Why are they so advanced?Edit

The Federation has a pro-evolucionist politic, therefore supports any project to expand its technological frontiers, provided these projects do not go against their humanistic philosophies and policies. This explain their constant technological advance, but do not explain their scientific growth in such a short time, the causative of that is constant relationship with other species more advanced, allowing the free exchange of technology or the use of reverse engineering.
Also, their currently masive expansion give the enough resources to allow the Federation to fund their research.

Military TechnologyEdit

A great part of the Federation's income is destinated to the development of new weapons and starships, so lot of the available techonolgy was a piece of military technology or was developed like a weapon. The Federation's Military Techonolgy is at constant improve, allowing it to easily submit less advanced enemies and challenge larger powers.


The Federation's arsenal is really variated, going from terrifying weapons of mass destruction to small antipersonnel weapons.

Weapons of Mass DestructionEdit

Weapons of mass destruction are weapons with the potential to claim significant numbers of lives in a very short period of time. The Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Federation are mostly prohibited, with excepcions like a masive war or in probably lost a battle with the permission of the Great General.

Javelin of Judgement
A huge antimatter missile launched at high speeds from a spacecraft in orbit, the projectile tends to accelerate during its fall to the planet's surface into contact with the ground. At that time the impact drives the activation of the weapon system, allowing the mass of antimatter come into contact with matter on the planet, causing an explosion of epic proportions.
The explosion can destroy the planet or not, it depends on the mass and volume of the latter, but the huge destruction on the planet can cause breaks in the tectonic plates, causing major natural disasters worldwide.

A weapon of terrifying power, used as a destroyer of planets or entire fleets screwed. The Hyperlaser is usually placed in a flagship, which creates several hypermatter ray coordinates and such that can cause great havoc among the enemy ranks. It has raised the idea of ​​using a weapon like this, only more localized, to generate a "subspace compression wave", but the problems of engineering and technology to develop something like that to make a project very, very long term or just left it in the plane of the theoretical.
Currently only a small percentage of the Federation ships use this weapon, considering it too dangerous and expensive.

Cosmic Spear
Cosmic Spear was until recently just a project, the name comes from that originally the idea was to use the ultra-energetic cosmic rays as a weapon of mass destruction. The project was frozen during the time of inestbilidad Federation policy, which allowed the development of other technologies, to restart the project was taken into account by combining this weapon with massive railgun known as Finger God could create a relativistic missile staggering proportions.
If a projectile of the Cosmic Spear (a massive object thrown at very high speeds, approaching the speed of light) is thrown against a star high energies that it would produce would be enough to create a small black hole, which food of star power and increase its size to considerable proportions.

Star Slayer
One of the most lethal weapons of the Federation is the Star Slayer, a highly dangerous instrument which aims to shorten the life of a star in a short period of time. The device is basically a fusion generator high resistance to pressure and heat, equipped with prototype shield metric generator consumes much of the star's mass and energy transforms into a huge artificial gravitario field, which helps to collapse the star.
At one point, the generator is disabled and delicate artificial gravity generator stops working, so compact the star can become a black hole, exploding in a supernova or turn into a white dwarf's. Either way the lives of the inhabitants of the system will be affected.

Nanobots Swarm
The Nanobot Swarm is basically a small cloud of robots of a size smaller than a cell specifically designed to destroy, create and multiply. These simple commands are for nanobots are programmed, programming commands them first "destroy", separating microscopic level of matter that are composed of structures, ships, vehicles, weapons and bodies of the enemy. The second order is "create", create more ships, arms and supplies for the soldiers. Finally ordered "multiply", which is simply to use the remains of the enemy to create more nanobots. Once the enemy is annihilated orders the nanobots shut down, to avoid any problems of control.
The Nanobot Swarm has not again been used since the Dark Days.

Starships Scale WeaponsEdit

The Starships Scale Weapons, as its name implies, are weapons designed by the space battle, mainly used in ship-to-ship combat, although there are exceptions in which the attack ship units on the surface of the planet. This weapons, in different sizes, are used massively for all federal ships. This arsenal is varied, going from terrible weapons to powerful particle beam weapons, through the field of ballistics and explosives.

Rocket Missile
The Missile Rocket is one of the most primitive weapons ideas of the Federation, but its attractive like a cheap explosive weapon made it one of the most used weapons in the history of the Federation. Its design has changed a lot over the years with one goal, to make it more lethal. This has been achieved through various efforts, missile becoming faster, bigger and more explosive. The latest model signals a missile several meters long warheads loaded with nuclear fusion or antimatter, capable of accelerating at a rate comparable to Mach 4.

