Rise, Bygorians! Today, our race, shall take what is ours by right! The Galaxy will be ours!

- Lord-Ascendant Kradik

The United Bygorian Ascendancy it the first united government of the Bygorians in many centuries. Formed by the mysterious and titanic Lord Kradik, and forged into from a divided, corrupted government with little law or order, the Ascendancy, in just a matter of days, has secured a position of power unseen among the race that rules it.

Made up of the Zarbanian expedition forces that where sent by The Zarbania Powers, Kradik's own race, the Bygorians, and the new races that they annex, the Ascendancy secretly plots to make war against the main government of Cyrannus, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, seeing the galaxy is theirs by right, and fueled by Kradik's mysterious lust to see the empire burn.

Despite the growth of the empire, from 2 already powerful groups, the Bygorians, and the Deutzalanian, the Ascendancy is not without it's flaws. Where's the Zarbania Powers could be a little brutal at times, the Ascendancy is much more brutish in action towards it's enemies. Unlike the Powers, which, is mostly a democratic society, the Ascendancy is mostly a dictatorship, with certain races having privileges over others, with the lowly Zarbanians being at the bottom of the food chain. What effect this will have on the Ascendancy remains to be seen.

Though it remained a bastion of independence within Cyrannus, the Bygorian Ascendancy was conquered by the Empire after a massive battle, and most of it's space occupied. Resistance forces escaped to join other fighters.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The United Bygorian Ascendancy is the brainchild of Kradik, an ambitious young Bygorian who was exiled after a coup staged by the former Captain of the Royal Family Ancreest. During this rebellion, the rebel leaders paid Ancreest to kill the royal family, including Kradik, in exchange for being made Emperor. Ancreest did more then that, however, and had the rebel leaders killed as well, so no one could threaten his power base. Kradik, however, survived, and was tossed aside into the Mirus, merely a forgotten legend called "The Broken Warrior". Found by The Zarbania Powers, and saved by their ruler, Lord Gridlock, Kradik would plan his revenge for many years. Kradik would serve the Powers for many years, notably guaranteeing their indepence from the ever-expanding Drakodominatus Tyranny and coming to respect the superpower. As such, he would only return to the Cyrannus Galaxy immediately after the final defeat of the Tyranny in the Great Tyranny War. He did not wait for the Trail of the Dominatus, for he knew they where doomed. Thus the Broken Warrior set his eyes to the future, and the unification of his scattered people. Setting himself up in the Cyrannian colonies of the Tyranny, which they had long abandoned after a slave revolt, he set about to turn events in his favor.

After manipulating the rebels, those loyal to the old royals, and the Imperium, Ancreest's followers, he finally invaded, and sized control, placing corrupt officials, and Ancreest himself, under arrest. With that done, he went about reworking the old, emaciated corpse of the empire, slowly turning it around, until, after several weeks of work, it could be considered a true power.

Kradik, fearing the worst, staged as though his forces had left the Zarbanians. In reality, the two remained secret allies, though would keep the appearance of being apathetic, so the Bygorians would not be seen as exceeding any colonial limits. Kradik himself then mobilized his forces for war against one target, the biggest target; the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Shortly after, Glaran, a Zarbanian War-beast, "defected" towards the Bygorian cause, secretly being sent there to fight for Lord Kradik, and offer him tactical advise.

The United Bygorian Ascendancy, upon formation, expanded quickly towards the territories formerly held by the Drakodominatus Tyranny in Cyrannus, eventually annexing them. With this act done, the Zarbania Powers coverly would send over the many Drakodominatus verhicles they had purchased from the Troodontids in the aftermath of the Great Tyranny War. The Troodontids had only been interested in the AIs within, and had no need for the hulls once they had extrected the supercomputers that guided them. Ironically, the exceptional expansion of the Ascendancy would draw the ire of these very Troodontids, who now were the closest neighbour to the Ascendancy. Relationships between the two states detoriated quickly, though it would still take a while before the two were in a state of cold war against one another.

Blood Before Expansion Edit

With their power secure, the Ascendancy began further expansion across their space. They began building up their military through full impementation of Drakodominatus technology into their arsenal and grabbing 13th Tribe relics and artifacts belonging to their gods.

However, as they expanded, their rivals from the Milky Way galaxy, the Vanara, where also colonizing Cyrannus, quite close to Bygorian territory in fact. After trying to scout for artifacts belonging to their gods, the 13th, a Bygorian fleet under commander Grosha, a Deutzalanian officer, came into contact with a Vanara fleet. After a heated discussion, the Bygorian fleet engaged the smaller fleet, pushing it back after a small skirmish. After contacting Lord Kradik, Grosha was told to pursue the Vanara, while also promised additional forces to assist.

Grosha arrived, and found the planet would be difficult to attack. Unable to bombard or bomb it due to atmospheric conditions, Grosha ordered Ground Commander Shilwitz and Commissar Tlic to land forces and begin a ground invasion. After making their way through the planet with only slight resistance, Shilwitz established a base at the mouth of the cave leading to the Vanara colony, as Tlic lead the assault personally.

Marching through the base, the Ascendancy's forces engaged the Vanara militia at every turn, fighting them off as a couple of transports arrived, followed by a duo of Bygorian Titan suits. While the Vanara gave a valiant defense, the Ascendancy Legion had the advantage of numbers. Finally, the tide turned when Kradik sent his "son", Kamal and his Mind-Manipulators special forces, so to even the odds. After landing, the Mind-Manipulators easily set up telepathic defenses for the UBA Guardsmen forces as Kamal faced a Vanara female, and, after a protracted fight, killed her brutally in a rage.

After doing so, the Bygorian forces pulled back, though left behind many of their fallen brothers.

Afterwards, Kradik sought to retrieve the bodies of his loyal servants, who had given his life for him, as to honor theim. He returned with a small fleet, hoping to make amends, help the Vanara, and retrieve the corpses. However, after talking with Commander Miru of the Vanara, Kradik lost his temper, and went down to the surface of the planet. After transforming into his monstrous form, Kradik made his way to the colony to retrieve his servants and devastate any Vanara who got in his way.

However, Commander Miru had a special combat suit ready to fight him, and after a long struggle, she managed to severely injure Kradik, before revealing she planed to detonate the suit and kill both of them. Having lost the very bodies he had come for, Kradik, battered, tired, and enraged, agreed, before reverting to his true form, and being retrieved. While questioned by his advisors, Kradik brushed aside their questions, and continued with planning the inevitable war against The Galactic Empire. While they had signed the peace agreement, the Bygorians planned to return to deal with them later, though the Vanara had their own plan in store. In fact, with his old enemies in the Mendel Pact now in Cyrannus, along with other races he faced off with in Mirus, Kradik decided to consolidate plans towards conquering their territory, starting with the Vanara.

Soon thereafter, the Bygorians established trade relations with the Confederacy of Free Planets, after the latter's deal with the empire guaranteed their freedom and independence.

Coming of Eternal War Edit

Meanwhile, in Mirus, the Imperium of War had not been idle. In the aftermath of the Tyranny's fall, as erstwhile allies of the Tyranny, the entirety of the surviving Fiends of Cruon as well as a great deal of Synthetics and Mecha had found refuge within their borders. The Synthetics in particular carried with them the schematics of unbuild Tyranny superweapons, but lacked the comuting capacity to operate them. The Tyranny AIs that had migrated into the Troodontid Empire trough the Zarbanian deal had this power, but lacked the schematics as they where operators, not builders. Thus each side was envious over what the other possessed. War was inevitable.

With this knowledge in mind, both Zarbania and the United Bygorian Ascendancy allied with the Imperium of War against the Troodontids. Both descided that they would first let the Imperium fight on its own for a while, before sooping in to safe the day. The Dragowar where capable warriors, however distasteful, and would be able to handle the initial attacks. While true, this situation did create unforeseen resentment in the War Legions which formed the first wave into Troodontid space. They mutinied, forming a democratic government knwon as the Rebel Consuls, and declared their allegiance to the Troodontids. Unexpectedly, the Troodontids could now strike at the Imperium of War in Mirus, which of course they did.

The first battles where fought over the ruins of Dominatus Mirus, at this period of time still untouched by the later scramble. The Trodontids hoped to recover the weapon designs they where after there, but found nothing as these had been extracted by the Imperum of War and the victorious powers of the Dominatus Wars, and moved to highly encrypted servers. The Troodontid Empire thus had no coice but to assault the War-Imperial itself. As the Troodontid fleets moved into War-Imperial space, the Synethics and Mecha betrayed the Imperium in massive numbers to join the Troodontids, citing the sub-par serviced the War-Imperial servers offered in comparison to the sophisticated Troodontid AI network. The Troodontids took this opportunity with both talons, though the strain of integration temporarily shook their AI network. This was all the Imperium needed, and with their Zarbanian allies, launched an all-out assault which forced the Troodontids trough their Bifröst gate back to Cyrannus. Incredibly, the Zarbania Powers and Imperium of War managed to follow them.

