, which saw the eradication of entire Federation Clone Legions before victory could be grasped from near-defeat. Of course, the UKA would be present in the Battle of Demogorgon Prime in 2795 AD. This battle saw the destruction of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with sworn allies like the Mendel Pact, and allies of convenience like the Khilai. In this one instance, such distinctions did not matter so long as victory over the abominable Dominatus was finally achieved.

In the trial of the Dominatus which took place he next year, the United Knights Alliance would especially harsh on the defeated Tyranny. Indeed, they demanded the death of every Dominatus, Overseer, and Synthetic, as well as the complete destruction of Demogorgon Prime. In short, only the complete erasement of the Dominatus from history would be a due punishment for the misery they had wrought. While the Dominatus would be brought to extinction in their totality and Demogorgon Prime glassed, the Overseers and Synthetics were pardoned but their indoctrination was not undone. This greatly infuriated the UKA representatives, who left the trial in protect of what they saw as a highly reckless and dangerous move. As a result, every Overseer and Synthetic seeking refuge in the Tyris Major would be hunted down and killed instead of employed, as would become the case in other galaxies. Likewise, when the Waptoria recruited those Terpeschoires still imbedded into their ranks, instead of terminating them for the great trouble they had caused, the UKA could only voice their outrage. Despite that, they realized that the Waptoria were as exhausted from the war as they were and simply sought to seal any existing breaches in their treasured intelligence network by co-opting the leaderless Terpeschoires for themselves. As a result, and to honor the Waptorian civilians the Tyranny had turned into agonized Biodrone slaves, the UKA chose to let the issue pass.

The UKA suffered nearly as much in the Mirus Campaign of the Dominatus War as they did in the first Void War. About a quarter of these casualities were suffered in the Battle of Demogorgon Prime, and about ten percent in the Battle of Krieg Prime. The First and Second Battles of Manticore combined yielded another five percent of the causalities, with the other half divided over countless other battles. Unlike in the first Void War, Mirus was hit even harder than Tyris Major, making it more difficult for the UKA to recover as their allies in the Enlightenment Collaborative were even more incapacitated. The costs of the first Void War, in combination with the Dominatus War, made it enormously risky for the UKA and the Grand Republic to be at each other's throats again. As a result, the time from 2795 to 2800 would be exceptionally peaceful. The only incidents which occurred during these years would be the occasional terrorist attack carried out by the odd Impaler of Skali'Draz-breed Overseer which still found itself in Tyris Major. Overseers of other templates and Dominatus-crafted Synthetics had long abandoned the Tyris cluster altogether, while Terpeschoires still embedded into the UKA had been hunted down and extracted by the Waptoria. The Khilai Empire went into a period of self-chosen isolation during this period, and even the Biskin Empire kept quiet, giving the UKA breathing room it needed to recover.

Great Mirusian Conflicts Edit

In 2800 AD, the Volver Empire had finally shattered the Crimson Sons separatist movement. However, this caused the remaining members of the movement to break off into two distinct factions. One was based on subterfuge and political maneuvering, calling themselves the Crimson Splinter and led by a Volver named Iloburaas Sa'laota. The second group was a terrorist organization who wished to strike fear into not only the Volver Empire, but the UKA and the greater UAE as a whole. These separatists called themselves the Blood Knights, led by ex-Volver Knight Anthil Agna.

In Mirus, the Imperium of War had begun a massive military power grab throughout the galaxy. The Grand Republic of Tyris Major was the first of the Tyrisian superpowers to send aid to the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, a gesture the United Knights Alliance would also follow once they saw the threat that the Imperium of War posed to the Gigaquadrant as a whole. The UKA deployed a third of their forces to aid their allies in Mirus against the looming threat.

The Blood Knights, seeing an opportunity to strike at the preoccupied UKA, attacked their Mirus-bound transport ships, outer colonies, and even plotted to assassinate public officials such as governors and military commanders. Anthil Agna, famous for his previous military service to the UKA in the past and his ferocious tenacity, had a more dangerous but "rewarding" mission. The leader of the Blood Knights would go on to assassinate the famous Lord Lavern of the Lavatuft Republic, dealing a massive political blow to the Grand Republic of Tyris Major.

Outraged at the death of a Tyrisian legend and important member of the UAE's political stage, both the UKA and Grand Republic turned their gaze on the Blood Knights, who were at the time expanding their foothold in Mirus. The Tyrisian superpowers struck the Blood Knights hard, and in a bloody battle known as the Battle of Carniss, the Blood Knights were forced to flee back to Tyris Major.