EMP Missile
The EMP missile is one of the most massive weapons used in the Federation, used in different shapes and sizes in all large-scale ships from USF and also some small scale. Basically this is a missile warhead containing any device capable of producing a localized nuclear explosion produce a powerful EMP. Many times the missile is located in a drone for it to penetrate the outer defenses of the ship and so the electromagnetic pulse is more effective.
Its use is standard on ships of the Federation.

Antimatter Missile and Bomb
The antimatter missiles and the antimatter bombs are the horror of the enemies of the Fedeartion. Most of the large vessels of the Federation are appointed by these weapons, designed to attack ships or cities. The terrible power of antimatter is its known property, when in contact with matter, releasing all the energy contained in their atoms into pure energy, which explains why thermonuclear weapons were replaced by these mostly.

Railgun Battery
The Railgun Battery is bassicaly a great proyectile driven by powerful electromagnetic fields through a reinforcement of a highly dense, reaching speeds by huge momentum, allowing a great impact on the target. This weapon comprises a pair of parallel conducting rails, along which a sliding armature is accelerated by the electromagnetic effects of a current that flows down one rail, into the armature and then back along the other rail.
The Railgun technology is actually primitive, but the great amount of energy that the Federation can generate and control make this weapon a powerful threat.

Lasers and turbolasers
The most common weapons in the Federation are lasers and turbolasers, several variants of these weapons, such as guns, turrets (in the case of lasers) and turrets and arrays (with turbolasers). The guns are basically a powerful source of energy for generating a beam of highly concentrated electromagnetic energy in a beam whose photons are sorted. The turrets are distinguished from them by their superior firepower, but also because of its higher energy requirement and larger size. Finally, the turbolaser array is the name given to the turbolaser network used primarily as "aggressive defense".

The Plasmathrower, also known as the plasma gun, is basically a railgun that instead of using a massive object uses a plasma efera created from electromagnetism. They are generally used as weapons against ships not very large scale, for which it must use larger weapons.
Due to the versatile shapes that plasma can take from right electromagnetic field, plasma bullets are able to adapt their shape and size of the objective in question.

Bay Bombs
The Bay Bomb is one of the most frightening and devastating orbital strike weapons of the Federation. The name of this pump is due to two effects which this may cause, in case of hitting mainland causes damage pump capable of generating a hole of such a size that resembles a lake (whether this be filled with water ), plus, in case of hitting a coastline or water body blast pump can cause a tsunami flooded coastal cities closest (create a bay).
It is known that bomb performance is related to high-energy weapons (such as plasma or antimatter) is unknown but the exact function of said weapon.

Vehicules Scale WeaponsEdit

The scale vehicle weapons are those weapons intended to settle at or other armored military vehicles, which are designed mainly for combat other vehicles, units or structures. The Federation has designed several types of such weapons, which vary greatly in size, weight and firepower. Among the most common can find the railguns and plasma cannons, although there are variations.

Anti-tank Railgun
The anti-tank railgun is one of the most powerful weapons railgun that vehicles of the Federation have had access. Basically it works like any railgun, a projectile fired at high speed from a powerful electromagnetic field, only that due to its larger size and energy source, the electromagnetic field is more powerful and is more lethal projectile.

The railgun railgun standard battery is simply a smaller one that is capable of being transported by a vehicle. Because of the lower power of impact, is mainly used as a secondary weapon for a shielded, but with proper modifications, larger size or power source specified for that weapon, can be used as a pretty lethal weapon.

Light Railgun
The light railgun is similar to the other railguns, with two exceptions simple. First, it is designed as a shock weapon but as a secondary weapon, and second, is specifically designed to shoot long bursts of small projectiles at very high speed. For these reasons they are used only in larger vehicles, which like siege towers or mobile fortresses, are used to attack targets lighter or ground units.

Heavy Plasma Cannon
The Heavy Plasma Cannon is a weapons-armored armored deadliest of the Federation, is basically a giant plasma generator bullets of less than one meter in diameter thrown at high speed on a rail gun to the selected target. The shot is so devastating that it is generally used only to attack targets such as armored vehicles too, buildings, etc.

