"Peace and prosperity alien, he hope that your visit be pleasant"

Sometimes the destiny pulls one away from your home, to the biggest of the glories, or to the darkest of the deaths, but there are someones that had defeated their fate more than once. There are someones that had seen more than most of the oldest empire in the unverse, they are a Federation of idealist extrauniversals, the United Federation of Species.

- Unknow

The United Federation of Species (or simply Federation) it was the more powerful civilazation on a galaxy in a parallel universe before the totally annihilation of this universe. It was emerge in the aftermath of the Beta Quadrant War, after the reorganization of the Beta Coalition of Species, when the BCS defeat the Chibar Legion and absobed it.

The Federation losed all of his colonies during the annihilation of his universe and scape to another one. It traveled into a Wormhole opened by a ultraterrestrials relic. Today the federation is colonizating some systems in it new universe.

During the first years in which the Federation was established in Gigaquadrant, its inhabitants lived a period of massive expansion and multiple wars, causing a period of three years the Federation experienced three wars and two coups. Anyway, now the Federation has become a place among the nations of Gigaquadrant.

History Edit

The vote was made and the result is clear... Today we will stop being just friends to be one! Welcome to the United Federation of Sapient Species

- Vectorn Russel

The Federation was emerge after the unificaton of the members of the Beta Coalition of Species, an aliance of the empires which live in the Beta Quadrant of they galaxy, when the leader of the BCS, Vectorn Russel, proposed to the six senates (one for every species member) a vote to decide the future of the BCS. The vote's result it was an unification of the empires in a big federation.

That happend after the Beta Quadrant War, when the Chibar Legion declared the war and be defeat by the BCS. In the aftermath of that war the Chibar BCS Allies (a faction in opposition of the war) take the control of the Chibar Legion and they joined to the BCS.

The federation began as only a union of six species, the original members of the BCS and writers of the 7 guarantees and the 7 obligations, the constitution of the federation. However it grew at an alarming rate, while in his early years was its expansion beyond the Beta Quadrant and along with its influence.

Expansion Age
We are many, too many for our planet... If we want to keep the order we must go beyond the quadrant

- Scientist Uzcar

After of it formation, the federation stay on a massive expansion period allowed by the constant technological development of their knowledge of propulsion, terraforming and colonization, that allowed an increase the federation capacity and rate of colonization and terraforming of stellar systems.
Subsequent decades, the federation's system increases it's number in the thousands. Taking advantage of the quantum wake propulsion, mass, atmosphere and temperature drivers, managed to build self-sustaining colonies in tens of thousands of worlds.
Using his great power to establish diplomatic alliances with other species, the federation further increased their influence in the galaxy, after 700 years the federation was the most horsepower in it's galaxy.

Elipsion Complex Event
This is strange, I never saw anything like it

- Capitain Lux

The constant expansion of the federation stopped when it reached the elipsion quadrant, then with more than 9000 systems in it name, unable to control this area by its distance from the homeplanet as the propulsion systems of the time did not allow fast and efficient flow of resources and armed forces between the colonies and capitals allowing economic crises and violent riots by disgruntled citizens. This atmosphere of chaos in the distant colonies caused a boom in the number of pirates and vandals.

The situation caused the need to improve or create new propulsion systems. During the years following the Union of the Researchers (a company created by the Uzcar to speed the development of technology) was influenced by the federation to design new propulsion systems, but the results were really furstranting, the machines were designed by researchers too large to place them on ships and require immense energy sources.

It was during the Elipsion Quadrant Expedition, led by the Hasac captain Loxias Luxx, when it was discovered a new source of energy, a binary black hole system which produced significant gravity waves which could be harnessed for energy.

This information caused a great interest from the Senate of the federation, so Loxias was ordered to establish a colony in the nearest star system black holes. The process, which should have taken a few years, lasted decades since the distance and difficult communications fow resources to the new colony.

