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The UNOS began as the Unification of the Gardeili and their homeworld, and their travel across the stars, seeking out further territory and resources. The Gardeili would seek out numerous worlds and conquer them, declaring themselves rulers of the galaxy, and their grand destiny lie with the stars, and that any alien race that stood in their path would come to bow before them. Their greatness and strength was beyond compare. Their mastery of stars would come sooner, none able to stand before them. However, their believes in their own greatness came to a halt with the discovery of an ancient space station that yielded incredible knowledge and power within it. This station belonged to the Multus Esse, and held the incredible technologies and artifacts that had allowed the Gardeili to rise to space, but also the knowledge they were created by the Multus Esse, but just one of many races, another race created for some unknown purpose by the ancient, enigmatic precursors. The Gardeili were no longer so sure of their greatness, now that they were revealed to be like so many of other races.

This changed with the encounter of a lifetime. The Gardeili, in their travels, came across the Radeon missionaries of the Church of Spode, who were spreading the word of their deity, Spode, and wishing to share their wisdom with others. The ideal was exposed to many Gardeili, and unlike certain other races, they were open to it, and did not stay to their pagan believes as strongly. Many Gardeili returned to their people with these ideals, and the Gardeili States became increasingly divided by the ideals. Some wished to welcome them and convert fully, while others did not wish to change their ideals. For weeks the Counts and lords debated the issue, before their leader, Tolo'Bartomee, sought out the Radeons, and meet with them aboard the Station of the Multus Esse. There, they had a discuss that went on for weeks, and, inspired by their strength of character and charisma, the Gardeili agreed to join them, and took to the worship of Spode from then on, becoming wholly devoted to it. They mixed these new believes with their old ones to create a new version of Spodism that was connected, yet different from the original versions.

After this, the Gardeili dedicated themselves to a new goal. Rather then devoting themselves to the ideal of creating a vast empire that would fall sooner or later, they instead worked to embrace the words of Spode and to further his word and bring enlightenment to all. Strength lied not with the preservation of their mortal shells, but in the embracing of Spode, and preservation of their immortal soul. To accomplish this, they brought several races into their fold, including the Utuno, a weak and cowardly race of engineers and merchants, the Kag'yar, a large gathering of Pirate Clans that the Gardeili conquered, and many others, spreading the word of Spode to each race, who accepted it more or less fully.

While trade was maintained, the Unified Nations and the Brotherhood found they where both too different to fully unify, the UNOS viewing the Brotherhood as too passive and reclusive in their faith, and the Brotherhood seeing the UNOS as too primitive and warlike to truly find the peace promised among the Radeon Missionaries. The Brotherhod of Spode planted their banner in High Sanctuary, the very same installation where their kind where first created, and held many secrets about their ancestry that the UNOS where eager to unlock. The two, however, did not outright hate each other, and, in fact, both where united not just by their genetic ancestry, but also by their place within the Church of Spode. Too far for the Cleriarchs that came to power later to care, the UNOS and BoS maintained their spirit of independence and stubborn will, each going on with their own business as the Church fell into decadence and decay, largely ignoring those of the heartland as broken from Spode and blinded by arrogance. As such, little care could be found when Jaharan ae-Zamarros took power and began his crusade, Gardeili Basielii and other leaders largely ignoring the madman, and being largely ignored in turn.

Later, as Jaharan increased his attacks on outsiders, puritanism, and other actions, the UNOS and their Brotherhood kin declared all independence from the Church of Spode. The UNOS for a long time been held as borderline heretical for simply reworking their pagan believes into Spodism, but lacking the interest to pursue them, the Church and Jaharan quickly forgot about them, and left them to their own devices. Though saddened by the deaths of trillions of innocents and their fellow worshippers, the UNOS offered no assistance to the Church, even after the war, and Gardeili Basielii Lords and Clerics issued their attitude towards Jaharan, forever calling him "The Thrice-Cursed" for his actions, and damning him to the deepest pits of hell for his atrocities.

