The United Gigaquadrantic Alliance is an intergovernmental organisation created to promote peaceful co-operation between the three clusters of the First Gigaquadrant. Formed in the aftermath of Cluster-wide conflicts such as the New Cyrandia Wars and the Great Xonexian Schism, the Alliance styles itself as the successor of similar organisations in the Gigaquadrant's hallowed history, including the venerable Seven Starr Alliance prior to its fall in the aftermath of the Halycon Incident, as well as the contemporaneous Mou'Cyran Accords.

Though the Alliance does not exert authority over any one civilisation, it fulfills an important advisory role in the prevention of conflict throughout the Gigaquadrant, in order to foster cooperation between once antagonistic or ambivalent civilisations. The Alliance is therefore entirely independent from any single Gigaquadrantic superpower and was instead brought into being with a Declaration claiming that all states, large and small, would have equal representation in all aspects of the Alliance. To gain the support of worlds disaffected from Gigaquadrantic power politics, the founding document of the Alliance stated that a rotating election would be held in order to decide what capital world would seat the Gigaquadrantic Assembly, a decision reached in order to avoid accusations of bias toward a single state or galaxy. The first Assembly would be based on Station Halcyon, the location upon which the Alliance was initally formed.

The Alliance fosters increased military cooperation between member states to a more tangible degree in comparison to the political and economic structures of the Alliance in order to counter universal threats to Gigaquadrantic peace and safety, most notably the ever-present Dominion of the Xhodocto in addition to other forces such as the Junction and the Neraida Gigamatrix. While large fleet actions mandated by the Alliance do occur in order to counter these threats, most cooperation takes the form of peace-keeping operations in the vast swaths of space in the First Gigaquadrant.



Similar to the creation of the Seven Starr Alliance in the face of War of Ages and the Universal Alliance of Nations in response to endemic internecine conflicts throughout the Gigaquadrant, the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance was formed after peace was reached throughout the First Gigaquadrant through the end of cluster-wide conflicts including the Great Xonexian Schism, Great Mirusian Conflicts and the New Cyrandia Wars, amongst many others. Despite the continuation of widespread tension between the civilisations of the Gigaquadrant, a profound sense of war-weariness as well as concern for future stability and security were endemic throughout the Universal Square, resulting in many calls for the creation of a new Gigaquadrantic organisation which could succeed where its predecessors have failed in maintaining some semblance of Gigaquadrantic peace.

In addition to the now reconciled combatants of the Xonexian conflicts, the bloc of civilisations which had signed the Mou'Cyran Accords proved to be instrumental in the formation of the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance in 2806/06 NE, leading to the Declaration of Gigaquadrantic Concordance on Station Halcyon, which had previously played host to the Peace of Halcyon at the close of the Xonexian Schism. During this uncertain period, the acting President of the organisation was Athan Apostila, who represented the neutral Republic of Cyrannus. Many of the organization's branches joined in the effort to rebuild regions of the Gigaquadrant devastated by war, bringing much needed relief, coordination, security, and administrative capacity to collapsing states. Under the leadership of the French Empire during the Martel presidency, the UGA deployed peacekeeping forces in interventions in the former War-Imperial territories, Heer Stekeveel territories, Orion's Spur, and Segmentum Crepusculum following the Great Xonexian Schism.

Though much of the Gigaquadrant was now at peace, new tensions quickly emerged upon the spread of the Cyrannian Cold War beyond the intergalactic barriers of the Cyrandia Cluster to the extent that some civilisations such as the Draconid Imperium and French Empire began referring to it as the Intergalactic Cold War, pitting the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus against a coalition of civilisations supportive of the Cyrannian Republic, or those simply opposed to the Empire's policies. Though the Empire refused to join the Gigaquadrantic Alliance, the role of the Alliance the conflict remains to be seen.


