The Federation have a powerfull and well-disciplined army, its power is bassed in its techonlogical advantage and its hierarchy. Originally, the Navy was a totally defensive and ungrouped, under the control of the Senate of the planet where they will train the troops. It is divided into three army corps, each with specific functions and capabilities. Some military associations are not into these groups becouse they respond to other members of the military bodies as leaders.

The Inter-Stellar Starfleet Edit

The enemy is just there, hoping be killed... What are you waiting, soldier? Give them what they want!

- ISS slogan

The professional army of the Federation is the ISS, or Interstellar Starfleet. It receives a huge logistical and financial support, being the army better equipped and having the most advanced technology available.
The ISS is composed of various forces well organized hierarchically, all composed by well-trained soldiers. The latter, begin their training around age 16, although there are exceptions, and they are usually written off at 50 or 60 years of service.


The ISS was founded after the Black Hole War, around 2391 in the Gigaquadrant calendary, when the Federation was the need to create an army trained and armed, as their strength, until then, were too fragile to sustain an empire of such proportions. Prior to this, the army of the federation was known as the Starfleet, which was actually a conglomeration of troops from different planets who voluntarily surrendered to a mild workout. Its officers were chosen by the soldiers for their courage and were governed by a code similar to a Knight Code.

After that, the Senate create a powerful and well-trained armed forces, prepared for major conflicts, like the occurred on the Cyber War, the Great Ring War and the Great Deceiver. At present, the Inter-Stellar Starfleet has a strict code of conduct, transforming their troops in one of the most disciplined armies of all the Gigaquadrant. The first years of the ISS, it just count with a few thousands of troops and 500 or 600 battleships, but this number was incresed year by year.

Present Day
Often, the ISS needs an expansion of great proportions, that is the why of 30% of the Federation's income is destinated to the armed forces. It is true, however, these investments have taken off, and thanks to these expansions systematic troops have saved the ISS Federation of extinction more than once. When was the arrival of the Federation to Gigaquadrant, the ISS became a higher priority on the agenda of the Senate, because of increased aggressiveness and power of the empires of this new universe. Since then the number of warships has been quadrupled and the number of ground troops has been multiplied by ten.


The soldiers of the Federation are divided into forces known as "Team" each Team have specially trained troops to carry out a specific function, such as assault, defense, attack vehicles, etc.


  • Warriors: Front-line soldiers, they are well trained for combat against infantry, they are armed with a laser rifle, electromagnetic spears and a batlle knife. There are almost five for squadron, four rifleman and one grenadier.
  • Destroyer: Armed with electromagnetic spears and small plasma cannons, they are ready to remove vehicles and enemy defenses. There are almost one for squadron, responsible for anti-tank defense, but sometimes there could are five or more if the target of the squadron is destroy enemy vehicules.
  • Snipers: Usually only have five or six to battle, they are armed with rifles on precision Executor X-50, they are specialized in stealth. There are almost one for platoon, who works like a shooter.
  • Gunners: Specialists in everything related to cars, they are excellent maneuvering ships on land, sea or water, they are also trained in hand to hand combat. There are always one for platoon, driving an armored.
  • Hunters: Special forces, they are trained in all the combat styles. They are also called Marines. There are present in a specific squadron of ten troops that could be sent to special operations.
  • Comet units: Specializing in aerospace combat, they are prepared to pilot any ship, they can also fight hand to hand in the vacuum of space or planets with no atmosphere and little gravity. There are ten thousands serving an admiral.
  • Titans: Special units armed with the biomechanical armor Titans UH-90 (stands for Ultra Heavy), their armor protects them from almost any attack and carry guns Annihilation, weapons designed specifically for them. There are ten or twenty for batallion.