With the Synthetics and Mecha seemingly in their position, the Troodontids judged the Rebel Consuls to no longer have any use, cruelly betraying them by executing their senate, bombing their capital and leaving the population to starve. It was then that the Imperium of War and United Bygorian Ascendancy revealed their master plan. Not all Synthetics and Mecha had defected, but merely, had feigned it. The rest, the Imperium had instructed to truly change sides for time being, as to mask the movements of the fewinfiltrators. These now caused a massive blackout on Raptura, disabling its defenses. The path to victory lay right open. Ascendancy, Powers and Imperium assaulted in common, damaging priceless Troodontid infrastructure wherever they went. Only at the last moment was the battle turned, when Bastnliues Republic and Waptoria Alliance of Species showed up to defend their ally, and the Troodontids released every experimental android they had upon the invaders. The Ascendancy broke ranks first, Kradik's titan form itself being destroyed by several android gunships, though the lord of the Ascendancy survived the ordeal. The Powers were next, performing an exceptionally ordered retreat and inflicting further casualties upon the Bastnlieus and Waptoria while at it, their Empror ensuring that these foes would pose no real future threat to his friend Kradik. The Imperium of War, first in, was as ever last to leave, coving their allies as they went.

Finally, the Zarbanian Powers and Imperium of War retreated back to Mirus, the war having ended in a status quo for them, but not before the Imperium presented the Ascendancy with a generous gift: the War-Imperial foreward bases in Cyrannus, coupled with captured Waptorian gene-wrights. This way, they succeeded in gaining the lasting allegiance of the Ascendancy, even when their relationship with the Powers would come under strain later.

New Cyrandia Wars Edit

While eager to war under their emperor, Kradik was uncertain of events. While originally planning to attack the Empire in force while it's interests where tied down with the Cognatus Empire and Cyrannian Imperial State, Kradik could see both where buckling. Between the State's repeated loses, and the Cognatus facing a new rebellion, Kradik ordered his forces to stand down and ordered the empire to enter a more reclusive state, until the time could be had to attack. While the more zealous Bygorians objected to not going to war after all this time, the Deutzalanian and other, more conservative members of command agreed it would be best to wait out the situation.

Kradik, instead, chose to solidify his hold over the Bygorian's own home sector. The nearby Troodontid Empire was already occupied by a Neraida invasion, yet Kradik wanted to take no risks. He allied the United Bygorian Ascendancy with the Cyrannian Imperial State and promised them to aid them in invading the Empire. As a sign of goodwill, he also told them that his spies had discovered that the Troodontid Empire was creating a new line of ships designed to counter the ships of the State, and urged them to invade the Troodontids. As the State agreed, Kardik gave the fledgling power access to Troodontid space trough his own territories, effectively waging a war by proxy and bogging down the Troodontid Empire further.

As the war continued, the State also managed to antagonise the New Cyrannian Republic, and with both the New Cyrannian Republic and Galactic Empire of Cyrannus against it, quickly began to lose ground. Kradik knew that even if the Imperial State was to lose, he would make sure to not lose the opportunity to remind the galaxy that he was still in power. With the final battle between the Imperial State and Galactic Empire of Cyrannus approaching, Kradik set his contingency plan in motion.

As such, the Ascendancy initiated the Battle of Atrithrillia, turning on the Imperial State. The battle was a blitzkrieg victory for the Ascendancy, as the State prompty evacuated to prepare for the Siege of Vasuband. This betrayal effectively dealt the death blow to the Cyrannian Imperial State and introduced the Bygorians to the wider Cyrannus Galaxy. Not wanting to allow the Troodontids to recover, the Ascendancy allowed them to mob up the remaining assets of the State within their borders, then quickly occupied the invasion routes the State had used.

Kradik recieved the new of Caligustus' death and the Imperium of War's collapse with apathy, though he was quick to welcome any Duellum Warbands into the Ascendancy. Many of them were all too eager to continue their fight against the Troodontids, a request that Kradik was willing to play into. Likewise, the Ascendancy turned their eyes to the Dynastic Systems of Sal'ir, where a great number of ex-Tyranny Synethics and mecha resided, hoping to lure them over to his cause now that pure synthetics had been replaced with the Mechae Primaeus. In this, they were generally unsuccessful, these former synthetics having long bonded with the noble organics pilots of their new mechas. The Ascendancy further sought out the Overseers of the Praetorian of Azuris and Subjugators of Cravidor, yet, could contact none, for reasons which eluded them yet. Kradik then ordered them to search for the surviving Triarchs of Anubis, these also having generally sought refuse in the Cyrannus galaxy after the Tyranny's fall, and ordered the creation of the Smtw which could serve as a stable template for the Triarchs.

Second Great Cyrannus War Edit

With the destruction of the Cyrannian Neraida during the Neraida War, the Troodontid Empire was once more ready to expand. By that time, however, the Cyrannus Galaxy had already gone trough the Great Hyperspace Revolution, and the United Bygorian Ascendancy was now it's technological equal. This was not enough for Kradik as he sought to annex the Troodontid Empire altogether. When the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm ocurred, it was widely believed, even within the Troodontid Empire itself, that the Troodontid president Draicon had perished in the attack. When the news reached the Troodontid homeworld of Raptura, Supreme General Thor initiated a coup d'etat that saw the western part of the Troodontid's Cyrannian heartlands seperated from the Troodontid Empire, which renamed itself the Troodontid Republic. Thor's military junta, meanwhile, named itself the Troodontid Imperium, and fought itself into a stalemate with the Troodontid Republic. Seeing his chance, Kradik had Armik Vun Arleburg approach Thor, and offer him the support of the United Bygorian Ascendancy in the civil war, once again using another power as a proxy. The Troodontid Republic was further weakened when it turned out that Draicon had survived the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, returned to the Troodontid Republic, and tried to get rid of it's shadow government, which retreated to the Troodontid colonies in the Quadrant Galaxies and formed the Troodontid Technocracy. Under the pretence of not wanting to fall under the Technocracy's control, the wealthy Troodontid colonies in the Mirus Galaxy also declared independence and formed the Troodontid Trading Assemblage.

As the civil war progressed in favour of the Troodontid Imperium, Kradik began to place his own fleets near strategically important Troodontid Imperium navpoints. Thor soon came to realise that Kradik was preparing to repeat the same maneuver that Caligustus and the Imperium of War had executed at the end of the Mirisan Coalition Wars, thereby annexing the entirety of Troodontid's Cyrannian heartlands once the Troodontid Imperium had archieved victory. Inceasingly worried by Kradik's vague assurances on the matter, he began to send secret envoys to the Troodontid Republic, hoping to parlay with Draicon in order to rid Troodontid space of Bygorian influence.

The Troodontid Empire eventually met the Troodontid Replublic above Raptura, though before a peace treaty could be signed, both sides were attacked by the Troodontid Dominion - a group of Troodontid Androids glitched by the combination of Neraida technology and a rogue Ai which genuinely sought to reform the Tyranny using new "Mecha-Dominatus". They had already driven the Troodontid Technocracy out of Mirus to the single Andromedan colony of Haldiriv, then had dashed into Mirus and destroyed the Troodontid Trading Assemblage. What the Dominion was planning clearly worked: soon enough, Troodontid Dominion phantom fleets, obscurely from the future, began assailing both the Troodontid Empire and the Troodontid Republic, which were both so weakened that they could offer up little resistance. Eventually, both beleaguered Troodontid states were whisked from the brink of collapse by the Troodontid Technocracy, who had come chasing after the Dominion. In a final, fierce battle over Raptoria, the Troodontid Empire, Troodontid Republic, Troodontid Technocracy and Troodontid Trading Assemblage joined forces against the Troodontid Dominion. They successfully identified and destroyed the original Troodontid Dominion fleet, which caused the Dominion's phantom fleets and thus the entire Dominion to phase out of existence. The Bastnliues Republic, a staunch supporter of the Troodontid Republic, quickly began to funnel aid and money to the refounded Troodontid Empire to pay back the aid the Troodontids has given in the Bastnliues' own civil war years earlier. The Troodontid Empire, contrary to Kradik's expectations, hadn't perished: in fact, it had even restructured itself, making it even stronger than before.

Despite this, neither side had much despire for open conflict at this point in time. Now the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had triumphed over the New Cyrannian Republic in the escalation of the Second Great Cyrannus War, and with the Mirusian forces in Cyrannus on the run, the United Bygorian Ascendancy stood as one of the last anti-Empire bastions left in Cyrannus. With rebellion against the Empire forming, Kradik reasoned, now was the time to set everything right.

Conquest by the Empire Edit

After the fall of the Jenassian Regency, the Rihanae Pact, Eccelosth Convocation, the Bygorians decided that, with the Empire over-extended and having to occupy several different empires at once, that now would be the time to launch their attacks outwards. Kradik organized a massive fleet under the Command of one of his Admirals, and sent them outwards. After laying waste to several worlds with surprising swiftness and brutality, many thought Kradik's move had been a success. Unfortunately, the Emperor was no fool, and had foreseen the Bygorian attack. He tasked Captain Zhinjar, and one of his Phaedric Lords Maethoruin to counter his strike. The Troodontids, seeking revenge against the Ascendancy, gladly opened their borders for the Empire to strike at an unexpected angle. With one swooping strike, the Empire launched a surprise ambush against the Bygorians, and after a pitched battle, managed to push the Bygorian fleet back.

With little time wasted, Maethoruin lead the fleet to the Bygore system. Though they encountered little resistance at actual Bygorian planets, once they arrived in the orbit of Bygore Major and Bygore Minor, they were met with one of the largest Bygorian fleets in existence, that did everything they could to do as much damage as possible to the Imperial fleet. After an opening was made, Maethoruin rushed in, with a number of Stormtroopers, Mendel Imperial Troops and the Overseer Emissaries from the Praetorians of Azuris and Subjugators of Cravidor, leading the ground assault. Amongst these was the template Azuris himself. Making their way quickly, they made their way into Kradik's inner sanctum, and seemingly killed a duplicate to him, though Maethoruin thought the beast would be much larger.