The UGA is led by the Gigaquadrantic Assembly, a legislative assembly which gives all UGA member states equal representation and voting power regardless of size, influence, economic might, or military strength. The General Council acts as the primary decision making body for the entire organization, its most important powers being the ability to create, regulate, and fund the organization's many institutions and initiatives. The organization is symbolically led by the President of the Gigaquadrantic Assembly, who sets the agenda for a given year. While the official capital of the Alliance rotates based on which civilisation occupies the Presidency of the organisation, the administrative nuclei of the Alliance are housed in regional headquarters within each member state, as it is these centers which coordinate the work of the institution's many branches.


The true power within the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance is vested in the organisation's Assembly, which though initially based on Station Halcyon, is rotated to different member capitals, which in turn reflects the current President of the Assembly. This system allows each member state to preside over the Alliance and influence its direction. Styled as an alliance of equals, the Assembly provides each member with equal representation, thus preventing dominance by the organisation's larger members. In addition to sovereign states, the Assembly has been known to grant observer status to other intergalactic organisations such as the Mou'Cyran Accords, though these organisations are not permitted to vote in the passing of resolutions. The President of the Assembly serves as the chairperson during sessions, while members of the Assembly often attend via hologram due to the distances involved.

President of the Gigaquadrantic Assembly Edit

The President of the Gigaquadrantic Assembly is the elected leader and coordinator of the council, chosen on a yearly basis from among the representatives of the council. As such, he or she acts somewhat like a Prime Minister in Parliamentary systems. While he or she has little actual power, the President acts as an important spokesperson for the organization and plays a critical role in setting the legislative agenda for that given year. The fundamental principle of the Alliance, established in the Gigaquadrantic Concordance, states that no single civilisation or bloc of civilisations can dictate the policy of the Alliance. As such, the executive powers of the President are largely limited to that of a ceremonial figurehead. Indeed, while the President has a role in formulating the legislative agenda of the year of their civilisation's hosting and has the power to create organisational institutions, these powers are limited by the will of the legislature. Additionally, the nation to whom the President belongs becomes the host nation and is saddled with the procedural expenses of the General Council for that year.

Portrait Name Year Nation of Origin Seat of the Council Known for
ApostilaPortrait Athan Apostila 2806 · 06 NE NewRepublic New Cyrannian Republic Station Halcyon
  • Acting President
  • Foundation of the UGA
  • Overseeing concillatory dialgoue between belligerent states.

Tyson Martel Tyson Martel 2807 Flag of France French Empire Paris

Unknown character Count Virvar Touvin 2808 Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire Coron
  • Peacekeeping intervention into the Draconid Imperium, during the height of the Third House War. The Drodo Empire spearheads the operation.
  • Broadens the role of and further funds both the UGA Peacekeeping Corps and the Gigaquadrantic Rescue Fund.
  • Establishes, with heavy support from the French, the Gigaquadrantic Development Bank. The GDB assists in the funding of infrastructure projects and other public works through providing loans to those who need it.



Maeiorn 2809 Nsflag Nomatari Sovereignty Elabos
(The Arch of Elabos)
  • Reconstruction and restorement intervention into the Draconid Imperium, cleaning up the fallout of the Third House War - continuing the cause of Drodo Empire.

Aidan Collins Aidan Collins 2810 HumanRepublicSymbol Allied Terran Republic Terrae
  • Fallout from the signing of the Avalôtur Covenant.
  • Increasing relations with the Mou'Cyran Accords.
  • Official recognition of Cyrannian Republic as legitimate galactic government of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Aris Parassik (profil pict) Aris Parassik 2811 Algolurn Popular Republic Algolurn Popular Republic Nastavnik
  • Major figure in the integration of the Byzan Sector Alliance
  • Conflicts with other members of the Assembly concerning the Roreinian Civil War
  • Massive investments in the Peacekeeping Corps
  • Main figure for the creation of the Gigaquadrant Information Bureau
  • Pro-MCA relations

Unknown character Dalmar Thiran 2812 Farengeto Colony Flag4 Farengeto Trade Coalition Modia
  • Overseeing start of Roreinian Civil War

Unknown character Gerethar Drensheril 2813 PAE Flag Concept 3 Pan-Andromedan Ecumene Elysion
  • Establishment of the Gigaquadrantic Trading Standards Commission.
  • Fostering interaction and exchange between the UTU and GITO trade blocs.
  • Encouraging the legitimacy of recently established pan-galctic governments.

