The United Nations of Ottzello is composed of many members of different species throughout the Borealis Galaxy, mostly the Ottzello Sector. All joined together through the bond of war, former enemies and allies make up this alliance who wish to survive. UNO's species are all part of UNO's collective group mind consciousness; each individual race forms a group mind, which makes up UNO's main one, via UNOS.

Major members[]

These members play the most vital role in the nation.


Given how rough everything is, we should still make the best of it all, and have space for domestic life and enjoyment.

- Valzaria

The Galotian are the most domestic and peaceful race of UNO, as well as the most numerous. A diverse race, Galotians fill most roles, although they are mostly seen in the diplomatic and peaceful roles.

The Galotians are an ancient Ottzelloan race. Back during the ancient times, when the Blyro'Tralzica were still dominant, the Galotians were the most prominent race representing them. However, due to losing the war against the Blyro'Tralzorca, the Galotians were forced into hiding. Their hiding resulted in them being fragmented into two races, the Technobian and Galot, although during the Second Borealis Galactic War millennia later, UNO combined the species into one once again.

The Galotians are the most numerous race in UNO. Filling the more domestic roles usually, Galotians are not well known as soldiers, and thus, often do not fill that role. While there are multiple Galotian scientists and engineers, they are generally outclassed in this role, and thus, do not fill it.


We shall fight, for peace, for survival, for conquest, and for ourselves. It is a natural thing, so why should we not? We shall fight, for order, for strength, and for prosperity!

- Yogtam

The Inalton are a mostly militaristic race, involved in the Nation's military, such as commanders and soldiers.

They were a strong empire of Ottzello, defeated in the First Ottzello Galactic War, by Loron.The two races were bitter enemies, and their war was mostly balanced. But when the Empire of the Kralgon attacked the Inalton and not the Loron, the Loron were able to defeat the Inalton, which meant nothing could stop them from spreading their chaos throughout the entire galaxy. When UNO discovered the Inalton in the time before the Third Ottzello War, they immediately joined forces, and the Inalton's great military helped UNO largely.

The Inalton are mostly soldiers and commanders, as well as police men. As UNO's military are made largely of clones, several Inalton soldiers have many clones, and thanks to the nanomachines in UNOS, the memories and consciousness of the clones are all identical. This means there are few woes for the Inalton's family, a factor that guarantees that Inalton will serve in the military. Their role is mostly as commanders, however, as Loron are stronger soldiers.


Look at nature, it all collected as one being, and it so beautiful. We make this world perfect as nature. We the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and we prosperous and strong.

- Tuolog

The Ioketa are a mysterious, mystical race who are the supernatural masters of UNO.

Originating from the planet Ioket, where all of nature resided in peace, with the forces of Chronoscopic and Essence having strong presence. All of the wildlife and plant life lived in harmony, even though they hunted in nature's fashion. However, the Hostile Xenoform Threat attacked the world in the Third Ottzello War. When the United Nations saved the planet, the Ioketa joined UNO, and later the Unified Nation, being behind the collective group mind consciousness using the Kralgon system.

Early technology relied largely on Chronoscopic, so the Ioketa were incredibly useful at first, more so than now. The Ioketa still have a large role, being involved in all supernatural elements that UNO investigates in, and fighting against other supernatural entities. Aside from this, they help preserve ecology and ecosystems of UNO's colonies, and their spirituality makes UNO's group mind more varied. The Ioketa are responsible for most/all of UNO's peaceful society, and for the original formation of the Unified Nation itself, but their supernatural aspects are their current main role, in addition to keeping society in check.

Loron Troopa.png


- Zr'Ahgloth

The Loron are a barbaric race, and prior to joining UNO, were incredibly warlike and stupid. They serve as the core force of soldiers.

They were once one of Ottzello's worst enemies, and were a factor for the galaxy becoming a dystopian galaxy in the First Ottzello War. They were, however, enslaved by the Kralgon Invasion Force in the Second Ottzello War's late stages. In the Third Ottzello Galactic War, by hijacking the Kralgon System, the United Nations managed to hijack the Loron, and with nanomachines, make them capable of communication (although it was still primitive communication), and with knowledge of who their allies were. It also made them turn on the Kralgon, meaning that UNO could win the war.

