Advancement at any cost.

Call us hedonists. Call us debauched. Even call us deranged, if you so wish. But if you do, then look at yourself. Look at your body. It is not a most wonderful thing, evolved as it is over a scale that is almost impossible to measure? And ask yourself, what do you do with it? Do you really use your senses to the fullest? Ask yourself, just what is it to be alive? To feel thrill. Pleasure. Enjoyment. To be on the razor's edge of obivion and to return alive, changed, improved. To live, to endulge yourself in living, in experiencing, that is what it truly means to be alive. Gratification, my dear plaything, is what our bodies were made for. Trough sensation we wil reach the fullest of all potential, yours and mine alike! You shall be improved, or you shall die screaming, but rest assured I will savor every single moment...Thus I will truly be alive!

- A Unitech Scientist to his newest test subject

The Unitech Citadel of Sapients are a splinter group from the Raptoranean matriarchy of the Waptoria Alliance of Species, who have multiple bases at the edges of Waptorian space. They are well known for kidnapping others, and experimenting upon them, as well as turning them into DNA, which is then converted into pure data for the Unitech to use. While often portrayed as sadistic scientists with a love for painmongering, this is not true, as the intentions of Unitech were good, but have become corrupted over time.


CRE Psiteon-0e6de20b ful.png
In our labs, torture are our flowers, and pain is their fragnace. And you are about to see what experiments the masters of this vast citadel will gift you with. You will exeperience pain beyond what you ever fearer or dreamed of! And we made it possible! You should be grateful for the sensations to come!

Known revertly as the Makers and the Inheritors by the rest of the Unitech Citadel of Sapients, the Psiteons are an insectoid race which lead the Unitech Citadel of Sapients. A creation of the Multus Esse, the Psiteons were never intended to become intelligent, alas their impressive brainpower -only slightly lower than the Dominatus Omega- made it so. Once they archieved intelligence, the Psiteons quickly set about mastering the Multus Esse technology scattered around their homeworld and set off to the stars, beginning their tradition of kidnapping and experimenting on other species in what they believed was an emulation of their Multus creators. In trying to replicate their creators, the Psiteons began to hybridise various Multus creations with one another, resulting in the creation of the Raptoraneans, Citadelians, Babiranx, Karagon and Chakravylg. Eventually, the Psiteons came upon a working Multus interface which, to their shock, rejected their archievements as a failure to understand the nature and intentions of the Multus. This led to a civil war in which the males of the race eventually incarcerated the Psiteon females in breeding vats for the sin of advocating a change in their ways. The males then went on to supress any evidence that the evolution of their race was accidental, for they could not believe their creators did not want them. In revenge, they began a plot to destroy all other Multus creations, leading to the formation of the Unitech Citadel of Sapients. The Psiteons' impressive intelligence allows them to use Psionic Energy, though the Psiteons forbid the use of all essence, even their own, within the Citadel of Sapients as they see it as unscientific. Recently, they have been worried about the rise of the leader of the Raptoraneans within the Citadel of Sapients, the Queen of Thorns, to the rank of Science-Archon, a title which used to be exclusively Psiteon.

You inferior, pretty lass. We would like to squash pretty lass, but pretty lass too pretty. We entertain myself with pretty lass instead. No struggle. No screaming. Me snap spine of pretty lass if pretty lass does.

The chief elite warriors of the Citadel of Sentients, the Citadealeans -not to be confused with Citadelian, a term used for all the state's members- are hybrid creatures created by the Psiteons by mixing of genes of all the species found within Unitech safe for their own. Though used for everything from frontline assaults to hard labour, the Citadeleans believe themselves to be elevated above all other races, even the Psiteons. In truth, the race is as a whole mentally retarded, though they are known for their sudden gluttonous urges as well as their penchant for greediness. To counteract this, the Psiteons implant them with cranial chips to control their behavior, which has also finally enabled the Citadeleans to master the art of writing. As a result, the Citadeleans stand firmly with the Psiteons in opposition to the rise of the Queen of Thorns.

We are death unseen.