Chain of CommandEdit

Rank Command designation (ground) Command designation (space) No. of units under command (ground) No. of units under command (space)
Soldier Self Self Self Self
NCO Group Space Group 2-3 soldiers 5 crewmembers
Sergeant Second Class Squad Space Squad/Departament 6 groups 4 space groups
Sergeant First Class/Liteunant Platoon Detachment/Deck 10 squads 1 detachment/deck
Captain Company Ship 3 platoons 1 ship
Colonel Batallion Subsection 4 Companies 10 ships
Brigadier Regiment Section 5 battallions 5 subsection
General Third Class Division Fleet 5 regiments 10 sections
General Second Class Corp Batllefleet 3 divisions 3 Fleets
General First Class Army Field Armada 4 corps 5 battlefleets
Commander Army Group Sector 5 army fields 3 armadas
Supremme Commander Army Theatre Space Theatre 7 army groups 5 sectors
Great General ISS army ISS fleet All All

Pacifying Legion Edit

We don't fight for power, we don't kill for revenge, we are peace keppers. We are the Pacifying Legion

- Pacifying Legion slogan

The Pacifying Legion is a name to classify the local police of each planet. This is the army corp that receives less financial support from the government of all armed forces USF, considering the least essential of all. Although this does not mean unimportant, because it takes care of all events and localized armed clashes between civilians. It is also the main source of information for intelligence centers of the Federation, since its members know hide among the population, indeed, the regiment Shadow looks between them to its future members.


The Pacifying Legion has existed since the founding of the Federation, as each planet had its own member armed forces, they only needed to be unified. Thing happened when Senator Chibar proposed the idea to form a fighting force for the Federation, resulting the foundation of the Pacifying Legion. Unfortunately could not cope with large-scale warfare, which meant the loss of importance.

The Pacifying Legion was the highest military authority during the birth of the Federation, and later became the most important force in reference to hunting criminals, containment of civil wars, etc. It was not until Black Hole War the Federation changed course in its quest for peace and created the ISS.

Present Day
Currently, the Pacifying Legion is a minor military force into the Federation. In wartime commonly work alongside the ISS and the Shadow to maintain planetarium control.
In 2793, the Senate approved the "Reformulation" a iniciative which objective was biologically enhance some members of the Pacyfing Legion and transform them in more efficient defensive systems.


Federal Bureau of Pacification
The Federal Bureau of Pacification or FBP is interspecies security office of the USF, belongs to a branch of the legion pacifying, one of the most important of the Federation for its ability to eliminate organized crime and federal level. Works under the "Law of elimination of crime inter-planetary" standard established in the year 400 BS (2389), when the Federation suffered a series of terrorist and criminal attacks that almost lead to the annihilation.

Local Militia
Local force in charge of military support to the ISS or the Shadow Regiment in situations requiring high logistics and support in the knowledge of the terrain. Is not supported financially by the federal government but receive some donations from the nobles and senators of the planets in the area, this being caused by the need for extra protection without resorting to corrupt mercenaries. After the proyect called "Reformulation", the Senate approved the Local Militia soldiers were biologically enhanced to make them a defensive force to be reckoned with.

Planetary police
Armed force charged with lesser crimes, including robberies, murders of little population, and so on. The local governments of the planet are responsible for financing this force, these being recruited on the same planet receive basic training and tactical weapons handling. This force receives the arming of local gun shops known as "Black Wine" where produce simple weapons and sell them to the police. Occasionally the "Black Wine" design new specialized weapons, which are sold to the ISS.

Shadow Regiment Edit

From now on you will not be in the system, will be on him, beyond him. Anonymity is our name, our mother tongue is silent, we are they, we are those, we are the Shadow regiment

- Shadow Regiment slogan

The Shadow Regimient is the intelligence agency of the Federation, is composed by of the most prominent members of each species in weapons handling and problem solving. After enlisting in the regiment and pass the acceptance tests pass for new members to anonymity, their families are put under high protection and the soldier is no longer part of society. Actually the Shadow Regimient is performing super-secret operations carried out throughout the galaxy, although it is impossible to prove, because if someone talks about it without authority, will have to kill you.


Is difficult to now when the Shadow was foundated, but is believed that the Shadow regiment emerged during the Cyber ​​War, when special forces of each species were combined to launch an attack against the ultra-secret ML 14, but some say the team captain Antioch, during the Black Hole War, fought by government order, what would become the first members of the Shadow Regimient.