The Loron are still the most barbaric and warlike beings in the universe, which is exactly what makes them so valuable to UNO. Their huge numbers and reproduction rate (added with cloning), added to their incredible strength (able to take on an Epic Creature single-handedly without weaponry) meant they make excellent infantry. Their addiction to speed means that some Loron make superb vehicle drivers. Their other addictions (rapping, pizza and fighting) make them both easy and difficult to control, without UNOS. Their mental power goes towards mentalism, which are used to weaken their foes' muscles, adrenaline and nervous flow, a passive ability in combat.


Conquest, order, and power. That is what the Unified Nation is built on, and will continue to build on!

- Kralgon Emperor

The Kralgon are a scientist and militaristic race, and Ottzello's former greatest enemy. They are mostly involved in the technology-related aspects.

They once led the Empire of the Kralgon, which fell during the First Ottzello Galactic War, which the empire was partially responsible for. Later, the Kralgon Emperor, the last Kralgon in the universe, revived, cloned himself and used old Kralgon robots to rebuild their military, and started the Kralgon Invasion Force. He won the Second Ottzello War, and founded the New Kralgon Empire. In the Third Ottzello War, when UNOS was hijacked by UNO, the Loron, who were Kralgon slaves at the time, turned on their masters, pre-occupying the Kralgon military and fleet and damaging them from the inside, so UNO could defeat them. They united when needed to defeat a huge incoming HXT fleet.

The Kralgon have incredibly advanced technology, which UNO combined with that they'd received from the Taldar. Their destructive superweapons technology, AI technology, nanomachines and immense intelligence is what makes them valuable to UNO. That, and their sheer ability to debate well, and make superb leaders.


We do, we work, we are. There is nothing more.

- Tralkik Commander

The Tralkikianoe are a sentient robotic race, with many roles ranging from construction and military.

Their origins are completely shrowded in mystery; it is known they were used by the Vyro'Ralza, but nothing is known about their very original creation. The Tralkikianoe joined the Unified Nation as a result of Da Rampage; several forces were used by the Zaarkhun Consortium, which the Unified Nation took over, and these forces were defeated by UNO. They were reprogrammed to work for UNO's forces, and then implemented into the early group mind; with the Kralgon, Galot and Ioketa, they were the first to finalize the group mind. Later, when the Ottzel died in Clash of the Crimelords, the Tralkikianoe replaced them as major members.

The Tralkikianoe are sentient machines, who fit in with UNO's collective consciousness just as any organism would; machines and organisms are equal. They are soldiers, scientists, scouts and workers, among many other roles, and are the main robotic/machine force of UNO, aside from the Kralgon's robotics. They were mainly put in the Unified Nation to prove that UNO treats all its members, machine and organism, identically. Along with the Loron and Ioketa, they play a large role as police and soldier forces, but along with the Kralgon, play large roles in scientific research. They are also used for construction works at times.


Military associates[]

Military associate minor members are minor members of UNO strictly associated with the military, who play the largest roles in police and militaristic roles, as well as military/weapons scientists and commanders.


Our goal is ultimate perfection, and nothing else. To do that, we shall prosper and survive.

- Ottzello Grox

The Ottzelloan Grox are an Ottzeloan sub-species of the Grox, who serve roles similar to the Tralkikianoe.

The Grox were, unsurprisingly, once bitter enemies of all of Ottzello. Once part of the feared Meta-Grox Empire, they were cut off from outside Ottzello when the Kralgon Invason force took over. As they inhabited the core, they were eventually surrounded by the Kralgon, and due to the Kralgon's technology interference, they couldn't contact the Grox Empire either. So they considered themselves a mere colony, until UNO helped them clam revenge of the Kralgon as well as helping them tolerate others. As the Grox had to survive on their own, for the first time, they were desperate. The Grox hugely improved UNO's fleet. Their intelliect and technology boosted the alliance to new levels, and so the Grox are a valuable member, although no one predicted it.

