Cloud 9 Ultra Strife developments is an UNO military company that specializes in explosives, and is a partner of TIFA. with help from Barrett Reasearch Facilities, they produce unrivalled explosives technology.


A small company that was tiny and unheard of in it's early days, until it began to trade with other Ottzelloans. Trading with them eventually rewarded the company with the Missil Launcher. They improved on this weapon and sol it to Taldar Military. It soon became popular and famous; although there were many imitations, none coul beat the original.

They continued to improve on this weapon, and made new iteratons, as well as several other weapons and grenades. Soon, they stopped selling normal weapons, and switched to just explosives. Thy also started working with Barrett Researchers.

When the Kralgon joined UNO, the discovery of Dark Chronoscopic literally destroyed their competitors. Dark Chronoscopic made their weaponry significantly more powerful, and no other company knew how to safely incorporate it in their weaponry.


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The Taldar-designed Ultramissile is quite possibly the most powerful missile launcher in existence. Using Chronoscopic and Dark Chronoscopic to improve missiles and speed, it is the ultimate destructive force.


one through many iterations, but this one is the final, and the best. Always been a weapon for rich people, hugely expensive.

Several iterations of this weapon have had to be banned as they were too dangerous, but later black markets managd to get holds on the blueprints for them, and sol them anyway.

While the weapons have been imfamously pirated and have an extremely high price, they are still very well know in Taldar culture, and are one of the weapons that made Cloud 9 Ultra Strife famous.

The weapon became even more powerful when it used Dark Chronoscopic. This integratio hugely upgraded te weapon; eah missile was ever more destructive.


The weapon is long with several small barrels, and a few attachments such as the screen. the screen, lik the one used by the Missile Launcher, is used for maps, sights, scopes etc.


Used by the mega rich and the most highly respected of veterans, the Ultramissile is a weapon that can single handedly take down entire legions. While other Taldar-designed UNO weapon are deadly, this is killer. It strikes fear fear into the hearts of enemies as wielders tear up many vehicles in it's path.



Attacks are several small extremely fast missiles which seek targets. It tears up many vehicles and enemies in it's path.


No methods of evasion are known.


Tactics are obvious; in a dire situation, the weapon hugely lowers enemy morale and can defeat multiple. It is used mostly by Inalton commandos and Loron Boom Bosses.

Missile launcherEdit

UNO's missile launchers are homing missiles, and use antimatter for explosions.


Cloud 9 Ultra Strife is well known for it's grenades. Grenades are used mostly against infantry, but also against vehicles. The grenades magnetically attach to targets, and explode later. The grenades run on antimatter.

Dark Chronoscopic bombEdit

A special weapon, Dark Chronoscopic grenade launchers aren't commonly used weapons, only owned by certain individuals.


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The Ultramissile is a special weapon running off essence. It is one of the most powerful infantry missile launchers in the universe, and is capable of mass destruction on a large scale.



Name was inpired by Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife!

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