Still being an empire extra-universal, the Federation's society is not very different to most of empires compounds by several species of gigaquadrant. The Federation is very diverse, owning trillions of souls of different species, although it is true that the culture formed by the merger of the society of the six founders species is the most influential and acts as a rol model for others.

This means that the Federation's society is very varied, althought unified through the "Federal Society", that in fact is the original society of the Federation. The Federation's laws usually help to make this fusion, trying to adapt the new member society to the Federal Society.


Visual ArtsEdit

The Federation is fond of the art, especially the painting and the sculture, but others types are developed too. Due being extra-universals, the Federation is always curious about the local art of the Gigaquadrant, even more when the art in question is curiosly similar to the Federal one.

Many members of the Federation have the tendency to share their own artistic tastes, which vary greatly among different species. Some, like the Chibar, have a preference for military scenes, particularly those that represent real battles of epic proportions, others, such as Uzcar prefer much more abstract images, particularly those with complex geometric features.

From almost the beginning of the Federation both writing and visual arts were replaced almost entirely with holographic representations, with the obvious exception of the murals and mozaicos, the culaes continue to be very popular. Modern paints tend to be pictures in 3D and sculpture has taken a back seat to the development of "cyberart".


The Federation buildings are not under the same arquitectonic style, mainly because the different artistic tastes and biology of the the different member species. Due this, most of the structures design varies a lot between the worlds, specially the ones that has an only one race living in it. The buildings of ecumenopolis and cosmopolitan planets, anyway, are build on the basic idea to being huge, impressive and functional, often creating huge urban areas with skyscrapers up to kilometers high.

The arquitectonic style, as was said above, varies. Some species are fond of to underground cities, others, instead, enjoy building colossal amphitheatres with many decorations and details. However, the most strange arquitectonic style is the Beliene, who live in living structures.

The Federation has abandoned the use of manual construction and even the use of robots decades ago, due the massive development of the nanotechnology. Nowadays most of the Federation's buildings are made of milimetrics "intelligent blocks", small construction blocks that can move and create adaptative structures in minutes without any manual labour.


As an amalgam of different cultures and societies, the Federation home to different religions, all equally respected although some more practiced than others. Some of these are mixed with the traditions of the founder species, and others were adopted from others civilizations in the Gigaquadrant once the Federation setteled in the Milky Way.

  • One God Worship - Once the Federation arrived the Gigaquadrant, some of the traditional beliefs, particularly Kalixtus curiously coincided almost perfectly with the religions known to worship the One God, the gigaquadrant common belief is expanded like wildfire among federal citizens, particularly younger ones. Today, the One God Worship is one of the most common religion between the Federation.
  • The Holy Three - One of the most ancient belief of the Federation societies. The Holy Three supposedly was an ancient group of three species that preceded any other, that each one represented the most fundamental schools of thought in the universe. This belief was losing credibility once the Federation entered the Gigaquadrant, where he had evidence of even more ancient beings.
  • The Wisdom Path - In December 24th, 2791, the Federation received the alarming news that Zein Zatock, former hero and martyr of the Federation and its highest spiritual guide in the history, had ascended and belonged to the association of angelic beings known as the League of Patrons. Since that, many essence users in the Federation tryied to do the same, creating an atheistic belief system known as the Wisdom Path.
  • The Cosmospawn - As the One God Worship, the Cosmospawn was adopted from others gigaqudrant's civilizations, this time mostly because the influence of the Cooperative species. The belief was very accepted by the scientist and some biocentist mystics between the Federation. Anyway, the theory that the Xhodocto are the "Angel Plasma" is not accepted yet.


Unlike religion, philosophy of the citizens of the Federation is one of the few universal things throughout. This philosphy is based on the belief that the goal of all life is to reach the pinnacle of evolution, technology, society and spirit. How to achieve this, anyway, varies depending on people's own beliefs.