During the following years the Shadow operations became more public and known, but one can never know if all the information is made public is authentic. Yet it is known that Shadow became much more important to the Federation, becoming the eyes and ears of the Senate. Complex operations carried out for years, most qualified for the general public, especially in wartime.

New Home
When reached Gigaquadrant Federation, the Shadow held constant and thorough research operations, in order to obtain useful information for the further expansion of the nation. Duratne the dark days was that the Shadow had his greatest importance as dirijidos by Mask made ​​the darkest and horrific investigations to expand military-technological power of the Federation.

Shadow currently serve the Senate, awaiting orders to start new operations. Shadow also are those who keep the secret behind the investigations ordered by the Federation.


The Shadow Regiment is composed by three offices, each one with a very specified task related with the intelligence of the USF. The three offices are managed by the Commanders, a small group composed by three special agents.

The Commanders of the Shadow Regiment, sometimes called the First Class Agents, are the head office between the Shadow Regiment. The members of the Commanders are the three best agents between all the Federation, being the leaders of all the Shadow Regiment's offices. Anyway the Commanders don't have the same power as the Great General, but they have more access to the classified subjects.

Intelligence Office
The Intelligence Office is the department dedicated to Shadow Regiment obtenion of information mainly relating to important people, plans or tactics. It is possibly the busiest office because it works both internally and internationally, investigating potential internal threats or disrupting enemies plans and stealing foreign information.

Science and Technology Office
The Science and Technology Office are the department dedicated exclusively to the technological development. Unlike other offices, this has a great touch with the rest of the Federation organizmos, because it serves not only as a method for reverse engineering, but as head of technological development of the Federation.

Elimination Office
More information coming soon


As described above, some military groups are outside of the list, for different reasons, but all are still responding to the Triumvirate and the Senate as superior and are not outlawed.

The soldiers known as "Elementalists" is an association founded by specially trained troops commander and higher Edelmut guru Ren, with the aim of creating an armed force with the ability to master the art of the essense, especially Elemental Energy. Popularly known as "The Magi" or "The Wizards" Elementalists have a relatively bad reputation within the federation, mainly because they are outside the direct control of the Senate and be a new weapon body within the federation.
Founded after the strange events of the Revolution of December 24th by order of the Senate, Elementalists have at least five thousand units in their ranks, all trained to a strict code of conduct, which imposes a life of total dedication to abstinence and their homeland and justice, reason why the Senate is concerned that in an act of negligence on his part, the Magi rise up against them.

The "Silver Helmets" are a military organization that is completely at the service of the Senate, its sole purpose is to serve as bodyguards to the members of the Senate and guardians of the space station Destiny. They were founded centuries ago as a means of precaution in the event of a coup, and if this happens the senators and Supreme Senator would have a means to survive and escape the clutches of the chaos of civil war.
Currently its existence is meaningless, as the husband of Senator Supremme has total command of the army, but his organization is still standing. They have over ten thousand soldiers in its ranks, a twenty-five percent of those in charge of protecting the Senate building, the station Destiny, while the rest serve as guardians for senators.

The "Steel Soldiers" are a special division of super-soldiers specialized in the stealth, the use of high technology weapons and the insane frontal attack. The Steels were founded by the Senate after the techno-ascension of Vankalian, as a way to create and use new cyborgs directly connected to the Network, in order to have a quick response under particulary dangerous situations.
The Steel Soldiers are known for they bravery and power. Being trained by Vankalian himself, they are the most insanely heroic warriors in the whole USF.

Super-weapons Edit

The Federation builded some superweapons but they only used this machines in very few situations. Most of these are experimental, highly dangerous and top secret, so you only know a few designs.

God fingerEdit

One of the most popular weapons of mass destruction of the Federation, a huge battery concentrates all the power a Dyson swarm absorbed from a local star and this is used to launch a bar of hyper-heavy material through a tube Maglev hundreds of thousands of kilometers per hour.
The impact of this bar is comparable to an accelerated antimatter missile and its kinetic energy reaches astronomical levels. Due to the temperature achieved if this object goes through the atmosphere of a planet, increasing temperature can be achieved in that area enough to cause global climate change.

