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Early historyEdit

Most early Unified Nation technology is based on the Kralgon Technology with improvements by the members of the United Nations of Ottzello. This is because technology is one the Kralgon's greatest area, with some help from Gaal and other members mentioned here. It was also influenced by designs provided by the Taldar. As more empires joined the Unified Nation, empires such as the Grox added to the Unified Nation's ultimate technology.

Major revampsEdit

The Annihilation and the aftermath of it caused many new revamps in UNO's technology, especially at the move to the Borealis Galaxy.

For a long time, UNO's technology was based on Chronoscopic energies, due to the Ottzello Secotor's abundance of it (and the old Ottzello Galaxy's abundance), and the fact it was contained in creatures' biochemistry. However, as this wasn't available outside of Ottzello, UNO switched to alternates, namely zero point generators, antimatter and nuclear fusion for energy sources and weaponry.

When the Tralkikianoe joined UNO in Da Rampage, their technology had a huge influx of newer, more powerful technology that didn't rely so much on Chronoscopic. This meant UNO's technology improved largely. Also, it was the Tralkik who made all of UNO's vehicles, ships and robots sentient.

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit

During the time of the Second Borealis Galactic War, the Unified Nation's technology would improve greatly. The discovery of Borealis Grid would cause UNO to turn to using the Grid to harvest its energy, use its Cold Relay travel for FTL travel methods, and thus allowing all new technologies to be developed around the Grid.


There are some technologies in UNO which are fundamental to all their other technology, and indeed to the very essence of UNO itself. Its main fundamental is nanotechnology, and its use of nano-robots (known in UNO by their name nanomachines).


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UNO's government works on The Kralgon System known as UNOS (Unified Nation of Ottzello System). This system combines the consciousness of every source of intellect or thought processing (be it AI or individual organism) into a single collective consciousness and acts this way. It works based on a series of AIs in a single network that link the consciousness together, and allows for order and quick decision making. Organisms are connected to UNOS by nanomachines and a mandatory brain implant.


UNO prides itself in its nanotechnology, its main field of technological research and one of the main characteristics of UNO itself. Every machine, organism and device contains nanomachines which are responsible for repair, upgrades, maintenance, cleaning, power supply among other things, and even act as nerves for both organisms and computers. UNO's nanotechnology also has hundreds of other uses, several of which are unknown to those outside the nation, and it has been suggested that they use picomachines (a millionth of the size of a nanomachines) which are even more powerful. UNO's nanotechnology has been described as one of the most advanced and unique in the Gigaquadrant.

Power sourcesEdit

UNO uses power sources from many places. Steam, tidal, wind and solar energies aren't unheard of in UNO. Nuclear fusion reactors are very powerful, and use nanomachines to cause particles to collide and fuse, making them very energy efficient. But its main sources of energy are from zero point energy extractors and from the Borealis Grid (both of which actually use hypermatter), as they provide an essentially endless and incredibly powerful source of energy. UNO also uses nanomachines to cut down on (and in some cases eliminate) wasted heat energy from electrical energy, as the nanomachines will be heated up by the heat energy lost in the environment and use this energy to transfer to another useful form.


Cybernetics and augmentations in UNO aren't unheard of. Using nanotechnology, one can augment themselves by taken pills containing certain materials, which the nanomachines break down and construct into a desired implant; surgical augmentations are fairly rare.

Organics and synthetics (all machines) will contain a zero-point energy extractor in their body (for a battery to power augmentations), a brain implant (to replace central nervous system with nanomachine nerves and to control the body and keep it connected to UNOS), a miniature quantum replicator (which can turn one material into another using a lot of power), an electromagnetic drive (for various purposes) and a miniature nanomachine factory. These are also contained in every machine and every device, all of which have individual artificial intelligence.


UNO use nanometals, which is essentially similar to organic tissue but made of nanomachines which can move and take shape in various forms. This is incredibly strong, as well as easily adaptable and repairing. There are theories and rumours that each nanomachine which makes up the nanometal is also made of picomachines, meaning that picometals make up the nanometals.


Wartech, short for war technology, in UNO tends to be very aggressive technology, developed based on the theory of deterrence for peace.