Their leader is not part of UNOL, as he is merely an AI with Grox avatar; the Tralkik Commander is considered the true leader of the Grox. They have a considerably higher role than the rest of the minor empires. They are used in the fleet, designing and commanding starships, as well as the military technology. They work mostly with the Kralgon and Tralkikianoe, who they share many things in common with. The Ottzelloan Grox are also used with the Tralkikianoe on mining/terraforming worlds uninhabitable for organisms, to either mine the world's resources, use it for research, or terraform it to allow for society to exist.


Terminate all opponents.

- Commandant Darwishi

The Ottzelloan Marinox are allies of the Ottzelloan Grox, who function as soldiers.

The Ottzelloan Grox, who managed to create a Marinox generator during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, which was useful as the Inalton and Technobian soldiers alone were weak. The generator has had major improvements by the Kralgon and Ioketa, making the Marinox stronger and making them Chronoscopic organisms. The generator was later implemented in with UNOS. Later, when the Kralgon joined, the Marinox were implemented perfectly with UNO's military, and could be created with Loron and the other soldiers in Killer Pods, while battle was occurring.

Alongside the Kralgon, Loron and Inalton, the Marinox are useful members of UNO's military. As they currently have UNOS in them, they lack the need for a generator that they once had, as The UNOS does this. This is what separates the Ottzelloan Marinox from other Marinox. The Marinox are strong soldiers, used for police and military forces. They are most commonly found working with the Ottzelloan Grox. They are notable for their ease of creation with relatively little energy in comparison with the other soldiers cloned. They are mid to close range fighters.


You better move along, right now.

- Behquiniar

The Behquiniar are a tough race of soldier/policemen, who have incredibly tough skin.

The Behquiniar originate from Quadrant 21, the unexplored Quadrant. During Quadrantia Disorder, the Behquiniar were met by UNO and the Rambo Nation. In return for the two empires helping save the Behquiniar from death at the hands of a Quadrantia Loron faction, they joined the Unified Nation.

The Behquiniar are an incredibly tough species, with strong skeleton and exoskeleton, as well as incredibly tough muscles. This is presumably an adaptation of fighting against the Loron. While they are incredibly slow and heavy, they are also very tough, and can also survive wounds that would kill most species, due to strong cell repair (which is also improved by UNOS). For this, they are good at riot control and other police-like activities.


Silence! We're working on a new weapons project!

- Duletha

The Duletha are a race of weapons scientists.

Created by the Vyro'Narza in an unexplored sector of the Milky Way Galaxy (which was used as the Ottzello Sector for a short time before the Fourth Ottzello War), which contained Chronoscopic. The Duletha's scientific experiments, used for war weapons, destroyed their own world, but also made the survivors resistant to chemicals. They used their weapons for space travel technology, and spread around the galaxy. During the Battle for Planet Kaizox, they fought the Marinox Empire on the Dracogonarious' side. During the Second War of Black Fog, they were about to join the Dracognarious again, but the Marinoxidiz nearly extincted them. The survivors, durng Annihilation, were put in both UNO and the Indoctrinate Collective by Apalos; Indoctrinate Collective due to their histroy with the Drcogonarious, and UNO as thy were Chronoscopic beings.

The Duletha are valuable scientists, who have a biological resistance to even the deadliest chemicals, due to the war on their planet and their testing of weaponry. For this reason, not only are they among UNO's best soldiers, but the best scientists. This is among other factors, mostly their significant intelligence, and inquisitive attitude towards weapons development. Their aggressive nature is another factor.

Coming soon


Everything imperfect will be destroyed for the greater good!

- Ottzelloan Zazane

The Ottzelloan Zazane are a subspecies of Zazane, who serve as some of UNO's strongest soldiers.

The Ottzelloan Zazane split from the Zazane Empire during the time between the Second and Third Galactic Wars. They found a large quantity of Dark Chronoscopic, which made them insane, and resulted in them leaving the Zazane Empire. They gained the powers of both Dark Chronoscopic and Descension this way. However, during the Third Ottzello Galactic War, they struggled to survive, until UNO took them in.

The Zazane are a strong race of bloodthirsty, honourable warriors, just like the original Zazane. They have a very robust physique, and are even stronger than the original Zazane, thanks not only to UNOS and Dark Chronoscopic, but to fighting more often, in the same games as the Loron do. They are found in the military, the Loron mafia, science departments and hunting and breeding departments.


