UNO's Military Technology is sorted by the corporations that develop for it (note that these corporations are separated not for the money, but for the kind of weapons they make). They are run by Kralgon, Ottzelloan Grox, Inalton and Heeyorian.


Infantry weaponryEdit


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Traloscan Incorporated Firearms Armoury is one of the largest of the military suppliers. They create weapons that infantry wield in battle, such as blasters, rifles, bazookas etc. They are a large company but employ talent, they spend about 2 years testing and polishing up a weapon until its perfect. They make the stronger weapons that are used by the Taldar Military.

Cloud 9 Ultra Strife developmentsEdit

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This is a fairly big company, and a major partner with TIFA. The company specialize in explosives, as they serarch for more destructive resources and ways to use Gyronic to more explosive capabilities. They are more a developer than researcher, however, gaiing most research from Barrett Researcher Facilities.

Barrett Researcher FacilitiesEdit

  • Kralon, Grox, Gaal and Galt

The corporation that specializes in research and testing, Barrett Researcher Facilities gained a close relationship with the other two weapons creators. They have a unique way of research which has been adapted by many companies, who could not live up to Barrett Researcher Facilities and, thus, merged.


Lightning Fast StarshipsEdit

  • Kralgon, Grox and Heeyorian
For ships by this company, see Fiction:Unified Nation of Ottzello/Fleet.

Lightning Fast Starships are a starship development company. They specialize in speed, and, thus, are good at Ultra-drive engines and Starfighters/bombers. They are possibly the best starship developer, since they are not only good at military starships, but at personal ships. They do not have any turrets or space defences.

Sazh Star MilitaryEdit

  • Kralgo, Grox and Heeyorian
For ships by this company, see Fiction:Unified Nation of Ottzello/Fleet.

Sazh Star Military prides in its production of large, luxurious starships which are the UNO equivalent of Porshe, or a luxury cruise ship. However, for the military, their starships are real killers, terrifyingly huge with large weapons. Furthermore, their space defences are large and very powerful; they work on space defences with space station companies.

UNO's equivalent of this

Vanille StarWeapons LimitedEdit

  • Kralgon, Grox and Heeyorian

Vanille StarWeapons Limited was once a corporation that produced huge weapons for spaceships. They specialized in large, destructive weapons, focusing on testing, developing new ways of using Gyronic to make them better. The company created several weapons such as Planet busters, and is well known for supplying Sazh Star with their military weaponry.



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The Kralgon developed their own military technology prior to joining the Unified Nation of Ottzello. As some of this was ahead of the unified Nation's own technology, it is still used by them today.


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The Unified Nation of Ottzello has incredibly powerful superweapons, which work using various exotic sciences behind them.



  • All have their name based on one of Technobliterator's favourite characetrs from Final Fantasy VII and XIII!


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