The USF has an advanced and well equipped fleet, composed mainly of designs of their own species, financed by the government and developed by government enterprises in charge of developing weapons and vehicles. In addition to military force, the Federation also has several models of civil and commercial buildings, many designed by private companies, as the Union of Engineers composed Uzcar and Kalixtus or Carrier Union founded by Hasac's companies.

Military StarshipsEdit

The military ships are better armed and more expensive to design, most have the capacity to carry hundreds of crew members or only a few specialized drivers. So far there are five classifications for these ships: Drone, unmanned spacecraft, Hunter,small ship serving larger ones; Crucer, heavy ship normally base serving a flagship, Destroyer, heavy ship whose only purpose is the destruction of enemy heavy ships, Battleship, a great ship with a spectacular firepower, Flagship, command ship can carry smaller ships and general or admiral ship.

ISS StarshipsEdit

The ISS ships tend to be the heaviest, largest and best armed ships of the Federation, with very few exceptions. Most have FTL drives, with the exception of the drones, the engine being used quantum sliptream, but now begins to use the hyperspace.
The most common weapons used are heavy plasma cannons, gauss cannons and turbolasers, although it is also common technology and ion fusion. Most hulls are designed with special metallurgical, working with materials designed with materials engineering.

Dron destructor

The Drone Destroyer ship is possibly the least resistance and one of the most lethal, the Drone is designed to be part of the standard armament of a battleship or a destroyer. The drone is loaded with a fusion warhead, which is carried by the ship to an enemy flagship. Once there pierces the drone of the hull or engine and drops the warhead.

This kamikaze drone requires so little fuel and crew that most of its structure is used to locate the warhead and a camouflage system, it is sometimes incorporates a ionic weapon to disable the shield temporarily.

Comet Hunter

  • Formal designation: Stellar Hunter Model 5.42 "Comet"
  • Role: Multifunctional Hunter
    Comet Hunter
  • Length: 7m
  • Crew:1-3
  • Weapons: 2 turbolaser guns, 1 photon missile, 1 laser torret
  • Defences: 60cm of hull, deflector shields

One of the most combat ships has been redesigned, the Comet is the spacecraft used to fighting one on one or as patrol larger ships. They have relatively little armor, because most of its energy is used in its speed, yet have the highest shielding between the small ships of the Federation.
Due to the huge G-forces generated in the ship, pilots are specially trained as Comet Units, although they can also fly to the Hunters and Steel Soldiers.

Bombardier Revenge

  • Formal designation: Stellar Fighter-bomber Model 2.14 "Revenge"
  • Role: Assault fighter-bomber
    Bombardier Revenge
  • Length: 15m
  • Crew:10
  • Weapons: 5 photon missile, 1 turbolaser gun, 1 laser torret
  • Defences: 1 m of hull, multideflector shields

The Revenge is a fighter bomber designed by the Union of Engineers as standard fighter for the Federation. It is commonly used as first-line bomber against enemy capital ships, being used chiefly for the assault, although it is also used for bombing within the atmosphere.
It has a large shield, so it's not too fast, but usually is accompanied by Comets therefore does not require too much speed.

Crucer Stardust

  • Formal designation: Interstellar Crucer Model 1.9 "Stardust"
  • Role: Support Crucer
    Crucer Stardust
  • Length: 500m
  • Crew:100
  • Weapons: 1 turbolaser array, 1 railgun battery, 2 heavy plasma cannons
  • Defences: 5 m of hull, adaptive phasic shielding

The Stardust is a basic cruise Federation, being the main support ship of any fleet. The cruiser is armed with Railguns Batteries and heavy plasma cannons, so it is a relatively powerful ship. Commonly used to neutralize enemy ships dirijir important or small squads.
Possibly the fastest ship in the Federation in FTL speed, because it has very little mass compared to other ships capable of traveling at that speed.
It is used as a weapon against ships too large to be destroyed by the fighter bombers, using their powerful Railguns to cause terror among the enemy crew. Either way is useless against larger ships unless they go in large groups.

Crucer Shield

  • Formal designation: Interstellar Crucer Model 1.4 "Shield"
  • Role: Starcraft Carrier
    Crucer Shield
  • Length: 900m
  • Crew:600
  • Weapons: 2 turbolaser array, 1 railgun battery, 10000 drones destroyer
  • Defences: 10m if hull, adaptive phasic shielding

The largest cruise ship in the Federation, this ship functions as mobile hangar for some ships, mainly for fighters or bombers, but also works to transport destroyers. It has a rather defensive weapons as their main assault weapon is his huge army of drones, but also is armed with a Railgun Battery. Perhaps its greatest strength is the power to take off craft its own structure.