Radiation Gun
The radiation weapons guns are anti-troops hated by the enemies of the whole federation. Basically it is a weapon capable of running different types of radiation to an enemy squadron, which can result from blindness to death by oxidation of the blood. This weapon is rarely used as a primary weapon, but it is used as a secondary weapon of the vehicles.

Unit Scale WeaponsEdit

The Unit Scale Weapon are weapons which it can be used by a only one soldier. In general are small with a little firepower, and they are mainly used to soldier-to-soldier combat. There are also exceptions, such as personal artillery and sniper weapons.

Plasma Sticks
Popularly known as the blades of plasma or plasma sheet, the plasma sticks are the most legendary melee weapons of the Federation. Designed four hundred years ago, the plasma sticks are a symbol of authority and military power in the Federation, so much so that everyone in authority must have at least one.
The classic design of the plasma is basically stick a metal rod that emits ionized gases. By transforming these plasma gases and to adapt to a cylindrical shape, it obtains a high power cutting element.

Electric Spears
The electric spears are the modern version of the ancient human sarissa, a long spear that are electrically charged tip, becoming a powerful weapon of mass contact attacks of enemy soldiers or vehicles, causing damage to their electrical systems.
The frontline soldiers usually use this weapon, which are generally recruits with no experience, who have died in huge quantities for carrying this weapon. Currently, the death of the soldiers in the front line has been greatly reduced by the new armor systems.

Battle Knife
The battle knife is the last Federation's soldier weapon option, being a contact weapon with a little power of penetration. The battle knife is used universally among all armed forces of the Federation, being a melee weapon or a survival tool. It is quite versatile because of its many functions in the hands of a creative soldier and small size allows transport almost anywhere.
Basically the knife is an extremely thin sheet of carbon nanotubes, sinedo very cheap to produce and very effective.

Blaster Rifle T-900
The Blaster Rifle T-900 is the most common weapon of a standar Federation's soldier. The T-900 is bassicaly a powerful energy battery which produces a pulse of photons extremely concentrated, it is directed through the gun toward the enemy.

Gamma Fusil
The Gamma Fusil is, bassicaly an application of the nuclear fision, where protons are forced to collide with electrons, releasing alpha, beta and gamma. This is directed from an electromagnetic field to the target, causing severe internal damage.
Overall this weapon is used to attack armored enemies, because gamma radiation is almost unstoppable by conventional means. Due to the risk that the radiation hits the user, this weapon is only used by Titan or Drones Units.

Executor XT-50
The XT-50 rifle is a sniper rifle designed for long range shooting, mainly. Presciso Extremely powerful, the XT-50 is capable of reaching a target several miles away, because it is a highly concentrated laser rifle.
This rifle has a wide variety of views, allowing the sniper to aim at great distance, through smoke screens or even solid objects.

Light Plasma Cannon
The Light Plasma Cannon, dubbed LPC, is a personnel artillery weapon, in other words, is an anti vehicle weapon that can be used by a single unit. It is mainly used by units aimed at covering fire to ensure troops and destroy enemy armored columns.
It works on the same principle that a railgun only instead of throwing a blunt, shoot a rotating sphere of hot plasma that is directed towards a target armored. The same principle that turns deadly is what generates its greatest weakness, because its shell is a plasma field goal block tripping can generate a powerful electromagnetic shield.


Most of the USF's defenses are multi-phasic shields or non-phasic shields. Another very developed defense technology is the adaptative shields, made of nanorobots, which allows the armor and hulls repair itself and change shape. The camouflage is very used too.

Planet ScaleEdit

The planetary defenses are defensive systems designed to protect gargantuan sizes territories, such as planets, solar sistmas megastructures and even integers. Ssitemas These are the most powerful, expensive and effective because they are designed to kill or outwit large fleets.

Ort turret
The Ort turret is the most mighty and masive defensive weapon in the Federation. It is a huge amount of authomatic torrets and shields that are located in the Ort cloud of stellar systems that defends.
The biggest problem is that it is very expensive to build extensively throughout the colonies, so is only dedicated to the most important worlds.

Giga Particules Guns
The Giga Particules Guns are, as their name implies, are gigantic cannons particles mainly located on space stations and some also in the planet's surface. Its purpose is solely to protect the planet against enemy capital ships, although they can easily destroy ships gargantuan size, to be located in swarms can defend a planet of entire fleets.