Despite their believes that so long as they maintained their ideals, and never swayed to the same ideals their Vendespode kindred had fallen into, the UNOS where not perfect, nor where they immune to the predations of corruption and greed. Many Priests exercised decadence and corruption of their own, and while Gardeili feudal lords attempted to crack down on this, it never fully vanished. Such seeds laid the ground work for future issues the UNOS would face. Until that day, however, the UNOS was a powerful, if distant empire in Mirus, never drawn in by the rising power of Zarbania, nor the strange, bombastic Pictali though border settlements conducted trade with both at times.

Fall of the False Prophets Edit

We are blind no longer.

- Loda'Gadem killing the last Prophet of Hun'gora

The UNOS maintained it's size and strength, but slowly began to wane in power as the Mendel tribes under the Ugandalorians, Kodalorians and Walgolorian rose to power, as well as the Empire of Zarbania, thanks to both their laxity and their current size, making them believe none could challenge them. The Gardeili leader, Odos'Gadem began a campaign to bring the UNOS back on track and make it prosperous once more. A minor feudal lord he may have been, but Odos was determined to advance the technologies of the UNOS and maintain their focus, afraid that, in such desperate straits, his people would become swept up by some ideologue or populist like the Radeons had under Jaharan. As such, he began an era of slow expansion, research and other works to bring his people to par. Yet, these ideals of a new golden age, would be swept away by a storm of iron. For one day, a race of beings, called the Prophets of Hun'gora came, traveling in an amazing, heavenly ship, powerful beyond words and capable of destruction on an unimaginable scale. They claimed they where remnants of the Multus Esse themselves, gifted by Spode with great, fantastic power, and sent to guide the UNOS to greatness once more. Odos was intrigued, but weary. He heard them out, and allowed them to work their way as advisers, but kept tried to maintain some control.

Despite, their gift of speaking and charisma attracted many, bringing in everyone, from lowly Utuno and Kig'tar, to the richest Gardeili and Targarous lords. Using their power, they soon took control with the support of the people, Odos welcoming such beings, feeling they where wise and gifted beyond words. And, for a while, the Prophets of Hun'gora lead with wisdom and clarity, bringing the UNOS to new heights, greater weapons and ships, better medical care and research, and closer to the greatness of the Multus Creators. Yet, over time, restrictions began to become more common. Science was limited, and, soon, only Hun'Goran scientists and their chosen aides where allowed, claiming that science tainted the youthful minds of Spode's chosen and lead them to corrupted Atheism. This front, however, was one mostly done to slowly corrupt the technologies of the UNOS. Any scientists who objected where executed, and accused of abandoning their faith for empty machines and the like. The Philosophers of the Gardeili where also hunted heavily, for many had abandoned Spode in favor of relying on their own logic and reasoning.

As this went about, Hun'Goran leaders also began to manipulate the rivalries between the Gardeili and Targarous, hoping to keep both at each other's throats so neither would turn on their masters. Odos, however, began to question a great many things with these leaders now, and began an investigation on them. However, the Prophets where aware of this, and had him executed. Before he died, Odos warned his son to beware of what the Prophets where. The Prophets themselves almost executed Loda, before the Gardeili Lords objected, the death of Odos still angering them that they where not allowed to know why beyond "Heresy". Loda, however, calmed his kin, and brought them together after the upheaval his father's death caused.

As such, when the Prophets issued their next orders, none would question it; a Crusade against the pagan tribes of the Mendel, and their allies. The Prophets claimed they where abusing the gifts of the Multus Esse for their own benefit, and destroying any who opposed them. The Gardeili and Targarous, now bound to the will of the Prophets of Hun'gora, marched to war. Vast armadas of massive battleships where raised, while hordes of alien conquistadors and holy warriors where organized to storm the galaxy. The Prophets ordered their troops to subjugate these savages for the good of Mirus. The forces of the UNOS flew out, their vast numbers overwhelming border regions and outposts of the Mendel and the Waptoria, before the two organize a defense. The UNOS where pitiless, slaughtering and killing for the good of Spode, driven by their leaders to near insanity. While many, such as Ajaar'Magnos or Chieftain Bokor of the Targarous exercised caution and respect towards their foes, many others where out for blood. Seeing how hard the Mendel fought against the Gardeili and Targarous earned their respect, but the Prophets wished to break their morale. Thus, they ordered their warriors to slaughter the Ugandalorian/Kodalorian Draiiuds, and the Walgolorian Empyreal Caste, hoping to shatter their will, as well as the heretical history of their clans. Once they began doing this, the Mendel fought all the harder, acting like beasts against their foes in battle.