The H'syn-N'tyll -literally the unseen ones- are a race of shapeshifters which curiously enough do not possess given names. Instead, they are named after the way they infiltrate. The skin texture of what is believed to be the H'syn-N'tyll's natural state resembles molten glass, though the body of males tends to be less smooth and translucent than that of the females. Due to their ablities, all H'syn-N'tyll make for capable shapeshifters, which lends them a position just below the Psiteons and the Citadeleans. Nevertheless, there are concerns amongst the Science-Archons that various H'syn-N'tyll have overstepped their positions and have assumed the forms of Psiteons, infiltrating even the highest elechons of Citadelians society which they are normally forbidden from entering. In truth, the H'syn-N'tyll seek to usurp the Psiteons as the leading race within the Citadel of Sapients, and have formed an alliance with the Queen of Thorns for this purpose.

To the victor go the spoils. This location belongs to us.

The mainstream warriors of the Unitech Citadel of Sapients, the porcupine-centauroid Babiranx were once a noble race of warriors until they came under the tender technological tools of the Psiteons, who quickly altered the whole race, giving them rock-hard skin and destroying their once-great moral compass. The Babiranx possess four legs and two arms, as well as two pairs of tusks; the lower canines which appear normal and the upper canines which jut upwards, piercing their snouts. The Babiranx often redevelop their moral compass as they get older, something the Psiteons are unable to alter. To countermand this, the Science-Archons made the upper tusks grow indefinitely, so they would eventually pierce the skull and brain of any Babiranx who came at the age where their moral compass would redevelop. As a result, any Babiranx elder would almost certainly die unless they allowed the Psiteons to grind down their upper tusks, and, while they were at it, supress the moral compass of the individual once again. The Babiranx have allied themselves with the Queen of Thorns, who has promised them the plunder of Waptorian techologies which would allow the race to genetically alter themselves and keep their own tusks in check.

The sound of droning wings signals your demise.

The Gorgonians synapsid-like creatures that seem to be related to the Gorgorians of endless space. Like them they are raiders and are the main providers of fresh test subjects for the Psiteon race. The Gorgonians mostly serve as overseers to the Raptoraneans and Raptorians within the Citadel of Sapients, a relationship that is often tense as the Gorgonian's favorite targets to abduct -and then force into the pleasure business- are Raptoraneans. The Gorgonians within the Citadel are forbidden to do this with Citadelian Raptoraneans, an informal agreement which came enforced under pain of experimentation. Nevertheless, the Gorgonians side with the Psiteons to countermand the rise of the Queen of Thorns who they see as yet another potential, and quite inferior, plaything.

CRE Raptoranean-0e6dc9b3 ful.png
More sensations! More hedonsim! Without end! EVER MORE!

A dark offshoot of the Raptraneans in the Raptoranean Matriarchy and then the Waptoria Alliance of species, the Raptoraneans that live in the Citadel of Sentients are pleasure-seekers supreme, loving nothing more that to toy with their foes and get the greatest kick out of their hunts. Though mainstream Raptoraneans live off solar light, Citadelian Raptoraneans are primarily nocturnal. As direct creations of Psiteon meddling with Multus creations, the Psiteons believes the race should answer to their every whim. They created the Raptoraneans as a predatory species, not a diplomatic one, and wish to return all of them to their intended path while purging those that continue to deviate. In fact, the hedonistic, impulsive behavior of Citadelian Raptoraneans is largely the result of continued and active Psiteon genetical and cultural tweaking of the minority of Raptoraneans that finds itself under Citadelian control. The Raptoraneans within the Unitech Citadel of Sapients are led by the Queen of Thorns, a traitress to the Matriarchy and a ruthless individual who will stop at nothing to see the position of the Raptoraneans improved.

CRE Raptorian-0f23b242 ful.png
Our shadowed children will breed where they will, when they will, and where and when we will it. There is no stopping us, for we have advanced beyond normal genes.

The Raptorians are a saurian race created from Earth's raptors by the Lentor, a member species of the Multus Esse. As such, their existence is only barely tolerated by the Psiteons, and only then because of their great genetic adaptability and ability to create fertile and stable offspring with many other non-saurian races. The Psiteons have actively manipulated the latter trait resulting in the creation of the Raptoraneans, Citadeleans, Gorgonians and Karagon. In fact, the Psiteons fully plan to exterminate their fellow Multus creations once their descendant species have been perfected according to their own desires. Around one-sixth of Raptorian DNA is artificial, which includes the S.I.N. gene -responsible for the Raptoraneann Citadelean gluttony and Gorgonian greed-, and the S.H.D.W. gene, which makes the Karagon resistent to mutation. Taken together, these two genes allow the Raptorians to turn their offspring into feral creatures known as ShadowRaptors. The creation of such beings was forbidden within the Raptoranean Matriarchy after it was discovered that ShadowRaptors could easily fall under control of the Brotherhood of Darklings, but the practice is still ongoing within the Citadel of Sapients. The Raptorians themselves possess wast scientific pover and are thus the only race besides the Psiteons able to claim the title of Science-Archon, though the number of Raptorian Science-Archons might never exceed the number of Psiteon Science-Archons. As a result of this dubious honor, the Raptorian populace is split evenly in allegiance to the Science-Achons and the Queen of Thorns.

