Nothing less than perfecness

- The company philosophy

Traloscan Incorporated Firearms Armoury is a very famous UNO military company. It has surpassed all it's competitors, includng the Imperium Supplies in many levels. The company develops advanced weaponry used by both recruits and advanced soldiers with more money.

It's equipment ranges from expensive to cheap, although only one of each item has been discovered (or data has been uncovered).



Despite popular belief, TIFA started out as a poor company. It began as a shop on Ottzello planet Tralosca, owned by the Heeyorian, supplying for UNO's Military Supplies, then things changed when it hired a blacksmith to develop weapons. Tralosca was a huge troop training planet, so business went very well. when this became successful, they started training and hiring more gunsmiths to develop better weapons, until they eventually became independent.

Then, with the income it was earning, it began building a factory. Since there were few manufacturers on Tralosca, it was unrivalled. After hat, it began shipping it's high-class weaponry to other planets, makin the company fortunes. Using these fortnes, they began researching further, and developing even more.

Eventually, the company became so rich they started buying their competitors. TIFA's tchnology was regarded as the best designed and most effective, so they recieved the highest income. As a result, other companies merged with theirs. More still simply failed to reach TIFA's standard and thus didn't reach high enough sales. Others still siply couldn't affod to cut their prices as low as TIFA's. Eventually, TIFA became the dominant company.

TIFA is UNO's leading military technology company.


The planet Tralosca was a large volcanic world with a large amount of resources, but the Unified Nation mined the planet, and terraformed the world to become a great manufacturing planet and great to trade with other empires, who would later join UNO.


When the commercial economy of UNO became post-scarcitic, TIFA was decided as the corporation to keep, as the other corporations were unnecessary with only one weapon for one function. TIFA was kept on the basis that its weapons were most commonly viewed as UNO's greatest.


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'Blastsabers are popular UNO weapons. A weapon that can switch between a vibroblade, a sword and a turbolaser blaster easily. They are a weapon of choice to most, and a cmplex design that has never been replicated. TIFA's most famous and successful weapon.



Developed initially during the Third Ottzello Galactic War (with development continued by the commercial weapons group TIFA), the first weapon to fully take advantage of turbolaser weaponry as well as the weapon that got TIFA popular, the Blastsaber became an extremely common weapon. The weapon's design came from Henzaltarik, whose father was defeated due to the inability to switch from a sword to a machine gun quick enough.

Henzaltarik resultantly became famous, and created many iteration of this weapon.

Post-commercial usageEdit

Since the Unified Nation of Ottzello's society's economy evolved past the commercial state, the Blastsaber weapon became used not only among all soldiers, but among citizens; as all citizens must carry weapons at all times by law, the Blastsaber became the best choice.



A sword made of several parts, which can transform into a different shape. The sword is sharp, but mainly relies on energy to become more powerful. It contains a globe, which is a Gyronic container and reactor, near the grip.


Used by most, if not all, close combat troopers. It is very effective and convenient in combat to simply switch between the 3 types; turbolaser, phaser, and vibroblade. It is possibly the most common weapon among UNO troopers and citizens.


There are 3 iterations:

  1. Light- A simple weapon; cheap and effective, but it's power falls short of the other two
  2. Heavy- Much more powerful, but expensive
  3. MG- Unlike the other iterations, can be used as an energy machine gun rather than a blaster



Very swift hits from a very powerful blade, or a few blasts from the ranged weapon. The ranged weapon is very powerful but isn't as fast as other Taldar-made UNO weapons. The blade is very good in combat, but against larger close combat foes, a larger blade would be a better option.

UNO troopers who use the weapon can perform acrobatic movements, making it a formidable weapon.


There are no known evasion tactics to this weapon.


Very good against infantry, but also, with skills, can defeat vehicles.

It is best to perform acrobatic moves using this weapon, as not only will you be hard to hit (especially with Gyronic effects), but you can defeat enemies at a quick pace. However, simpler uses of the weapon are also effective. Being speed with the weapon uses it to it's full potential, but with Gyronic, that is rarely an issue.



Based on Gunblades from Final Fantasy

Gyronators are a special Taldar-created UNO weapon.


A small weapon with a projector at the end that looks like it came out of a human kid's science fiction film. It's design has caused a real stir; it hugely differs to that of other UNO weapons by TIFA. This is one of the mysteries about this weapon.


Can either be used as a gadget or a weapon. In combat, it is presumably used to defeat enemies quickly, or spread fear to enemies. As a gadget, it could be used to age objects or de-age them. For example, to repair something, or to cause something to rust. They are created by Ioketa, for those who lack ability with the energy.



Attacks are very quick attacks, aimed either at:

  • Organ- ageing organs to kill the target
  • Important parts of a vehicle- Obvious reasons
  • Skin- To cause skin to rot

And other parts of the body.


Since the weapon is apparently very tough to break through, shield generators or armour can defend.


The weapon is incredibly deadly at twisting time, and doesn't even recquire skill with the energy. They are created for UNO troopers with not very good skill at essence.


Main article: Blastsaber

A weapon that can switch between turbolaser, phaser and vibroblade, Blastsabers are UNO's most common weapon, as they are the most useful.

Heavy machine gunEdit

UNO's Heavy Machine Gun fires laser-coated bullets at an exceptional rate, and contains vast amounts of ammo. They can make short work of infantry, and pin down enemies with ease. They are often carried by heavy troopers, or simply used mounted on larger vehicles.

Sniper RifleEdit

UNO's Sniper Rifles use laser-coated bullets to take down enemies. They also use sound surpressors, to prevent enemies from hearing them. They are mostly used by Tralkik Hunters.


Main article: Gyronator

A special Chronoscopic weapon that can change time on a certain object. for example, it can age something or "de-age" something. It can also freeze species in time. It is mysterious, as several sources suggest that, like the Gyronator, Unified Nation can perform this without one.



Name was inspired by Tifa Lockhart from final Fantasy VII!

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