The Leaders of the Union Republic of Ottzello were a council of members that originally served as the supreme rulers. It was dismantled eight years into its rule, with most of the leaders being defeated.

Made up of former members of the Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders, the Leaders of URO were immortal beings that had oversight over the Government, but had no political power unless they chose to run for office and were democratically elected. They would take a decent portion of the profits for all andasium rental in Ottzello space, and were seen as the private owners of URO's territory.

Eight years into its rule, URO was disbanded after an attack by Billig Oltauris heavily damaged the institution, and a referendum held showed that the people of Ottzello voted against keeping it. Those of its members who are not presumed dead often still continued to serve some role in Ottzello's society.

The Leaders of URO were:

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