After 40 years the colony was forgotten by the federation and the crisis continued lack of energy, little by little the new members of the federation left relations with it some even leaving the federation.
During that year, the federation received a message from the colony in the elipsion complex, causing a big surprise by its members, the message informing to the federation about a lot of the energy packets on way to the capital. That same day, in a black hole that the federation was studying, the convoy of ships of Captain Loxias emerged through a hole in space-time and gave to the Federation a lot of energy packs.

That fact caused commotion throughout the federation as it not only had an energy source powerful enough to eat but also had a fast means of travel to get it, a wormhole.

Black Hole War
That's bad, if we lost the elipsion complex we lost all

- Hasac senator

The Elipsion Complex event began a golden era for the federation, the amazing amount of energy that could handle allowed to use new means of transport that the union of the researchers had designed (wormholes, although they were faster than any other propulsion system were very expensive to build so only were used with the trip to the Elipsion Complex) the amazing amount of energy that could handle allowed to use new means of transport that the union of the researchers had designed and generate routes between the colonies throughout the galaxy.

This golden age ended when a horde of pirates attacked the outpost that controlled the flow of ships that were circulating in the wormhole controlling the energy flow coming to the capital.
Federation immediately sent the entire fleet-interstellar neutralize the threat of these pirates, but when the fleet arrived, the pirates had fled with wormhole generator.

The federation was enter in a crisis, without the wormhole generator could not access its largest and most important source of energy, and who knows what would the pirates with his defenseless colony, would destroy, they would use for their own benefit, or perhaps forced to pay an astronomical sum of credits to recover it.

While Starfleet looking for those pirates, colonies fell back into the hands of vandalism and lawlessness and the Senate of the Federation was open day and night trying to find a solution to the situation.

While, an expedition was carried out to stop an attack by pirates in Achiver, one of the major planets of the federation, it was run by Antioch, an Uzcar's captain.

The defeat of the pirates was immediate, the pirate ships were cleared in Achiver orbit, but the commander of them managed to escape the planet's atmosphere, then Antioch, against the orders of interstellar fleet, pursued the pirate leader. After several hours of searching, Antioch, finds and captures pirate leader, and, after extensive interrogation process, he discovers that he was part of a plot related to the theft of the wormhole generator.

The pirate claimed to be part of a plot aimed at causing chaos in the major planets of the Federation, but did not know for what purpose he was ordered to do this, knowing that the federation very easily capture their attackers, but the pay was the enough profit to risk, then ordered him to attack Achiver.

Information given by the pirate caused a great impact in Antioch, regardless of who caused this should be stopped because if I wanted atack major planets of the Federation must be brought to something, something big.

Immediately the federation received all the information we had obtained Antioch and sent to Antioch to find out everything possible about that plot. They sent Antioch to the planet he came from that ship, while they were in charge of the prisoners, there Antioch discovers the buyer's location and then save himself from a pirate attack is sent to the location of the buyer to recover the generator of wormholes.

Once there is captured by enemies troops and discover the truth, the mastermind behind the plot of the black hole was a Senator Hasac, who wanted to supply energy sources to the federation by high prices and if it went into a war against pirates needed even more energy, which should pay him.

Once known the truth, Antioch escaped from the pirates and informed the federation of the incident, the Federation immediately launched a massive attack against Senator responded with armed personnel, the battle was inevitable. The fight ended with the victory of the federation but during the attack wormhole generator was destroyed ...

Cyber War
Machines ... Killing machines

- An USF's soldier survivor of the Cyber ​​War

With wormhole generator destroyed the Federation was plunged into a new era of chaos, but this time the Senate decided to act with speed to implement his new army, the ISS. The war against terrorists pirates was quick but unsuccessful, because the Federation began to gain a reputation for use of martial law.
Shortly afterwards an ISS Brigade detected a strong anomaly in area known as the Delta Quadrant, the anomaly came from a wormhole generator produced by an unknown empire, the ML-14.

