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The Union Republic of Ottzello, commonly abbreviated to URO, is a superpower in the Borealis Galaxy, the primary occupant of the Ottzello Sector and a major member of the Polar Crystal Alliance. A very technologically advanced nation made up of twelve different states, the Republic is notable for its trading and exports of andasium metal, as it is in abundant supply within the territory and sold at a price that makes a huge profit, but is still more efficient than the costs of using quantum replicators to transform a material into it. This and URO's lax trade laws make it an economically strong nation and a centre of commerce, on top of its exports of nanotechnology, starships, robotic innovations and spices.

The Union Republic was formed in the aftermath of the Ottzello Revolution, which in turn was triggered by the end of the war known as Da Reckoning. The Ottzelloan civilisation previously existed as the more successful, but more authoritarian and more imperialistic, Unified Nation of Ottzello. After fighting for their freedom, the Union Republic was formed, and moved in a direction towards economic and social liberty, while retaining all the security that the old ways provided them, as they all reap the benefits of the hugely powerful economic beast that is URO.

The Republic is made up of dozens of different Ottzello species, though the vast majority of its work force is synthetic. URO functions with a mixed economy as a rentier state, in which it rents out planets and asteroid fields for mining of andasium and exports its own amounts and its own andasium-made goods, as well as spices, to provide most of its income. This pays largely for the unconditional income that all citizens are entitled to. While it retains a use of nanomachines for purposes of identity and connectivity, its artificial intelligences serve the population rather than controlling them, as it is ran by elected officials who act solely as public servants.



Ottzello (the Ottzello Galaxy and the Ottzello Sector) has historically had many issues with both achieving peace with its diverse species and with forming a government. Resolving the differences of the many species, with vastly different cultures and a history of war with one another was always a large hurdle for Ottzello to overcome. Despite this, there have been attempts at creating a government that has united its species for a larger power.

The first attempt at forming a government was the Federal Government of Ottzello, a representative democracy. Formed as an evolution of the Grand Ottzel Order, it kept people together under a banner in the inner areas of the galaxy. However, the organisation was largely corrupt, due to its politicians being self serving, and a total lack of progress caused by the indifference of the public and failure to advance its nation. The Great Blyro War against the Empire of the Kralgon brought it to its end.

For a long time, it was believed an attempt at a united Ottzello would end in failure. The First Ottzello Galactic War and Second Ottzello Galactic War in which Da Propa Big Loron Empire and the Kralgon Invasion Force tore the galaxy apart centuries later caused the galaxy to unite as the United Nations of Ottzello. It was the Third Ottzello Galactic War in which the United Nations later became the Unified Nation of Ottzello in which the galaxy was united under a proper government.

Largely inspired by the Kralgon technology, such as The System of artificial intelligences controlling much of the population through nanomachines, the Unified Nation operated as group mind rather than a state. Its population were led to believe that they were living in a utopian society, when their lives were heavily influenced by computers and an authoritarian regime which exploited them. It was held very shakily together by nanomachines which influenced release of chemicals in the brain to lead citizens to favor the Unified Nation.


When the Unified Nation was torn apart after Settlin Da Score by Da Rogue Boyz, the Refuge of Ottzello began to reject the Unified Nation and sought to create a government which serves the people, rather than the reverse. After a hard fought but brief Ottzello Revolution, the Union Republic was agreed upon.

Terms of its creation were discussed over the course of a few days. Tuolog, who led the revolution, laid out his plans for a peaceful and respectable republic. The UNO Leaders would each be able to serve a role in the management of the new republic, though democratically elected officials would have more important roles in decision making.

As the population had lived in what appeared to be a utopia under UNO, it was decided that the population would live in a proper utopia under URO. This meant that an unconditional income, a basic standard of living guaranteed for all, would be core to URO. Economic prosperity would be central to Ottzello's success, as it began to abandon its history of war in favor of a future of peace and creation of wealth, from which all its citizens would benefit. While artificial intelligences would help make decisions, a representative democracy would also be a key aspect.

The Union Republic held its first president general election in which Tuolog was elected in a landslide. It was decided that neither Tuolog nor any member of the URO Leaders would be able to run for president after Tuolog's second term, but Tuolog would be crucial in shaping the future of the nation. Relationships were opened with the rest of the universe, first and foremost with the Polar Crystal Alliance in which the relationship was even stronger than before.