Destroyer Spear

  • Formal designation: Interstellar Destroyer Model 2.0 "Spear"
  • Role: Starships destroyer
    Crucer Spear
  • Length: 200m
  • Crew:60
  • Weapons: 2 turbolaser torret, 2 railgun battery, 3 ion cannons
  • Defences: 3m of hull, non-phasic shield

The Destroyer Spear is a mobile weapon, which works to destroy fleets of smaller craft, using its ion cannons can disable enemy shields and armed with Railguns then not difficult destroy other ships hulls. It is unlikely that this ship can destroy other ships of great size but is very useful destroying frigates or cruisers.

Destroyer Stellarquake

  • Formal designation: Interstellar Destroyer Model 1.5 "Stellarquake"
  • Role: Planetary defenses destroyer, orbital bombardment
  • Length: 400m
  • Crew:120
  • Weapons: 5 turbolaser torret, 4 railgun battery, 5 antimatter bombs
  • Defences:2m of hull, non-phasic shielding

Possibly the most deadly of the destroyers, the Stellarquake is a great machine of mass destruction, specifically designed to destroy enemy planetary defenses and make way for boarding ships. Its design is relatively new as it was developed at the end of the Mineral Conflict, Federation engineers decided to build a spacecraft capable of causing destruction on a planet to the point that it was impossible to the enemy resist to surrender.

Batlleship Conqueror

  • Formal designation: Battleship model 3.8 "Conqueror"
  • Role: Batlleship, support the capitalship
    Starship conqueror
  • Length: 1.2km
  • Crew:700
  • Weapons: 15 turbolaser arrays, 10 railgun batteries, 5 bays bombs
  • Defences:5m of hull, adaptative phasic shielding

The Conqueror is the backbone of the entire Federation fleet, running to lead the fleet, attack other ships and transporting soldiers. It is also fundamental to the escort ship large eminences Senate, ministers, generals, and so on.
Possibly the first design of the Conqueror was designed in the early days of the Federation, it was the first flagship of the Federation, so far have made several improvements and tweaks but the principle is the same.

Batlleship Stellar Fire

  • Formal designation: Battleship model 1.3 "Stellarfire"
  • Role: Batlleship, orbital bombardment
    Starship stellarfire
  • Length:1km
  • Crew:550
  • Weapons: 20 turbolaser arrays, 5 railgun batteries, 1 hypermatter cannon
  • Defences:2m of hull, adaptative phasic shielding

The Stellar Fire is one of the last ships developed by the Federation, as it was built during the government of Mask. According to it the Conqueror did not express the power he wanted for the Federation, so he sent the battleship create more destructive and terrifying that its engineers could design, creating the Stellar Fire. Mask ordered may change the color of the ship because he wanted to separate the most of his predecessors.
This ship is equipped with a cannon hypermatter, making it the deadliest ship the ISS, the ship still has less hull, so most soldiers prefer not to use that model battleship.

Flagship Victory

  • Formal designation: Battleship model 3.0 "Victory"
  • Role: Flagship, logistic
    Flagship Victory
  • Length:7km
  • Crew:3000
  • Weapons: 200 turbolaser arrays, 250 railgun batteries, 1 hyperlaser gun
  • Defences:10m of nano-robotic hull, adaptative phasic shielding, non-phasic shielding

One of the most powerful ships of the Federation is the giant Victory, the first flagship of the history of USF. Developed in the early years of the ISS spacecraft design changed over time, especially during the development of generators wormholes and quantum sliptream. It was also the first ship to be able to sustain itself for years without external support. Armed with a gun hyperlaser, this ship does not require any type of missile or orbital bombs, because this gun is just as effective.