We shall be victorious forever!

- Vaktyl

The Norosaurian, or Ottzelloan Grimbolsaurian, an Ottzelloan subspecies of the Grimbolsaurian. They mostly have roles in science and military.

When a group of Grimbolsaurians investigated the Ottzello Galaxy, they came across a planet with high terrain, thin air, and a lot of Chronoscopic. They settled, and in the process of terraforming the world, they adapted to the conditions. The Norosaurians spread the Delpha Coalition of Planets' colonies around the galaxies, causing the DCP/Loron War. They survived through this, the Second and Third Ottzello wars, due to the DCP's hold on their territories. Later, during the Annihilation, with the DCP gone, the leftovers joined UNO for protection.

They are scientists and soldiers, who work largely with the Kralgon, Grox, Inalton and Tralkikianoe. They are very similar to the original Grimbolsaurians, in that they uphold honour above all, and are aggressive yet friendly in nature. They are stronger and taller than the original Grimbolsaurian, and retain much of their alien biochemistry.


Take out the opposition quickly and effectively.

- Zelfron III

The Telzoc are a militaristic race, who are worshippers of the Vyro'Narza and spread the belief of Blyronism, which is a mix between a religion and a philosophy.

Originating from the Ottzello Galaxy (now Ottzello Sector of the Borealis Galaxy), the Telzoc had incredibly rough lives. During the Second Ottzello Galactic War, they were made nearly extinct by the Kralgon Invasion Force. The survivers joined the Radeon's Dei'Ar Theocracy, but when that was destroyed, returned to Ottzello in the Unified Nation of Ottzello. However, they then showed their true colours; they were Vyro'Ralza worshippers, not Spode worshippers, and the race were mere puppets who could be controlled by Vyro'Ralza. The Radeon, however, had the Telzoc's DNA samples, and cloned Telzoc would lack the puppet syndrome that gave the Vyro'Ralza control; these codes were obtained from the Divinarium by UNO, by trading.

The Telzoc serve as one of its strongest military races. They are incredibly tough and strong, and have lived harsh lives of crime in Ottzello, having to adapt to very tough conditions, and having to scrimp and save to survive. For this reason, UNO military programmes teach many Telzoc-developed techniques for survival, hunting and easy methods of stealth and take-downs, and the Telzoc are seen as one of the Divinarium's most prominent military races.

Crime associates[]

Many of UNO's races are associated with crime, thanks to Ottzello's dystopian state. They are either criminals, or work in new jobs for UNO. Crime is surprisingly valuable to UNO, for espionage and society (see here).


Just doing our job.

- Heeyorian

The Heeyorian are a race of engineer/criminals, as well as smugglers and traders.

The Heeyorian began their evolution as engineers, developing new starships and trading them, to create not an enormous empire, but an organization. During the Second Ottzello War, the Heeyorian had to sneak off to the underworld completely, to hide from the Kralgon Invasion Force. Joining UNO in the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the Heeyorian's starships and engineering proved a valuable asset for the Unified Nation, and they were recruited. Several left to the Zaarkhun Consortium, meaning the Heeyorian couldn't become major members.

The Heeyorian are smugglers, engineers, merchants, criminals, and more. They are adaptable to any combat situation, and good at stealth, making them great spies. The Heeyorian's main role is in the underworld, as engineering role is often done more by the Duletha and Grox, as they are resistant to deadly chemicals, and since the Heeyorian have a greater passion for smuggling. The Heeyorian are more into mafia and organized crime than the brutish Loron. They are, however, officially just engineers and merchants.


Bah. Gimme more food and I'll get them to do the job for ya.

- Boglot

The Boglot are a race of fat criminals in Ottzello, who organize crime, and thus can organize espionage and military, making them useful.

