Most of the Federation's planets are located in the Milky Way Galaxy, were the Federation has around 80.000 systems under it rule. It has around 9.000 systems in Andromeda and 1.000 in others galaxies too. This not account the space stations and bases in asteroids.


Outside the standard classification gigaquadrant, the Federation has its own classification system for planets, because the terraforming system is not always useful for the needs of the Federation.

Threat LevelEdit

  • 0 - The planet's fauna and flora is not dangerous for the establishment of a colony. Proceed to colonize.
  • 1 - The planet's fauna and/or flora are agressive for the colonizers, but not threats against technology presented. Proceed to colonize, ensure safety of the colony.
  • 2 - The planet presents an atmosphere, climate or tectonic movement slightly dangerous but predictable. Contents terraforming, proceed to colonize.
  • 3 - The planet atmosphere, climate or tectonic movement are not predictable. Contents massive terraforming, proceed to colonize.
  • 4 - The planet fauna, flora or natural phenomena are uncontrollable by Federation's technology. Prepare research stations, not colonize.
  • 5 - The planet are hostile and uncontrollable by any means possible. Contents quarantine protocol.

Richness LevelEdit

  • 0 - The planet lacks natural resources or any resources of interest. Ignore.
  • 1 - The planet lacks natural resources or any resources of interest, but is a tactical location. Proceed to establish a command center.
  • 2 - The planet has resources of interest:
    • 2A - The planet has a natural amount of resources that could be used in the indutry. Proceed to colonize.
    • 2B - The planet has uncommon natural species that could be studied. Proceed to stablish a biological laboratory.
    • 2C - The planet has uncommon natural resources that could be studied. Proceed to stablish a scientific laboratory.
  • 3 - The planet has resources of interest and federal colonies. Ensure security.
  • 4 - The planet has resources of interest and important federal colonies. Ensure security, promote trade.
  • 5 - The planet is fundamental for the Federation. Ensure security, content protocol of high security.

Milky Way GalaxyEdit

Norma ArmEdit

  • Designation: Cosmopolitan planet, cultural capital
  • Location: Ponte Sector
  • Stellar Position: Fourth
  • Population: 7 billions
  • Rich Level: 5
  • Threat Level: 0

Lorem was the first planet colonizated by the Federation after their arrive to the Gigaquadrant. The planet was fastly terraformed by the powerful Federation technology and was selected for be the new Federation's captial and new location for the Senate.

During the first decade after the Federation arrive, the Senate was transferred to the space station Destiny, but Lorem remained as cosmopolitan planet and cultural capital of the Federation. Today is the most important planet for the Federation, acting as comercial and cultural center, where most of the main Federation's companies and educational centers locate.

  • Designation: Cosmopolitan planet, trade center
  • Location: Katar Sector
  • Stellar Position: Third
  • Population: 5 billions
  • Rich Level: 4
  • Threat Level: 0

Hicath was terraformed during the first lustrum of the Federation in the gigaquadrant, as a way to have colonies next to their most important allies, the Drodo Empire. The planet became fastly a huge ecumenopolis made with the only one objective to create a safe place to the free trade between the nations of Katar.

Due the astrographically position of the Axis sub-sector, where Hicath is located, this place is a strategic place to establish trade and military routes across the sector, generally being the meeting point of the Federation fleet in Katar. Here is, also, the headquarters of the 34th Army Field and the 40th Armada.

Scutum-Crux ArmEdit

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Orion-Cygnus ArmEdit

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Carina-Sagitario ArmEdit

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Andromeda GalaxyEdit

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