Flagship Darkness

  • Formal designation: Flagship model 1.5 "Darkness"
  • Role: None, former flagship, logistic, headquarters of the Shadow Regiment
    Flagship Darkness
  • Length:5km
  • Crew:1000
  • Weapons: 150 turbolaser arrays, 200 railgun batteries, nanoswarm weapon
  • Defences:8m of nano-robotic hull, adaptative phasic shielding, non-phasic shielding, advanced camouflage

Possibly the most mysterious Federation starship, the Darkness is the headquarters of the Shadow Regiment and one of the most terrifying ships ever built. The design of the ship goes back to the time when the Federation escaped his dying universe and settled in Gigaquadrant when to celebrate the survival of the Federation, the ex supreme commander, mask, ordered him to build a ship allowed to go across the Federation in hours and commanded respect among other nations. The design was greatly altered during the Dark Days, when Mask insisted implement technology becoming more expensive and dangerous, until it was finally stopped by Vankalian and the ship returned to its original design.

Flagship Misericordia

  • Formal designation: Flagship model 1.0 "Misericoridia"
  • Role: None, former flagship, personnel ship of the Great General
    Flagship Misericordia
  • Length:10km
  • Crew:5000 crewmembers, 1 AI
  • Weapons: 200 turbolaser arrays, 150 railgun batteries, hypermatter plasma cannon
  • Defences:15m of nano-robotic hull, adaptative phasic shielding, non-phasic shielding

The most powerful, quick, lethal giant Federation ship ever built in history, designed exclusively to guests using the great general Vankalian. The ship has the highest technology available to the Federation, including advanced Railguns, turbolaser arrays and the most terrible weapon ever devised by the Federation: the Hypermatter plasma cannon.
This ship has a prototype that hyperspace engine allows you to move faster than the Federation has developed a manned vehicle.Also this ship has an AI monitoring, which greatly reduces the need for crew.

Titan Pride

  • Formal designation: Titan model 0.8 (prototype) "Pride"
  • Role: Flagship, personnel ship of Vankalian
    Titan Pride
  • Length:15km
  • Crew:5000 crewmembers, 5 AI
  • Weapons: 300 turbolaser arrays, 200 railgun batteries, hypermatter plasma cannon, cosmic spear
  • Defences:30m of nano-robotic hull, experimental metric shield

The most powerful of the Federation project today, emerged from the "Misericordia" Flagship is the terrifying 'Pride', a monstrous ship 15km long, armed with 5 AI fully combat ready and terribe superweapon, the cosmic spear.
The dreaded ship is a pilot project and has not yet achieved the title of model, but where able to be mass produced, this ship propel the Federation to a new level of weapons technology, especially for its new and improved hyperdrive engines , totally safe and functional.

Pacifyng Legion StarshipsEdit

The Pacifyng Legion Starships ships are less prepared for military ship USF because lower section is supported with advanced technology and money from the state. That's why most of the ships of the Legion Pacifyng are archaic and obsolete many, yet the designs of these ships are powerful enough to carry out the tasks entrusted to it.
The ships are armed with lasers and plasma cannons, but one can find certain pieces of technology like Rendition Canyon and the camouflage system of the ship Pirate.


  • Formal designation: Stellar Interceptor model 3.0 "K-Interceptor"
  • Role: Interceptor
    K- Interceptor
  • Length:6 metres
  • Crew:1
  • Weapons: 4 laser guns, 2 ion rays
  • Defences:50 cm of hull

The K-Interceptor is the fastest hunter designed for the Pacifyng Legion, designed in the hangars Kalixtus, this ship was made for speed, has one of the most powerful sublight engines and anti-inertia system more sophisticated Federation.
This ship was the pride of the Kalixtus for over two centuries, until the formation of the ISS and the Comet Hunter.


  • Formal designation: Stellar Hunter model 1.5 "Gio-Fighter"
  • Role: Multifunctional hunter
  • Length:7 metres
  • Crew:3
  • Weapons: 2 laser guns, 4 ion rays, 2 turbolaser gun, 3 photon missiles
  • Defences:70 cm of hull, deflector shield

The Gio-Fighter is one of the most classic military aircraft of the USF. Designed by scientists Giomus with support from other species, these ships are built to last on the battlefield, his thick hull and deflector shield will keep fighting premiten for long. Due to the use of certain metals and their great design what became the weapon most durable of the Federation, the ship is also hunter who has suffered fewer design changes in history.


  • Formal designation: Stellar Crucer model 5.5 "H-Tech"
  • Role: Support and research crucer
    H-Tech Crucer
  • Length:300 metres
  • Crew:450
  • Weapons: 30 laser guns, 15 ion rays, 1 heavy turbolaser gun, 20 neutron missiles
  • Defences:3 m of hull, deflector shield

The H-Tech is designed by the cruise Uzcar industries. This is probably the most versatile ship in respect to improvements of several decks are used for mobile laboratories. This ship is used more as a support and research rather than as a weapon.
Technology has more varied and more sophisticated weapons of the era in which it was designed.