Originally, the Boglot were among the strongest species. They were by far the best and most clever crooks, scientists, businessmen and villains in Ottzello, for a long time. However, they became so successful that soon their riches made them lazy, and thus, the Boglot simply turned to using nothing but pure strategy and money to get workers to cause villainy, and their money came from intelligence. The Boglot's population decreased largely when their planet was destroyed, so the survivors simply inherited all the money and became coach potatoes with big brains. Their criminal networks were still among the finest, although most Boglot joined the Zaarkun Consortium in the Second Ottzello War. When the Heeyorian joined UNO, however many Boglot followed suit.

The Boglot's main role to Ottzello is their strategy. The Boglot are excellent strategists of war, espionage, crime, and business, due to their pasts in the criminal network. They are, however, obnoxious, and lazy, and often get Heeyorian or Loktan to do their work for them. Boglot live mostly in large palaces or skyscrapers, as they are very rich from inheritance and their own business activities.


Can't you see we're busy?

- Clathos

The Clathos are a labour force race, similar to the Konth.

The Clathos were an incredibly strong empire for a long time, as they were strong people (though not to the extent of the Loron, having around half their strength), with 6 arms. This was, however, until the Second Ottzello War, when the Kralgon hit them. Half of the Clathos moved to the Zazane Empire territory, while the other half moved to the Galot Republic. Those in the Zazane Empire were enslaved and worked incredibly hard, beating their fighting spirit out of them. Those in the Galot Republic lived lives of crime instead, and thus, the Galot punished them by working them until their spirits were destroyed. The Zazane Empire evolved into the Brood of War, and the Galot Republic into UNO. Today, the Clathos serve sometimes as soldiers, but mostly as a labour force.

The Clathos are friendly people mostly, although they concentrate on the task they are given, and are often not very talkative. They rarely show emotion or communicating language, as their past has taught them not to. The Clathos are also great cooks, and often work with the Fotoriz to supply food to the Unified Nation; because the Fotoriz are herbivores, they often cannot suit omnivore or carnivore tastes. Unlike Konth, there are no Clathos with personality at all.


What are you looking at? We're busy.

- Konth

The Konth are a labour force race, similar to the Clathos in many ways.

The Konth were originally allies, and later members, of the Galot Republic, during the First Ottzello War. However, in the Second Ottzello War, when UNO evacuated the galaxy, the Konth were mostly left behind, and enslaved by Zaarkhun. They were worked hard, and their fighting spirits were beaten out of them. When UNO returned, the Konth were added to UNO again, and their new found labour skills would help UNO alot during the Third Ottzello War.

Nowadays, Konth aren't all like the emotionless workers, but some can be in gangs, in the military, and have many other roles in society. The Konth are mostly a pleasant race, but when they are put to work, they don't like their mind to be taken off it. The Konth can be very aggressive and protective at times, maknig them useful policemen when needed.


Want my services? I won't charge you too much...

- Loktan

The Loktan are a spy/criminal race, superb at stealth, who work with the Tralkikianoe for this role.

The Loktan evolved as an intelligent species, due to their scavenger and explorer lifestyle. Thanks to their skill and evolution through this means, they were hired as engineers, spies, smugglers and scavengers for many criminal organizations, which they soon became more and more associated with. They also became close to the Heeyorian, and when the Heeyorian joined UNO, so did many Loktan.

The Loktan still live secretive scavenger lifestyles. They are very intelligent, and work as good spies, assassins and smugglers, as well as engineers for the Unified Nation. They are mostly secretive people, who don't like to stop and talk to anyone unless it's to do with a new job.


Get outta here.

- Krolequian

The Krolequian, or Ottzelloan Lequian, are an Ottzelloan subspecies of Lequian.

When an expedition from the Defensive System's Bloc arrived in Ottzello during the Delphan Excavation War of Ottzello, many Lequian adapted to the new worlds, and set up colonies in the galaxy. However, during the Second Ottzello Galactic War, they were cut off from the DSB, and had to survive alone. This meant that the Lequian had to survive by joining the criminal underworld, and they became much more aggressive. The Krolequian, as they became known as, joined UNO and the DSB later, when the Unified Nation of Ottzello was set up.

The Krolequian are good soldiers, smugglers, assassins, and businessmen, due to their need to survive for themselves. Also because of this, they have had to construct their own makeshift technology to survive. The Krolequian's personality is generally unfriendly to others, and they are very protective, aggressive and sly people.