Unknown character (Vacant) 2814

Unknown character (Vacant) 2815

Institutions Edit

As a Gigaquadrantic organization with many missions, from promoting peace and stability to education and the spread of knowledge, or the combating of disease and poverty, the UGA has many active institutions and initiatives which seek to further these goals and support states in need.

United Gigaquadrantic Alliance Peacekeeping Corps Edit

Head of UGA Peacekeeping: Drodo Empire Flag Kalan Oronchi

The UGA Peacekeeping Corps, founded in 2807 under the administration of Tyson Martel, is a multinational armed force whose primary mission is to provide and coordinate peacekeeping troops intervening in conflicts throughout the Gigaquadrant. It is entirely composed of military contingents donated by UGA member states and funded at the discretion of the Gigaquadrantic Council, which allocates resources and manpower to each intervention depending on the priorities of the year. As an international force bringing together disparate military commands, the peacekeeping corps is highly disorganized. The role, leadership, purpose, composition, and funding of the institution may change drastically from one year to the next according to the inclinations, interest, and temperament of the incumbent administration.

Major Donors to UGA Peacekeeping
Nation Peacekeepers in service
Drodo Empire Flag Drodo Empire 21,000,000
Flag of France French Empire 14,548,893
Ugandal Flag Mendel Pact 13,609,201
Algolurn Popular Republic Algolurn Popular Republic 13,500,000
UnionFlag Stellar Union 2,504,712
UGA Peacekeeping Interventions
Name of operation Date initiated Location Conflict Status
UGA Mission to Stekeveelia Flag of France 2807 Heer Stekeveel Confederation HS Territories Fallout from Drodo Occupation Flag of France 2807
UGA Mission to the Hal'Sk Empire Flag of France 2807 Flag of Hal'Sk Hal'Sk Empire Hal'Sk Colonial Wars Ongoing
UGA Mission to Bellatos Flag of France 2807 Imperium of War Imperium of War Mirusian Conflicts Aftermath Ongoing
UGA Mission to the Coalition Flag of France 2807 Coalition Sigil The Coalition Clan Wars Aftermath Ongoing
UGA Mission to the Brood of War Flag of France 2807 BoW Flag Brood of War Collapse of the Brood of War Ongoing
UGA Mission to East Africa Flag of France 2807 Eastafricanflag East Africa Ethiopian-Somali Conflict Ongoing
UGA Mission to the D.I. Drodo Empire Flag 2808 DI Flag Modern Draconid Imperium Third House War Nsflag 2809

Gigaquadrantic Relief FundEdit

Managing Director: Flag of France Louise Busson
Headquarters: Flag of France Paris

Founded in 2807 by the initiative of French UGA President Tyson Martel, the Gigaquadrantic Relief fund is a branch of the UGA funded out of the organization's core budget. It was created in the wake of the destructive events of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts to act as a major player in post-war reconstruction by raising, handling, distributing, and overseeing the use of collective funds meant to stabilize ailing states.

The resources of the Gigaquadrantic Relief Fund extend to consulting and information-gathering, employing a large bureaucracy of experts and advisors. These are responsible for monitoring risk across the UGA's member states and states of interest, for providing prognoses for ongoing crises, and and creating the conditionality agreements which members must follow when they draw upon the fund.

Gigaquadrantic Development BankEdit

Gigaquadrant Information BureauEdit

Founded in 2811, the Information Bureau of the UGA was created during amidst the early stage of the Roreinian protests. Originally created to iddentify and arrest potential criminal threats of the Alliance, the GIB today mostly focuses public safety and counter-terrorism, crimes against sapient rights, genocide, war crimes, organized crime, piracy acts, illicit traffic in works of art, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, sapient trafficking, money laundering, information crime and corruption. To acheive these goals, the GIB benefits of the support of various organisations of the member states and has access to sensitive informations provided by collaborative national agencies.