Planetary Shield
The planetary shield is a passive defense system designed to prevent the intrusion orbital bombardment of enemy ships on the planets of the USF. This system is based on huge space stations that generate different levels of defenses, Compustar by turbolasers arrays, electromagnetic shields and railgun turrets.
The system is quite expensive, but due to the high efficiency of the machines is widely used federal planets all residential or industrial character.

Planetary Photodiffuser
The Planetary Photodiffuser is basically a system of colonies and planets camouflage used by the Federation to hide their secret facilities and capital of the enemy planets.
Basically it's a horde of nanorobots, using a system of flexion of light to generate an opaque region of space. The cost of this system is such that it is only used in space stations and planets in relation to projects classified and military forces.

Starship ScaleEdit

Starship scale defenses are primarily designed to protect from damage to military ships, the Federation has dedefensas types of different material costs to defend their ships of almost any enemy weapon. However, federal ships have their weaknesses, because it is virtually impossible to create a perfect defense (which is the dream of military scientists USF).

Turbolaser Array
The most used agressive defense system between the Federation greatest ships and space stations. It is bassically a a huge network of turbolaser cannons that shoot lightning mixed with a powerful laser plasma generated highly volatile and explosive strength.
The system is generally used in large vessels because of the cost of space to locate, in addition to the need for a powerful computer that controls the huge amount of guns.

Laser turret
The laser turret is one of the most basic deffensive weapons in the Federation. Bassically a great laser rifle or a small laser cannon controlled by a powerful computer, find the target and its weakness to exploit in a display of energy in the form of a focused laser beam.
Its small cost and efficient functionality as the system become more common in small ships. Thanks to its automated system, this defense system can be used on larger ships as a swarm or in unmanned ships.

The Shield is the most known defense system in almost all the spaceships and vehicules in the Federation. It is mostly a force field aimed layers block the shots, lightning attacks and hostile explosive forces.
There are lot of types of shields, like cold-plasma, phasic, non-phasic and metrics (the lastest is, for now experimental).

Quantum Wrap
The Quantum Wrap, also known as the "Macro Invisibility Cloak," is a widely used system of concealment between ships and vehicles. Rely mainly consists of the principle of quantum entanglement to copy with extreme accuracy the direction and intensity of the light rays that hit the ship in a sense, directing that information to the opposite point of the ship to send exactly lightning. In this way the ship is absolutely invisible, besides being untouchable by concentrated rays of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Most federal ships using adaptive shielding, thus being able to model its shape and hardness to need, in addition to repair itself so much simpler than a rigid shield. The materials used by the federation are generally produced by advanced materials engineering, allowing you to craft weapons be virtually increbables by kinetic or thermal character.

Unit ScaleEdit

The unit scale defenses are defensive systems made ​​specifically to protect or hide a single soldier or a very small group of soldiers. In general they are armor or costumes, and all include the ability to improve physical strength speed and some even the ability to fly.

Titans UH-90
The Titans UH-90 are the original design for a powerful armor for a special group of soldiers. The UH-90 are design for soldiers defend almost any weapon the enemy can use, either radiation, plasma or kinetic energy, because it has a dense coated material which in turn is very flexible. The armor also has a system of electromagnetic shields used to prevent missile attacks ferrous or plasma.

Steel Mask
During the events of the Dark Days, the tyrant Mask had ordered the design of a defense system for soldiers who could make them more rapid, stronger and more powerful, so was born the Steel Mask, a project which would create more technologically advanced armor in the history of the federation. Steel Mask not only protects the soldier from the same threats as the UH-90 Titan but, being created by self-taught nanorobots can change its shape and adapt technology from enemy.

Standar Federal Armour
The Standar Federal Armour is a defense system for general federal soldiers, basically it is an extremely strong material, elastic and flexible, coated in certain areas by compact plates of the same material much thicker. The armature also includes a biomechanical system which greatly increases the strength and speed of the user, and in some cases allows the fly for a few seconds.
This armor is used with different variations or modifications by all the soldiers of the Federation.

Invisibility Cloak
The Invisibility Cloak is a means of camouflage designed to hide certain subjects to be seen by the enemy troops. This system exploits the ability of certain materials to bend light around her, becoming absolutely invisible to the user.
However, this tool has its problems, for example, in its most fundamental way, that can not be detected by heat detection systems and dust particles can reveal the user.

