This page will describe the society of the Unified Nation.



UNO are led officially by UNOL, meaning Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders. However, the government is based purely on artificial intelligences, which is run by Kralon/Technology/The System|The System and the network of governing AIs surrounding it. The Unified Nation of Ottzello Leaders mostly serve as the more prominent minds of the consciousness and avatars than actual leaders. The government makes decisions through the entire group mind consciousness. They are a totalarist government, and are led by the following individuals:

In addition, they have other figures, such as special operations chiefs.

Besides these leaders making up the UNOL Council, there are no/very few leaders in any way; jobs such as generals and marketing are done when the UNOL aren't available by AIs created specifically to replicate the thought patterns of UNOL. So, rarely will one find an organic General who's been promoted, just an AI that replicates Zr'Ahgloth and Yogtam's thought patterns. And a Chief General would be exactly the same, but a slightly more capable AI which was created for one specific purpose.

The government's rule is helped by The System, which means UNO can essentially simulate city life. They can view in the eyes of the citizens, send messages and communicate with the people through the System's nanomachines. Also, by editing nerves and releasing certain mood chemicals, they can simulate the life of people in a way that will benefit UNO.


UNO have several religions in their nation, but the main religion is Blyronism. The religion is centred around their creators, the Vyro'Narza, and around the teachings of th Vyro'Narza, such as gods like Volzara. It is seen as a modern religion, as it follows plausible sciences and only real beings, with a 100% plausible and proven explanation for every teaching. Blyronism has some mention of Spode, but since the Telzoc disappeared, there is very little mention of him.


UNO's economy is built around trading with other empires. Trading is done in the Universal Trading Union. The Unified Nation trades exotic wildlife, Taldar artefacts, as well as other unique items to other nations. UNO can also generate income from tourists; several unique sports and activities occur within the nation. They also train several of their unique foods and pets with others. Another thing they trade is Chronoscopic crystals; as most/all members of the nation are capable of using Essence, these are easy to create and large in quantity, but can sell incredibly well outside the nation.

UNO also has a strong economy inside. While UNO does generate crime in their cities, they don't do this to the extent that will be too damaging to the economy. There are several merchants in the nation, most being Heeyorian. While the Nation won't admit it, they actually take advantage of crime and the criminal network for their economy.

When citizens do jobs, they will be granted 'allowance', the quantity of this is based on how much they contribute to the community. Allowance is their housing, their internet, their power, food, clothing and entertainment items, as well as extra money to be spent on things internationally.


The Unified Nation of Ottzello's cuisine comes from several dedicated farming world/farms. Farming is done mostly by the Fotoriz and Ioketa. There are also several dedicated locations in which hunting is allowed. Hunting is often performed by the Loron and Konth. Different species' cuisine depends on the species' digestive system and preferences (Loron cuisine: here).


Several of UNO's races learn their own languages, but their own languages - aside from Da Loroniz Spik - are secondary languages. Ottzello Basic is the primary language of all UNO's members, but Ottzello Intermediate and Ottzello Complex are used for secret operations, such as for military and military intelligence purposes. Communicating in these lnagugaes is taught via The System, but Ottzello Intermediate and Ottzello Complex must be taught without use of computers.

Ottzello Basic is purely a digital language. It is one used to communicate with others via The System; when Ottzelloans speak, they will make sounds which The System's nanomachines decipher and interpret in the brain. In the same way, when non-UNO races speak different languages, the languages will be deciphered by The System if on UNO's Technonet database. When talking to others, they will use The System to decipher the sounds that come out of their mouth (or the text that UNO's computer sends).



The Unified Nation are proud of their sporting, which is done across all species, but most prominent in the Loron. Most of their sports are similar to humans, and many more are influenced by other races, but there are seeral sports that are Ottzelloan only.

  • Ottzelloan Water Polo - A popular water sport, one that is played in the swimming pool and is often done intergalactically.
  • Ottzelloan Football - While not as common as Human Football, Ottzello Football is played by races who aren't human like. It has only a few minor differences.


The Unified Nation enjoy a wide variety of music, that could be comparable to earth's hip hop, dubstep and electronic genres, as well as to others like reggae and rnb. Musicians, however, don't sell music like record companies do; they earn their payment in the form of allowance, for contributing to the culture of UNO. There are still music charts, but charts are based on downloads, not purchases. Popular UNO musicians recieve the same value of their allowance as 21st century human music artists.


UNO's films are dissimilar to human ones, in that they are a more interactive experience; they are 3 dimensional and capture motion in simulation fashion. They are also mostly in hi definition. Aside from this, they are similar to humans, in terms of their subjects/genres.

City life[]

Past times[]

In past times, UNO citizens will:

  • Play simulated video games
    • There are several simulated games which have been developed by people both within and out of the Nation, that UNO citizens play in a similar way to humans
    • Using the System, they can perfectly recreate and simulate things such as pain
  • Listen to music
  • Perform various unique sporting activities
  • Work out
  • Explore other planets
    • Several planets within the Nation are kept as 'nature reserves' (which are run by the Ioketa), so there is a lot to explore


UNO's species are wear clothing which must contain weaponry; thanks to The System, unless it has been permitted, they won't fire upon each other so there's no risk of that. UNO all wear clothing which is armoured, contains weaponry, but they are allowed their own domestic devices and fashion wear, both of which are very popular. Their default clothing consists of armour, a battery (which is often linked to the zero-point generator in their bodies), other generators, and whatever clothing they like on top. They also all carry weapons with them at all times by law.


UNO's have very little freedom citizens have little freedom as to what jobs they want; using The System, their strengths and weaknesses will be taken into account (and sometimes changed) to suit a particular profession. This is based also on their species. The job will normally be a job they want to do, however.

With few exceptions, races that will also become citizens rarely join the military as a profession. While the Loron and Inalton do most often, Inalton are more likely used as officers than soldiers, as Loron soldiers are often the best. The only real soldiers are clones, which are cloned at the Killer Pods. The Loron are an exception, as mostly all Loron join the military if they aren't builders. The other races are Tralkikianoe, Marinox and Grox, which are machines, and the Zazane, which are like Inalton; around 80% of those soldiers are clones and the rest are officers.


With races such as the Loron and Heeyorian, the Unified Nation simulates crime within its empire. Essentially, it encourages and supports underworld and criminal activities, which it in fact keeps tabs on. This is done so the Unified Nation is aware of criminal activities outside which could potentially be dangerous, and to improve its citizens; the experience of having to fight local crime can prepare the citizens for greater tragedies. It is also thanks to The System that the citizens can adapt to living in these hostile environments so well. On average, a citizen will have been robbed 3 times, beaten up 5, and have had an item stolen 8 times. However, they will also have, on average, successfully defended themselves 6 times. Criminals, for this reason, contribute to the community, thus earn allowance.

Crime plays an important role in what is known as the City Economic Cycle, which again, is simulated by AIs and the brains behind the economy and the various criminals. The way this system works is as the following; when the criminal underworld causes too much trouble for the economic system, the economic organization will improve and adapt, making it 'resistant' to crime, or able to overcome it. The criminal underworld will evolve, beating down the economy until the economy is no longer sufficient enough. The economic system will adapt and grow again, thus restarting the cycle.

In regular city life, The System is very important when it comes to crime; as all citizens carry weapons at times, it'd be very difficult to maintain the city without it turning into a battlefield. The nanomachines can surpress certain nerves and chemicals, meaning that crime only occurs when UNO want/allow it to, meaning that crime is maintained to the point it's essentially simulated.

Now reformed as the Union Republic of Ottzello
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