Gigaquadrant Trading Standards CommissionEdit

Founded in 2813, the Trading Standards Commission was proprosed as a means to tackle the flow of contraband. Fully aware that one nations's heritage commodity could be another nation's contraband, the GTSC serves as a watchdog, cooperating with local customs officials to reinforce borders against the flow of goods that nation may consider illegal. The GTSC acts as an intermediate security watchdog for international trade pacts set up between several nations. The commission's other task is to also work with various anthropotarian groups to promote fairer commercial practice - such as good working conditions, work-rest management, fair pay and fair working hours - among members of the UGA. Because the commission works as a cooperative service to UGA members, this task primarily done though requested advisors, either by businesses or lobby groups. With a task performed primarily by offering methods of improving business practices and ensuring considered policies are set up smoothly.


Flag State Capital Government Current Leader Galaxy
Algolurn Popular Republic
Algolurn Popular Republic Kevalve Technocracy C.C. Krasna Vostok Milky Way Galaxy
Allied Terran Republic Terrae Federal Presidential Republic President Elethien Milky Way Galaxy
CAS Flag
Confederacy of Free Planets Nengeredis Administrative Republic High Chancellor Taros Cassynder Cyrannus Galaxy
Drodo Empire Flag
Drodo Empire Coron Parliamentary Republic Premier Cesterity Isordon Milky Way Galaxy
Flag of France
French Empire Paris Constitutional Monarchy Emperor Alexandre I Milky Way Galaxy
Flag of Hal'Sk
Greater Hal'Sk Empire Hilsa Empire Empress Anestasia II Milky Way Galaxy
Dilurna Flag
Independent Sector Union Olian Federal Advised Absolute Monarchy Queen Mavaria Vurnan Quadrant Galaxies
Indoctrinate Collective New Draka Absolute monarchy Queen Maryah Borealis Galaxy
Ugandal Flag
Mendel Pact Ugandalore Meritocracy The High Lords Mirus Galaxy
New Cyrannian Republic Mou'Cyran Federal Republic President Apaltar Cyrannus Galaxy
Nomatari Sovereignty Elabos Authoritarian Republic Empress Zaalqoríum Bunsen Galaxy
Unified Order of Cognalorilos Cognethril Meritocratic timocracy Voro Acetenus Cyrannus Galaxy
Andromedan Seal
Pan-Andromedan Ecumene Elysion Democratic Oligarchy Andromedan Highlords Andromeda Galaxy
Polar Insignia
Polar Crystal Alliance Hyperborea Democratic Alliance Polar Crystal Council Borealis Galaxy
Stellar Union Iyescene Federal Parliamentary Republic Utyana Meirial Milky Way Galaxy
Lsjanpodosi flag
United Commonwealth of the Lsjanpodos Union Republic Epodos Federal Presidential Republic President Somonthalle Nathilik Milky Way Galaxy
United Republic of Nations Uán'Bhei Parliamentary Alliance Protector Ahes Merren Mirus Galaxy
United Mirus Council Nur Confederation Grand Chancellor Kimolt Mirus Galaxy
Waptoria Alliance of Species Viel Direct Consensus Democracy Council of Life Mirus Galaxy





  • Based on the United Nations, the United Gigaquadrantic Alliance is a shared endeavour between all members of the SporeWiki Fiction Universe, should they wish to join.
  • The Gigaquadrantic Alliance does not claim jurisdiction over the entire Gigaquadrant. Involvement is entirely voluntary. As such, no application to join needs to be made, simply add your civilisation to the page.
  • The President of the UGA is held in an unspecified rotation, with the Presidency rotating every year. To have your fiction hold the presidency, simply add a president to the list in an open year. While the President of the UGA has few powers, he can be very influential in the shaping of the UGA legislative agenda, in the administering of existing branches, in the appointment or replacement of heads of branches, and in the conduct of negotiations, mediations, and peacekeeping operations. Additionally, he or she holds a position of important moral authority to comment on Gigaquadrantic events.

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