The Federation tried to make contact peacefully with the ML-14, but this mechanical empire considered the power of the Federation as a threat, so ruthlessly annihilated diplomatic force of the USF. More information coming soon

After the scape
This is our new home, we promise protect it

- Vankalian

Currently the USF is colonizing new systems alarming rate, established in 3500 managed systems in less than a year through its advanced terraforming systems. After a month of colonizer process, the Drodo Empire contact a spaceship of the Federation and, after an important analysis by the Great Senate, start a comecial rute with it.

After a few months the intelligence of the federation was aware of the history of the new world they had come. Apparently they were in a galaxy called the Milky Way, in a galaxy cluster known as First Gigaquadrant, where species much older than they had long struggled with extradimensional race.

With these new data the Federacionse realized his helplessness, so set about finding new ways to advance its technology. Very soon joined to the Civilisation, where they could get allies and technology and to help improve the cooperation of the galaxy that is your new home.

The most new proyect of the Federation is the installation of a wormholes web, which conect they principal stellar systems with each other. Currently the Federation, it is installing the first wormhole...

Mineral Conflict
This material is unique, it could feed one of our planet for millennia

- Sadioch to Vankalian

Unfortunately, the alliances of the Federation had its cost to be involved in the war known as "the conflict minerals," at which they entered in contact with several extragalactic aliens, fighting side by side with Drodo in defense of the material known as "Dorodonian Gold". The energetic properties of the material fact that different empires have tried to appropriate it, most brought to the Milky Way by a program of installation of a wormhole by the Federation. Tensions over the war wreaked havoc inside the Senate, giving way to an age of terror known as the Dark Days or Maskism.

Dark Days
The Federation is weak, just need the will of a man falling to its knees

- Mask

It was a matter of time before political tensions surfaced of the Federation, remorse and guilt of the escape had left scars on members of the Federation and now would be the day of reckoning. During the confrontation, Captain Mask, leader of the "Shadow Regiment" liberate his revenge against his archrival, Vankailan Carssian.

The Mask internal rage and humiliation of losing a fight that would have easily won Vankalian caused Mask decided to betray the Federation and an alliance with the empire known as Drakodominatus Tyranny.

Mask made ​​a coup and with the help of Tyranny, seized power of the Federation, the darkest hour of the Federation has just begun.

Despite the oppressive and sadistic Mask was the government of the federation was seen benefiting from its policy, because it expanded the boundaries and scientific Federation due to the colonization of other worlds and the state's investment in scientific research.

That's why in less than a month the number of planets in the Federation almost doubled and developed best engines, weapons and expanded the use of nanotechnology and high-speed craft.

In the Spotlight: Andromeda
They also have to offer an excellent knowledge of the Andromeda galaxy, where we think locate our first extragalactic basis...

- Choren Jun, Minister of Foregin Relations, to Florence Nar'jim, Admiral of the Clanden Fleet

During the government of Mask, certain expansionist groups convinced the government that it was necessary to expand the borders of the Federation outside the galaxy, to Andromeda.

In the process, the Federation needed a contact, someone who would provide information, a friendly empire in those areas, so we searched the records I had to reach Andromeda and found a report that was intriguing.

The civilization in question was the Clanden Admiralty, a civilization that was almost defeated by the Grox and wandered through Andromeda, the people of the USF felt empathy for this society because they had experienced a similar situation, while the government considered the usefulness of to have this nation as an ally in a distant galaxy, where they could help them sustain their colonies.

Return to the democracy
The power back to the people ... but at what cost?

- Aranelia Brinal

It took three months for the rebellion arose in the population of the Federation, and as many months so he could confront the corrupt government of Mask. After Drakodominatus Tyranny mysteriously abandoned their plans to support Mask, emergency government stopped having reason to exist, not to mention that Mask had been frantic to escape the last Vnakalian had made in his own flagship, which returned to interim governor taciturn and sullen.