His confusion was repaid when, in the next room, the real Kradik rose from the ground, and began to attack them. Although nearly half the Imperial Mendel were killed, Azuris managed to open a chance for the Imperials by punching Kradik's third eye, and opening his jaws enough for Maethoruin and the remaining Mendel loyalists to open fire. With a blast of Valin Lightning from Maethoruin's finger-tips, and a half a dozen wrist rockets, and Kradik was downed, heavily weakened, but not before congratulating Maethoruin for his skills, and trying to crush him in his palm, so Kradik could take the Phaedric lord with him. Rather then panic, the Phaedric lord instead ordered his troops to withdraw from the area, and ordered a Base Delta Zero right on Kradik's body. Using his powers to protect himself, he reduced Kradik to nothing more then ash and shattered bone.

Bowing his head in respect to his adversary, Maethoruin left, as the Bygorians quickly surrendered, morale broken. Maethoruin quickly established an Imperial puppet leader, who was given the title of Lord of Bygore, as Imperial "advisors" were placed there to "guide" them. Meanwhile, five fleets left the Bygorian Space, carrying large amounts of troops and led by Kradik's chosen few. They scattered across the galaxy, to join up with a number of Resistance and other movements, while the largest one carried the biggest secret of all; a clone of Lord Kradik himself.

Lord Chokuto Gredyc took command of the Kulaung native to Bygore and the Ascendancy worlds, and turned their warriors into his personal Imperial Loyalist troops, expanding his great numbers to prepare for more conflict.

Later, Bygorian forces would rally under Kul'Talis and Skeeni, who declared themselves joint-leaders in Kradik's place, and joined the Mendel-Khanornusi taskforce, the Troodontid-Bastnliues-Waptorian fleets, the Persan and the Algolurn Popular Republic to fight alongside the Republic. Though few trusted them, and many were open to the idea of using them as fodder, the other powers could not be picky, and accepted them in.

After the Empire was defeated, and Bygore Freed from occupation, the Bygorians would not reform their Empire, but accept absorption into Empire of Zarbania, becoming a Province of the Empire and Kul'Talis becoming an Elector Count. Many Bygorians would be left unsure of their position and power now that their Ascendancy was destroyed, and tried to find a new place for themselves in the peaceful galaxy.

Traits Edit

Culture Edit

The Titan came from the gods. The Titan is the will of the gods. The Titan will bring us to the gods' stature.

- patriotic view of Kradik's role in their society.

The Ascendancy is a cosmopolitan society, with no defined culture, per say. Indeed, each sector, similar to the Zarbanian Powers that spawned it, are as different as the planets they inhabit. They have mixed many Zarbanian traditions with their own, including believe in the Zarbanian gods, as well as their own, really the 13th tribe, and believe in the Creed, a unifying force in their empire. They see Kradik as divinely chosen, and would do anything for him, seeing him as a savior and unifier of all. They also believe in "Might makes Right, as long as the Mighty can enforce it", an old Drakodominatus saying, or "The Strong do what they Want, while the Weak do what they Must", as they have come to call it. This belief of might over moral stems from to Kradik's rare friendship with their Tyranny, causing the Ascendacy to see themselves as destined to rule Cyrannus and beyond. Despite or perhaps because of the hierachy of races that exists within the Ascendancy, the Ascendancy's top brass is sympathetic towards maintaining the cultural differences of the races that call the Ascendancy home. As a result, unlike either the Zarbania Powers or the Drakodominatus Tyranny before them, the United Bygorian Ascendancy is unwilling to follow a "one empire, one culture"-approach to things. The Ascendancy is actually generous towards it's protectorates, and is fairly welcoming towards aliens, though it's general public is considerably more xenophobic and very careful about accepting aliens into their borders.

Like the Zarbania Powers, the Ascendancy has no quarrel in using propanganda of various sorts. Unlike the propaganda of the Powers, that is inwards-orientated and directed at the Power's own citizens, that of the Ascendancy is outwards-oriented, often broadcasting massive marches of the Ascendancy Legion with Kradik leading them to the surrounding empires, to inspire fear into them and keep them from attacking, or even influence them into joining. The propaganda focused inwards also generates the ideal that the Ascendancy is a hyperpower on par with both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire, something that, in it's current state, is simply impossible for the Ascendancy to achieve.

The Ascendancy, with it's use of The Creed, a philosophical ideal that is used to unite it's many alien members, has used it to bring together the Bygorian, Zarbanian and the War-Imperial forces in order to create better unity between races and to channel their energy into fighting the enemies of the Ascendancy.

The Ascendancy still shares many similarities with the Powers, which it's common civilians would deny. They favor military prowess and honor, and believe military service is a high honor for one's family and name. The high ranking leaders of both the Ascendancy and the Powers are the only ones aware that both nations are still allies, while the general population ignorant of this fact. While the Ascendancy at first preached openly of being a rebellion against Zarbania, Kradik has slowly turned this propaganda towards a more accepting and tolerant view, to the point where the two now openly trade with one another.

Government Edit

The Ascendancy is ruled by Lord-Ascendant Kradik, who yields almost absolute power. However, below him, are a series of beings chosen by him for competence, called the High Lords of Bygore, and below them, various government officials and members of the Kluncker families of the Deutzalanian, and the Scimat'akarian and Bygorian Clans, which, especially the latter, have much power.

Kradik may make laws, or the council, but the other must approve them, the council, by a majority, and Kradik, on his own views.

Answering to Kradik directly, are a number of divisors and commanders who gain the honored title of "Titan's Troubadour", who answer to Lord Kradik directly.

Seeing as the Bygorians, and many other races are Clan-based societies, Kradik has been very careful to allow them semi-independence when running their personal empires and lands. Bygorian Dynasts and Deutzalanian Kluncker Land Lords each manage their own kingdoms and territories personally, but with only 2 rules set up by Kradik. They may not fight each other for power and territorial gains, and they must summon up the needed tithes to their empire when needed. Failure to do so results in penalties, loss of territory, or out-right excommunication from the empire.

Of course, each Kingdom with the Ascendancy runs itself differently. Some are more feudal-based, while others are more democratic. All, however, share an unshakeable loyalty towards Lord Kradik and his vision for the galaxy, if not simply for more power and position, and territory to rule over.

Technology Edit

The Unified Bygorian Ascendancy is the most advanced empire in their cluser, on par with the Troodontid Empire. Making use of a mixture of Brygorian, Zarbanian, Drakodomintus and to a lesser extent War-Imperial tech, they have a wide pool availible to them. However, while most of their technologies are constantly upgraded and refined, the Ascendancy in fact lacks the means to do so with the technology they scavenged off from the Drakodominatus Tyranny.

While they refuse to admit it themselves, much of their own variants are actually a downgrade from that of the Tyranny. This is because the Ascendacy could not access the Tyranny's hyper-advanced or even super-advanced technologies, such as quantum replicators, spacetime disruptors, catalysm fields, oblivion projectors and the like, only medium-advanced technologies and lower. As such, they actually have quite little ships belonging to the late Tyranny in their navy, mostly earlier designs in wich the Tyranny's designing flaws were much more apparent. Things designed by the Tyranny that are of an low technology level, like their combat robots and basic types of weaponry, are able to be pumped out in quite large numbers, however.

Due to their similar technolgy levels in fields like robotics, and their close proximity to each other, the Ascendancy has something akin to an arms race going on with the Troodontids, which has only fostered the mutual hatred the two feel for one another. In fact, the Troodontid Empire is often depicted as the "little devil" in Ascendancy propaganda, second in terms of evilness only to the "great devil", the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Religion Edit

The Bygorians, while not zealots, keep an active religion going, dedicated to the 13th Tribe, and mixed with the Pantheon of Aensire, the gods worshipped in Zarbanians, with many of them sharing similarities. This religion focuses on martial pride, honor, and personal integrity. Strangely, both religions feature a being known as the Scorner, or Verachet, as their central goddess, despite being from 2 different galaxies, and having no contact other then Lord Kradik, who was not there when the Zarbanians developed their religion. The worship of the Colossal Mighty War God is outlawed, the former War-Imperial populace being kept in a constant state of battle-lust by propaganda which constantly depicts the atrocities the Troodontids have inflicted upon their people.

The Bygorians worship the artifacts that the Gods left behind, and only the most honored, the so-called Seers of Bygore, may touch and handle such sacred artifacts.

Certain religious cults see Kradik himself as divine. While he likes to use the idea of himself as a divine messenger, he himself frowns on being worshipped.

Individuals Edit


The Armored Titan is among you. Bow now.

  • Name - Kradik
  • Species - Bygorian
  • Position - Ultimate Leader

Kradik is the founder and first leader of the United Bygorian Ascendancy. An illegitimate son of the last Emperor, Kradik would be caste out by the traitor Ancreest, and left to die in the Mirus, before being rescued by his future comrade and brother, Gridlock. The 2 would become close friends, and save each other many times.

Ultimately, Kradik would return, and reveal his monstrous form was not permanent, but rather a state he could somehow leave and regain at will. Kradik, after casting out Ancreest and several corrupt politicians, would finally reunite his race, though had to make it appear he had split from the Powers, something he hated doing, as he would not be able to contact his friend, Gridlock, for advice and support.

Kradik cares deeply for the soldiers and civilians at his command. While he comes across as brutal and monstrous, Kradik fights for his troops' lives, and leads them from the front at all times. Kradik is an expert in mathematics and science, having designed many of the buildings and weapons used by the Powers and the Ascendancy today.