Deceiver Device
The Deceiver Device is a hologram generator designed to distract the enemy. Basically it is a hologram generator large projecting the image of a very realistic USF's army of great proportions.
This device is widely used during sieges, distracting the enemy with an army royal false while ruthlessly attacked.


Some Federation's weapons are so strange that could not be located in any of the categories mentioned above (as tactics weapons, espinoaje instruments, etc.) where they are used lethal or defensive purposes, but rather as a means of disabling the enemy or extract information.

Termical Grenade
Thermal grenades are the weapons of the Federation standard tactics. These are used by all soldiers in different ways, which makes it an extremely versatile instrument when it comes to combat.
These grenades basically work somehow causing a huge increase in energy within, which is transformed into pure heat.

Radiation Grenade
Radiation grenades work similarly to Termical Grenades, with the exception that its objective is not to cause a rise in temperature but a radiation explosion powerful enough to blind a large group of enemies.
These are used by all federal soldiers as a way to distract the enemy before causing an attack, which almost always fast and lethal.

Ultrasonic Mines
Ultrasonic mines, are, as their name suggests, are land mines that emit a high frequency sound, which aims can range from discomfort or even cause damage to the enemies without they can notice, to alter the environment causing the vibration of particles and the subsequent breakdown of matter around.
There are used by almost all the soldiers in the Federation, specially the soldiers dedicated to the defense.

The S-Drone, acronym for Sticky Drone, is a strange new weapon developted by the Federation scientist. The S-Drone is bassically an amount of nanomachines joined in long chains (similar to molecules of a liquid) that can work together to take any shape or go anywhere.
The S-Drone is made of a sticky substance that is inert to most of the reactions (it is not volatile, flammable, or magnetic). This weapons could work as a huge trap in the battlefield too, emerging from the floor and surrounding it, only to then crush them like a constictor snake.

The most unorthodox controversial weapon the Federation is the Infector, an army of self-replicating nanorobots unceremoniously advancing on the battlefield, destroying, breaking, burning and disrupting everything in their path. This weapon works to change the environment where the fighting is carried out to give the ISS an extra advantage, being able to choose the characteristics of the field.

End Detector
The End Detector is a classified weapon. The only thing known about this is that is an ultraterrestrial artifact found by the Shadow Regiment in the Federation's home universe.

Power Sources and Industrial TechnologyEdit

The Federation industry is one of the most important areas of development between the USF's technology. The industry and the power sources are different between the size and importance of the worlds in question but the Federation generally use some types of technology for this situations.

Power SourcesEdit

The power sources in the Federation are some of the biggest, largest and most monstrous machines and pieces of technology in the Federation, used to produce energy for each and every one of the planets, ships, cities, etc.

Dyson Swarms
The Dyson Swarms are the standar power sources of the Federation colonies. It is bassically a megastructure composed by solar collectors , so that all (or at least a significant amount) energy will hit a receiving surface where it can be used. Dyson Swarms collect vast amounts of energy, which can be used to support many small habitats, or a number of larger habitats or inhabited megastructures.
This system is used for most of the Fedeartion important colonies, with the exception of frontier poorest colonies, mobile space stations and scientific research centers.

Black Hole Power Plant
The Black Hole Power Plant (BHPP) is a Federation mechanism to transform the internal energy of a black hole into useful energy. This system works from the power output by a black hole, neutron star, or even (and preferably) a microquasar, which is stored by anspace station located at such a distance from this to avoid being caught by the monster astronomical and devoured by it and enough near to suck out the energy of the astronomical phenom.
This system is very used in the research centers, mainly becouse they are far away from the residential colonies and needs huge amounts of energy.

Stellar Receptor
The Stellar Receptor, often known as "Stellar Accumulator", is a is a huge flat-shaped space station that receives huge amounts of solar energy in the orbit of the planet. The standar size of this station varies, althought most of them has the size of a city or bigger.
The energy is processed in the station and send by a laser ray to the space station network that exists in the federal colonies ionosphere. Then it is send to the planet surface.

Antimatter-matter collider
The Antimatter-matter collider (A-MC) is a power source plant located in the orbit of a planet. This, as its name suggests, is a place where collide certain portion of matter with antimatter in a completely controlled way. The huge explosion is used to extract energy that is then used on the planet.
As the Stellar Receptor, the energy is send by laser to the space station network and then to the planet.

Fusion Plant
The Fusion Plant is one of the most used power plants in the planet surface, used to create stable plasma and thus extract huge amounts of energy over a long period of time, this system is used in all the colonies of the Federation as a supplementary mean of energy or small cities.