It was after almost a year of government that Mask was found murdered in the asteroid system surrounding the star system which houses the headquarters of the Shadow Regiment, whose location is classified. After that the Senate reinstated Aranelia Brinal as Great Senator and heroes Afnai and Vankalian as new ISS commanders.

War of Hyperspace and The Great Deceiver
A lot of powerful ships, a terrible AI, several empires looking impossible star in the normal universe, a War in the Hyperspace ... Great, something interesting for a change...

- Great General Vankalian, during the War of Hyperspace

After the Federation regained its democracy, Aranelia Brinial and Vankalian recover their policies posicions of Great General and Great Senator, respectively, the Senate received an unusual signal in the quantum sliptream. Because of this, the Senate sends the most powerful warship and research, led by Vankalian, the flagship Misrecordia.

While this was happening, in the Milky Way hung a terrible evil, as devastate Drakodominatus try again war with this galaxy. The Federation should act with caution, as with Vankalian lost in the vacuum of Hyperspace, the ISS has only one man to lead the Federation to the battlefield, and that is Edelmut, the Federation pacifist guru.

Revolution of december 24th
He is alive!?

- Scientist talking about Zein Zatock

After contacting several more advanced species (such as Drakodominatus, DCP, etc.) The Federation succeeded in landing major high-tech knowledge through the reverse engineering. These findings allowed the USF improve production of black holes, hypermatter and perhaps most importantly, the quantum replicator.

The December 24, 2791, the Federation had an event that would significantly change his story. After spending nearly nine years in the Gigaquadrant, scientists and mystics of the USF receive a message that only someone who had died in his home universe could have sent, Zein Zatock mystic hero, martyr and now ascended.

This event was so dramatic that the whole idea was reformulated owning USF scientists about death, life and understanding of the universe. Apparently Zatock survived because he fell to the wormhole was able to use their basic mystical powers, amplified by certain artifacts of his invention, in order to survive in a vacuum for decades. Prolonged exposure to these artifacts caused Zein could survive for centuries, until he managed to attain enlightenment. Zein then became the Researcher of the League of Patrons.

We are not in our home anymore... This universe is more deadly that we expect... we need reformule the aims of our army

- Secretary of the Senate Ruthem Guassali

In 2793, the Federation suffered serious policy changes and how to act. Due to the terrible hostility of the new universe, the Senate decided to jettison all tradition concerning international relations and return to the USF a powerhouse in the making. Then, in February 2793, after the KSA fundation and Ubertoint project disclosure, the Senate launched the "Reformulation", a project to change the actual target of the armed forces of the Federation.
After several changes mainly in the Pacyfing Legion and the ISS, the Federation turned to the ISS in a power of conquest and the Legion become into an important defensive force.

Military Edit

Although USF is a relatively peaceful empire, has an important and well-trained army, who spent much of their income for technological advancement and maintenance. The USF army is divided into three main bodies: the ISS, the Pacifying Legion, and the Shadow Regimient.

ISS: Interstelar StarfleetEdit

The ISS is the professional and better trained army of three. It is composed by four Army Theatres, two in Milky Way, one in Andromeda and another one for its other colonies. All of this are led only by the Great General, who also holds the post of Minister of War and Defense.
The troops of the ISS have a serious training at the Academy, a school of combat where soldiers are trained and selected paraejercer a place in the chain of command of the army.

Pacifying LegionEdit

The Pacifying Legion is the local police of the Federation. Is compose of a qualified personal but does not receive as financial support from government as the ISS. Its main function is to control the minor and localized armed conflicts, to stop pirates and thieves and the armed uprisings control.
After the proyect known as "Reformulation" the Legion now have supersoldiers with biomechanic implants.

Shadow RegimentEdit

The Shadow Regiment is the agency responsible for the collection of intelligence for the government, it compose by 5 members of each species, who have a good management in the use of modern weaponry and quick resolution of conflicts. This agency is ultra-sectret, so is impossible to know how much financial attention gives from the government.

