The Union of Imperial Quadrant States are a recently-formed extension of the Drodo Empire. Established in a fairly active sector of Quadrant 82 and developed around a lucrative trade route it has gained considerable wealth from trading with passing ships and extracting its "fair share" via tariff. They are currently allies with the Republic of Galactica.


The Union was first established by an expedition as the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies led by Fleet Captain Cesterity in 2794. The initial fleet, bankrolled by not only the government, but also corporations and members of the nobility, was quite massive and laid down the ground work for subsequent expeditions. They founded along the Ramsoria run so they could trade and have the merchants pay toll to grow the colony economically. It soon expanded up against the Heer-Stevekel border, where relations quickly deteriorated.

Drodoian-Heer-Stevekelese War, 2800Edit

The First Heer Stekeveel War, also known as Operation Monitor or the Invasion of Heer Stekeevel Space, was a punitive military action taken by France and the Drodo Empire in response to Quadrantia Heer Stekeevel raids on their trade routes.

The invasion pit decadent Heer Stekeevel tribal militias against the colonial troops of the States and French Quadrantia, supported a few elements from their mother nations. The operation was designed to play on the disunity of the Heer Stekeevel and succeeded in keeping them divided for long enough that they were crushed individually by French and Drodo forces.

The invasion was a decisive victory, and resulted in the Drodo Empire annexing part of the Heer Stevekel space. This space, however, would cause trouble and tension for the colonies, before boiling over in to insurrection.

Second Heer Stevekel War, 2802Edit

The second war would begin as an insurrection in the Heer-Stevekel territories annexed by the Drodo in the previous war. While the insurrection was initially beaten back, timely intervention by the Heer Stevekel Confederation would rout the Drodo forces.

However, the war would again swing decisively in to the Drodo's favour as Fiihar Jivirik III, then-premier of the Drodo Empire, brought to bear the full might of a Xonexi-era Drodo military and struck down the insurrection and swept across the entirety of the Confederation in a 48-hour campaign, annexing the whole of the Confederation as punishment. The former Confederation space would be reformed as an aristocratic March, governed by the House of Jivirik itself.

Jivirik era, 2802-2806Edit

While Jivirik was initially supported by the Colonists, his Francophobic policies hurt the colony's economy badly, and made him deeply unpopular with the colonists (who had a long and fond history with their French neighbours) even before he was reviled back home.

This slow buildup would reach its tipping point in August of 2806, when an enormous security leak released secretly by Cesterity would confirm the peoples' suspicions surrounding the Jivirik administration's dealings. Massive protests would sweep up the mainland, and revolts would rise in the colonies.

The main factions of the revolt were Heer Stevekelese nationalists, who demanded freedom from the Drodo and a dissolution of the the March, Borderlanders, who claimed that their rights to reproduce were being violated through the fact that not only was no research into Drodo-Human reproduction being undertaken, such an effort would be illegal, and numerous general anti-Jivirik and aristocratic revolts.

While these rebels had initial success, fighting amongst the rebel factions soon broke out as they encountered one another, and Colonial forces were able to retreat to a strong line around New Aratacia, before surging out again. This new offensive faced major controversy in the international community, as it was discovered that vengeful officers, sometimes under orders from the Jivirik administration, ordered the commencement of horrific atrocities against those who were formerly rebels, or those populations who supported the rebels.

Such actions were met with condemnation both within the Empire and abroad, so much so that an international coalition, headed by the newly-founded French Empire, invaded with a multinational force led by the Drodo ex-admiral Cesterity Isordon. The international force gained ground rapidly and took few losses, mostly because Cesterity, through his uncanny charisma, managed to rally many rebel factions to his side by promising a fair settlement and had many government troops defect to him from their cruel officers, tripling the size of his army. Those that remained hostile were quickly blown away by French air support. The Quadrant colonies were the first area of Drodo space liberated from Jivirikian forces.

Golden Era, 2806-2811Edit

The Colonies underwent an unprecendented time of prosperity after Jivirik. Gigaquadrantic peace, increased trade, and a relaxation of the mainland's grasp on their colonies all meant that an economic boom rose from the oppression of the Jivirik period, with such benefits spread surprisingly evenly among the people just as a massive population boom thanks to immigration emerged as well. Culture flourished, and the militarisation which was common on many colonial worlds was relaxed with the lack of apparent threats from either within or without.

This was also a time of great exploration within the nation's borders. To cope with the population explosion, hundreds of new, habitable worlds were discovered and billions settled. Much funding from the now overflowing colonial coffers went to extravagant terraforming efforts and the massive construction of infrastructure. While this generous spending more than absorbed the immigration wave, criticisms abounded that the spending was excessive, and would go to waste in the event that population were to shrink.

Hutter Incursion War, 2812Edit


The Gorge Dispute, 2813-Edit

The Gorge Dispute is an international diplomatic conflict occurring primarily between Rambo Nation and the members and supporters of the Neutrality Zone Treaty Organization since 2813. The locus of conflict is the Gorge, a collection of Rambo fortifications and policies which isolate the Neutrality Zone from the rest of the Quadrants. The construction of the Gorge, and the previous Hutter war, are often agreed to be the end of the Golden age. Colonial trade connections to the rest of the Quadrants were largely cut off, and while this was far from the Colonies' only source of trade revenue, it hit the economy hard. An emigration crisis ensued, and mass-unrest and conflict swept through the nation.