Cannon JudgmentEdit

A model increased from Rendition Canyon, its huge size forced the Federation to build a brand new ship to load and transport it. Use a large core melting to feed and take approximately 12 hours to charge, on a planet its effects are devastating.

Cosmic SpearEdit

The top-secret military project of the Federation that only the name has been filtered, was raised by mask during the period of provisional governor as a method to deal with alien threats more advanced, more data are unknown.

Vehicules Edit

Earth king
  • Formal designation: War Machine 1 Earth King
  • Role: Main heavy armored
  • Length: 8 metres
  • Width: 6 metres
  • Height: 10 metres
  • Crew: 9 soldiers (driver, 6 gunners, operating supervisor, commandant)
  • Weight: 100 tons
  • Main weapons: 2 heavy plasma gun, 2 anti-aerial EMP missile launcher
  • Secundary Weapons: 2 light railguns
  • Defenses: 1200 mm of reinforced hull

The Earth King is a powerful armored vehicle used by the Federation in any field. It is armed with plasma cannons and several anti-aerial artillery. It is designed to destroy the enemy defenses and vehicules, so the Earth King is used like the primary heavy artillery. The Earth King is used like transport too, but because of its grandeur and slow, only used for this task when you need to transport senior units.
The Earth King has a hull of 1.2 metres and is armed with powerful weapons and plasma anti-aircraft guided missiles.

Gold lion
  • Formal designation: War Machine 2 Gold Lion
  • Role: Assault vehicle
  • Length: 8 metres
  • Width: 4 metres
  • Height: 6 metres
  • Crew: 5 soldiers (driver, 2 gunners, operating supervisor, commandant)
  • Weight: 40 tons
  • Main weapons: 2 heavy rail guns
  • Secundary Weapons: 2 radiation guns
  • Defenses: 800 mm of reinforced hull

The Gold Lion is a the main assault vehicle of the Federaion, used like transport and lightning attacks. Fast and good to fire, its causing terror and hoes in the enemy lines. The Gold Lion is used to attack the enemy land forces and give transport to the elite troops.
The Gold Lion has a hull of 0.8 metres and is armed with powerful railguns and radiation guns.

Aeroslide Vandett
  • Formal designation: War Aeroslide 3 Vandett
  • Role: Transport, tank destroyer
  • Lenght: 5 metres
  • Width: 4 metres
  • Height: 3 metres
  • Crew: 4 soldiers (driver, gunner, operating supervisor, commandant)
  • Weight: 20 tons
  • Main Weapons: Anti-tank railgun with explosive munition
  • Secundary Weapons: Light railgun
  • Defenses: 200 mm of hull

The Vandett is a flying vehicule, designed as primary transport for soldiers of the Federation. It is also used as a tank destroyer, as it has a powerful railgun loaded with explosive ammunition. The Vandett targeting system has a computer-guided, sound and electromagnetic emissions, allowing great precision locate the target.

Equipment Edit

Melee weapons of the Federation are only used by the most respected members of society and as a last resort Shadow Regimient. These include plasma sticks, electric spears, and battle knife carbon nanotubes.

  • Plasma Sticks
    • Type: Contact weapon.
    • Function: Melee combat, eliminate solid targets.
    • Engineering: Bar coated with a hot plasma.
    • Trivia: This weapon is a symbol of power and training to members of the Shadow Regimient.
  • Electric Spears
    • Type: Contact and short distance weapon.
    • Function: First line of attack, anti-light vehicle units.
    • Engineering: Tube from one to two meters long charged an electromagnetic pulse.
    • Trivia: No importance.
  • Battle Knife
    • Type: Contact weapon.
    • Function: Last option of fighting between soldiers.
    • Engeineering: A single sheet of carbon nanotubes with edge.
    • Trivia: This weapon design has not changed in almost 400 years.

The most common weapons of the soldiers of the Federation are assault rifles, all being designed to combat long and close distance. All the guns in use are automatic or semiautomatic and with infinite recharge (using phototech).