Loda, however, questioned his orders. These beings where too honorable and proud to be heretics, to worthy of Spode's blessing to be corrupt. He even allowed a group of Ugandalorians to serve under him, called the Kojaros Janissaries, respecting their pride and prowess. Loda, risking enraging the prophets, and being accused of Apostasy, continued his actions, even allowing his foes to retreat and evacuate civilians rather then slaughter them. Until one day he found the Prophet he was serving under alone, conversing with some unseen force, and saw beneath his robes, robotic tissue. Angered, Loda demanded to know what the Prophet had done to himself, and brought him to the bridge of their ship to face the wrath of both him, and his aide, Ajaar'Magnos. Revealing himself a servant of the Bachyeon Hive-Mind, the Prophet laughed at the blind faith of the UNOS, before Ajaar decapitated him. Disturbed to no end how far his people had fallen, Loda organized his fleets, and made for the capital of Ugandalore. Yielding the massive 140th Fleet of Runis'ka, Loda talked down the Mendel defenders, and demanded to speak with their leaders, High King Torscka Nitrocon and High Marshal Barda Clett. After revealing his leaders' deception, Loda asked for their assistance. Weary, Torscka agreed, despite his advisers' calls to kill Loda.

With this support, Loda traveled to the location of Chieftain Bokor's fleet, and, after talking down the enraged Targarous Chieftain, who accused him of heresy, Loda showed him the evidence for the Prophet's betrayal. His own warriors broken by grief, Loda spoke to Bokor, and told him that, as there was honor in their alliance once, there could be again with the Prophets destroyed. Bokor agreed, and followed Loda. Now with most of their forces gone under the command of Loda and Bokor, the Prophets began a desperate last stand. Their loyalists, either lost to the Leviathan Hive-Mind, or blinded by the Prophets, where now surrounded by the combined might of the Mendel, Waptoria, and Loda and Bokor's troops. Even with the intervention of the Leviathan itself to destroy all nations with a single swipe, could not stop Loda from destroying the Prophets and finally freeing his people.

The damage was done, however. Untold worlds where now destroyed, thousands displaced, many more killed. Loda, gripped by guilt over his actions, briefly went into exile, before the Houses and Targarous tribes called him back, saying they needed his leadership once more. After discussing things with his aid, Ajaar, Loda agreed and took up the reigns of leadership once more, both to repair the damage to the UNOS, and to help mend relationships. Though the Waptoria where more forgiving, the Mendel Clans almost refused to ever see the UNOS again, but it was Loda's persistence that allowed the two to finally see eye to eye and grow to accept each other once more, forgiving, but never forgetting the past, the Mendel, mindful of what had been done, and the UNOS, worried over ever taking those steps again.

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One of the things that always marked the UNOS as different from others of the Church of Spode, was how different it approached it's religion. Between the spiritual animism of the Targarous, and the philosophical approach of the Gardeili, differences where bound to happen, but what was not expected was the mixture of their ideals that the two incooperated into their religion. Rather then just worship Spode, the Gardeili also followed the various State-Patron deities, such as the Patron of War or the Patron of Law and Wisdom, but changed into Angels or Messengers of Spode. Yet, none could question their loyalty to the Path of Enlightenment and the peace and prosperity Spode promised, for they where just as loyal and devoted to the path as any other member of the Church of Spode. Many things affected their choice in how they worshipped, however. The Members of the UNOS where noted for their stubborn need to hold onto their old ways, and not change things to radically, thus giving them a hybrid system between their old religion and the new one offered by Radeon missionaries. The second, was their distance. As they where too far away to effectively police, most other members of the Church of Spode largely ignored them and left them to their own devices, some even believing that, if the Church collapsed, the UNOS would fall apart without the Radeons and return to their barbarous, pagan religions, like their neighbors.