As the leader of the Ascendancy, Kradik, while not seeing himself as a god, does little to stop his people from believing him divinely chosen, and in fact uses it to push his people to war. He seeks to strike while the Iron is hot, when the Galactic Empire will be at it's most over extended, and will have to divert more of it's resources to stop him. Kradik, while seeking allies in other races, only sees them as pawns to be used until their use runs out.


My blades are sharp, my mind is ready, my body is prepped. For war!

  • Name - Kul'Talis
  • Species - Bygorian
  • Position - Military Commander, Troubadour of Special forces

Kul'Talis is a Bygorian Warrior who left the Imperium long ago to seek out the legendary Kradik for assistance in unification. While temporarily killed, he was resurrected, and has served loyally ever since. Making himself the perfect soldier, Kul'talis would become one of the Powers' most feared warriors, never using guns or ranged weapons, preferring 2 short, throwing blades.

Kul would travel with Lord Kradik, and help oversee the infiltration of the Empire, before unification finally happened. However, it left him questioning a lot of things about his master, such has how could he achieve such power and size. However, for his years of service, Kul'talis was awarded with the title Troubadour, putting him in charge of the Ascendant Fleet.

Kul'talis is a loyal and strong warrior, sharpening his skills over years of combat against all sorts of foes. Similar to Kradik in many respects, he seems to care for his troops lives, though this may simply be him trying emulate lord Kradik.

Know thy enemy. It is everyone.

  • Name - Kalix'Martour
  • Species - Bygorian
  • Position - Troubadour of Intelligence

Kalix'Martour is the Troubadour of Intelligence and information within the Ascendancy, and in charge of all intelligence branches, inquisition orders, and spying within the empire, and, if need be, the assassination of high ranking enemies and officials, as well as killing agents sent from other empires. Kalix's past is mostly unknown, as his clan was exiled by Ancreest during his reign. He was named after one of the Bygorian deities of the House of Martour, Kalix the Bloody-Clawed one. Kalix would disappear from any records, and, later, was revealed to be leading several different lives at once. How he procured the resources to out-smart Ancreest's men was unknown, but once he did, he topped off his great gambit by killing the man in charge of intelligence, Jikour'Zeurrian, and taking his place.

Kradik, upon finding out Kalix's secrets, through either accident or design by Kalix himself, was not at all angered by it, and, in fact, officially made Kalix his top intelligence officer, and Master of the Inquisition in his name. Kalix accepted, "ending" many of his alternate lives, and even killing a few who knew of him and his alternate lives. Kradik, acting on reasons unknown, turned a blind eye, despite hating Kalix's actions. Many believe Kalix himself holds some sort of power over Kradik, though Kradik has stated that all he needs to do to get ride of the threat of Kalix is sit down.

Kalix himself is a mystery. Few know his true personality, and few want to know. On the surface, he comes across as cold, apathic and with little concern for others. Despite, Kalix also displays great cunning and resourcefulness, and an ability to see through one's flaws, or find them, if hidden by said person. As the chief intelligence officer, Kalix knows just about everything one could know about the rival empires of Cyrannus, though constantly seeks more, since many have their own intelligence organizations. Kalix, however, does not let this bother him, seeing it as a chance to finally break a tough nut.

Skeeni (2)

The Gods have heard my prayers. Lord Kradik is their messenger, and I am his.

  • Name - Skeeni
  • Species - Bygorian
  • Postion - Military and political advisor, Troubadour of Military forces

Skeeni is the former leader of the Royal Army that rebelled against the Bygorian Imperium, and now one of the Ascendancy's highest figures. A young soldier, originally going for a civil service job, Skeeni's brother tried to convince him to join a rebellion against the current ruler, Ancreest. Skeeni calmly refused, saying there where other ways to resist the tyrant then with violence. However, right after he took his civil service exams, he was informed his brother was killed mercilessly by Ancreest, without even a trail. His parents where put under surveillance, and Skeeni became paranoid the government was after his family. This was proven correct when his father and mother died during vacation, and he was not even told the cause of death. Growing tired of Ancreest's lies, and knowing he was next on the hit list, Skeeni disappeared, along with many of his brother's friends, and reappeared at the end of the leading rebel movement. How he became leader is unknown, but he quickly began making moves against the Imperium.

Skeeni was later approached by a being, claiming to be Kradik's agent, but later revealed to be Kradik himself, and agreed to join an Alliance with the Zarbania Powers. Later, after arriving at the homeworld of Bygore Major, Skeeni and his commanders joined Kradik's agent, as well as Kul'talis, to begin discussions with the Imperium of a unification backed by the Zarbania Powers. However, Kradik revealed his true identity, and revealed he was the last member of the royal family. Shocked, Skeeni and his men swore loyalty to him and his forces, and Ancreest, was arrested. Afterward, Skeeni would help put down any dissident forces against Kradik. For this, Skeeni gained the title Troubadour, putting him in charge of the Ascendancy Legion.

Skeeni cares deeply for his people, and worked hard to see them united against under one ruler. However, he quickly grew disillusioned by the near-eternal war the Bygorians found themselves in, and began to lose his faith in the gods as his soldiers, and the Imperium's, acted more savagely in battle. However with Kradik's return, his faith has been restored, and he is ready to follow every one of Kradik's commands.

I am here to serve, with my mind and body.

  • Name - Armik Vun Arleburg
  • Species - Deutzalanian
  • Position - Troubadour of Diplomacy, High Chancellor

Armik vun Arleburg is the Troubadour of Diplomacy, and, as such, commands all Bygorian diplomatic missions across the stars. Formerly an aid to the famous Bisarko of the old Zarbania Powers, Armik was chosen by Kradik personally to be his advisor. Once they arrived in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Armik immediately began coordinating missions to better understand the new races under Bygorian command, as well as to keep Deutzalanian power, and keep the other races in control.

Armik grew up on the planet Dres'en-dan, an industrial hub and commerce center, that was hit the least by Mendel bombing. Due to this, Armik, when his family was killed, was relocated there to live with his grandfather, a famous military commander known as Königlich Vun Arleburg. Deciding to grow his power over his mind, and by extension his body, Armik was commonly bullied as youth, due to both his fragility and the fact he eschewed violence. Despite, thanks to his confident demeanor in all spheres, and his family name, Armik lived a comfortable life in Dres'en-dan's government and civil service. When the planet was visited by the High Chancellor of Zarbania, Bisarko chose Armik to be his aid'de'camp, and Armik quickly rose to greater fame.

When Kradik sought to invade Cyrannus, he chose Armik to be his Galactic Magistrate, a rank which would put Armik just below Kradik in terms of power and position. When the Bygorians "broke" from the Powers, Armik became High Chancellor, head of the senate of Bygore, and in charge of all things with diplomacy, logistics, and other back-ground tasks to keep the nation running.

Armik may not look it, but he is a man of formidable power and ability. While a truly nice, welcoming fellow, Armik can be dangerous, cut-throat, and vicious when crossed, which is how he has maintained his position, despite the Deutzalanian now considered second-fiddle at best. As he has seen the slow loss of power on his peoples' part, he works to maintain their position and keep them in relevance, as well as keep races, like the Skordi, who are loyal to the Deutzalanian, in power, while still maintaining loyalty. Armik is in charge od sending diplomats meeting with other races, and selecting planetary governors for positions. It is his influence that often stays the wrathful hand of the Ascendancy's legions, and helps Kradik make decisions that are beneficial for the people.

Your mind is a weak thing.

  • Name - Kamal
  • Species - Bachyeon
  • Position - Troubadour of the Descendant Forces' Mind-Manipulators

For Kradik, the Bachyeon known as Kamal is more then simply a special forces leader or a mighty essence user through which he can strike down his foes. He is a son of sorts that Kradik took to raising. For their Century project, the Zabarnians sought out enemies to think like their foes so they could defeat them easier. These special forces where enhanced, so when they and their legions of followers took to the field, they could decimate their original race. But for Kamal, being part of the mythical, and feared, Leviathan Hive-mind was something no member of High Command wanted to see. To them, he was an aberrant, to be killed and excommunicated. But Gridlock, ruler of the Zarbanians, saw potential in this mutant. After being enhanced to legendary degrees, Gridlock sent him to Kradik's personal estate to be trained.

Kradik, liking the young Bachyeon's bluntness and ferocity, hired the finest telepaths and essence users around the universe to train Kamal, before Kamal killed each one of them with little effort, so as to keep his own existence a secret from the enemies of Zarbania, and to prove his worth to his "father". Kradik would find Kamal's powers useful as the years went on, though many within High Command did not like Kamal's arrogance or his flighty personality.

After the Ascendancy "left" the Powers, Kamal also "deserted" to join his father, prompty followed by Caracalla. He would bring alongside with him his personal unit of indoctrinated cultists and telepaths, the Manipulators of Kamal, whom were incorporated into the Ascendancy's Descendant Forces, being renamed the Mind-Manipulators in the progress. Upon this, Kamal would be made their Troubadour, as he had always led them, and without his aid, they would be little more than ravening lunatics ready for the slaughter.

While Kamal comes across as prideful, arrogant and egotistical, he is also very loyal to his allies, especially his adopted father, and seeks constantly to impress him, and in fact, his quest for godhood is merely an attempt to impress his father.

The Berzerkers of Bruteigon might not be Kradik's favotites. That were the Praetorians of Azuris. We Berzerkers might not even be favored. But I serve him none the less. Because for me, he is a Dominatus. And therefore, he is my rightful master.