Ottzelloan Libertus.png


- Libertus

The Naibonian, most known as Ottzelloan Libertus are an Ottzelloan sub species of the peaceful Libertus, but very different from their Cyrannian cousins.

At a time, many of the United Republic of Cyrannus explored Ottzello, and set up colonies. They adapted to the Ottzelloan planets, but this was nothing compared to what they would have to adapt to to survive. When the Kralgon Invasion Force attacked, the United Republic pulled out of Ottzello when the DCP did the same, and thus, the Libertus colonies had to associate with crime. At first, their civilised nature meant they didn't fit in, although they soon became more associated with the crowd, when they let out the aggressive nature they once had in the tribal stage. As a result, the Libertus became killers when they joined the Unified Nation.

Ottzelloan Libertus are mostly cold, antisocial and aggressive in personality, due to their past. This is a contrast to the friendly and civilized ordinary Libertus, although the Ottzelloan Libertus share their intellect. They can serve many roles in society, be it diplomacy, military or crime, although most are associated with criminal or military aspects.


Why are you talking to me? What do you want?

- Kraw

The Ottzelloan Kraw are Ottzelloan versions of the Kraw from the Kraw Galaxy.

At a time preceding the Second Ottzello War, several Kraw moved to the Ottzello Galaxy - unaware of the Ottzello Galaxy's dystopian state - to explore its culture. The Kraw either immigrated to the Ottzel/Galot Republic, or set up Kraw Empire colonies. When the Second Ottzello Galactic War, they ran to the United Nations of Ottzello, to try and save themselves from the Loron and Kralgon Invasion Force. These Kraw, however, were abandoned by the United Nations when they left the galaxy, as several criminal forces forced the United Nations to abandon the Kraw and many other races when evacuating. These Kraw adapted to a criminal lifestyle that they would keep for a long time, but eventually, managed to join the Kraw Empire and Unified Nation, where they kept their new lifestyle.

Kraw are sly, cunning, aggressive and brutal. They are also often paranoid and suspicious of others, and it takes a lot of effort to gain their complete trust. When working for criminals, they were mostly thugs, but some served as assassins and drug dealers. For this reason, they are brutal, and very capable of handling themselves in any combat situation. Their main role in UNO is as merchants, but also as mercenaries, assassins and smuggler roles.

Diplomatic associates[]


Wanna buy some meat? Vegetables, perhaps?

- Fotoriz

The Fotoriz are a race of farmers, who provide meat and vegetables to UNO, as well as preserving nature with the Ioketa.

The Fotoriz evolved as a mostly peaceful species, but in the First Ottzello Galactic War, this became their downfall, when the Grox and Loron mostly destroyed them. However, several Fotoriz were enslaved by the Zaarkhun Consorium, resulting in the species becoming endangered. The Fotoriz were worked to near death by Zaarkhun, although they were freed at the end of the Third Ottzello Galactic War, and joined the Unified Nation.

The Fotoriz are lovers of nature, and excellent cooks and farmers. They mostly work providing food for the organic species of the Unified Nation, as well as preserving nature and floral life. While they are natural herbivores, many Fotoriz are excellent at cooking meat for the carnivore and omnivore races of UNO. In addition, the Fotoriz are also excellent diplomats and politicians.



- Theleam

The Theleam are a very alien bird-mammal race, who serve mostly in diplomatic areas.

They form a group mind, but unlike most of UNO, their group mind existed before they joined UNO and is natural. Originating from Cyrannus, the Theleam were a race who were allies of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, but during the Intergalactic War, they were split up by The Cognatus, and while half joined the United Republic of Cyrannus, they other were lost until the Distant Relatives campaign, when UNO picked them up from inside the Trucinex colonial sector. Their group mind was implemented with UNO's main one.

The race believes in spirits, and is most associated with the Ioketa in their nature. They are diplomatic, as they are excellent and coming to the most peaceful solutions to problems. Being very alien, they are capable of spitting fire (by mixing methane they produce through eating grass with oxygen the breathe in), communicating telepathically (by transmitting pheromones containing coded communication information to others, both inside and outside their mind), among other things. There were also Theleam in the United Republic of Cyrannus, until the Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Do we know Ottzello's darkest secrets? Yes. Will we share all of them with you? Never.