UNO's most common form of weaponry is its electromagnetic weaponry, through railguns and coilguns. These employ electromagnetic induction to accelerate projectiles to an incredibly high muzzle velocity, and it can be used to devastating effects; in short, they use the electromagnetic drive in the weapon and the user (either a machine or an organism) to speed up a bullet (or other projectile) to a speed so fast the effects are incredibly devastating. Depending on the speed the projectiles are fired at, and the mass of projectiles, the greater the more destructive the effects.

Electromagnetic weapons are the most common type of weapon used by UNO. From machine coilguns - repeating machine gun weapons which are standard among infantry and vehicles - to larger, starship railguns - which fire less shots than machine coilguns but each shot is more concentrated and uses more powerful projectiles - electromagnetic weapons find their way everywhere in UNO. The main reasons they are so common are the ease of production and the fact that an internal electromagnetic drive is standard in all UNO organisms and machines.

Name Type Projectile mass Muzzle velocity Strength stat Scale
Revolver Coilgun 15g (42mm long) 1,000 m/s 38 SP Creature
Machine Coilgun Coilgun 52g (138mm long) 1,000 m/s 520 SP Creature
Autocannon Coilgun 100g (225mm long) 1,500 m/s 2,250 SP Creature
Cannon Railgun 65g 2,000 m/s 2,600 SP Creature
Heavy main cannon Railgun 120g 2,500 m/s 7,500 SP Creature
Starblaster Railgun 1,000 kg 1,000 km/s 10 SP Starship
Repeating starblaster Coilgun 1,000 kg 1,000 km/s 10 SP Starship
Heavy repeating starblaster Coilgun 1,000 kg 3,165 km/s 100 SP Starship
Heavy starblaster Railgun 5,000 kg 70,700 km/s 5,000 SP Starship
Mega starblaster Railgun 1,000 kg 172,450 km/s 400,000 SP Starship
Heavy Starcannon Relativistic 1,000 kg 0.9999c 125,000,000 SP Starship
Obliterator Relativistic 1,000 kg ~c 2x1019 SP Starship

Many infantrymen, starships and vehicles across UNO use plasma in their weapons, a common form of weaponry in the universe, which fires high-energy plasma particles to cause damage.

Plasma wepaonry is effective at disrupting shields, disabling electrical systems, and causing damage with the heat and kinetic energy of the plasma. It tends to be used as an anti-tank weapon, being used more on tough, well-shielded mechanical opponents, and the larger biological ones.

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Missiles in UNO come in various forms. Used by starships, vehicles and infantrymen, missiles are used as armour piercing weapons, or to take out targets that are difficult to hit.

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It wouldn't be UNO without use of nanotechnology, and thus, nanoweaponry is common in UNO. Nanoweaponry tends to be used in all its non-exploding projectiles; nanomachines contained in the projectile (which are technically part of them, as they are made of nanometal, which is made of nanomachines) will be released once they hit/pass through a target, will then start to eat away at it, cutting the veins to important internal organs, releasing poisons, deactivating any remaining shields, and other sorts of disruptances. If the target is killed, the corpse or wreckage is then scavenged for anything important which is separated from the rest, and the rest is simply prepared for recycle after the battle.

However, nanoweapons aren't just contained in projectiles. Several are launched as standalone weapons, similar to the Nanohorde, although UNO have managed to control nanomachines well enough to prevent them from being such an issue. These standalone nanomachines act similarly to those contained in particles, and often cannot be seen. They can also make up a nanometal, if a weapon or vehicle requires repair or upgrade.




UNO's biotech, short for biological technology, is used to improve the individual UNO species. UNO's society thrives on unity and diversity, and so each race is boosted to their individual strengths, in the vision of both the race, the race' leaders and the interests of UNOS.


Genetic engineeringEdit




Domestech, short for domestic technology, in UNO is very advanced. UNO believes that every individual has a right to their own luxury. While individuals must earn bonuses and certain luxuries, UNO has standards of living and certain devices everyone owns.





  • UNO's technology once ran mostly on Essence, until Technobliterator decided it'd be much better for it to be more scientific


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