  • Name - Caracalla
  • Species - Dragowar Overseer
  • Position - Troubadour of the Descendant Forces' Berserker Legionnaires

The paths of Caracalla and Kradik have intertwined various times in the fast, starting with the Great Tyranny War. Back then, Commodus was a praetor for the Fiends of Cruon type of Overseers of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, and served as the third-in-command to it's Dynast, Cruon. When Kradik came to the Tyranny to help them against their enemies in Mirus, but requested to be acknowledged as a Dominatus first, the Dominatus demanded that he accomplished several seemingly impossible feats. Kradik beat himself through all these titanic tasks however, and he was recognized by Stahl as a "Dominatus in all but Race". For once, the scown upon Caracalla's brow would be one of honest surprise instead of repressed wrath, and the Overseer came forward to offer his congratulations to Kradik, the first and only time in his life he would do so. Afterwards, the paths of the two warriors split once more. Caracalla would only be reunited with Kradik once again after the fall of the Tyranny, when he was appointed as the bodyguard for the War-Imperial delegate to the Powers. Taking heed of the existence of the Powers' Centurions, he would stay with them, and become their drill master.

When Kradik seemingly split off from the Powers, Caracalla was left behind with mixed feelings. However, when another Centurion, Kamal, Kradik's own, was allowed to "defect" to the newly-formed Ascendency, Caracalla got along uninvited, and was welcomed home by Kradik, who had anticipated just this kind of move from Caracalla himself. Now under direct command of a "Dominatus" again, Caracalla honed his skills as he had never before. Bringing with him his own unit, the Berzerker Legionnaires, Caracalla would lead the charge into the Cyrannian Tyranny space alongside Kamal and Kradik himself. However, on Oceanus, the Cyrannain Tyranny capital, Caracalla would be faced against the second-in-command of Bruteigon's Berzekers, Commodus, who fought on the side of the Imperium of War. Unable to beat his better, Caracalla would be mercilessy beaten to near-death by his former superior and once comrade-in-arms. On the brink of Caracalla's death, Kradik intervened and managed to beat back Commodus, both inflicting heavy wounds on each other during the battle, before dragging Caracalla back to safety. Caracalla recovered fairly quicky, and would then lead the Ascendancy's forces in the conquest of the Cyrannian Imperium of War. As a reward, Caracalla would become one of the Troubadours of the Descendant Forces, more specifically of his own Berzerker Legionnaires who had been integrated into them. Upon recieving the title, Caracalla gloated that he didn't like the sound of it since it reminded him of useless jolly troubleshooters. As a responce, Kradik grinned that he also could remain a mere soldier if he wished, upon with Caracalla bursted out into laughter and took the title.

Caracalla is less prone to fits of rage than the other Berzerkers of Bruteigon and instead wears a continuous scowl upon his face. This, combined with his gigantic physique, gives him a truly intimidating presence on the battlefield. Such is the intensity of his wrathful gaze that he can sentence even other Centurions to silence with but a simple stare, to say nothing about his own troops. Due to his expertise as a drill master, he is infamously strict and demanding towards those under his command. Caracalla can be outright brutal to those who fail him, and many who do often do not survive long enough to tell the tale.

Do hold still. The squirming makes me uncomfortably...hungry.

  • Name - Glaran
  • Species - Unknown
  • Position - Leader of the Bygorian Warrior-Beasts

Glaran is the twisted Zarbanian Warrior-Beast in charge of leading the mighty brutes into battle against the enemies of the Ascendancy, being vicious, cunning, and extremely intelligent. Glaran has made it his goal to study the enemies' weapons and tactics, and has used every resource he knows to study his foe. While extremely intelligent, and capable of extraordinary strategy, Glaran is also noticeably hungry at all times, seeking out food sources to satiate himself. The Deutzalanian use this to great effect, and use him to keep the savage Pirhiaquus in check. Glaran, of course, likes the Zarbanian species more, due to his past in the Powers, and gladly kills any Pirhiaquus he finds trying to attack a Zarbanian. However, the Pirhiaquus know he is in an higher position than any of them, and as such, often remain orderly when he is around, often causing such snacks to be denied to him. As such, it could be said this, in turn, is also used by the Bygorians to keep Glaran in check as well, since the Pirhiaquus are unquestionably loyal to the Ascendancy, and form one of its most loyal races.

Glaran, when confronted in battle, makes use of his brutish strength, which is of a far greater extent then one would think when they look upon him. However, his very fists of split pieces of mountain off, and his teeth where once recorded to have tore through a starship when he was particularly ravenous. When he does not feel the need to fight, and instead wishes to gather intelligence, Glaran uses his synapse field to control and send his monstrous brethren into the fray against his enemies. Once he sees something that catches his eye, he will gather samples, and send it back to command.

Glaran is devious, twisted, and very manipulative. A strong creature, Glaran prefers to observe his foes from dark, shadowy corners before striking, and can be seen as the fist that comes from nowhere to strike an enemy, before disappearing once more. It is this process of toying with his foe, that green-colored ape creature gets the better of his foes, slowly turning them to insanity, with the help of his telepathy/synapse.

Species Edit

Unlike the Zarbanian Powers, all races are not regarded as equal, with a clear hierarchy existing among the members of the empire. At the top, are the Bygorians, and beneath them, are the Smtw, Drakodominatus, and Cradosan, followed by the Deutzalanian, Scimat'akar, Grux and Ugandalorians. Below them are the Ci-Hunters, Sra, Mosquittl and Kag'yar, then the Kigen, Pirhiaquus, Skordi, Dragowar and Suchulict. The lowerst in ranking are the Voracha and the Zarbanians.


Under Lord Kradik, we shall go far!

The Bygorians are one of the leading races of the Ascendancy, and a species long stepped in mystery. Forged by countless years of in-fighting and war, the Bygorians have finally reunified, and seek to earn their place among the other races of the galaxy, through whatever means needed. What is known of their past is a mystery, but, like many races, they where taken care of by a group of beings who where members of the 13th tribe, or the Oikoumene. This lead to their massive interest in science and technology, and the building of their Titan battle suits based off Oikoumene technology. While orignaly divided by civil war, Kradik has managed to reunify them, a state not seen in years.

An honorable and welcoming culture, Bygorians despise haughtiness and snobbinees. They see that every race must earn their place in the universe, and, as such, usually only show respect to races when they have earned it. Bygorians are expert scientists as well as warriors, studying anything they can get their hands on. A joke among the other races is you must bolt down everything when a Bygorian visits.

Bygorians have roles all over the Ascendancy, including government, military and science, and lead the Ascendancy's races alongside the Deutzalanian and Drakodominatus populations within the empire. They show a great amount of respect towards the Deutzalanian, due to shared culture and interests.

It's believed their love of science lead to their belief in the 13th as Gods, whom they see as the master scientists.

Pirate Trooper

You are the prey and we are the hunters!

The Zarbanians, largely seen as the second race in terms of power and position, are the main race of the Zarbania Powers, ruling it through shared culture and religion, and now are members of the Ascendancy. Forged by bloodshed unleashed on their people by the Ugandalorians, the Deutzalanian believe that races live in fear of them, and seek to shake off the shackles of their savagery, and be free of the "cages". Indeed, the "Wings of Freedom" is a common metaphor in their culture.

However, despite how common they are in the military and else where, they have slowly lost position and status within the Ascendancy. As the creators of the Zrabnia Powers, many simply do not trust them. However, they all are fully loyal to Lord Kradik, and wish to serve him as best they can. Despite rumors abounding, Bygorians and Zarbanians actually respect each other, both having traits the other race respects, and sharing similar beliefs and religion. Despite, the Zarbanians have grown to resent how Kradik has allowed certain races to be abused so much, many and wish to see the government reformed into something more akin to their old empire.

Zarbanians honor hard work and dedication. They respect martially strong, and culturally fit races. They despise piracy and savagery, due to their history, and seek to bring pirate races in, and slowly remold them into a more proper government.

They are ruled by a land-owning caste, called the Klunckers. A rich group of land-owners, famous for their many years of military service as generals and other officers, Klunckers can be distinguished by the title of Vun, between their first an last name. Klunckers, are not as rich as other nobles, however, and most work hard to maintain their standing.


Rip and tear!

Zarcosians are a race genetically engineered and altered by the original Powers to be effective brute force fighters, though still considered canon fodder alongside the Zabranians. Genetically engineered with natural, built-in weapons, Zarcosians do not stop fighting unless telepathically ordered, or until they die, either from the enemy, or overloading their neurons.

Zarcosians, unlike the Zarbanians, do not have genetic defects that could cause intelligence. However, as they grow older, and change color, they get stronger, faster, and smarter. Zarcosians are commonly used to patrol bases and act as security units within the Ascendancy. Zarcosians actually like their little Zarbanian cousins, are protect them with a parental-like attitude, commonly coming to blows with the Pirhiaquus.

Unlike the Zarbanians and the Deutzalanians, their position in the Ascendancy has stayed relatively the same, if not increased by a little.


The Hive wills us to victory!

The Ci-Hunters are a race of insects native to the Zarbanian's homeworld. Not much is known about them, other that their ancestors were possibly one of planet's oldest lifeforms. However, they seem to be deposited on this planet, leading to the theory that they share the Space Pirate's origins. It is known they often hide their sapience.

