The Union Republic of Ottzello has a democratic federal government. Unlike the Unified Nation of Ottzello, its leading government officials are entirely sentient lifeforms, from biological beings to self-aware robots, as opposed to artificial intelligences that make decisions. The government uses a presidential system and a parliamentary system, but grants a large amount of autonomy to local and state governments.

Most of the elected positions are held by members of several political parties within the Union Republic, which represent the interests of its various species and lifeforms within it.


The government is led by the elected President of Ottzello with a cabinet that handles much of the decision making. Below this is the Union Republic Senate, comprising 200 members, who are federal representatives from states around Ottzello. Individual states, regions, star systems, and planets each have an elected governor. Both their representatives, and certain decisions put to the people as a referendum, are voted on electronically by citizens using nanomachines.

Formerly, the Union Republic was led by the council of supreme Leaders, a remnant of the old Unified Nation of Ottzello, though it was disbanded early on. Since then, many former Leaders, including Tuolog and Zr'Ahgloth, have gone on to have important positions within the Republic's political parties.

Major political parties[]

Social Democratic Party

The SDP is a party which believes in government as an investor in the economy. It is often in support of increased spending for social programs such as education and the market, as well as environmental protection on most planets. It most often receives the highest share of the vote.


The SDP was formed initially by President Tuolog and Valzaria. It was based mostly on the policies of Galotian and Ioketa. As URO was created during a time of peace, the SDP initially had very strong performance, though with some critics that it put too much of a strain on the budget.

While it stands for increased investment, it does not stand to end capitalism, as it believes in economic freedom. Many of its policies are designed to benefit the non-working population who rely on the universal basic income, as well as the middle class who have jobs. The party believes in an increased investment on the part of the government and its increased role.

Critics have argued that their policies actually harm non-workers rather than help them, and that the increased legislation to pay for its policies can actually damage business rather than help it. Particularly for URO, whose economy benefits so much from andasium mining, it has been argued that increasing rental price would caused other nations to simply invest elsewhere if it were no longer cheaper to buy from Ottzello.


  • State level
    • Increased spending on public transport.
    • Increased spending on housing.
  • National level
    • Increased environmental tariffs for hospitable planets.
    • Investment in infrastructure.
    • Increased tax on corporations and corporate owners.
    • Increased price on the renting of land for andasium mining.
  • Foreign policy
    • Increased focus on diplomacy.
    • Free market trade negotiation.


  • Current president is SDP
  • Senate: 85/200
  • State governors: 4/12
  • Planet/space station governors: 33%

The first President, Tuolog, was a member of the SDP, and won with 60% of the vote. The initial electoral performance of the party was very strong. The party typically does well during peace time, or times of economic struggle.

Libertarian Party

The Libertarians stand for reduced government spending and limited laws, both at the state and national levels. They believe the government's role should be stripped back to only serving for the protection of the people from crime, illness, and exploitation by crony capitalism.


The Libertarian Party was formed immediately on creation of URO by Heeyorians. It performed well on local levels, but slightly weaker on national levels. It was mostly born out of a strong desire for economic freedom, which had been craved since the Unified Nation of Ottzello had fallen.

The Libertarians essentially believe that economic freedom is most important, and that the free market can handle an economy more efficiently than the government. This sentiment is very popular among Ottzelloans, and most Ottzelloans would describe themselves as libertarian.

The reduction of government spending is often viewed negatively by non-supporters. Some have argued its removal of income tax and reduction of tax across the board would hurt the economy more than help it, but it has argued that these things are not required to still provide a basic income and the basic services the government provides.


  • State level
    • Limited spending on public services.
    • Reduced spending on public transport, reduced taxes on privately owned vehicles.
  • National level
    • Removal of national education and healthcare programs, leaving them to the state.
    • Reduced military spending.
    • Reduced price on andasium mining rent.
    • Removal of income tax, replacing with a broad consumption tax.
    • Reduced tax on exported goods. Limited only to value added tax.
    • Work towards major reduction in tax. Andasium mining along can fund the entire government, it argues.
  • Foreign policy
    • Focus largely on trade.
    • Complete free trade with no protective tariffs of any kind.


  • Senate: 63/200
  • State governors: 5/12
  • Planet/space station governors: 43%

The Libertarians perform stronger on certain planets which are very business-oriented, as well as on planets which are more rural. It has a high share of the vote on many space stations. However, on the national level, it performs weaker than the SDP, but best during times of a strong economic performance.

Da Gangsta Party

Da Gangsta Party is a pro-Loron party which is considered by most to be a fringe and extremist party in policy. It is elevated to major party status due to often winning 99% of the Loron vote and controlling most states with Loron populations. It stands to remove most laws on a social and economic level and primarily to benefit Loron.


Da Gangsta Party was founded by Zr'Ahgloth. Initially, Zr'Ahgloth demanded free pizza be "everywhere", until he learned that "party" did not refer to a gathering but a political movement. Regardless, the policy of "free pizza" remained central to the platform.