Technology Edit

The federation intends to stay at the forefront of modern technology (in their level of compresion), so it constantly has to its intelligence agency looking for any piece of technology that can perform reverse engineering.

War TechEdit

Much of the technology that the federation has developed is used vine improve its military, which is why the weapons of the Federation is so large, becouse it prefers to keep his soldiers this well-armed and technified. The weapons of the Federation are mainly based on weapons and high-energy particles, but also use the gauss cannons and relativistic missiles to air combat. Projectile weapons are rare, although some soldiers use them as grenade launchers.

Every dayEdit

One of the technologies used by civilians in the Federation is nanotechnology, it is in all spheres of life, another is computer technology, quantum computers abound.

Medicine In medicine of immortality is possible, but most civilians prefer living only a few hundred years, 200 to 300, due to philosophical and ethical issues. Most diseases, especially genetic, have been treated, but sometimes unknown diseases can wreak havoc on entire planets, causing planetary pandemics.

Spacecraft The use of spacecraft is common in the Federation, including civilians, these ships being relatively slow in relation to military vessels, which can take advantage of the hyperspace. This has allowed traditionally practiced interstellar tourism, where a group of travelers embark on a journey of several days or weeks to learn about different planets with different lifestyles. It is very popular field trips.

Nanotech When it comes to nanotech, 90% of the federation has an all Make-a machine that, using swarms of nanobots, created from trash or capsules containing major planks that any single unit need, but you can do anything from this (computers, machines, weapons), it is preferred to allow you to realize engineers who are living things.

Power sources and industryEdit

The energy sources of the federation are, mostly, the stars and astronomical phenomena such as neutron stars and pulsars and small black holes.With respect to industry, the Federation bases its production on the subsistence of the colonies, the staples are easily obtainable from nanotechnology, one of the biggest productions of the Federation are the development of engineering materials and the development of photonic technology.

Star Collectors: One of the most used energy sources is the star collector, using Dyson swarms to absorb energy from the star is viable for smaller colonies of the Federation.

Hyper-energetic astronomical phenomenas: One of the most common energy sources of the Federation are the extraction of energy from neutron stars, pulsars and magnetars. In the case of neutron stars, because of its density and rapid turnover, release a significant amount of energy that is extracted similarly to the stellar energy, pulsars are used from the large amount of energy secreted from their magnetic poles. On the other hand, magnetars are extracts energy from its giant magnetic fields.

Blackhole technology: The use of black holes has a history in the federation, beginning with its first discovery in the complex elipsion, which triggered blackhole War, through its development as a "highway" between the capitals, not to mention its importance during the escape from federation of the world in decline. The technology related to black holes as is common news in the federation, one of the most efficient sources of energy and transportation.

Materials Engineering and nanotech: Due to the constant use of megastructures on the federation, especially in developing Dyson swarms, the federation has required that certain synthetic materials develops implementing superheavy (megastructures) or other superlight (vehicle armor, armor, and buildings), also allowed the development of particularly resistant nanobots, which has increased its production to unimaginable scales.

Astro-imitation: One of the most interesting industries of the federation is dedicated to the imitation of celestial bodies. The origin of this industry is mainly due to the awareness that the Federation has received about the anniversary of nature (caused by having to contemplate the death of the universe has such a young age), so that the federation has set a goal achieve someday recreate the situation of the big bang and create their universe again, of course they do so step by step.

About the Federation Edit



The only thing abhorrent to the federation's how they train their senators, denying them their identity and turning them into zombies to serve the common good

- Unknown

Constitution: The federation constitution are the 7 guarantees 7 obligations, a system of fundamental laws written by the six founders, a law was written by each one, plus a couple unify fundamental law which was written by Vectorn Russel

Great Triumvirate: The Triumvirate is the highest governing body of the Federation. Formed relatively recently, being the newest of organisms is the grouping of the three most important bodies of the federation concerned to make decisions, the Supreme Senator, the Great General and the Superior Guru, they combine these three faces of USF, political and social force, the military and scientific and mystical force. The currently Triumvirate is composed by Aranelia Brinal, Vankalian Carssarian and Edelmut Ren.