CRE globling bio-warrior-0e6f0df4 ful.png
The Tech-Nation has become weak. True advancement lies here, within this Citadel.

The Waptoria Alliance of Species is a long-lasting ally of the NOVA Alliance, and during the NOVA civil war, they decided to help the NOVA Bio-Nation. These ecologistic Globlings were crushed by the NOVA Tech-Nation, ending the civil war, though the Waptorian government also managed to establish good relations with them in the aftermath of the war. Shortly after the formation of the Neraida Gigamatrix, the re-united NOVA Alliance was forced to flee their homes in the Quadrant Galaxies to Mirus, where the civil war begun anew. During the second NOVA civil war, the Tech-Nation accepted aid from the Unitech Citadel of Sapients, which caused the Tech-Nation's military leadership to deflect to the Bio-Nation in protest. This alloxed the Waptoria Alliance of Species to formally intervene on the side of the Bio-Nation, quickly edning the second NOVA civil war as the Tech-Nation's civil leadership was evacuated/kidnapped by the Citadel, where they still recide to this day. In the struggle for power between the Science-Archons and the Queen of Thorns, the Tech-Globlings will take whatever side which promises them the subjucation of the NOVA Alliance.

Maim, torture, kill!

One of the most fierce followers of the Uplifting, the Urglbrgl have grafted cybernetics into their bodies, and serve as assistants to the Psiteons as well as handlers of the Murglbrgs and the Murgelburgs. The Urglbrgl actively copy the Psiteons, leading to the creation of the Murglbrg. In a repeatmen of history, however, the Psiteons have rejected the efforts of the Urglbrgls, claiming that the race does not understand Psiteon greatness. Should the power struggle between the Queen of Thorns and the Science-Archons become violent, the Urglbrgls would much rather prefer independence than to take a side.

We hunger. We thirst. We long for the hunt!

Created by the Urglbrgl, the Mugs are aggressive barbarians, but great strength and even greater endurance, but low intellect. They are mainly used for heavy labour, but serve in the military as well. The Murglbrg follow whatever positions the Urglbrgl, which in this case is the creation of an independent Urglbrgl-Murglbrg nation-state should a Citadelian civil war erupt.


The non-sapient Murgelburg are believed to be both the ancestors of the Murglbrg and the Urglbrgl, being used as pets by both. In the wider Unitech Citadel of Sapients, they are used for labour and transport, though have no rights at all due to not possessing true intelligence.



Raptoranean Civil War and Defeat[]

Serving the Bachyeon[]

Alliance with the Grox and Dead Watch[]

Nebulorain War[]

After hearing rumors of the Nebulorains, Unitech found out those rumors were true. They allied them in order to gain Nebulorain technology for their own use. Unitech met with their old ally, Dead Watch, and aided them and the Nebulorains in their numbers assaults. They also aided in the construction of the Nebulorain superweapon, the Spear of Apocalypse. Eventually, when the Nebulorains were defeated, they retreated, but not before salvaging as much as Nebulorain technology as possible.

Enlightenment War[]

Some years after this, they met with Dead Watch one more, and hatched a plan to assassinate the leaders of the WAoS and the UFG. They were aided by Volver renegades and the Gigapedus Dominion. However, the coup ended in a disaster, and Unitech was forced to flee alongside it's allies.

Seeking another way to overthrow the WAoS, they salvaged various artifacts of the Enlightened Ones and used them to revive and absorb the Biskin.

Then, they, Dead Watch, the Morphling Horde and the Bachyeons attacked Ughandalore. Not being able to hold on this gigantic attack, the UFG called in their allies the NOVA, Waptoria Alliance and Brotherhood of Spode/UNoS. They fought hard, but could barely fend off wave after wave of undead, drones and synths. However, Dead Watch accidentally re-awakened the Enlightened Ones, who joined the Federation side in defending the planet against the Collective and their pawns. The Dead Watch tried to infiltrate the EO mothership and blow it up, but were stopped by the Proditkar Movement, a group of Multus separatists. They manipulated the Dead Watch and Unitech into fleeing the planet and abandoning the Collective. They later tried to prevent the capture of the Proditkar Movement's leaders, but arrived too late. Unitech then retreated back into their bases and began incorporating the Proditkar's technology into their own, boosting their power greatly.