The Battle of Taurstad Edit

In 2801 AD, Valishar Brygon decided to personally lead his Volver Imperial forces alongside a young Timaal Gyssealus in an all-out assault on the remaining Blood Knight stronghold. The Battle of Taurstad saw the destruction of the Blood Knights and the eventual death of Anthil Agna, leaving only the Crimson Splinter as the last bastion of Crimson's ideals.

During the Battle of Taurstad, Emperor Pulporious V of the Soldarian Empire remained in Mirus to lead the UKA's forces against the Imperium. With his military brilliance, he was able to aid the UAE in bringing a swift close to the Imperium threat.

Great Tyrisian Conflicts Edit

Tyrisian-Grox War Edit

In 2802 AD, the fighting that had been ravaging Mirus had spread into Tyris Major. The Grox Grand Dominion domain under Mortox sought to make use of King Lavern's death to assimilate Lavatuft Republic, and by extension, the whole cluster. As the Grox where shared enemies of both the Grand Republic and the United Knights Alliance, the two Tyrisian super-powers joined forces to defend the galaxy, despite the rivalry between them. The Grox, while formidable, were unable to truly overtake the combined forces of the Tyrisians with military might alone. And the UKA's deployment of Paladins wearing Version Two AEGIS Powered Assault Armor, the Grox's ground forces stood no chance against the UKA's. The Grox were forced to use more crafty methods. Mortox began to plant doubts and distrust into the mind of Lord Magmos, the political leader of the Grand Republic. Lord Magmos began to blame the Volver Empire, and by extension the UKA, for the death of his father Lord Lavern. He considered calling off Grand Republic support for the war, but President Cranil Lota of the Violaven Union managed to convince him that they needed United Knights Alliance on their side for the war.

Lord Magmos agreed, and fought back against the Grox threat with renewed vigor. The UKA stood by the Grand Republic, and the war was eventually won after a brutal battle known as the Battle of Tyris Alpha at the core of the galaxy.

Tyrisian-Hegemonic War Edit

In 2804 AD, the Hegemony of Exterioris betrayed the United Knights Alliance for the Xonexi Allies and launched an attack on Tyris Major's outer rim, attempting to strike down the Koatria, Olympian, and Warrior-Hunter teams first. Again the Grand Republic and the United Knights Alliance joined forces, though this time much more smoothly.

While the UKA now had an unparalleled fleet when compared to the rest of the rest of the galaxy, the Hegemony's fleet proved to be difficult to tackle thanks to their superior tactics and firepower. But thanks to the Grand Republic's efforts, the Violaven Union was able to outfit the UKA's fleet with stronger shields and ordinance in order to help them smash through the Hedgemony's forces. After the combined forces of the UKA and Grand Republic destroyed the Intergalactic Supercarrier Monument to Purity, the Hegemony of Exterioris' backbone in the cluster was effectively broken and they were routed from Tyris Major.

Tyrisian-Imperium War Edit

In 2806 AD, the Imperium of War's skirmishes on the outskirts of Tyris Major turned into a full blown invasion. The Imperium's glory-seeking nature caused them to strike hard at the Soldarian Empire (and by extension the UKA), an empire the Imperium deemed as the only worthy opponents in Tyris Major. During this war, a rather famous former UAE Koatria and UKA Legionnaire Dione Ardal was given the temporary rank of Legion Commander by Emperor Pulporious V in order to ensure that the eastern front was secure. Dione's exceptional leadership and defense of the Soldarian's eastern front would prove to be far too much for the Imperium to overcome. This was made worse for them once her old Koatria teammate Knight Commander Timaal Gyssealus, the aforementioned hero of the Battle of Taurstad, arrived to aid Legion Commander Dione's forces and even push the Imperium back with an all out offensive.

On the western front, Emperor Pulporious V himself led the charge against the Imperium. He won crucial battles and managed to maintain the UKA's borders while pressing hard into the Imperium's temporary footholds.

The bulk of the Imperium of War were eventually beaten back later that year. This precluded the fall of their empire, which ended both the Great Mirusian Conflicts Great Tyrisian Conflicts, though roving Dragowar Warbands continued to be a problem until well into 2910 AD.

Second Void War Edit

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The Mirror Crisis Edit

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The Mirror Crusade Edit

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Government Edit

The UKA is run by a small council of the leaders of the primary factions within the alliance. The King of the Volver Empire, also known as the "Valishar" leads this council though every head of an empire has equal footing. The Valishar merely speaks for the UKA in affairs concerning other galaxies. The Council usually only convenes when it is time to declare war or vote on policies that would affect every member empire. The individual empires typically govern themselves with their own laws, but all must follow laws that are sanctioned by the council to remain within the alliance.