Amid the web of riots, near-abandoned colony worlds, and now-rotting infrastructure, dissatisfaction with the current political establishment mounted. Riding this wave of outrage, a populist, a minor landowning noble named Servan Kilar who him himself was dispossessed of his modest fortune and property due to the recession, was voted in at a landslide as Magistrate in 2813 in the colony's first election.

The country was soon reformed from the Drodoian Quadrant Colonies to the Union of Imperial Quadrant States, and thanks largely to Servan's surprising competency at the head of the nation the country's general unrest was focused into a patriotic fervour, as an enemy was found in the Rambo Nation and therefore a common unity, and a strong, almost national identity, was then discovered. Militarisation continued in earnest, and ties with Galactica were strengthened in anticipation of a cold war and preparation of a hot war.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Capital planet symbol New Aratacia (15 billion) - An important trading and cultural centre for the Colonies, New Aratacia was among the first planets to be colonized. Its population is mostly concentrated on one large continent with several cities on it, the rest of the planet occupied-by and being shared-with a native bronze-age civilization. It is the seat of Colonial power, housing the parliament.
  • Planet symbol Ceildehlee (3.7 billion) - A fortified planet nearby the Drodo-Heer-Stevekel border. It has a population almost universally of Bellowese descent. Along with being a cultural hub, it plays an important military role, with a large sector of its economy devoted to arms manufactory and being home to the now-legendary Ceildehleese Highlander regiments, who keep alive the military traditions of Bellowese tribal warriors from centuries past.


The Drodoian Colonies currently profit greatly from trade, being positioned so close to the Ramsoria Run, along with having a multiude of trade routes running to the French Colonies and snaking within its own borders. Its currency is the Colonial Dollar, or simply the Dollar, with its value higher then ever.


The Colonial Military is large for a nation of its size, and while composed of mostly militia its surprisingly optimised for the attack.

Colonial Infantry - The standard militia infantry is lightly-equipped for the era; A khaki uniform, Adrian helmet, greatcoat, and a semi-automatic rifle with a bayonet. On the defence, they stay in miles-long trench lines or similar fortifications and man heavy machine guns capable of ripping a man in half from many kilometres away. On the offence, however, they are known for there extreme ferocity; Using highly aggressive tactics and even massed charges to get within melee range, where they savagely cut apart enemy soldiers with bayonets, hatchets, and swords.

Ceildehleese Highlanders - Elite infantry, the Highlanders are a large group of regiments raised from and stationed on the world of Ceildehlee. Descending from the rugged tribal warriors from the Bellowese highlands on Coron, the Highlanders continue the traditions started by these first warriors; often wearing traditional garb such as tall hats made from the pelts of predators, and half-kilts into battle. The Highlanders have also gained a fearsome reputation for their skill in hand-to-hand combat, with many soldiers, not just officers, carrying swords of a traditional style into battle, and using them with surprising frequency.

Colonial Cavalry - Instead of having multiple types of expensive cavalry, the colonies have condensed there cavalry into a sort of light cavalry/dragoon mix. Making use of medium or lighter horses, they are uniformed in a similar khaki or grey uniform, a peaked cap, and armed with a carbine and sword. They are excellent at ambushes or flanking manuvers or for chasing down confused or fleeing enemies. They may use nonstandard equipment, such as lances, as well.

New Aratacian Cavalry Regiments - The N.A cavalry, of which there are ten regiments, are a rugged assortment of troopers from the Quadrant galaxies whose equipment and training obtimize them for use in colonial warfare. The N.A cavalry were originally levied to fight the hostile natives of their homeworld, and indeed it is in these savage conflicts that the N.A regiments have honed their abilities in the case of larger wars. The New Aratacian Cavalry regiments have distinguished themselves several times in the wars against the Heer Stevekel, including in one incident during the second war, where the 3rd N.A routed an entire well-armed rebel army several times their size by luring them into a valley before crushing the disorganized and overconfident mob with a cavalry charge from both sides of the valley.

Line Infantry - Line Infantry from the Empire proper or divisions that perhaps have been raised in the colonies themselves. They use the same equipment as there Imperial counterparts and are used to spearhead infantry attacks.

Guides - Light Infantry. Used for scouting ahead and are known for there preference for close combat, Guides are armed with a carbine, a camouflage uniform, and are known to carry small axes with them for melee combat, though this isn't necessarily standard issue.

Grenadiers - While holding an ancient namesake that harks back to the age of the musket, the Grenadier's role has changed considerably in that time. They are generally the tallest or strongest among the empire's soldiers and act as the heavy weapons support for line infantry squadrons; Armed with a light machine gun, an RPG, and a sidearm they are a considerable, if also somewhat slow, threat to there enemies.

C-39B3 - A French tank, this vehicle was bought by the Drodo from there French allies to act as there main-battle tank. While lightly armed and armoured, the tank is cheap and light; Making it ideal for colonial warfare.

A-27 Yiikthys APC - Named after a shadowy, infamously swift creature of Ancient Drodoian myth, the APC lives up its namesake; Being able to reach incredible top speeds of up to 180 kph! However this rapid deployment comes at a cost; The cost being armour. While having enough armour to deflect small arms fire, and even an RPG shot, if it where to come under fire from anything heavier then itself then it is surely doomed. It is armed with a small 30mm gun and two 50. cal machine guns; It also has firing slits for the troops inside to fire.


The government is a Parliamentary republic. Divided in much of the same way as the Empire proper, with provinces and provinical governors, its actual government works in much of the same way as its mother country, using a parliament made up of provinical governors known as Deputies, who they themselves are elected by the people, to decide on decisions. The Consul is elected by the people of the Union.


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