Senators: The government of the federation is controlled by the senators, a group of men and women trained to serve as legislators and mediators between the Great Triumvirate and the general public. Due to the vastness of the Federation senators have had to act as representatives of a planet, star cluster, sector or galaxy galactic arm, depending on their rank.
These ranges represent the number of planets they represent, according to the administrative division of the territories of the Federation.

Ministers: Despite his great intellect and education Senators are not able to respond to all his duties by the inability to absorb all the necessary information, so there is the position of minister, a Senate ascesor specializing in a certain area.
The types of ministers are: Minister of Foreign Relations, Minister of Economy and Production, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Science and Technology Minister, Minister of Internal Security, the Great General, who holds the position of Minister of War, and the Superior Guru, who holds the position of Minister of Mystics.


The Federation Territory is large, covering a vast area, with tens of thousands of colonies to its name, primarily in the Milky Way and Andromeda. In the Milky Way, to the citizens of the Federation home in this universe, the Federation has about 80.000 star systems, around 20.000 in the Norma-Out Arm. In Andromeda has more than 9.000 systems, and in other galaxies Gigaquadrant, has just under 1.000 systems, the most engaged in trade or scientific research.

Almost all the planets of the Federation are T3, or what species to colonize think is a T3 planet. Still, many of the new colonies are huge artificial structures, like very small world rings, where citizens live, although this is more common among the colonies engaged in the industry.


The federation, considering its vastness, practice religious freedom. Since each new empire that integrates it has its own beliefs, the federation must maintain a neutral stance against the beliefs of others.
The federation, however they maintain some resilience to certain beliefs, such as the Federation does not accept a belief or aggressive xenophobic as the 4 guarantee of its constitution.

To avoid certain religious conflicts, federation, created a council that would allow a scientific and teologist study, and free discussion of religious topics among scientists, academics, and eminent religious. This council is called Council of the Fundamental, which is the maximum demonstration of peaceful discussing among different religious beliefs, it is thanks to the Council that the Federation has never had a "holy war" in its history.

Most practiced religions in the Federation are: One God, The Holy Three and the worship of League of Patrons


The federation practiced a strange mix of laissez-faire economy doctrine and the interventionism, where anybody can open his/her own buisness, but, in fact, the Federation is the true owner of anything in the territory. That allows the Federation this has become the taxes unnecessary within the Federation, as the state gets a small sum of all products of its citizens.

The economy of the federation is managed by the ministry of economy, who virtually controls the entire production of the federation. But, in fact, the ministry of economy only is voice of an agrupation of AI that are the real economy managers.

The production of the federation is based on self-reliance, trying to prevent imports of other empires, considering them a threat to their economic survival. Anyway, in non-core products, the import is welcome, which facilitates trade.


Due to its policy of making multiple alliances federation does not have a single culture, but rather has several united under one unifying culture, this raised the federation great ease when interacting with other empires. It also generates a pensmiento based on tolerance of its citizens, it helps prevent xenophobic behavior in its members.

This unifying culture is based on the idea that every member of the federation is an integral part of it, and therefore must have both obligations to keep it in good condition and rights to live fully. This idea, similar to that of the superorganism, is taught to the public since his youth. Unfortunately, the culture of the federation in a lack of nationalism itself, which causes a socio-political desestabilility when a war.

A peculiar feature of the Federation is the "worship" heroes, so much so that they have what is known as The Hall of Legends, where store valuables, heirlooms, holocrons, among other things, its heroes and legends . Some of these are: Vectorn Russel, Antioch Cas, Marten Curs and, obviously, Zein Zatock.