- Vida'Rranlora

The Vida'Rranlora are a race of incredibly advanced AIs created by the Ultraterrestrials known as Vida'Rra.

The Vida'Rranlora are scattered around the universe in several planet databases, where they have studied their galaxies' evolution for billenia. The Ottzello Galaxy housed a Database, and when the galaxy was destroyed by the Xhodocto, the Database was moved to the Borealis Galaxy by the Vyro'Narza for UNO to find. This occured in the Second Borealis Galactic War, and now the Vida'Rranlora serve as unofficial members of the Nation.

Despite allowing UNO to study part of their technology, the Vida'Rranlora have made it clear that they will not share their complete information banks with them, and have threatened to eradicate all life and links to the Database if UNO attempts to use the UNOS on them. The Vida'Rranlora are vastly more advanced than UNO, meaning they could easily dominate the entire empire through UNOS via hacking. However, the Vida'Rranlora have no interest in conquest, only being interested in the well-being of the Sector.

Supernatural associates[]

These are the races associated with supernatural forces.


We shall create perfection, by cleansing, purging, and burning all imperfection!

- Temporalus Radeon

The Temporalus Radeon, or Ottzelloan Radeon, are an Ottzelloan subspecies of the Radeon. They are soldiers and priests, but also sometimes scient8ists.

When the Dei'Ar Theocracy was destroyed, several Radeon ran away with the Telzoc, joining the Unified Nation. These Radeon adapted to Ottzello's Chronoscopic worlds, and thus, changed themselves, and became capable of using Chronoscopic, giving them the name Temporalus. Slowly, they converted to Blyronism, and became some of the main practitioners of it.

The Radeon are among the main practitioners of Blyronism. They are also soldiers and fleet drivers, due to their beliefs in destroying anything imperfect to create a world that is perfect. Aside from this, they are teachers and monks, like the Ioketa, and serve other jobs such as trading and diplomacy.



- Verdimihn

The Verdimihn are a biological monstrosity of a race, who are strong and intelligent, but slow. They formed a collective consciousness prior to joining UNO, and when implemented into UNO's collective consciousness, UNO hugely benefited from their dark powers.

Created as a joint biological project by the Galot and Kralgon in the Galot's Creature Projects, the Verdimihn were created as the race to master Dark Chronoscopic, which ordinary races found difficult to use. They were also made to do the boring tasks such as farming; as they were buglike and could be controlled, they'd be useful for jobs that bugs do, but done by larger creatures. However, when the Empire of the Kralgon was destroyed, they were sealed away, only discovered 2,000 years later by Zaarkhun. Zaarkhun used them as some genes in the HXT Swarm. Later, they ran off as nomads, but were rediscovered by UNO.

The Verdimihn are strong and incredibly intelligent, and can also have a mentalism ability, meaning they can access others almost hypnotically, and weaken foes. This ability is similar to the Loron's, but much stronger. They are also very adept at Psionic Energy. They are also good diplomats, but since they are more used for their Dark Chronoscopic powers, they are seen more as supernatural associates..


We like the dark. It's harder for them to see us... before it's too late.

- Dalverat

The Katel are a vampiric Dark Chronoscopic race.

Originating from the same world as the Ioketa, the Katel were worst enemies with the Ioketa, and the two races had many tribal wars at one point. The Katel lost many of these, became near-extinct after these wars, and had to settle their differences with the Ioketa to survive. They also fought against the HXTs on their world, when the HXTs fought. The Katel joined UNO, when UNO saw their strength and potential in them.

The Katel are parasitic/vampiric race, who absorb the chemical energy, Essence (through their souls), and Chronoscopic of their foes through bites They are led by Dalverat, a vicious leader who is often seen as anti-Tuolog in his actions. The Katel are stealth soldiers, being parasitic soldiers, that can not only weaken enemies with their parasitic ability, but kill them in many severe cases.

Former members[]

These members belonged to the Unified Nation of Ottzello or United Nations of Ottzello at one time, but are now missing/destroyed.