  • Formal designation: Stellar Crucer model 2.5 "Pirate"
  • Role: Fast attack crucer
    Crucer pirate
  • Length:100 metres
  • Crew:120
  • Weapons:20 laser guns, 25 ion rays
  • Defences:2 m of hull, multideflector shield

The Pirate Crucer is the fastest of the pacifying Legion, designed by Hasac pirate clans in order to create a ship that can attack and neutralize a larger ship, stealing their resources and escape before it can react. The Pirate uniqueness is the ability to block all enemy defense shield and then attack strategic points in the enemy capital ships.
Perhaps its biggest weakness is the weak but its high speed hull complements any problem this may pose.


  • Formal designation: Stellar Destroyer model 2.7 "Rendition"
  • Role: Planetary defenses destroyer, orbital bombardment
    Stellar destructor Rendition
  • Length:500 metres
  • Crew:250
  • Weapons: 80 laser guns, 3 railguns batteries, 1 "rendition cannon"
  • Defences:4m of hull, non-phasic shield

The Rendition is the most powerful destroyer that the Federation had for over 150 years as a heavy weapon designed by Chibar, is possibly one of the scariest ships used by the Federation during its early years. This weapon is remembered wreak havoc during the Beta Quadrant War and for being able to devastate entire planets.
The greatest piece of technology is destroying their "Rendition Cannon", an instrument used to devastate the planet's atmosphere and destroy enemy enemy defenses without any contemplation. The Rendition idea is to provoke the enemy to surrender.

Civilian Ships Edit

Civilian ships are described as a craft for non-military use, and therefore does not belong to the armed forces of the Federation, so the ships of the senators and other politicians fall into this category. The civilians ships are sub in Private Ships, Superluminal Public Transport and Space Stations.
Civilian ships are varied, there are colossal sizes from small vehicles to few meters long, most lack weapons, although there are exceptions.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of private craft model, in other words personal craft for citizens. The Federation produces hundreds of thousands of these ships a year, each with improved design and functionality as its predecessor. Generally these ships are sold within the federation and most not exported with some exceptions, as old and not very functional models fit only for scrap recycling.
Notably, most of the private ships have no hyperspace engines and creep through the issuance of high-speed plasma generating a impulse.

Warp Train
The warp train is one of the most modern superluminal transport within the federation. This train is basically a giant capsule transport the passengers where are located, which is surrounded by a series of consecutive rings generated around this capsule Alcubierre bubble, which forces the capsule to "move" to the next station , on another planet.
In genral this transport is used within a star system or a local group of stars rather bulky, due to their large capital costs and time to build. Used for construction clouds of nanobots that take a few years to decades to build that structure.

Wormhole Highway
The Highway Wormhole is basically a semipermanent wormhole, which is connected with a network of these wormholes, which serves to transport private ships or boats to separate larger solar systems, galactic arms and in some cases, other galaxies.
The construction of the network of wormholes requires an enormous amount of energy and naturally a wormhole or black hole. Once you found the celestial object starts the process by which the hole is connected to the network.

Station Destiny
One of the most importants space stations in the Federation is the Station Destiny or the Federal Senate. After the putsch committed by Mask, the Senate acceded to the demands of the armed forces that, for the safety of the senators, the Senate will remain in a space station extremely guarded and safe, and to remain always in motion.
This is what prompted the creation of the cusp in defense and transportation technology of the Federation, the Federal Senate. A huge area of ​​nanobots that form a dynamic, self-healing and virtually impenetrable.
The fortress is defended with shields and different types of metric defensive turrets, and moves through hyperspace, but also has a wormhole generator.

Station Savior
The Savior is a type of spce station used by the Federation as ark for the citizens when the army face the possibility to lose a planet, a stellar system or more, as happend when the Federation needed to scape from the destruction of an universe. This space station is one of the only ones that is produced in mass and work as patrols of wholes sectors, and enter in action when the armed forces can't save the planet from the destruction or the conquest.
The station uses hyperdrive and unstable wormholes which collapse minutes after being activated. Also is defended with haundred of turbolasers arrays and railguns, as well as plasma cannons.


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