Unitech culture is, to say the least, very hedonistic and self-indulgent. For the citizenry of the Unitech Citadel, the daily life is oftentimes short but extremely exciting. One day is never the same as the other and boredom is virtually non-existent. Citizens may indulge themselves in almost any pleasure there is on almost any whim. Drug Labs, opium dens and borthels are legal and the most popular areas for recreation. Rambunctious parties, drug-induced orgies, and even random acts of sex are commonplace and usually carried out in the open. Whatever art there is often features sexualized verions of all possible variations of gender, for no other reason than to invoke or heighten sensual pleasure. A minimal amount of drugs is even poured in regular meals and tap water, so regular civiliians constantly find themselves in a state of worryless bliss, but watever this is done out of actual happiness concern or simply to keep the citizenry stoned and under relative control is unknown.

In fact, since Unitech often settles itself alongside Waptorian border colonies, they actively warp the image completele outsiders have of Waptorian culture. The Raptoranean genocide, for exemple, was started when the Eldarisians stumbled upon a cluster of Unitech worlds, and, unaware of their existence, mistook them for Waptorian worlds. It can be said that the Citadel even actively spreads it's own decadent culture as being intristially part of general Raptoranean culture to harm the image of their monogamous cousins.

Despite all self-gratifying exess that marks the day-to-day life of Unitech's citizenry, killing is not tolerated, and anyone who commits such acts or disrupts the public peace too much is bound to end up tortured and dissected. The Citadel has multiple species living together with no regard to species or race. Hybrids are accepted, and even encouraged, for their unique mixes of genes often provines intresting effects indeed. The Haemonculi often order the kidnapping of enemy civilians to experiment on them, experiments which more often than not end in gruesome and agonising deaths.

Trance, Rave, dance and Dancehall are the most popular music types the Unitech Citadel, and are commonly played as loud as possible.



The Unitech Citadel is notorious for actually venerating the Raptoranean god of Pain, Si'nesh, believing the other gods unworthy of praise. However, they do not worship him per se, instead simply praising him as the "Father of Pain", as they call him.

The Unitech Citadel also believes it is their quest archive genetic perfection. They strongly believe in survival of the fittest, and that it is their quest to survive. They also believe in creating the perfect species trough altering a species' genes, or merging the genes of two or more different creature to become a new, perfect species. They believe that trough doing this, the universe will eventually become perfect, and finally know true peace.



Like those of the Waptoria, the warriors of the Unitech Citadel of Sapients do not wield weapons meant to kill their foes. Instead, they revel in causing pain above all else, so much pain that the enemy is incapitated. These unfortunate victims are then seized and brought to the Unitech's laboratories to be experimented upon until they die. These experiments are often highly entertaining to the devraved minds of the Dark Raptoraneans and True-Path Psiteon, and they take great entertainment in watching these.

Citadelian Units[]

H'syn-N'tyll Units[]

Babiranx Units[]

Gorgonian Units[]

Raptoranean Units[]

  • Use - Basic Combat unit
  • Weapons - Crystal Splinter Rifle, various other weapons
  • Defenses - Battle armor

Kabalites are the basic Dark Raptoranean warriors of in the Unitech Citadel. Raised among their dark Kabals, a Kabalite must reputation by joining other Kabals in their raids. Once his worth to a Kabal is proven, he may join them on raiding parties, or even in full-out war.

Kabalites commonly subject themselves to self-inflicted wounds in front of a shrine to Si'nesh, so as to focus their minds and bodies to the highest extent for war. The armor they wear is linkened to their bodies by a symbiotes whose tentacled interlock deep within the Labalite's nerve bundles, sharpening his senses by subjecting him to constant pain.

Kabalites often come armed with a Crystal Splinter Rifle. Instead of firing drops of raw acidic biomass, the Crystal Rifle fires shards of cystalized neurotoxins that quickly shatter into thousands of microscopic, pain-inflicting splinters once the shard had penetrated an enemy's bloodstream. Kabalites carry a variety of other weapons, more designed for causing pain that can rarely be healed, rather then quick execution.