The Gykar were an intelligent species.

They were, when they began, a young species with incredibly advanced technology. Gykar refugees fled Otzello twice, and few survivors remained. These survivors were taken in by the United Veatrex Federation. The Gykar rejoined UNO in the Third Ottzello Galactic War, just when they were needed. But their speciality is UNO's domestic/living technology, which they excel in. For unknown reasons, they later vanished, presumably abandoning the empire to wholy insert themselves into UVF after UNO lacked the need.

Along with the Ottzel, they were the brains behind the original alliance. However, even with their technology, they were crushed by the momentum and greater numbers and technology of the Kralgon. The Gykar are great crew members for UNO's fleet, as well as good soldiers.


The Telzoc are a zealot species.

An incredibly powerful (in Ottzello standards at the time) race, they were one of Ottzello's strongest species, until the Kralgon Invasion Force destroyed them. Zelfron, along with some refugees, left Ottzello, and the Telzoc refugees joined the Dei'Ar Theocracy. The Telzoc population had grown since their near defeat in the Second Ottzello Galactic War. After the the Telzoc returned to help UNO in the Third Ottzello War, they vanished, and revealed to in fact be puppets of the Vyro'Ralza, whom they worshipped. Some Telzoc, however, were cloned by the Radeon, and a cloned Telzoc lacked the Vyro'Ralza's puppetry.

In addition to helping UNO with the ability to stay together, the Telzoc served as excellent troopers due to their strong bodies, diplomats and teachers - due to their religious background - and good economists. Their addition to the United Nations of Ottzello gave the alliance a new edge. The current Telzoc are even stronger.


The Ottzel were a species hugely important to UNO's history.

Ottzel were once the most powerful empire of the Ottzello Galaxy. Their pat is full of dishonest things, which made the Ottzel seem evil... until the Kralgon Invasion Force arrived. At this point, the Ottzel were forced to work with their former enemies, the rest of Ottzello, if they were to survive. Ottzel have become pivotal in UNO's leadership, military and technology; without them, UNO would have crumbled. The Ottzels have pulled the alliance through thick and thin ever since, and are often considered the leaders. The Ottzel later sacrificed themselves to save the Borealis Galaxy from Kolossus in Clash of the Crimelords.


We shall do our duty, and we shall do our best, for it is all we can, and were intended, to do.

- Feldosia

The Technobian are a strong race, who were one a grand empire. Serving as an 'all-rounder' race, they serve many various roles.

They had fought the Empire of the Kralgon many times, ending in either a draw, or a loss. Their empire was nearly destroyed in the First Ottzello Galactic War, and by the time they had recovered, the Second Ottzello Galactic War came around, and they had to join the United Nations of Ottzello to survive. They survived through the Third Ottzello Galactic War, when they also became much stronger.

Technobians are very useful in all their aspects, diplomacy, technology, military and economy. However, their aspects are generally beaten by other members; their technology is beaten by that of the Grox, their soldiers are bettered by the Inalton, their spaceships are bettered by UNO and their diplomacy isn't as efficient as that of the Galot. Despite this, they are still a valuable member of UNO, due to their multi-talented role, and serve as an all-rounder species. The Technobian are an-female species, who often need to breed with other species.


Diplomacy and working with others is always the way forward, as is co-operation.

- Valzo

The Galot are a mostly diplomatic race, mostly involved in politics and peaceful roles.

They created an alliance of several species through the Galot Republic, which is seen as a precursor to UNO. The allies and members of this republic made UNO much larger and more powerful. The Galot had always been dependant on others and their own friendship, as seen through their 'Creature Projects'. During the Second Ottzello Galactic War Galot formed the United Nations of Ottzello, to survive the struggle against the Kralgon Invasion Force. After this and the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the Galot decided that the alliance needed to be even more united, and reformed it as the Unified Nation.

The Galot are a peaceful race, who will always put a diplomatic approach before an alternate one. After the many wars they have been through, however, the Galot have toughened up, and there are several known aggressive Galot. They serve mostly as diplomats and traders, and are excellent debaters, but some are criminals and soldiers, and other roles such as merchants.

Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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