Supreme Fleet of Concordant Resolution

The Supreme Fleet of Concordant Resolution is the largest flotilla operating under the banner of the Cruentus Battlefleet. It is currently led by N'thavo Xellunaion.

The greatest weapon of the Cognatus Empire is their hatred. However, this is also their greatest weakness. Our civilisation is bound by the principles of honour and kinship and thus, we are more powerful.

- Thaur Vicliquam

The Cruentus Battlefleet is the primary martial force utilised by the Order of the Cognatus during military campaigns and planetary defence. A rather loose organisation linked together only through a loyalty to the Order, the Battlefleet operates differently from most other militaries in the Gigaquadrant in this regard. Each fleet is commanded by a high ranking Fleetlord, the most powerful of which is the Supreme Lord of Concordant Resolution N'thavo Xellunaion, a legend amongst his kind. Other fleetlords include Thaur Vicliquam, who leads a vast fleet from his flagship, the stolen Melkón-class Dreadnought Harbinger of Truth. The size of a Fleetlord's fleet is often indicative of the status of the individual in the Meritocracy, with a fleet numbering several hundred ships being indicative of having a commander with a great deal of skill in battle. The military forces of the Cognethril often consist largely of ship designs which are also used by the Cognatus Empire, understandably due to the origins of the Meritocracy as a rebel faction, however upon the establishment of a new sphere of influence in Cyrannus, new ship designs such as the Maephedil-class Battlecruiser were developed which serves as the workhorse of the new fleet.


Early OperationsEdit

Fleet of Majestic Integrity

The Fleet of Majestic Integrity under the command of Thaur Vicliquam was the largest of the core fleets under Order control during the first months of its existence.

The origins of the Cruentus Battlefleet lie largely among three sources, the remnants of N'thavo Xellunaion's fleet after his activities in Endless Space, small fleets that remained loyal to the ideals of the Cognatus Remnant (such as those under the command of Voron Valna'leh) and a large rebel fleet organised by Thaur Vicliquam and Morin Ehtar during their escape from the forces of the Cognatus Empire. The latter became known as the Fleet of Majestic Integrity under the flag of the stolen Melkón-class Dreadnought Harbinger of Truth and was the largest single flotilla in the Cruentus Battlefleet until the arrival of Xellunaion's newly consolidated Supreme Fleet of Concordant Resolution in the final months of 05 NE. During these nascent months for the Order of the Cognatus, most fleet actions took place in opposition to the Cognatus Empire, such as the Battle of Emónoain on 05-04-05 NE. Other actions however include the Fleet of Unrelenting Reverence's involvement in the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone and the peaceful involvement of the Fleet of Profound Purpose during Project Exodus.


Vectors of Chaos and Order 01

The Cruentus Battlefleet, led by N'thavo Xellunaion, reluctantly fights with the Galactic Empire against the Cognatus Empire during the Battle of Cognalorilos.

Unlike more organised militaries such as the navies of the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Cruentus Battlefleet is considered to be far less centralised, with most major decisions being at the behest of the Battlefleet's myriad of Fleetlords united by their loyalty to the Primarch Voro Acetenus as well as the Council of World States. Nevertheless, the role of the Battlefleet is largely traditional for an interstellar armada, namely the protection and patrol of the Order's space as well as both offensive and defensive action against the Order's innumerable enemies, both seen and unseen.


Ranks and ClassesEdit


We are the guardians of the true future of the Cognatus, one of honour and peace.

Cogsangui Warrior

  • Species: Cogsangui
  • Role: Ground Assault
  • Equipment: Energy Shields · Cloaking System · Energy Caster

Cogsangui Warriors are the backbone of the military of the Order and count amongst their ranks some of the most proficient marksmen in Cyrannus. Armoured in sleek and simple crimson armour equipped with highly advanced energy shields and a cloaking system, Cogsangui Warriors are fearsome opponents in ground engagements, having first seen combat during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone against the demonic forces of the Corruptus. Though they are often equipped with a wide range of weapons, they are most often seen equipped with an energy caster, a directed energy weapon capable of firing bolts of hardlight for maximum destructive potential during firefights.


Co-Nihil-class Battlecruiser
CCS Battleship

Class: Co-Nihil-class Battlecruiser

Year Introduced: 165 BNE

Length: 2,030 metres


Energy Projectors
Plasma weaponry
Deconfinement disruptors
Conversion weaponry

Performance: Exceptional

The Co-Nihil-class Battlecruiser was once the most prominent cruiser class utilised by the First Cognatus Empire, having played a key role in all Cognatus conflicts since the introduction of the class in 165 BNE. The ship was variably considered a harbinger of destruction during the Intergalactic War and later a beacon of hope as the mainstays of the Cognatus Remnant's core fleets. With the rise of the Cognatus Empire, the Co-Nihil was largely replaced with more advanced vessels utilised by the empire such as the Angelós-class. Even with the rise of the Order, the Co-Nihil-class has largely been eclipsed by more modern vessels, most notably the Maephedil-class Battlecruiser. Nevertheless, the Co-Nihil-class remain relatively common in patrol and escort missions.
Notable Ships
  • Undiminished Conviction
  • Declaration of Triumph
  • Seeker of Order


Diabolus-class Armoured Cruiser

Class: Diabolus-class Armoured Cruiser

Year Introduced: 05 NE

Length: 1,900 metres


Energy Projectors
Plasma weaponry
Deconfinement disruptors
Conversion weaponry

Performance: High

The Diabolus-class Armoured Cruiser was the second ship design unveiled from the Primarch's shipyards on Cognethril, measuring 1,900 metres long and armed with the weaponry capable of destroying far larger vessels, especially the now venerable deconfinement disruptors. Despite these fearsome cannons however, it is unclear how the Diabolus-class will fare against the vessels of the rival Cognatus Battlefleet, which have been infused with technology from the Primercer.
Notable Ships
  • Surveyor of Allegiance
  • Commitment and Retribution
  • Incorruptible Reaper

  • Original design based on Covenant aesthetics.