The UNOS, despite their believes in finding peace and prosperity, where noted for their temper and willingness to invoke Rak'on Vo'shar, or Holy Crusade. This was what separated them from their kindred in the Brotherhood of Spode, who felt war was a last resort, and preferred diplomacy. While the UNOS in it's early days tried to maintain diplomacy, their large size and power, caused them to quickly abuse their power and see all others as heathens in need of cleansing and conversion, their false ideals to be ripped asunder and the flag of Spode planted on their worlds. Their warriors where noted for heavy usage of heavy infantry armor, powerful ranged weapons, and large numbers, as well as destructive ground vehicles. Their leaders where versed in both the scriptures of Spode, and the studies of war put forth by their most dedicated military leader Aex'chulus of the Gardeili, the greatest conqueror of their history.

Despite not wishing to be caught up in the corruption that began to take hold over the greater Church of Spode, this corruption of faith slowly wormed it's way into their ideals. A caste system developed over time, with the demagogues of Hun'gora taking control, and the Gardeili and Targarous, once wise and proud leaders in war and peace, reduced to brutish enforcers with little mind of their own. Science began to be more clamped down on and controlled, at first, the Prophets claimed, because science would corrupt Spode's children, but later, it was revealed, so they could secretly begin to use tainted weaponry and devices on the other races. Increasing government surveillance was placed upon the people, so the Prophets could maintain their command and root out any who disobeyed their fervent commands.

After the Gardeili leader Loda'Gadem destroyed the Prophets and routed their masters, he began to try and implement changes to reverse the corruption that had taken hold. While scientific advances flourished and the people enjoyed greater freedom, it would not be until the reformation of the Greater Mirusian Church of Spode into the Mirusian Theocratic Congregation that the lingering echoes of Hun'Goran influence truly vanished.

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Military is consdiered an The highest honor among the Spode worshippers, and they would gladly give themselfs to their task. The Main races that Fight are the Utuno, Kig-tar, Gardeili, Cortari Dracs, and Quorom, Tongalo, and Hiteilian.

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The UNS are all united in a common goal. They all share simaler culture, and treat even outsiders as part of their group. While some are smaller and weaker, they protected by the larger ones from harm.

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This details their relations after the fall of the Prophets of Hun'Gora and before the unification into the GMSC and MTC.

Green face Worshippers of Spode Edit

Our faith unities us!

  • Church of Spode - To think, our ancestors warned us of the wrongs a savage like Jaharan would lead us to, and we ended up following his path anyway...
  • Brotherhood of Spode - We may be different, but we are still brothers all the same.

Blue face Allies Edit

May the Light of Spode smile upon us!

  • Mendel Pact - A century of friendship could not repay the blood of your kindred we spilled.
  • Waptoria Alliance of Species - They are certainly the heart of Mirus.
  • Multus Esse - Our creators. Spode, Giver of life, has certainly blessed you with purpose.
  • Vanara Empire - A strange, enigma to understand. Yet, once friendship is reached, they became the most loyal of friends. Be it Spode or this...Jura, we are brothers through and through.
  • Volver Empire - Honorable beyond words.

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Hopefully Spode can show the path to friendship.

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Stay on our goodside and things can improve.

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The Light of Spode shines on you...To burn your heretically Bodies!

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  • While it, and it's member races are based off The Covenant from Halo, each member is also based on certain nations from the classical era, such as the Greek City States, Ancient Zoroastrian empires, and others.
  • Imperious' advise helped rework this page, and how the UNOS ties with the main Church of Spode worked.
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