They are ruled by an Empress Ci-Hunter, or Queens ruling Commonwealth's in her name. Their warriors, at first acted only to protect the queens, but as the 3, Zarbanians, Deutzalanians and Ci's worked together, they found they could work together, Ci-Hunters helping in conquest of other tribes, in exchange, Deutzalanians/Zarbanians helped protect their queen, for an exchange in Ci-Hunter Honey.

The honey is a common food in the Powers, but very fattening. Ci-hunters now a days are swarm fighters, engineers, and scouts for their empire. Unlike the Zarbanians and the Deutzalanians, their position in the Ascendancy has stayed relatively the same, possibly due to them being the main provider of a such a well-liked food source.


We are the fury of the Ascendancy!

The Scimat'akar are a brutish, powerful race, but known for their martial prowess. The Scimat'akar come from a savage world, raised to be strong and warriors. They have grown close to the Deutzalanian, despite their differences. The Scima'akar are more focused on martial survival, and as such, ditch the ideas of honor. They take prisoners, and other the some things in the Accords, the Scimat'akar follow their own savage rules.

Scimat'akar are focused on achieving glory in the name of their gods during war, and fight with utmost savagery. Scimat'akar females are similar to termite queens. They are smaller in number, though can have multiple male-mates.

Scimat'akar remain leaders among the Ascendancy, and are valued for their brutal, no-holds bared fighting style. They, strangely, encourage their troops to disregard most forms of honor codes in order to fight, emphasizing survival over fighting nice. However, none can deny their military effectiveness.


So, let the poetry of war begin.

The Grux are a race related to the Grox. They evolved peacefully on their planet, until a race called the Meta-Saurus Empire came and enslaved them. They, for years lived in fear and pain, until their King, Tirras, and his soldier, Galorian, revolted and enslaved most of the Meta-Saur empire. The rest retreated into the Ugandalorian Empire. After this, the Grux swore that they would bring justice to any who enslaved or abused other races. However, their actions have increasingly gone away from this. They are some of the higher ranking members, thanks to their strength, intelligence, and stubborn attitudes.

The Grux see war as a piece of art or poetry, as they see it. They dedicate themselves to the art of war, and dedicate themselves to master one type of weapon, while working in synergy so they can maximize damage against their foes. Those who master their respective weapons lead squads of other warriors.

Grux maintain much the same position, though care little for any loss of power or influence within their new empire. As long as their rights and culture are respected, they see no difficulty serving a new empire.


We shall serve our new empire well.

The Sra were once a fiercely independent race in the Outer Core of Mirus, and very close allies of the Grux. However, when the Meeno Grox started their campaign, the Sra's home world was infected, and they had to blow it up. They vowed vengeance, and copied the Grox Conqrix, who are now used alongside the Zarbanians as the power's main fighting force. Sra also are featured in government positions, but are common as battlefield officers, artillery drivers, and scouts. Sra are promoted based on how many Grox they can kill.

Sra fight only when synthetics are involved, and destroy them with utmost savagery. Their Conqrix are the most used militia forces, used to whittle down enemies, and are often sent in with Zarbanian and Zarcosian forces. The Sra in the Ascendancy are known to be keen in facing the Neraida, even though Kradik has no plans facing them for time being, possibly being disgusted a the idea of one of his kind being assimilated.

Sra help Bygorian and other scientist races within the Ascendancy study and develop new technologies, though many Sra resent how careful the Bygorians are with letting other races touch and handle the "sacred" objects of the 13th tribe.


Gaah! Destroy! For Leader Kradik! Leader Kradik will lead us to destroy places!

Pirhiaquus are an aquatic race, known for their stubbornness, and their refusal to be ordered around by anyone not able to defeat them. However, once defeated, they will execute the victor's commands without question. They have a bitter rivalry with the Skordi, and now, the Voracha, due to the species having similar roles, and the Pirhiaquus believing themselves to be better than the other two, especially the Voracha. They often lead underwater assaults and act as marines, but can also be seen fighting on the ground and with space forces. While originally coming to the Ascendancy in low numbers, their numbers are rapidly increasing to fit Lord Kradik's tastes, as he sees more use in them than in the Skordi and the Voracha, unlike in the Zarbania Powers and the Imperium of War, respectively, were it is the other way around. The Pirhiaquus are still quite low in hierachy, however, as giving them a high position would result in each of them believing himself or herself to be the leader, with would result in anarchy and huge amounts of in-fighting, a thing that any empire can sorely miss. As such, the Pirhiaquus in the Ascendancy are kept on an even shorter leash than those in the Powers, though they themselves care not. The Pirhiaquus in the Ascendancy actually believe themselves to be a lot freer, and venerate Kradik, Kur'Talis and Skeeni for this to the point of actual worship. As such, they remain one of the most loyal races in the Ascendancy, having replaced the Zarbanians of the Ascendancy's backbone of sorts.

Pirhiaquus charge at their foes in a frenzy, preferring to fight with their sharp claws and teeth. A shool of Pirhiaquus lead by a leader is a force to be feared, often isolating and surrounding their foes and working together as a single superorganism of some sort. Once their leader falls, however, the shool will shatter, and the Pirhiaquus ripping and tearing anything that comes close, even allies at times, with little care for new orders.

It should be noted that the Pirhiaquus really believe the Ascendancy to be independent from the Zarbania Powers, resulting in Deutzalanian, Sci'matar and Grux having more difficulty than most in having the Pirhiaquus exectute the orders they give to them. On the other hand, Brygorians, and to a lesser extend Cradosans, find unusual low difficulty in ordering them around, the Pirhiaquus being willing to do even the dirtiest of jobs for them. Lone Zarbanians, due to their low ranking and the fact that their name was used for the Zarbania Powers, were initially often caught and eaten alive by shools of Pirhiaquus to celebrate the great deed that Ultimate God-Master-Emperor Kradik did by separating the Ascendancy from the Powers. Kradik quickly took steps to stop this practice, to which the Pirhiaquus obeyed. With the Ascendancic conquest of the War-Imperial Cyrannian colonies, many of them have instead turned on the newly-integrated Voracha, who fulfill simmilar roles as the Piriaquus, but are lower in rank. The Voracha often fight back, causing casualties on both sides.


Let's crush those gits.

Skordi are the experiments of a Darkling Scientist named Spidrax. Originally meant to be obedient, heavy-duty shock troopers, he left to see over some business, and returned to find the servants he placed on the planet dead, and his Skordi locked in war. He abandoned them, and left to work on another project, the more successful Changelings. Skordi where finally united under many tribes, and some work under the Darkling Brotherhood, the Powers, the Waptoria and the Federation. Skordi are naturally aggressive, and are strong, fast, and durable. They have short tempers, and some access to elemental energy. Skordi share a kinsmen-ship with the Changelings, and, because of their time working together, can tell shape shifters right off the bat.

Skordi tend to try and hold their tempers off the field, but during battle, they lose it. Unlike Pirhiaquus, bands of Skordi almost always hold rules in disdain, and as such care little or even will outright oppose orders. Due to this, Skordi are usually kept in small numbers, due to their difficulty in controlling them. In the Ascendancy, they are often guarded by a group of Pirhiaquus with a leader, often a vasarc, much to the Skordi's chagrin. Due to this almost natural disrespect, Skordi have found their relations with the Zarbanian and especially the Voracha increasing, making the 3 races extremely close in the Bygorian hierarchy. Deutzalanian Commissars, in fact, even turn a blind eye to when a pack of Pirhiaquus placed in charge of the Skordi "disappears".



Kigen are the most mysterious members of the Zarbania Powers. A savage race of reptilians, Kigen are believed to be a sentient member of the Powers, and where members or allies of the old Alliance, with the Ci-Hunters, Zarcosians, Duetzalanian, and Zarbanians, helping them in the Milky Way. They have ferocious claws, and acidic saliva. They often creep through the interiors of ships, covertly attacking enemies and disabling them.

The details of their Hierarchy, leaders, goals, and homeworld are known only to the Duetzalanian, Zarbanians, Zarcosians, and Ci-Hunters, as well as higher ranking members of High Command. Kigen appear to share a telepathic hive-mind with one another. Their position remains unchanged, and, in fact, they have taken to guarding the Zarbanians from Pirhiaquus, with the 2 now forming tight-nit communities on Bygorian colonies.

It should be noted Kigen is similar to the Deutzalanian word for Demon, Kigrek.


Spode preserve our new empire.

Tor'nik are originally a race native to the Unified nations of Spode, now the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode. Brought to form under the Gardeili, the Kag'tar have long obeyed their masters' whims without hesitation, and bit the bullet on even suicide missions. Forced to abandon their pirating nature, and work under grueling conditions at times, many Kag'tar left and joined the Powers en mass.

Here, their plundering nature proved useful to the Powers, as they where good at stealing many of pieces of equipment their former allies, in the Church and the Federation used. Their efficiency as snipers and usage of point defense shields also gave them high position in military. However, their greatest donation to Powers, is their fleet forces.

Currently, the Kag'tar's position is relatively unchanged, though are favored now for gathering information about the natives during their struggles. The Kag'tar are also donating their best warriors for a process of "forced evolution", so they may be able to fight better. They continue Spode worship within the Ascendancy, though appear to be the only race doing so. Bygorian Police units are keen to punish those that act out against the Kag'tar's religion, so as not to lose the membership of such an important member.

Religious confrontation is low, and the Kag'tar have no issue being the only Spode worshippers, though are fearful of a certain power in the galaxy that may not be so lax...

Our ancestors wrongly shed innocent blood. We will avenge that slaughter.