  • Use - Basic Combat unit
  • Weapons - Taser, Venom Knife, Shardnet, Impaler
  • Defenses - Light battle armor

Wyaches are female, Dark Raptoranean melee combatants. They are exeptionally agile, and dart across the battlefield, slitting a throat here and carving out a heart there, all while evading enemy blows. As Kabalites frovide fire support, Wyaches run up close to the enemy and begin their dance of death.

Wyaches, or at least the mayority of them, have themselves upgraded by Unitech scientists with special tubes than interlock with their blood vessels, and constantly pour combat drugs into them. These cause them to react even more quickly to movement, allowing them to predict where an enemy is about to strike, so to evade the blow. Wyaches only have a skin-tight suit for defense, with one side being armored and the other side revealing in a typical Raptoranean fashion. Wyaches will often tempt foes to strike at their bare flesh, only to quicly turn around and have the blade or bullet deflect on the armored side of the suit, much to their delight. They'll often finish this pirouette by slashing open the throat of their foe.

These deadly females often come in armed with a combination of a poisoned knive and a taser. The taser fires an web of green electricity at the foe, causing an paralyzing pain. After this, the Wyach dashes in and cuts her chosen with her poisoned knive, before moving on to the next target, letting the venom do it's slow and deadly work. Other Wyaches come in armed with a shardnet, a large net with barbed edges that entrap the enemy, and an impaler, a combat spear then used to deliver the killing blow.

Wyaches also serve as gladiatoral combatants of some sort, providing entertainment to Unitech spectators as they slowly kill captured foes, small cut by small cut until the foe bleeds dry. Some Wyach rings travel to allied organizations and empires like the Ruin's Hand, the Proditkar Movement and the Biskin Empire, to show off their skills there, and earn the envy of the local warriors. Unitech actively encourages them, as this in turn allows their scientists to upgrade said warriors who have become impressed by the skill of the Wyaches, often for an handsome amount of sporebucks.

  • Use - Elite Combat unit, Assasination
  • Weapons - Whip-Blade, Agonizer Lash, Djin Knives
  • Defenses - Light battle armor

Mohinahs are those Wyaches that have so elite that they do not rely on combat drugs alone, but also on exeptional skill and agility. Such is their skill that they only wear the minimum of clothes possible, backflipping and sliding out of the way of their foes, fast like the wind thay flows though their long whitish-purplish hair, as their bodies are upgraded with beauty-enhancements. Mohinahs commonly toy and tease with their foes before finishing them off with equal speed and sadism.

Mohinahs can come in armed with a whip-blade, a segmented blade that can expand into a barbed whip, or an agonizer lash, a lash that attaches itself to the nervous system, causing such immense pain that the victim cannot move at all. Most, however, prefer to carry traditional dual djin knives, blades of polished crystal with a scowling bestial face upon it's hilt. These blades drain the blood out of their victims with a slash, resulting in a quick, but painful death.

Not only trained in the art of elegant kills, Mohinahs are also trained in the art of stealth, darting from shadow to shadow and reducing the noise as they move.

  • Use - Elite Combat unit, Long-range combat
  • Weapons - Spear Rifle, Agonizer Lash
  • Defenses - Light battle armor

As much as Mohinahs are elite Wyaches, so much areSuccubi elite Mohinahs. Given more beauty-enhancements then even them, Succubi are the pinacle of physical perfection, though heir desires are as dark and twisted as any other Dark Raptoranean.

Vainglorious and prideful as they are, a Succubus shuns the idea of having her body despoiled by scars, and as such prefers to pick off most enemies from afar, only entering the fray to kill enemy leaders in a display of sheer skill and elegance. As such, Succubi are armed with the sniper-like rifle known as a Shadow Spear, a weapon reverse-egineered from darkling tech, that fires a beam of darklight that goes right through armor and flesh. For close combat, Succubi prefer the same Agonizer Lash as Mohinahs, but wield it with much more skill as their primary weapon, were most Mohinahs prefer to use dual Djin Knives. An agonizer lash in the hand of a Dark Raptoranean Succubus not only causes a neuroshock when it comes in contact with the skin of a foe, but also overload said foes' brain with feelings of lust, a thing they find highly amusing to watch.