Member states of major empire are represented by their empire's leader. For example, the Doopy High Chiefdom is a vassal of the Volver Empire, which means the Valishar represents them instead of the Doopy High Chieftain.

Military Edit

The UKA military is comprised of all the military forces of all alliance members. Most military personnel are joint-enlisted in both their home empire's military force as well as the UKA's. However some soldiers and pilots can receive special training and enlist in the UKA's Grand Legion and Grand Armada to serve specifically for the UKA instead of being a joint member of both the UKA's military and their home-empire's military.

Personnel enlisted in UKA's military are also able to enlist as soldiers within the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. In some cases the best of the UKA's soldiers are promoted to fight in the ranks of the UAE's elite forces such as the Olympians.

Technology Edit

The Technology of the UKA is usually developed by joint-research teams between all members of the alliance. The UKA has developed advanced military, medical, and recreational technologies for soldiers and citizens. The technological advancements are typically shared with the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment. The UKA begrudgingly shares these with the Grand Republic of Tyris Major, due to both of them sharing member status within the UAE.

Society Edit

Culture Edit

The various warrior cultures of the members of the UKA melt almost perfectly together. The Volver, Soldarians, Antroths, Hyperon, and the various other races all love a good and honest fight. For the most part, the UKA upholds duty, justice, and honor above all else. Being a mostly military alliance, the UKA is extremely prideful of their Grand Legion and at least 30% of all joint-empire technological advancements are made to improve the efficiency of their soldiers, ships, armor, and weapons.

Religion Edit

There are two major religions within the UKA known as Mellynrism and Baspirism. The Volver, being the most religious of the members of the UKA, often accept other religions such as Baspirism and the extra-galactic religions of the UAE, into their worldview. The Volver mainly practice the polytheistic Mellynrism, while Soldarians and Hyperon practice the monotheistic sects of Baspirism known as Soldarism and Nataism. The Antroths are atheists, believing that divinity is a falsehood and "gods" are not to be worshiped, but to be usurped.

Language Edit

The UKA mostly uses the common galactic basic to communicate, though a few individual members of the UKA know the languages of their allies. Asconian, Neo-Miltoran, Nataakese, and Farmanese are the native languages of the primary UKA species.

Notable Citizens Edit

The United Knights Alliance his home to over 29 quadrillion citizens, which means there are a decent number of them who are notable not only in the UKA, but also in Mirus and other galaxies in the gigaquadrant. Everyone on this list has citizenship status within the United Knights Alliance.

  • Emperor Pulporious V - Legendary military commander, emperor of the Soldarian Empire, and co-founder of the United Knights Alliance.
  • Queen Si'daal - Queen of the Antroth Empire, Master of the Antroth Mystic Arts, and co-founder of the United Knights Alliance.
  • Great-Khan Vaas - Great-Khan of the Hyperon Grand Khanate, legendary warlord and folk hero of the Nataak people, and co-founder of the United Knights Alliance.
  • Valishar Brygon - Valishar (High-King) of the Volver Empire, known to have traversed the Abyss and survived, and the political leader of the United Knights Alliance.
  • Knight Lord Timaal Gyssealus - Knight Lord of the Volver Empire, former student of Valishar Brygon, Master Koatria of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, leader of Volver Clan Gyssealus, and led the Reclamation of Matrukoris.
  • Legion Commander Dione Ardal - Legion Commander of the United Knights Alliance, Storm Legion founder and commander, Soldarian Super Elite of the Soldarian Empire, Master Koatria of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, and fought in the Reclamation of Matrukoris.
  • Dr. Nu'Iva Shal - Master of the Antroth Mystic Arts, Master Koatria of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment, Professor of Archaeology at the University of Matrukoris, Planeswalker, creator of The Tower, and was known to have traversed the Abyss and survive.
  • Dr. Talihar Que - Doctor of engineering and biology, inventor of most of the military hardware used by the United Knights Alliance, created the Deity Pulse, one of the oldest living Volver, and is considered to be the most brilliant mind in the galaxy.
  • Kyaan Desaa - Adviser to Valishar Brygon, Knight Lord of the Volver Empire, leader of Volver Clan Desaa, and known to have vanquished over 200 Volver Separatists in single combat.
  • Prince Lutius Pulporious - Heir to the Soldarian Empire and brilliant military strategist and combatant.

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