The Union Republic has a very diverse makeup of species. As Ottzelloans, they typically have a tough and robust physiology, which is also helped by the fact that many social programs actively encourage fitness and due to often having a strong diet. Additionally, the education systems within URO and the easy availability of on-demand media make Ottzelloans intelligent and generally well-informed.

While each species may specialise in an area it is best in, the roles of each species is much less defined than it was in the Unified Nation due to much more individual freedom. It is not unusual, therefore, to see Ioketa as traders and merchants, Galotians as soldiers, Inalton as scientists, or Kralgon as entertainers. Species may be biologically suited more for one profession, though a private or state employer can choose to hire them for another profession if they are qualified.

Like the Unified Nation, the Union Republic's people do from birth have cybernetic implants which may enhance their performance and make them compatible with URO nanomachines for ID and for body repair. They feature micro quantum replicators for repair, though their body heat and electricity powers them.


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The Union Republic is a democratic federal republic which gives a large amount of autonomy to local and state governments. All government officials are biological, but assisted by AIs in decision making. It is led at the top level by a President and their cabinet, with individual states, regions, and star systems are run by a Governor and their own team. A Senate which consists of 200 members (where senators are assigned to a state based on the percentage of the population living in them) can vote on decisions made at both the federal level and their state level, as well as propose legislation and budgets. Laws made at the local level override any law in the broader region, meaning the state's laws override the federal laws but a planet's law overrides the laws of the state, with the sole exception being that no legislation can deny voting access or service to any citizen, and no law can undermine the national or economic security of URO. URO does not have a codified constitution.

Any citizen of the Republic can vote electronically with nanomachines, enabling them to fill in boxes with their thoughts. Citizens also have access to direct democracy in which they can vote on specific issues left up to the public, and while the senators and governors can ignore them, they very often lose re-election if they do. Due to how easy it is to research publicly available information on URO's online networks, and how simple it is to vote, voter turnout is high and voters are very well informed.


The technology of the Union Republic is typically Ottzelloan and very influenced by the Kralgon, meaning it is based heavily around a widespread use of nanotechnology, artificial intelligences and space-time manipulation. Due to the great abundance of andasium metal in Ottzello, the majority of its machinery is therefore constructed with nano-andasium metal, making it flexible and self-replicating. The majority of URO's technology is powered by nuclear fusion, space-based solar energy, or forms of renewable energy.

Much of URO's workforce, in manufacturing, transport and other areas, is synthetic, meaning that robotics technology is very widespread. As URO's economy is largely based around its shipbuilding industry, its starship technology is very advanced and prominent within its industries.

Weapon technology mostly consists of space-time manipulation, coilguns, relativistic missiles and plasma weaponry, along with many other weapons such as weaponized nanomachines. URO very rarely makes use of superweapons, as most believe them to be unethical, while others (such as Loron) believe them to be cowardly. It will only deploy superweapons that can threaten the existence of star systems if necessary against a foe that threatens its own star systems. However, some critics have noted URO's orbital bombardments hypocritically damage as many lives as the superweapons they claim to be against.

Domestically, URO's technology varies a lot by region. On some planets, such as Ioketa-dominated worlds, very little machinery is present at all, instead favouring traditional solutions to shelter and food. On others, notably the much more urbanised worlds with mixed populations, machinery is so widespread it dominates most inhabited space. On Kralgon planets, the world surface may even be completely stripped of natural resources in favour of completely mechanised structures and artificial ecosystem.


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The Union Republic rarely involves itself with wars that are not defensive, and has a reactive foreign policy rather than a proactive one. However, URO still maintains a large military and a large defensive fleet to defend it and its allies from danger. As it does not believe in destroying planets for ethical reasons, it more often seeks to occupy them or to liberate their population. This, and the willingness of their biological soldiers to fight (and the indifference of their synthetic ones) makes URO much more likely to commit to ground assaults than many other nations.

URO's military is composed largely of Loron and robots such as Tralkikianoe, with soldiers of races such as the Inalton also serving voluntarily, and deploys forces with Kralgon Pods. Its fleet consists of AI controlled or remotely controlled starfleets (with a few manned ships) defending planets from orbit.





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The Union Republic of Ottzello's foreign policy focuses much around its trade of resources, as well as its bond with other nations to aim to protect them.


Diplomat PassionWe shall do what we can to make this agreement prosper.


Green faceWe aim to defend you with our lives and our resources.


Blue faceYou have our support and our respect.


Yellow faceWe do not know you well.


Orange faceKeep out of our business and we will keep out of yours.


Red faceYou will regret making us your enemies.

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