Da Gangsta Party's policies typically only appeal to Loron. Despite the party platform being extreme, many Gangsta politicians do not actually work to accomplish their economic policy, and as such, many have argued that the party is irionically very capable of governing. Their social policies, including legalization of murder and theft, are often accomplished, but due to the massive cultural differences the Loron have with the rest of Ottzello's population, cause limited disruption to the Republic's social cohesion. The popularity of Gangsta politicians is extremely high, though it should be noted that no Gangsta politician has been elected in areas not dominated by Loron.

Critics have argued that Da Gangsta Party's policies are economically infeasible. An initial Gangsta policy, the banning of andasium rental, would cut the primary source of government revenue for URO, due to being a rentier state. This policy was removed, but their policy of the removal of all taxes has still been argued by even members of the Libertarian party as "illiterate".

However, most criticism of the party has been of the political discourse of its members and politicians. Many candidates for governor have been reported as spitting on their opponents after losing. During a live debate, when a Libertarian candidate argued that their policies "discriminate against non-Loron", the Gangsta candidate infamously responded with "YA MOM DISCRIMINATES AGAINST NON-LORON", which made no sense. In response to these criticisms during an interview, party leader Zr'Ahgloth issued the response "we dont care, also deyz stoopid, an deyz free ta fite me if dey hav a problem".


  • State level
    • Full nationalization of the pizza industry, creating free pizza.
    • Lifting the ban on "crimes" (referring to legalization of murder and theft).
  • National level
    • Full nationalization of the pizza industry, creating free pizza.
    • Removal of all taxes, including income tax and value-added tax. All source of government funding solely from andasium mining rental.
    • Increasing basic income toward Loron by 550%.
    • Legalization of cannibalism when Loron are the feeders.
    • Replacing the official language of URO with "Da Loroniz Spik".
    • Renaming all government positions. Senator to "boss", Governor to "boss", Secretary to "big boss", Vice President to "kinda big boss", President to "propa big boss", Leader to "biggest boss boss boss".
    • Removal of electoral process from the democratic system. Instead, governors and senators are decided by a duel.
  • Foreign policy
    • Da Gangsta Party has no official stance, but when asked in an interview, issued a statement "FREKLOAR IS PROPA STOOPID KILL HIM MAN", presumably referring to increased spending on the war against Da Rogue Boyz.


  • Senate: 25/200
  • State governors: 3/12
  • Planet/space station governors: 18%

Da Gangsta Party performs extremely well in Loron areas, even better in areas dominated solely by Loron. In more mixed states, Gangsta governors are still elected on many Loron planets. Da Gangsta Party has the most lopsided demographic vote share, with 99% of the Loron vote, but less then 2% of the non-Loron vote. Many suspect that Da Gangsta Party receives protest votes from non-Loron who despise their options, while the 1% of Loron who do not vote are either far more intelligent than the average Loron, or put a cross in the incorrect box.

Federalist Party

The Federalist Party stands to increase government spending on military, R&D, and defense forces. Many have found its policies to be nationalist. Its share of the vote fluctuates, often increasing at times of war.


The Federalists were immediately created by the Kralgon Emperor. Their policies have notably benefited Kralgon and Inalton heavily. However, they performed initially poor, due to the peace time in Ottzello.

The Federalist Party policies have been argued as the greatest in the interest of national security. They have also been argued as the party which most puts Ottzelloan interests at heart. However, due to the lack of a nationalist sentiment, the Federalist support outside of war time is often low.

Critics have argued that some Federalist policies are not in the interest of the nation, such as protectionism and too much of an increase in military and police spending. They have argued that the police forces are viewed negatively by a people which demands for social mobility. The Federalist Party has not condoned xenophobia, but many critics have noted that the views of some members is outdated.


  • State level
    • Increased local police force.
    • Ban on harmful drugs.
  • National level
    • Greater establishment of national police levels.
    • Increased military education.
    • Reduced price on andasium mining rental, but increased tax on exports across the board.
  • Foreign policy
    • Increasing the military budget.
    • Introducing protectionism on exported goods to capitalise more from andasium exports.
    • Greater involvement in the Polar Crystal Alliance' wars, but reduced reliance on the organization.


  • Senate: 18/200
  • State governors: 1/12
  • Planet/space station governors: 4%

The Federalist Party's share of the vote increases during war time, but massively reduces during peacetime. Its nationalist sentiment is not popular among the free-market and intergalactic-minded Ottzelloans, and its people prefer to avoid war. The primary demographics of the party are Kralgon and Inalton voters.

Minor parties[]

  • Post-Scarcity Party - A party that believes in ending the capitalist system. Has proven unpopular due to its reduction of social mobility.
  • Ottzelloan Nationalists - A party that believes in ending reliance on andasium exports and keeping to itself. Unpopular, both due to the massive increase in taxes that would result, and a lack of Ottzelloan nationalist sentiment.
  • Environmental Party - A party believing in a strong increase of environmental protection laws. Unpopular outside of a few Ioketa, as most already vote SDP and URO's technology is mostly environmentally friendly already.
  • Inalton Front - A party that believes in Inalton supremacy. Dubbed as an extremist party with a very low percentage of the vote, with no senators or governors ever elected.