The war is something crazy... and I am very crazy

  • Name: Vankalian Steel Carssarian
  • Age: 54 years
  • Species: Techno-ascended Giomus
  • Role: Leader of the Steel Soldiers
  • Status: Active

Vankalian is a living legend for USF. Brother of the greatest hero in the history of the Federation and the Great Senator husband, Vankalian is the leader of a team of the most preapred supersoldiers of the USF and is the best warrior in its history.
Vankalian was the murderer of the tyrant Mask and leader of Pride, the most powerful ship of the Federation.



I am the ruler of the ISS... No! I am the ISS!

  • Name: Afnai
  • Age: 37 years
  • Species: Techno-ascended Kalixtus
  • Role: Great General of the USF, voice of The Network
  • Status: Active

Afnai is the Great General after Vankalian relocation as Steel Soldiers Leader. As Great General, Afnai couldn't control the huge number of souls in the ISS, so the Federation scientist and the Senate agreed to "techno-ascend" him, forcing his mind to fuse with a huge AI known as The Network. After that, Afnai became a pseudo-synthetic being with the control over all the ships in the Federation.



The enemy's worth soul like the ally's soul

  • Name: Edelmut Ren
  • Age: 35 years
  • Species: Giomus
  • Role: Commandant of the ISS, supremme guru of the USF
  • Status: Active

Edelmut is possibly the most ambiguous of the eminences of the ISS. Being the third best warrior of the USF, Edelmut strangely hates war and combat, describing it as barbaric and savage.
Edelmut was born in Venecin, homeplanet of Aranelia Brinal, being a place known for the high economic status of its residents. During his adolescence he left his parents to find his place in the universe, traveling across the Federation. It was during that trip that he met Vankalian and Zein Zatock, and it was the latter who educated him in the mystic arts.

Aranelia Brinal

Aranelia Brinal

Am I not destroying my enemies making friends with them?

  • Name: Aranelia Brinal
  • Age: 52 years
  • Species: Giomus
  • Role: Supremme Senator of the USF
  • Status: Active

Aranelia is the Supremme Senator of the USF and the Vankalian's wife. She is a eminence in the Federation, known as one of the Supreme Senator of Federation history more productive, having brought to USF chaos and misery that had fallen by the destruction of their home universe.
Born into a wealthy family, Aranelia became one of the most recognized in the Federation, yet the Supreme Senator is frowned upon by some of the most respected politicians for the simple reason that his marriage to Vankalian gave the couple total power and socio-political military of the Federation.

Ruthem Guassali

Ruthem Guassali

Peace and glory for the Federation

  • Name: Ruthem Guassali
  • Age: 57 years
  • Species: Kalixtus
  • Role: Secretary of the Senate
  • Status: Active

Ruthem is the Secretary of the Senate, the second office in importance of the Senate, he is in charge of make the meetings in the Senate and call in ministers.
Ruthem Guassali was a man of the people. He was born in a medium-low class family and he spent most of his life as assistant to a major food producer, but he was destinated to more, his politics ideas made him the senator of his planet, and in a matter of time became one of the favorite senators by the people of the Federation, because of his humble birth, and in the year 2792 took the post of Secretary of the Senate.

Black Cloak

Black Cloak

Respect your enemy first ... then do it shreds

  • Name: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Species: Chibar
  • Role: Supremme Commandant of the Shadow Regiment
  • Status: Active

Clever, smart, competitive and hungry for glory, Black Cloak is a Chibar of great physical and mental strength. Born to a poor family fought tirelessly to bring it to float, as it failed miserably. Confused and sad, Black Cloak concentrated its efforts on proving their physical talents, winning medals and breaking records in all disciplines.
He has an unnatural muscle between the members of his species, due to ongoing training.

