Strength LevelEdit

The strengh level measures the military capability and influence of the empire in question. This information generally is obtained by the Shadow Regiment's Intelligence Office.

  • None - The empire isn't a threat and can't cause any problem to the ISS troops. The war could last minutes to days, the victory of the Federation is imminent.
  • Low - The empire can't cause much damage to the Federation although could cause some casualties The war could last days to weeks, the victory of the Federation is imminent.
  • Moderate - The empire could be a problem for the local forces, but a strike with all the ISS power might destroy it. The war could last weeks to months, the victory of the Federation isn't clear, but probable.
  • Important - The empire could cause considerable damage to the Federation and conquer several planets, if war is too long, the damage could be irreparable. The war could last months to years, the victory of the Federation is just possible.
  • High - The empire can destroy the Federation in a long war. The war could last years, the victory of the Federation is improbable.
  • Very High - The empire would not take much effort to destroy the Federation. The war could last months. The victory of the Federation is very improbable.
  • Extreme - The empire is nearly invincible and the forces of the Federation can't cause any short-term harm, the only chance of survival is guerrilla warfare. The war could last less than months. The victory of the Federation is nearly impossible.

International OrganizationsEdit

  • Formal Name: Seven Starr Alliance
  • Tier: 1
  • Federation's participation: Low
  • Type: Gigaquadrantic military alliance



Former Mardor Territories

Mandate Mardor flag


Drodo Empire Flag
  • Formal Name: Drodo Empire
  • Tier Level: Tier 3.1
  • Strength Level: Moderate

FPC 3D Flag 3

Aeoneonatrix Empire Flag



The Scientific Combine of Nakeimato

Farengeto Flag2

Amphibibot 3D


Troodontid Empire2


DCP flag 2


Hegemony symbol
  • Formal Name: The Hegemony
  • Tier Level: 3
  • Strength Level: Important

Clanden Admiralty Ensignia



  • Formal Name: Unknown
  • Tier Level: 0
  • Strength Level: Extreme


Imperium of War

Tyranny Flag

Tarkan Empire Flag



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