Exaltatio-class Assault Carrier

Class: Exaltatio-class Assault Carrier

Year Introduced: 29 BNE

Length: 9,843 metres


Energy Projectors
Plasma weaponry
Deconfinement disruptors
Conversion weaponry

Performance: Exceptionally exceptional

The Exaltatio-class Assault Carrier is the most common assault carrier utilised by the Cruentus Battlefleet, despite being introduced nearly three decades prior to the New Cyrandia Wars. Famed Exaltatio-class carriers include the Endurance of the Hallowed Star commanded by Morin Ehtar and the Resolution and Truth, the flagship of the Order commanded by N'thavo Xellunaion. The Exaltatio-class packs an incredibly heavy punch by way of its torpedo arrays, lance emitters and deconfinement disruptors, making it considerably more powerful than most ships of a comparable size utilised by factions such as the New Cyrannian Republic.
Notable Ships
  • Resolution and Truth
  • Endurance of the Hallowed Star

  • Original design based on Covenant aesthetics.
Ordained Exultation-class

Maephedil-class Battlecruiser

Class: Maephedil-class Battlecruiser

Year Introduced: 05 NE

Length: 2,500 metres


Energy Projectors
Plasma weaponry
Deconfinement disruptors
Conversion weaponry

Performance: Exceptional

The Maephedil-class Battlecruiser was the first ship design unveiled by the Order of the Cognatus in the aftermath of its split from the Cognatus Empire, launched in 05 NE to serve as the main workhorse of the fleet. Designed with features found in the highly advanced Melkón-class Dreadnought Harbinger of Truth, the Maephedil-class is truly an impressive ship to behold. Armed with plasma weaponry, deconfinement disruptors and conversion cannons, the Maephedil-class is more than a match for even the Star Destroyers of the Empire and are serving well in their role as the mainstay of the fleet.
Notable Ships
  • Fire of Judgement
  • Solemn Promise
  • Harbinger of Death

  • Original design based on Covenant aesthetics.
Maephedil-class Destroyer

Individual Ships


Morin Ehtar

Morin Ehtar

  • Homeworld: Cognalorilos
  • Fleet: Fleet of Unrelenting Reverence
  • Ship: Endurance of the Hallowed Star
  • Influence: Very High

Morin Ehtar is a male Cogsangui serving as a Fleetlord in the Order of the Cognatus, commanding the mighty dreadnought Incorruptible Reaper. Born in 80 BNE on the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos, like most of his kin, Ehtar fought in the Intergalactic War, a devastating conflict throughout the Gigaquadrant during which the Cognatus aimed to destroy all those who worked contrary to their scriptures. Years later, he would play a key role in the formation of the Order, earning him the respect of his kin and those allied with their interests.

Nthavo Xellunaion

N'thavo Xellunaion

  • Homeworld: Decatría
  • Fleet: Supreme Fleet of Concordant Resolution
  • Ship: Resolution and Truth
  • Influence: Exceptional

N'thavo Xellunaion is a male Cogsangui who holds a near unrivalled status amongst his people as a legendary warrior, teacher and master of fleets. Though over a millennia old, Xellunaion remains in what he considers his prime serving as the leader of the military forces of the Order of the Cognatus, acting as a loyal confidant and advisor to Primarch Voro Acetenus. N'thavo Xellunaion now holds dominion over the military forces of the Order, adorned with the lofty title of Supreme Lord of Concordant Resolution.


Thaur Vicliquam

  • Homeworld: Cognalorilos
  • Fleet: Fleet of Majestic Integrity
  • Ship: Harbinger of Truth
  • Influence: Very High

Thaur Vicliquam is a male Cogsangui who served as a Shiplord in the Battlefleet of the Cognatus Empire before rebelling due to his opposition to the Primercer's rule. Gathering a large force of Cognatus disloyal to the Primercer, Thaur ultimately managed to rescue Acetenus from virals on Koerband, ultimately leading to the rise of the Order of the Cognatus, a new government which Thaur now serves as lord of the Fleet of Majestic Integrity from his mighty flagship Harbinger of Truth, a Melkón-class Dreadnought.


Voron Valna'leh

  • Homeworld: Decatría
  • Fleet: Fleet of Radiant Splendour
  • Ship: Surveyor of Allegiance
  • Influence: High

Voron Valna'leh is a male Cogsangui serving in the battlefleet of the Order of the Cognatus, having served under Voro Acetenus ever since the dark days of the Intergalactic War. After many years in exile after the disappearance of Voro Acetenus and the rise of the Cognatus Empire, Valna'leh reappeared upon the rise of the Cognethril and now serves as the Fleetlord of the Fleet of Radiant Splendour from his flagship, the Surveyor of Allegiance.


A symbol of the strength and resolve of the Order! May it rain fire upon the false ones!

- Voro Acetenus


  • Like much of the Cognatus fiction, the ranks and ships on this page are based on the aesthetics of Covenant in Halo.
  • The name "Cruentus Battlefleet" was chosen by Dinoman82.

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