  • Transcendentism - The "transcendentism" is a phylosphy based in the idea that the only way to achieve the perfection is throught the fusion of the biotechnology and the technology singularity. The followers of these phylosophy are known for being great scientist and engieneers, but also are known for being unscrupulous when the time of achieve their aims.
  • Essencialism - The "essencialism" is based in the spirit instead the matter. The followers of these phylosphy are the most wise and the less materialist, believing that the way to achieve the pinnacle of the evolution is throught the ascension.
  • Individualism - Most of the peapole follow the "individualism", a phylosophy that thinks that to reach the top is necessary to improve oneself, at any cost and not worry about the others. The followers of these are the most selfish and cunning in the whole Federation, and very often are the first to improve their bodies with biotech.
  • Communitivism - The most nacionalist are the followers of the "communitivism", a phylosophy that believe that the Federation's members need to unite under one aim and act as an only one being, avoiding any type of discrimination and so suprass all the others civilizations.



Due the high technology developed in the Federation, the cyberspace has become the most used technology in recreation in the whole USF. The entretaiment industry has created thousand of diferent ways to exploit the possibilities of cyberspace, like virtual reality's MMORPG, holographic chat-rooms and whole virtual worlds dedicated to cyberart.


The art of create music is one of the most common ways to recreation in the Federation. Many of the Federation citizens plays an instrument, and this instruments are very variated, from very complex air instruments to simple drums. Almost everything is an instrument if someone can use it to create melodies.

Also everybody in the Federation has a personnel music players, small devices that can store thousands of hours of music and can be stored anywhere because of its miniscule size. This devices has fused with the already popular "holophones" and the nanotechnology to create one of the most popular electronic gadgets in the Federation.


The Federation is known for being a cradle for education and knowledge, especially with regard to engineering and the natural sciences, but the art of writing is also very popular among the Federation' citizens, particularly related to science fiction and science fiction-fantastic. This added to the dense and rich history of the Federation has resulted in the creation of a rich and varied literature.

The myths and legends of the Federation's species are of common knowledge and are basic in the education of the children, particualry the ones which are full of aesops, for obvious reasons. More complex and heavy literature are very popular between the the young-adults and adults, as stories with morality-related questions, metaphores and allusions to metaphysics.

The books themselves are a symbol of status in the Federation, since, currently most of the information is digital, the old-fashioned books of paper are almost disapeared. Just the ones that exists in museums and in collectionists' personnel libraries have survived over the centuries.


Althought most of the Federation entretainment is currently digital, some old-style games as chess and tabletop games are pretty common and popular. That is mainly for the sake of the citizens of the Federation of entertainment media use more "real" and "classic", although it is true that some of these are not very old.

  • Sahess: One of the oldest and most popular classical game in the Federation is the Sahess, a Federation's version of the third dimensional chess. The game objetive is attack the enemies "castle", that is behind most of the player pieces at the begining of the game. The game is third dimensional because the board is made of five squares long, five squares width and five floors of height, so there are thousand of different ways to destroy the enemies defenses and thousands of strategies to defend the castle. Be a champion on the Sahess is between the Federation a symbol of intelligence and cunning.
  • Vanjetou: A variaton of the Sahess is the Vanjetou. Athought the both are played in three dimensions, the Vanjetou objetive is not avoid the defenses and cause casualities to the enemy, but force the opponent to retry to to a smaller and smaller area to have more than eighty percent of the board. This game, though less popular, is known to be a favorite of military leaders.
  • Onuris Hero: Once the Federation arrived to the Gigaquadrant, the huge need of learn more about the myths and legends of the new universe generated a new fashion into the Federation people: gain knowledge about the Onuris universe. Quickly the games industries started to design games about this, and the most popular was the Onuris Hero, a trading card game which objective is fight against an AI playing as some of the greatest heroes in the universe, and reviving the most famous battles in the Gigaquadrant.


Most of the Federation's citizens are fond of the physical activity, particulary the physical competitions. This is the why that the most of the Federation's members are practitioners in sports.

  • The Hexathlon: The hexathlon is a very popular competition which mix the six more practiced sports during the Federation's very first days of existence, one from each one of the founder species. This event combines water-sports, athletism, some martials arts, and others very popular sports.
  • Combat Games: More Information Coming
  • Extreme Sports: For someones, the Federation's sports mentioned above weren't enough exciting, so other sports, riskier than the original ones, emerged, becoming rapidly popular. Things as bungee jumping from thousands of feet, space racing, parachuting from planetary orbit and survival trips in T0 planets became very popular among the greatest adventurers in the Federation.


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