Kulaung where originally members of the Mendel Pact, an empire they lead, and fought against the Zarbanians. They even bombed their key planets. When they refused to surrender, the Kulaung grew tired of needless bloodshed, and pulled out. However, many symphazied with the Zarbanians from then on. It came to end when many Kulaung left for Zarbanian territory.

When Kradik began his preparation for invasion, a number of Kulaung offered to join his crusade in Cyrannus, in exchange for forgiveness for their bombing of Zarbania. Kradik, while loathing most Mendel for their actions, understood that not all of them where evil, twisted people like Reago Clett, and agreed to their proposal. Grateful, a number of the Ugandalorians joined the invading fleet. When the Ascendancy "revolted", the Ugandalorians contacted Lord Gridlock, who informed them of the situation. As such, the Kulaung are the only race within the empire who are fully aware of the situation between the empires.

Now, in the Ascendancy, Kulaung, like the Drakodominatus, serve as a form of secret police within the empire, and as elite military forces within the Legion and Descendant Forces. Due to this, and the nature of the Dominatus defeat, the Drakodominatus share a rivalry of sorts with the Kulaung, for similar roles, while the Zarbanians still do not trust the former Mendel. Many Kulaung, when in battle, wear heavy armor, and distinctive, T-slit helmets.

After being conquered, they were upgraded to the Kulaung like their cousins in Mirus, and came under the protection of Chokuto Gredyc himself. Of all the races, they faced the harshest fate under the Empire, as their main empire was still at war with the Empire, and could not be trusted. Chokuto, stepping in, told the Bygorian-Loyalists to join his cause or face the mercies of the Empire.

Kradik will show this universe the true way to strength! ASCENDANCY ETERNAL!

We fight in the name of Kradik!

*Imposing posturing*

We kill! For the Ascendancy! Kill everything! Everythng that opposes the Ascendancy!

The Voracha are a race of gangly, goblinoid and outright ugly-looking tribal creatures who are reowned for their ability to adapt ther bodies to any given enviornment. Originally uplifted by the Euchada of the Waptoria Aliance of Species, the Voracha functioned well in Euchandan communities, living alongside the Skordi and forming their main troops of the Euchada in times of war, while in times of peace, they made remarkable order enforcement squads. When the Karagon rebelled from the Waptoria, they stole a large number of the creatures to use them as shock troops. While the Voracha, at first, did not want to obey the Karagon and did whatever they could to escape back to the Euchada, the Karagon quickly learned that they could make the Voracha obedient and stronger than ever by just abusing their adaptable mindset and fysiology.

By punishing those that disobeyed, the Voracha naturally adapted themselves to serving the Karagon in order to survive, eventually becoming their loyal foot-soldiers. When the leading Karagon warlords, secretely manipulated by the Imperium of war, imposed ever more brutal punishments on disobeying Voracha, many other Karagon thought they went to far. The resulting infighting caused the rebellion to break apart into many warring fractions, with some re-joining the Waptoria, others seeking to begin a new life in the Brotherhood of Spode, and others integrating themselves and their Voracha into their allies, the Skordi. The warlords fled to the Imperium of War, taking their Voracha with them. The Imperium used the Voracha as nothing more than slaves, breeding them in huge numbers to serve as cannon-fodder in their armies. Literally beating them into strong soldiers, the Voracha in the Imperium, while still looking similar as their Waptorian brethren, now had a mindset completely different from the one they once had, and much shorter lifespans, though they bred much faster to make up for this. A significant part of the race that held justice as their main ideal had been reduced to savage looters who lived for nothing but the smell of blood, and were shunned by their Waptorian counterparts ever after.

The Voracha in the Ascendancy, now, serve as workers alongside the Zarbanians, or are set loose into battle as hunters, using their superior smell, agility, regeneration and blood-frenzy to their advantage. Voracha also serve as the first wave of colonists on any hostile worlds the Ascendacy colonize, though unlike in the Imperium of War, their populations are kept in sheck, and they are not allowed to run rampant as they did before. Due to their short lives, many Zarbanians and Bygorians have taken a pity on them, and the Skordi have taken them under their wing. Their relationship with the Pirhiaquus, as could be expected, still remains extremely rocky, and the two races are sometimes being forced to live completely seperated from one another, as to prevent straight-out civil war between the two.


For our new Tyranny, the Ascendancy! For our new Tyrant, Lord-Ascendant Kradik!

The Drakodominatus were an highly territorial species, hailing from Demogorgon Prime in the Mirus Galaxy, and notable for being the founders of their dreaded empire, the Drakodominatus Tyranny, with quickly expanded to enslave all in its path. Most died off when forcefully trying to evolve themselves, while the survivors became the dreaded Dominatus.

Using whatever Drakodominatus genetic material was left to him, Kradik's top scientists painstakingly worked to recreate the race. This was not undertaken out of nostalgia, but rather because Kradik needed a way to boot up the Tyranny's technology left behind in Cyrannus again. The process was and still is rife with failure, as it is notoriously difficult to clone Drakodominatus, and to recreate the race, Kradik had to start with what was, in effect, a form of cloning.

Kradik constantly helps out the Drakodomintus population within the Ascendancy in whatever ways he can, always having felt a connection to Drakodominatus and Dominatus alike. Some whisper he might actually be working in recreating the Ultima Dominatus serum, so to turn his most trusted and loyal Drakodominatus into true Dominatus again, though this is merely internal propaganda, as Kradik, despite his tremendous intellect, has not the ability to do so.

Reowned for their physical strength and cunning intellect, the Drakodominatus in the Ascendancy have an extremely high position, on par with the Bygorians. As such, they commonly look down on all other species the Ascendancy is host to, safe for the Bygorians themselves, and o,nly then because Kradik belongs to the race. While many in the Ascendancy are fully aware of their existence, the populace is well hidden to outside empires. These mainly regard the Drakodominatus in the Ascendancy's military as advanced robots in the likelihood of the race, and as the Drakodominatus within the Ascendancy have sworn to never take off their full-body armor outside of battle, this illusion is maintained. The Drakodominatus population within the Ascendancy itself remains at less than 0,01%, however, due to the slow deproduction rates of the Drakodominatus themselves. As a result, the Drakodominatus are mainly found in top positions of weapons engineering, mainly concerning themselves with the reverse-engineering of technology from the defunct Drakodominatus Tyranny. As things stand, their numbers are simply too small from them to properly engage in the military, though those rare individuals who do often make it far.

The Drakodominatus were smuggled out of the Ascendancy when the Empire attacked, and would later join the remnants of the Imperium of War in the Tuuros Galaxy.


The Smtw (pronounced as "Som-taw") are a recent addition to the Ascendancy, and a wholly arteficial form of life. In appearance, they resemble the Triarchs of Anubis of old withthout any enhancements. Indeed, the Smtw were created to be as genetically close to the Triarchs as possible, making them an almost perfect match while remaining capable of producing fertile offspring. This was done using the bioengineering capacities of captured Waptorian scientists. Unlike the Triarchs, the Smtw are considered to be genetically stable, and most easily accept foreign implants like donor organs compared to most species though their rate of mutation is higher than average.

Like all trilobozoa, the Smtw exhibit a tri-radial symmetry, possessing three limbs, three arms, three eyes on three sides and a single trunk ending in a tri-lobed, six-fanged radial maw. What is even stranger is that, beyond the first set of fangs, the Smtw possess another two set of fangs betond that. More generally, they possess three copies of every organ but the brain, allowing the race to survive multiple injuries that would normally be fatal to other species. The Smtw cannot chomp down on their food and thus need to swallow it whole much like a lizard or snake does, but given the position and expansive nature of their upright trunk, this is actually very easy for them. Swallowed food falls down into a deep cavity filled with disgestive fluids and slippery slopes much the the interior of a pitcher plant. Smtw are notoriously efficient in their energy consumption, and only need to eat once every two weeks, slowly disgesting their meals as they go about with their lives. The placement of their eyes gives the Smtw 360 dregees of vision, maing it almost imposible to sneak up on them and offsetting their abysmal speed. Though they can literally percieve visual and auditory waves, the other senses of the Smtw remain extremely underdevelopped as a result and this is the species' greatest weakness.

The worm-like hatchlings of the Smtw are disgorged by adult Smtw females in amniotic sacks from the mouth, hatch, and almost immediately molt into larvae. They are then placed in X-shaped pouches in the abdomen of adult male Smtw, where they are fertilised and stay until they mature into adolescents, which within a day molt to become adults. During this molt, their bodies lose their pearlescent milky white coloration which is replaced with a metallic vivid appearance that changes color depending on the mood of the Smtw in question. As adults, Smtw become extremely attuned to both the Light and Dark sides of the Energy and are able to sense it's flow even though they cannot harvest it or essence better than most species.

The Smtw possess a warrior culture, totally devoted to serving the Ascendancy, and make up a substantial part of it's military and intelligence agencies. Rituals, honor and family reputation all form the cornerstone Smtw traditions, making them highly resilient to cultural change. Needless to say, the Smtw are zealously loyal to Kradik for giving them life and thus are generally considered to be the most loyal species in the Ascendancy, perhaps even more so than the Bygorians. They generally consider themselves to be above anyone who is not Bygorian or Drakodominatus, and even then can be aggressive in mannerisms towards these two, though Smtw rarely get actually violent.

With the fall of the Ascendancy, the Smtw became a scattered people and did not join the Empire of Zarbania later, with some joining the remants of the Imperium of War and the rest remaining nomadic.

