Ok, is a AI... is alive... is controling our whole army... and is not attacking us... yeah, this is weird

- Unkown federation's citizen

The Network is the codename of the biggest AI in the whole Federation, which aim is control all the Federation armed froces, the ISS. The Network needs to work conected to a biological avatar, known as "the voice", the current "voice" of The Network is Afnai.



The Network begining started as a proyect leded a select group of scientist trascendentist who thougth that, with the exponential grow of the Federation, a biological brain wasn't be powerful enough to control the vastness of the economy and the military forces. While the first was addressed quickly, the second was not taken into account, continuing the old system of military ranks.

But some of these scientist, with a very little support of the state, worked during a decade to create a massive supercomputer which will take under its command the whole army of the Federation. Anyway, the proyect failed, the AI hadn't a fundamental element of a military leader, the insight.


In 2793, after the Tasan Crisis, the current Great General, Vankalian Carssarian, fall in coma. The Senate, desesperate, reactivated the Network, but the scientist of the Federation couldn't found out a way to make functional the insight of the machine. In the aftermath of these chaos, the Supremme Commander of the 1st Army Theatre of the ISS, Afnai, fused himself with the AI, acheieving the techno-ascension.

With his brain fused with the AI, Afnai shared his memories, experiences and own personality with the AI and this one gived him a completly vision of all the battlefields where the Federation has ships or subspace-search satellites and a more vast intelligence and memory.



The Network seems to be an unusually large moon that orbites a gas giant. Generally is impossible to distinguish the massive structure of the artificial intelligence from an ordinary moon from the outside but inside is actually a network of circuits and latest generation technology that draws on its huge bulk to get more computing power.


As a planet-size AI The Network has a frightening computing power, being able to analyse and control all the information in the whole Federation. Although it is much weaker than the Technosphere Lords, its smaller size allows it circumvent the problem of being a "slow thinker", being a fast and powerful AI.

When connected to all machines, ships and weapons of the Federation, The Network is able to control any piece of technology in the Federation. Also, being able to stay connected to all scanners in the Federal territory, The Network is omnipresent and omniscient in that territory.


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