Dark Blade

Dark Blade

I don't fight for power and honor ... I fight because I feel so alive

  • Name: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Species: Beliene
  • Role: Second in command of the Shadow Regiment
  • Status: Active

Martial arts fighter noble, worshiper of combat as a lifestyle, an expert in the use of the sword, Dark Blade is a warrior Beliene, something very difficult to find due to the Beliene's pacifist culture. He lost his father and mother, was abandoned in a forest during his childhood, where it is said, was raised by a tribe of warriors. Growing up he developed a love for the match after saving a friend from being killed by wild beasts. Upon reaching adulthood he was ordered to fight to the death against his friend, he reacted not only removing it but also the whole tribe, considering them unclean.

Supreme Commander Mask:


I will be the Tyrannt of the Federation!

  • Name: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Species: Unknown
  • Role: None, former supremme commander and great general
  • Status: Dead

A murderer and a traitor, only serves its ideals and goals and will do whatever it takes to meet them, an evil genius with a desire to eliminate Vankalian Steelhis archrival. Born of a violent family and economic problems, suffered trauma to murder his family trying to defend his only brother, immediately set fire to his house and burned part of the face, and, having no resources to operate their wounds used his engineering talent to build a mask to heal him gradually.
He became supreme commander or great general to incriminate Vankalian of treason and taking his place.
He was murdered by Vankalian at the end of his government.

Zein Zatock

Zein Zatock

The reality is too complex for a mortal understands it, but still I'll try

  • Name: Zein Zatock
  • Age: 75.370 years (aging stopped at 49)
  • Species: Ascended Giomus
  • Role: Hero, martyr and wise
  • Status: Passive

Zein has a rather complicated history. It is not known when and how he was born, he was an orphan, but he knows he was adopted into the family of Vankalian Carssian when Zein was about nine. It is known that he was a scholar at a young age, was very fast and very interesting studies. Some believe it was obsessive when he wanted to know something and it could go for days without food or sleep in order to find an answer. It is assumed that his life ended during the Great Ring War, when sacrificed trying to open a wormhole to escape the dying world of USF. This was not really the whole story, Zein survived using his powers and was released 75,321 years before the arrival of the Federation to the Gigaquadrant, while used to attain enlightenment.



I have new offers... Ah, you want information... Well everything has a cost...

  • Name: Gurk Clacs
  • Age: 58 years
  • Species: Hasac
  • Role: Trader, informant
  • Status: Active

Relationships Edit


Sword&Shield:“You are a part of us


Green face:“Together we will spread the peace on the universe


Blue face:“Peace and prosperity


Yellow face:“...

  • The Hegemony- Great warriors, honorable peapole, sadly they have... problems with the Drodo.
  • Clanden Admiralty- A wanderer empire, we try to make contact for support in Andromeda, but they are suspicious of our intentions.


Orange face:“Hmph


Red face:“Your existence endangers against the peace of the universe and ours

  • Imperium of War- You just looked an insignificant part of our power, recede or confront the consequences!

At WarEdit

Crossed Swords:“You have two choices, surrender or die


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We are not cowards for not entering in war, we're smart.

- Aranelia Brinal, Supreme Senator

We are a peaceful empire, who prefers to talk rather than shoot, but if you dare to degrade or underestimate, I will refund your solar system a kick in the butt.

- Vankalian Carssarian, Great General

The federation has a future, but not here...

- Zein Zatock, hero and martyr of the Federation

Glad to see at least someone in Katar besides the Nameiako has retained their common sense!

- Oji'b of the Waptoria alliance of Species

Truly our greatest ally, the UFS is a great and prosperous empire, well on their way to greatness, our two empires are beacons of greatness in a dark univrese

- Fleet Captain Cesterity of the Drodo Empire

I don't know what to think. Experience tells me not to trust these people. However, it would be a shame to let this opportunity go to waste.

- Florence Nar'jim, Admiral of the Clanden fleet

I wanna get my hand on one of those railguns of theirs. Hehehehe.

- Agent Nu


  • The original name of the Federation was United Federation of Sapient Species.
  • The acronym USF means United Species for the Federation, not "United Species of Federation".
  • United Species for the Federation was the slogan of the Vectorn Russel's political campaign.

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