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Combat strategizes Edit

Unlike Zarbania, who favor "Wars of Movement", in which they must move quickly and attack the enemy with everything they've got, the Bygorians prefer a slower, more closed-fisted approach to military. Whereas Zarbanians operate in small platoons designed for fast deployment and to deal with foes quickly, Bygorian Platoons are far larger, due to a larger population, and, as such, are designed more to smash their way through opponents. While this makes them more vulnerable to explosives and artillery, it is easier for them to deploy, and allows them to overwhelm their foes through sheer force of arms and will.

The emphasis on tanks over walkers, even if they do exist, is still prevalent in Bygoria.

Ascendancy Legion Edit

The Ascendancy Legion is the main force of conquest in the Ascendancy. A foot-legion composed of the former Bygorian, Zarbanian and War-Imperial forces, combined and retrained to fight in a different type of environment. They utulize a mix of Bygorian, Zabanian, War-Imperial and Drakodominatus tactics, creating a frightening mix of discipline and raw power. The Ascendancy will often move forward at their foes and try to break them in one, single, crushing blow.

Since annexing the late Cyrannian Drakodominatus Tyranny territories, they have gotten their hands of various of the Tyranny's most fearsome tanks, most specifically of the Steelhammer, Warlord, Juggernaut, and even Ogre variants. Though each of these verhicles was AI-guided under the Tyranny, none housed any AI any longer by the time the Ascendancy got their hands on them. As a result, these steel behemoths have been adapted to be manually crewed, limiting their effectiveness somewhat. Each is furthermore quite rare, with the Steelhammer being the most common and the Ogres being the rarest.

While they are fearsome, the Ascendancy Legion is not without flaws, as Kradik seems to escrew the use of verhicles in favor of massive amounts of foot soldiers, though this does not mean his forces do not use tanks. However, they tend to use relatively few of them, as Kradik favors regiments of foot soldiers over squadrons of armored vehicles. After all, Lord Kradik, with his massive size, is able to deflect even rocket fire, and the footsoldiers of the Ascendancy Legion try to emulate this though pure endurance and training, each hoping to impress their lord and savior eventually, in some way.

Furthermore, the Ironhull, the only dedicated transport vehicle used by the Ascendancy Legion solely possesses a single non-automated turret that must be operated from the inside, though is noted for it's incredible durability, effectively serving as a makeshift roadblock if needed. The Legion also makes use of massive walker units from the Zarbania Powers, which are used to churn out clone forces to overwhelm their foes and build automated vehicles directly in battle, though they are generally as rare as salvaged Warlord and Juggernaut tanks, if not rarer.

Ascendant's Fleet Edit

The Ascendant's Fleet is the space fleet forces used by the UBA to spread their doctrine and conquer new races, as well as spread their believes and search for 13th tribe artifacts. Made up of the former Zarbanian Fleet, War-Imperial Fleet and Bygorian fleet, as well as some Drakodominatus Ships of various marks, Kradik has pooled the commanders and resources of both together to form one cohesive force. Utulizing many strategies and combat tactics from the Powers, mainly mixed with those from the Drakodominatus Tyranny, the result is a strange mix of maneuver warfare and sheer power. Often, they will use manveuver warfare to hoard together the enemy at one point, and will then break trough at a weak spot, throwing the enemy navy into dissaray and allowing their own fleets to easilly pick them off.

While not as disciplined as the Legion, due to many of the races' preference for ground combat, the fleet is still organized and extremely fearsome as well as aggressive in battle, constantly and mercilessly hitting their enemies with harder and harder blows. Like in the Ascendancy Legion, a personality cult of some sort exists around the persona of Kradik, and when he is present, the various parts of the fleet will often work together harder to impress him. The fleet chosen to be attached to Kradik's personal flagship is seen blessed and honored above all, and many vie amongst each other to be chosen for this highest honor.

Kradik is currently working to expand and upgrade the navy, so that he may better fight the Galactic Empire.

Descendant Forces Edit

Descendant Forces are the elite combat units donated by each race. Whether it be the Bygorian Titans, Drakodominatus Slayers, Cradosan Hunters, Pirhiaquus Dragoons or Deutzalanian Yagers, these forces fight in conditions only these elite units can handle, and commonly, are seen as the highest force among the UBA. When the former Centurions Kamal and Caracalla joined, the Descendant gained two highly specialized new corps that were not species-bound: the Manipulators of Kamal and the Berserker Legionnaires.

The Descendant Forces are in no way a cohesive force. Some units, like the Deutzalanian Yagers, prefer to fight in group. Others, such as the Bygorian Titans or the Pirhiaquus Dragoons work alone, if only for practical reasons. Yet others, such as the Cradosan Hunters, will work both in group or alone as the situation requires it. The Mind-Manipulators of Kamal and the Berzerker Legionnaires can only be seen fighting the the stead of Kamal and Commodus, respectively. All, however, can be called together by Kul'Talis or Kradik when they deem that the situation requires it, often to deliver the finishing blow to an conquered empire.

The Descendant Forces use little cybernetic upgrades, though at times use some biological ones for certain corps. Most, however, rely purely on highly heightened skill and advanced equipment to destroy their foes.

Warrior-Beast Project Edit

Being a former colony of the Zarbania Powers, the Bygorians had access to the Warrior-Beast Project to create their own gigantic war-beasts to spread terror and bloodshed wherever they go. However, their amount of creatures are smaller, if not slightly more powerful and durable. They are lead by the mysterious Galran, an ape-like beast who was given to Kradik by Gridlock for his effectiveness in battle. The green ape-beast leads his brethren with cold-hearted manipulative deceit and brute strength combined.

The Bygorians are currently working to expand their warrior-beasts, and have shipped a number of Monster-wombs from Zarbania to begin their work.

Warrior-Guard Edit

Project Warrior-Guard is a new unit levied by the Ascendancy, it's own adaptation of the Power's Warrior-Hunter Project, the Enlightenment Collaborative's Warrior-Hunter project, and the Drakodominatus Tyranny's Overseer project. Kradik thought up the project after the wars with the Cyrannian Vanara and Cyrannian Mendel early on in the Ascendancy's history, which gave him a generation of Vanara and Mendel orphans of war to be put in internment camps and indoctrinated from young age to show loyalty to the Ascendancy. He could only actually begin the project, however, when the Imperium of War begun their Berserker Onslaught, and tried to secure the aid of the Ascendancy by giving them the Ultima Servilis serum they had salvaged from Chaedes. Locking himself away with his brightest scientists, Kradik worked long nights to refine the serum into something which resembled the Ultima Dominatus serum, though with no casualty rate. As a direct result of that, the resulting serum was less potent than the actual Ultima Dominatus serum, but more potent than the Ultima Severillis serum it was brewed from. Judging it to be acceptable, Kradik had the serum replicated, and then sought out the brightest, most skilled, and most loyal children amongst his captured enemies, meticulously testing these criteria. Finally, he selected nine amongst the fifty candidates, and has them injected with the serum, believed to be a more advanced version of the serum which gave him his monstrous form.

Nine monsters exploded into being, each kneeling before the Lord Ascendant before resuming their normal form. Kradik judged as was well and christened the unit of candidates the Warrior-Guard, for he himself would lead it.

Since then, the Warrior-Guard has fought alongside Kradik, never being more than 99 steps away from their lord.

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While running the empire similar to the Zarbanians, Kradik has embraced a trend more similar to the Drakodominatus. Whereas the Zarbanians, while ruthless, where at least somewhat merciful after fighting died down, the Ascendancy has embraced a much more forceful, "either with us or against us" policy. As such, conquered populations are required to immediately verify their loyalty to their new emperor, or face harsh penalties, such as sterilization, forced labor, and loss of property.

How they treat outsiders generally leans towards distrust and believing any alien is not to be trusted outside of those that have sworn allegiance to the Bygorians and their emperor.

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We will honor your commitment.

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Yellow face Neutral Edit

No complaints, yet no compliments.

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The mighty Titan lord demands your destruction! His will is our command!

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The Brotherhood yet spreads further...

- Dark One

Good luck, brother...

- Gridlock

Tie up the Troodontids so Eternal War may come to Mirus. I don't care what else you do - as long as you do this one thing, you shall have the Imperium of War on your side.

- Imperator Caligustus

The moment you take up arms against the Empire is the moment you have sealed your doom. Your leaders will toil in the spice mines of Vurdon before the year is out.

- Deoclet Caesarius

Interesting...The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

- Tyermaillin

Fermenting chaos in Cyrannus is contrary to everything being Cyrannian stands for.

- Apaltar

We may worship the same gods, but your creed is diluted with heretical teachings. Nevertheless, I can work with those who share our faith, however misguided.

- Vos Adamae

Aww, great! Just as we get our own colonies established in Cyrannus, we find that we have these guys to deal with!

- Empress Besta of the Sacred Vanara Empire

I'm hesitant about waging any more wars with the Zarbania Powers. I am not hesitant to wage any more wars against the Ascendancy.

- Commandant Androkav'r of the Waptoria Alliance of Species

I was willing to give peace a chance, however you ruined that when you had the gall to coerce us into serving your own end. For that I will boil the seas of your worlds and melt the continents down to slag. You could have had peace, but now, all you will have is a never ending parade of death.

- Laurac Rotar Ramior, leader of the Persan Cyrannian Colonies(later the Stellarian Lawey Brigade).

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  • Inspiration takes from several sources, such as the Austrian Empire, the Imperium of Man, and the Queen Song - Seven Seas of Rhye.
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