The Federation industry has transcended industry societies lower levels, because it is able to use huge amounts of energy and technology at the nanoscale. Due to the use of nanotechnology and quantum replicators, the Federation is able to create massively basically anything that can design.

Resources extraction
The Federation raw material is extracted most using nanorobots, that extract the resources molecule to molecule from the planets crust. Most of the planets that being subjected to this system are completely destroyed, so that, due to the high moral federal citizens, only is used on lifeless planets.
Other methods used by the federation industry are the classic system of melt down the material in huge forges and then freeze it.

Quantum Replication
The quantum replicators are the base of the federation production, using the photon sources, a pair production trigger to encourage the formation of particle-antiparticle pairs, electromagnetic field generators to move electrically-charged particles to where they are needed, and matter-antimatter interconversion technology.
Most of times this techology is used in combination with the nanotech to make different things from almost any material.

Food Production
The federation food production is based on mainly the genetics. Using the clonation and the genetic improvements, the federation bio-scientists had developed machines that create food cloning animal and vegetable tissue that had been specially designed to be extremely nutritious.
Due that the food production is made in factories the federation hasn't got the difference between the urban and the rural spaces.

The federation manufatory is based on the nanotech. Almost all the federation industry use nanorobots swarms to create anything, following the principle of the clause machine, the nanomanufactory create somethinng made of the material surrounding.
The nanorobots used in the nanomanufactory are mostly nanoreplicants or machines that could split, join and reassemble small molecules and tissues.

Most of the Federation buildings are made from nanotechnology, that made its architecture powerful, fast to build, and polymorphic. The Federation construction is based on the use of high resistence materials with little cost, making the buildings so as to be pleasing for the species that will inhabit it.
The megascale buildings, as orbital networks, space stations or space hangars are made also using some macro-size robots, that are more cheaper than the autoreplicants nanobots.

The USF has developed the informatics to a high level, basing on the quantum computers and the use of quantum mechanics to process and transfer the information fastest than the wildest dreams of many lower species. That allow the Federation have all they colonies interconected by a huge "Giganet", that makes the Federation have all the information instantly.
The infomatic development is under the charge of some Federation's companies, which are legally obliged to sell any technology advancement in the state, although they retain the patents.

The Federation, despite having a huge technology, does not have the amount of population to meet some of their needs, such as frontline troops, cheap labor, etc. It is for this that the Federation has developed a large amout of different kinds of robots.
The "mechanical slaves" are so different between the different trademarks, going from liquid robots, nanobots, to androids and robots in unusual ways.

Material engineering
The material engineering is the basement of the USF industry, along with the nanotechnology. The material engineering is the key behind the advanced technology of the Federation, and the reason why this can make such scientific-technological feats. With this technology, the Federation can make new materials with different new properties, as greater density and strength, reduced weight, increased flexibility, etc.
This technology allow the Federation to have the right material for the right situation, and also play with the needs of some industrial proyect.

Astro engineering
Sometimes, for the Federation is not enough the terraforming for the Senate plans, so the Federation starts to use all it knowdledge and technology about the gravity, astronomical phenomena, and fundamental forces to manipulate and even create astronomical phenomena (as black holes, singularities, or even small stars).
The Astro engineering is base of the astro-imitation, an emergent tech of the Federation which objective is mimic the natural astronomical phenomena.

Every Day TechnologyEdit

The Federation technology has transcended the industry and the military and entered the field of citizens' daily life. The technology is now present in all the life of the Federation citizens, from the entretainment to the inside of their bodies.


The biotechnology is present in all the Federation members, so is also present in the soldiers. The Federation biotechnology is mainly oriented to the medicine or the hybrid creation, the last mostly after the constant battles with the Dominatus.

Cyber Implants
Something normal in the Federation is the cybernetics implants, which are almost everywhere between the Federation citizens. Most of the implants are made when the citizen achieve the adulthood, so the natural physical strenghs can be developed without intromission of technology. Is even a tradition when a teenager become into an adult he is undergone implantation biomechanical parts throughout the body, usually through nanobots.

The Federation has a complicated history with the hybridation. Since the begining of the Federation, whenever there's been a constant and passionate discussion about creating hybrids, usually on the ethics of biological alteration. It was only a century ago that the hybridization became something completely legal, but with severe restrictions. During the event known as the "Reformulation" hybridization was first adapted for military use, without mentioning the existence of the hybrid Anaxu Zatock.