Blaster rifle
  • Blaster Rifle T-900
    • Type: Medium to long distance weapon.
    • Function: All the soldiers, multi-functional weapon.
    • Engeineering: A large and compact energy source generates a pulse of highly concentrated plasma and it shoots trought the rifle to hit the enemy.
    • Trivia: This is the standar weapon of the federation.
  • Gamma Fusil
    • Type: Medium distance weapon.
    • Function: Rifle heavy staff, used to neutralize enemy threats shielded.
    • Engeineering: The gun destroy a charge of protons forcing them to collide with electrons, the radiation is emited through the gun barrel and collide the enemy.
    • Trivia: Due to its weight and danger, only the Titans use it.

The sniper rifle, extremely accurate, but a terrible weapon at close range. Only the most expert in stealth use this weapon. Its accuracy is such that it can kill an enemy just over a mile, usually due to the variety of sights.

Executor XT-50
  • Executor XT-50
    • Type: Long to extremly long distance weapon.
    • Function: Sniper rifle, used to eliminate long-distance targets, support for ground troops.
    • Engeineering: Highly concentrated laser rifle, includes thermal sight, sniper sight, and X-ray sight.
    • Trivia: With this weapon, one can literally see through walls.

The artillery personnel is the name given to all weapons aimed at destroying defenses, vehicles or large groups of opponents. These have to be heavily armed, very powerful and particularly effective against armor.

  • Light plasma cannon
    • Type: High weapon
    • Function: Destroy the enemy defenses and vehicules
    • Engeineering: A powerful source of energy generates a ball of hot plasma is fired forward with considerable speed.
    • Trivia: This weapon has an automatic homing to facilitate the work of the soldier.

Protective suits for the soldiers of the Federation vary from anti-armor laser to invisibility cloaks. The best known of these suits is the "Titans UH-90" used by the Titan. But you can also find members of the Regiment Shadow using invisibility cloaks or anti-laser armor.

  • Titans UH-90
    • Type:Ultra heavy armor
    • Function:Protect the soldier from harm, increase physical strength.
    • Engeineering:Basically it is a thick layer of a material immensely hard and flexible which is located on the soldier, the outer layer is made of a material that absorbs radiation, various biomechanical systems increase his/her physical strength and speed
    • Trivia:Is extremely difficult to use because it is composed of a very heavy material.
  • Standar Federal Armor
    • Type:Armor
    • Function:Protect the soldier from harm.
    • Engeineering:Basically it is a thick layer of a material immensely hard and flexible which is located on the soldier, various biomechanical systems increase his/her physical strength and speed.
    • Trivia:It is obligatory for any soldier.
  • Invisibility cloak
    • Type:Camouflaged
    • Function:Camouflage
    • Engeineering:The light is bent alrrededor the object and a short but very powerful magnetic field that repels possible objects betray the user.
    • Trivia:This technology is available, in primitive form, for a civilization in tier level 5.
  • Steel Mask
    • Type:Adaptative armor
    • Function:Armor, weapon, theft of information
    • Engeineering:Using a self-taught nanorobots army generated a shifter and self-healing armor capable of automatically updating from hacked enemy information.
    • Trivia:This armor was designed by Mask and Vankalian, hence its name. It is used as a symbol of authority, since only general and special units use it.

The grenades, visors, etc. are tactical weapons, used to plot various strategies among the soldiers of the Federation.

  • Termical grenade
    • Type:Letal and tactic weapon
    • Function:Eliminating multiple enemies and weaken light vehicles
    • Engeineering:A small battery power is activated by pressing a button, this makes react antimatter or an unestable material, that transforms the potential energy of the battery into pure heat.
    • Trivia:This grenade is based on the grenade of the same name is Star Wars: Battlefront 2.
  • Radiation grenade
    • Type:Tactic weapon
    • Function:Distract enemy soldiers
    • Engeineering:Excite the atoms is made of a material inside the shell to release radiation
    • Trivia:This weapon is based on the flashbang Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series

Quotes Edit

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We will win, we will succeed, we bathe in glory ... Tomorrow, because today we're just going to fight

- Vankalian

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