Dark Succubi prefer to challenge only the most skilled commanders in direct battle, but most of all prefer to fight a loyalist Succubus of the Raptoranean Matriarchy. However, due to them being driven to act out their depraved imagination rather than act as bringers of justice, Dark Succubi are more prone to distraction. As such, in an one-on-one match, a Dark Succubus will often fall to her loyalist counterpart in outright combat, and as such they have to rely on underhanded tactics to defeat them. Should they do this, however, they will be envied by all other Dark Succubi around.

  • Use - Elite Combat unit, Terror troops
  • Weapons - Shardcarbine, Tormentor Halberd
  • Defenses - Battle armor

Cambions are an all-male group of warriors, revelling in the pain they cause above all else. As a group of Unitech kabalites and Wyaches goes on a raid to capture more victims for their masters' horrible experiments, Cambions instead go on a campaign of terror, flaying and crucifying targets, and savoring the pain of their victims slow death as well as the fear they cause. At times, Cambion will be send ahead of a main raiding force, and will act out their horrible deeds on their own, while broadcasting hideous messages and screams on the airwaves, and installing fear in the native population, and the future lab rats into paroxysms of terror.

Cambion come in with a tormentor halberd that is coated in a special type of toxin that slowly drives the enemy insane. Furthermore, they come in armed with a Shardcarbine, a more powerfull version of a Splinter Rifle that has slightly reduced range but higher power. Their armor is a reinforced version of Kabalite armor. While heavier, it also gives more protection, and has numberous hooks on with spoils of war can be put.

  • Use - Elite Combat unit, Bodyguards
  • Weapons - Shadow Spear, Agonizer Lash
  • Defenses - Heavy battle armor

Incubi are a sect of the most elite male Dark Raptoraneans that are zealously devoted to Si'nesh, and are said to act as his direct hand in battle. In order to become an Incubus, an Cambion must defeat one in front of a large statute of Si'nesh. Should he win, then he must take the Incubus' armor and throw the Incubus' body in the pool of acid around the satute's feet, so that the body and soul of the dead Incubus can become one again with the Father of Pain, or so it is believed. Should he be beaten, then his still-beating heart will be ripped out and the blood squeezed out and sprinked on the statute, as the body of the Cambion is then burned on an spiked altar before the satute itself. Those who survive are then accepted into the devoted clique of elite bodyguards.

Incubi come in armed with the long-ranged Spear Rifle, which fires a spear-like shard of neurocrystal weapon at a target. If it does not hit the target's head, then it will stab into the victim and inflict further pain. The vainglorious Incubi prefer both to avoid such a target so small, and to incapitate their foe instead of killing it outright, so the foe would fall to their klaive instead. They also wield the same agonizer lash as an Succubus, with they use to kill of their foe in "glorious" melee combat after having incapitated him. Incubi armor is thick yet sculpted in such a way to draw attention to the Incubus' muscle mass. Simmilar to how Wyaches leave one side of their suit unarmored, so will Incubi often leave one of their arms bare, their hardened cords of muscle for all to bask upon. Like Cambion, Incubi will decorate their armor with spoils of war.

Incubi loyal to the Raptoranean Matriarchy see Dark Incubi as a putrid mirror of their creed and absolutely loathe their devotion to Si'neh. However, Dark Incubi, due to this devotion and special training, Dark Incubi are almost completely resilent to pain, and are often able to best a loyalist Incubus in combat, with they do whenever possible with great pride to show of their superiority to the faithless loyalists.

Psiteon Units[]




Green face.png We shall help these empires advance at any cost! Our foes will face many great pains if they dare act against them...


Blue face.png These help us advance, and shall be aided in return. Eternal pleasure to them!

  • Zio'Aeni Republic - Contacts have been positive so far.
  • Gigapedus Dominion - Survival of the fittest!
  • Nebulorain Empire - The fittesy will survive. Sadly, you are not amongst them.


Yellow face.png More playthings? Just in time, it seems...for the last ones did not last long...


Orange face.png You are an obstacle to our advancement. And we are always craving for more lab rats...And, yes, your pain shall be delicious...


Red face.png We will not simply supress you. That would be far too boring. Instead...Your bodies and screams will become our meat and whine...


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  • "The Unitech Citadel has contacted us. We are curious as to whether they are friend or foe... Useful, or not." Jum'Ari Empire

Servants of my ally, I would gladly assist you in your battles to come.

- Dark Hunter

Twisted, perverted, and sickening. We made be sadistic by nature, but we resist that cursed nature, you do not. You are abominations.

- Empress Besta of the Vanara Empire