The nanotechnology in the Federation has advanced enough to eliminate the need for doctors, as a member of the Federation has their birth an artificial immune system consists of a bio-nanorobots army. These behave very similar to the cells, with the exception that can be manipulated from the outside to treat diseases accurately, besides being much more resistant to attack by pathogens that ordinary cells.

Cellular Rejuvenation
The cellular rejuvenation is a systme very used in the Federation that is based on the use the advanced knowldege of the Federation in biotech to force the cells to continue its reproduction, allowing the user to live more than the usually possible. This system is pretty used by the military leaders and the members of the Great Triunvirate, although most of the peapole of the Federation are not allowed to use it after their 3rd century of life.


The Federation, according with its needs, has developed the informatic technology to unimaginable limits, mixing it with the nanotechnology, the astro-engineering and the biology of their citizens own brains. The quantum computers and the instant communication is something common between the more humble men and women in the Federation.

Quantum Computers
The quantum computers is something very common between the Federation, being used by almost anyone. This computers, as almost anything in the Federation, are produced massively by the statal companies, making them cheap and easy to find. Anyway the quantum computers are not always equal, obviously the highest quality are used by people with more purchasing power and socio-political importance. In quantum supercomputers are only used by the military and technological development agencies supported by the Shadow Regiment.

Biological Computers
The biological computers are a type of informatic technology developed by the Federation to make their camputers able to reproduce and think as a living thing. These computers are now used to make more powerful pseudo-syntethic brains to their agents, policians and military leaders. The bio-computers was the first step to the aritificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence is one of the most important technologies in the Federation, being currently a need to make controllable the economy of the nation. The AI are used in almost all the advanced military ships, companies, and public buildings, being one of the most used technology in the Federation. Anyway the most powerful ones are used with astroengineering, with the theorical help of the Civilisation.

The answer to the Federation need to make a fast comunication system that could be used to conect all the Federation computers in seconds. During the first years of the Federation, the Giganet hadn't any problem, mainly because the Federation hadn't enough colonies to make the comunication slow. When the Federation achieved the control over their origin galaxy, the slow comunication made that the Federation became unable to make order there. Currently the Federation use a mix of subspace and quantum mechanics to conect the computers faster than the light.

The standar portable comuniaction system in the Federation is the mix of a cell phone and a holoproyector, well called holophone. This system is used by almost all the Federation citizens, specially between the ones who have a wealthy life, who usually have the fastest and most advanced of these machines. The holophone industry is one of the most profit industries in the Federation, is also one of the few elements of the life of the citizens that this is still based on consumerism.


Because of the size and steady expansion of the Federation, transport systems are constantly improving, using the most advanced technologies in STL and FTL impulsion, members of the Federation can cross interstellar space in minutes. Most used FTL transportation using extra dimensions as a means to escape from some laws of physics and travel light years in seconds.

Faster Than Light
All the large ships have FTL engines, as well as some of the small ones. The Federation most common FTL drive is the hyperspace-drive, developed during the first decade of the Federation in gigaquadrant, mainly copying technology of the Federation's enemies and allies. Another usually used FTL transport is known as the Wormhole Highway, which, as the name implies, is a wormhole used to allow the Federation ships moves between extremly long distances (as galactic voids). The warp engine is obsolete from almost a century, fastly replaced by the quantum slipstream and then the hyperspace-drive.

Slower Than Light
All the Federation ships need a STL dirve, used mainly to moves into a stellar system-size territory. The type of STL drive varies depending on the size of the ship in question, being that the largest tend to use larger motors and power, but in turn, due to the huge mass of the ship, are a lot slower than small vessels such as fighters or bombers. Usually the larger ships use ionic or electromagnetic induction motors (based on the same principle to repel particles from the rear of the ship). The smaller ships, however, always use plasma emission engines, which are similar to those above, but much smaller and more powerful in relation to its size, plus takeoffs small ships tend to use a railgun as a shuttle, which gives the ship a great initial acceleration.

Teleportation Beam
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Teleportation Chamber
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The terraforming is one of the most developed technologies in the Federation, that allowing them to colonize almost any planet. The terraforming technology's main aim is the creation of a safety planet to create a self-sustaining colony, without giving any importance to possible life on the planet, unless it is very interesting to study.

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